Oh what a night


(c) 2014 by mztruble

First off let me apologize .I know this is short. Its my first try but I hope you enjoy. First I guess I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am 20. Very petite . Very skinny. I am a runner so I am very fit and in great shape. I am 5’1 a latina. I am also a lesbian. I always thought of my self as open minded but believe me what happened to me the other night really opened my mind :).

i cant believe i did this . i cant believe I am even telling anyone but this but here it is a few nights ago i had sex with a dog for the first time. here’s how all this strange night happened . I was bored and started looking through craigslist ads for women seeking women . I read this one that caught my eye and decided to respond to it. Her name was Jessica . She had no pic but I liked what I read and thought id take my chances. If I didn’t like who I met I would just walk away no loss. After a few emails we decided to have some coffee together. We met up at local starbucks and I new right away I was going to have a great night of sex with Jessica. I just had no idea how great it was going to be.

Jessica was just the kind of woman I like. First off She was older then me which I am into, dating women older then me .In her mid 30’s I was guessing. She was taller then me with long back hair, Beautiful green eyes and a very fit body with nice perky tits. I am definitely a tit girl. She was very girly wearing nice makeup and looked like she just had her nails done. She was wearing a very pretty summer dress that really showed off her figure I thought I was in heaven sitting there with her. We sat there for a while talking and getting to know each other . After about an hour or so she invited back to her house to have some drinks and see where things go. Of course I said yes without hesitation. Before we got back to her house we stopped at a liquor store and picked up some tequila and margarita mix. I knew it was going to be a fun night for us .As soon as we got to her house we started mixing margaritas and drinking . A lot actually . Then Jessica opened a lil box on her coffee table and we started smoking some pot together. We were having a fun time kissing each other in between the drinks and joints .we went thru a full pitcher and 2 joints before we finally went to her rm and had some great amazing sex together but that’s another story. Afterwords we went back to her living room . Jessica went to the kitchen and made a sec pitcher of margaritas and started drinking some more. I was just sitting there on her couch enjoying my drink as I noticed she had this nice dog there . A German shepherd that was really friendly . While I was petting him we sparked up another joint . I was feeling good by then . Just had sex with this beautiful woman ,had drank more then I probably should have but I didn’t care and was definitely high from the weed. Out of no where she just said it.

Jessica said to me she always wanted to watch a girl get fucked by a dog . At first i was grossed out. I didn’t know what to say. Then she asked me if i ever saw any videos like that. i told her noway. She got up and put a video on her computer and we watched this video of a girl getting fucked hard by a dog .she looked like she was really into it .I have to admit i got really wet watching it. By the end of the video i was really drunk really high n very very wet . before i could even stop myself i told her id try it for her. She acted like she was surprised maby she was i don’t know .

She told me i have to get him hard first so i got on the floor and started stroking him . That felt so weird . I have to admit I never thought id ever give a dog a hand job but there I was doing just that. It wasn’t long before his cock came out of its cover and started getting hard for me. I just sat there staring at this warm hard dog cock in my hand as I stroked him. She told me to taste it , by then all my inhibitions were gone so I just did it. I layed down on the floor an took his cock into my mouth and started giving this dog a blowjob..i admit giving head is probably the only thing I miss most being with men and I know I am good at it. .i couldn’t believe how it felt in my mouth or how it tasted very salty but i worked it for a few min moving my mouth up n down his shaft sucking as hard as I could . His cock was fat and long .it felt so great having a warm cock in my mouth again. i took as much as i could in my mouth .trying to deep throat him. It took a while but finally i did it . I had all of his cock up to his ball thing in my mouth..

Before he could cum in my mouth I told her I was ready .i got on my hands n knees . Its called it doggie style for a reason. I started thinking to myself ,,god i am going to get fucked good and hard tonight .Knowing that fat pink dog cock I just had in my mouth will be enjoying my by then soaked pussy. Jessica helped him to get on top of me then she went to the couch. She started rubbing her pussy while she watched the show I was giving her. At first he just pounded at me looking for my wet pussy then he found it , Omg did he find it. he drove his cock into me hard . I remember screaming holy shit as loud as I could as he buried his cock inside me . There was no slow start for him . It was hard and rough .the feelings my body was having was amazing. I couldn’t believe how much of his cock my pussy took. He fucked me hard and fast. My pussy has never been stretched open like that before . The fuck was amazing . He just kept driving back and forth inside me and I just stayed there taking it . I was his bitch .

My pussy was so wet just dripping with juices . The sounds i was making even surprised me . Screaming and moaning loud as I could . he didn’t just fuck me he pounded my pussy for about what seemed like for ever. He almost got his big ball into me but didn’t thank god. I am sure that would have hurt me. I could feel it tapping my pussy with each thrust this dog drove into me. I had no idea how many orgasms I had but my body was shaking so much from the pleasure I was having.

I didn’t think he was ever going to stop fucking me. Then I felt it . He exploded his cum inside me . And dam did he cum . i felt every bit shooting out of his cock, filling my pussy .I remember thinking crap theirs so much, I felt it spilling out of my pussy and dripping down my legs.

After he pulled out of my sore well fucked pussy Jessica got off the couch, and cleaned some off my leg with her fingers . I just opened my mouth and licked all the dog cum off her hand . She did that a few times until most of the cum was off my legs..She even dipped her fingers into my pussy and i licked her fingers clean after that. I even enjoyed the taste of that.

I couldn’t move for what felt like for ever. My body was racked and spent .It took a while for me to even breath normal again. Afterwords she told me she couldn’t believe what I just did and how wild it was to watch us as she handed me another well deserved drink. I told her I needed another joint as my body started to relax. She just smiled and handed me one.

i still cant believe i did it and I would never really tell anyone around me about it but my god it was the best fuck this lil girl had n a long long time. And I will probably try it again. 🙂

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