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The Wife’s Ball With The Bull 4.4 (8)

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LB-1191 The Wife’s Ball With The Bull by David Crane FOREWORD Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters. The fact is, Americans are only now learning …

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Dog-Loving Wifes 5 (4)

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LB-1059 DOG-LOVING WIVES by David Crane CHAPTER ONE “Sally fucked the dog last night.” Peter Tremayne spoke casually, without any particular emphasis, as if he had been commenting on the weather. He kept his face straight. Roger Bronson blinked; he couldn’t believe he’d heard right. They were seated in a booth at the restaurant where …

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Horse-Hungry Cousins 5 (3)

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PB-345 Horse-Hungry Cousins by Bob Wallace FOREWORD Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages. While Americans today are leading “the good life,” enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people may still find …

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Raped And Rammed By Animals 4.7 (3)

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PB-307 Raped And Rammed By Animals by David Crane FOREWORD Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captor’s demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors, both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a …

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Niece’s Dog Fun 4.6 (5)

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PB-353 Niece’s Dog Fun by Bob Wallace FOREWORD Today’s middle-class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds. There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents’ so-called …

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