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Percheron Slut!

(c) 2008 by rangerthehorse Sasha had taken her last hit of crack cocaine about five minutes ago and, as always, she wanted more… so she was eating some horse. Of course! With one hand she stroked the huge black Percheron’s massive sheath and balls, making the huge creature whinny and snort, making his magnificent prick …

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Farm Fest

(c) 2014 by Gottabme Although I am a happily married man, sex with the same partner all the time kind of sours over the years. I have had some great sex with my wife Cindy who is now 35 and still looks great. She is a 5’7″ blond with B-cup tits and beautiful slender legs. …

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Our K9 Fun

(c) 2014 by biguy181 Like a lot of young married couples with kids, Sue stayed at home while I worked, the slight difference with us, was, she often met guys for sex during the day, but when I got home I got to eat her pussy out and fuck her freshly filled hole myself, Any …

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