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Lucy the Zookeeper

(c) 2012 by farmer_Joe Lucy woke late with the sun beaming through the thin tulle covering her bedroom window. Her friends had helped her celebrate her 25th birthday the night before and she started a little later at the zoo today because she would be one of the last to leave. She didn’t mind this …

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Anal Desires

(c) 2015 by dogduty Part 1 This is a story about my new life as a sex toy. Life up to this point wasn’t going all that good for me. For years, I had been in and out of relationships with different women. Nothing ever seemed to work out. We’d have wonderful sex. But nothing …

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Percheron Slut!

(c) 2008 by rangerthehorse Sasha had taken her last hit of crack cocaine about five minutes ago and, as always, she wanted more… so she was eating some horse. Of course! With one hand she stroked the huge black Percheron’s massive sheath and balls, making the huge creature whinny and snort, making his magnificent prick …

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