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PB-148 Dog Orgy Wife by Frank Harper


Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now learning to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

The characters in DOG ORGY WIFE are a case in point. Their story is one of real importance for our hung-up society. It is a story well worth the reading if we are ever to understand our own sexuality.

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Wanda Stanford eased the door open and stepped out onto the back porch. It was a dark night and she didn’t see any lights in the neighboring houses. Her heart pounding, she quietly pulled the door closed behind her, took another look all around, then hurried across the porch and down the steps.

Walking across the backyard, Wanda began speaking in soft tones as soon as she saw Rex coming out of his dog house. She told the big Doberman to take it easy and not to bark, that if he made a lot of noise they’d he cheated out of what they both wanted.

Rex didn’t bark and he stopped straining at the chain when she began stroking his head with both hands.

Quickly detaching the chain, then keeping a firm grip on the dog’s collar, Wanda led Rex across the short distance to the garage. She used the small door at the wide, closed it just as quietly when they were inside as she’d opened it, then led the eager Doberman to the back.

There was an old mattress on the concrete floor in front of the car. Wanda’s husband kept it there to use when he had to get under the car. She often wondered what he’d think if he knew she used the mattress to keep from bruising her knees while being fucked by Rex. It also protected her back when she took the time to let the horny dog lap her cunt.

Wanda told Rex to sit, and he immediately obeyed. He was also well-trained in the various ways other than those having to do with sex. She’d had help in training him to be obedient–and that included the sexual activities they both enjoyed so much.

She’d already removed her panties, her legs were bare, and she was wearing a loosely-fitting dress. She bunched the dress up around her waist, held it there until she was on her knees, then leaned forward and braced on her hands and arms.

“All right, Rex,” she whispered. “Take the time to lap my pussy if you want to.”

The dog sniffed, his cold nose making contact for an instant, then his long and hot wet tongue began lapping her already moist and gaping cuntal lips.

Wanda, failed to suppress a moan of pleasure as Rex’s slippery tongue licked again and again, the hot oral instrument digging into her quivering cunt and going right on up through the crack of her ass. She hunched her buttocks backward, thrilling to the wonderful sensations as the tip of the dog’s hot tongue delved into her steaming snatch and into her twitching asshole time after time.

Soon sensing that the big animal was primed and ready to fuck, Wanda told Rex to mount her. He obeyed, jabbing his stiff prick at her ass, his hot breath on the back of her neck, and she reached back between her legs and did the guiding. The dog’s long and hard knotted prick slammed into her cunt and began pumping in and out, deep and fast.

From experience Wanda knew that the humping dog wouldn’t last long. She hunched along with his pistoning prick and concentrated on having an orgasm when the jabbing cock ejaculated. She succeeded, thrilling to a spasmodic release just as Rex’s cock jerked erratically and spurted gobs of hot jism into her clutching cunt.

Wanda moved out from under the big Doberman when he faltered even though his cock was still hard. She could’ve used another fast fuck, but she didn’t want to remain out of the house too long. Her husband might miss her and she was afraid Jeff would raise hell if he found out that she had sex with Rex.

Getting on her back, Wanda lifted her knees and spread them wide. Rex moved forward and lapped her flooded cunt. He did a very good job, cleaning her entire crotch. She got aroused again, but she pushed against the dog’s head and he obeyed when she told him to back off.

Eager to get back to the house before she was missed by her husband, as well as wanting to take a shower, Wanda got to her feet and pushed her dress down. She took a grip on Rex’s collar and led him from the garage and back to the dog house. She attached the chain to his collar, patted his head, and hurried across the yard.

In the kitchen, she washed her hands at the sink. She’d gone out and had sex with Rex on the spur of the moment. Not sleepy, and telling Jeff that when he’d gone to bed, she’d tried to read a magazine in the living room.

Restless, unable to get interested in reading, she’d tried watching television. She’d gotten interested and watched for a couple of hours before deciding to have a cup of coffee before going to bed. After finishing the coffee, she’d suddenly made up her mind to use Rex and his cock instead of asking her husband for what she needed.

Sighing, turning from the kitchen sink, Wanda turned the light out and hurried along the dark hallway to the bathroom. Jeff needed his sleep and his rest, she thought, hoping a shower would make her sleepy.

In the shower stall, Wanda did a good job, using plenty of soap, then rinsing with warm water before gritting her teeth and bracing against a cold spray of water. Then, her lush body dripping water on the soft rug, she stepped out of the stall.

She grabbed a handy towel and began giving her cold body a brisk rub-down. Seeing herself reflected in the full-length mirror attached to the back of the bathroom door, she approved of what she saw.

She had short blonde hair, and everybody thought she had a pretty face. Many people had told her that, anyway. Her eyes were large and light blue. She was five-six and her body was perfect in all respects.

Maybe the breasts were just a little too big. But she had no complaints. The twin mounds didn’t sag a fraction of an inch without support. She had a tiny waist and full and nicely rounded hips and buttocks. She had superbly carved thighs, calves, and ankles.

Wanda finished drying her golden-tinted skin. She cupped her big breasts and moved closer to the mirror. She rubbed her thumbs back and forth across the rosebud pink nipples and they jumped to attention. The little pleasurable sensations darting down to her crotch caused her to glance downward again.

The short and curly blonde pubic hairs blended well with the golden color of her flesh. She was quite a hunk of woman, even if she had just reached nineteen a few weeks before. What had Jeff told her a few times? That she was a beautifully delicious bit of voluptuous femininity?

Yes, and he’d read the description in a spicy novel. But he hadn’t been telling her much of anything during the past few weeks. Nothing that made her happy, anyway. In fact, he’d started making cracks about how she just might be too damned much for any one man to handle.

And they’d only been married for six months. What would he be saying in another six months? Or doing? And, what was more important, was she really too demanding in the sex department?

Hell, Jeff had just made twenty-one a few weeks before they’d taken the blood tests and been married by a justice of the peace. It was silly to think that she’d pooped him out already. Maybe her handsome young husband was just tired of the same old routine, as Lucy Ellison had suggested just that afternoon.

Wanda saw her face flushing as she thought of a few other things Lucy had said. She doubted that Jeff would be willing to swap, though. Even if she got the nerve to tell him that Lucy had made the blunt suggestion–and even if she’d heard Jeff say that he thought Lucy was a very attractive, sexy-looking young woman.

She hadn’t meant for the almost daily talks with the neighbor woman to become so intimate. But they’d been visiting back and forth for a few weeks, and she guessed it was natural enough for the talk to drift to the subject of sex quite often.

Gil Ellison was a good-looking man of thirty. Lucy was twenty-five. They’d had their sex problems early in their five years of marriage, according to Lucy, but they’d solved things by giving each other a certain amount of freedom.

Lucy and Gil hadn’t actually swapped with another couple, but they’d both had outside sex partners with each other’s knowledge and permission. They’d even talked about their erotic adventures with each other, and they’d even seriously thought about trying to get in touch with an organized swap club, but they’d always been afraid that actually seeing each other in action would somehow put an end to their marriage.

Realizing that she’d again lifted her hands and was fingering her stiffly-erect nipples, Wanda wondered if she should frig herself to and through a climax. Just a few minutes of fingering her clitoris would have her shuddering and melting like crazy. She should’ve taken on Rex again. She’d wait until she was in bed with Jeff. If he didn’t wake up and either fuck her or lap her cunt, she’d masturbate.

She’d halfway promised Lucy that she’d at least bring up the subject of swapping and see what Jeff’s reaction would be. Lucy had laughed when she’d said that she almost wished Jeff would even refuse to discuss trying such a drastic experiment. Then Lucy had said that no matter what she did there’d be an opportunity made for her to have a sample of Gil’s bedroom technique.

Lucy had practically drooled at the mention of Jeff’s cock. Or, rather, at the mention of the size of his penis. But Lucy had been bragging about Gil’s seven inches–and she’d just had to do some bragging about Jeff’s big nine-inch prick and how well he could use it.

For some reason it’d surprised Lucy to find that she and Jeff also indulged in the more off-beat sexual activities. Lucy had first brought that subject up, saying that Gil was an artist when it came to lapping a cunt–and that she considered herself to be something of an artist at sucking a cock.

Wanda dropped her hands from her throbbing breasts. She’d been rolling each stiff nipple between a thumb and forefinger, thrilling to the rippling waves of pleasure surging back and forth between them and her hot and tingling twat.

Had Lucy’s dark eyes really gotten that “special” gleam when they’d talked so boldly about oral sex? It’d seemed so at the time. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it turned out that the very attractive woman was bisexual. And she wouldn’t back off from the sexy-looking female if it turned out that there was a desire to make the gay scene.

She’d had a lot of experience when it came to the sexual pleasures between two females. She’d been taught all of the acts of lesbianism at an early age–and by her aunt. She liked the feel of a female mouth on her body, the feel of a female tongue in her snatch, and she enjoyed the sensation of probing a hot, juicy cunt with her tongue.

She guessed it was natural for a female to know more about how to give another female pleasure. Not that Jeff wasn’t damned good and very understanding along those lines. He’d never had any inhibitions with her, for which she was thankful, and she’d sucked his cock right from the beginning. And without any embarrassment. Which was very important, because she’d had a few bad experiences having to do with oral sex before meeting and marrying Jeff.

She’d always been promiscuous, even if she’d only gone with one fellow at a time. She’d been dating since she was fourteen. Losing her unwanted maidenhead at that age hadn’t bothered her, mentally or physically, even if it had been her uncle who’d popped her cherry. She hadn’t had what she’d thought of as a bad experience until after she’d reached sixteen.

She’d only sucked her uncle’s cock up until that time. Most of her dates had only wanted to fuck, none had offered to go down on her, and not all that many had even hinted for a blow-job. She’d finally decided to try sucking a cock other than her uncle’s big joystick. She’d enjoyed it very much, and so had her date, but afterward he’d been very insulting. When he’d called her a dirty cock-sucker, he had made her angry.

A few nights later she’d managed to get even with him, though. She’d dated him again with one thought in mind–to pay him back for making the derogatory remarks. After working on him until he’d been practically out of his mind with passion, she’d managed to get her crotch pressed down over his face while she had most of his throbbing pecker in her mouth.

His struggles hadn’t lasted more than a few seconds. Then he’d started lapping and sucking at her cunt and clit just as greedily as she’d been sucking his stiff cock. They’d both climaxed while in the sixty-nine position.

Later, after he’d begged her not to tell anybody about what he’d done, she’d made him screw her and then go down on her again immediately after he’d shot his second load. She hadn’t really made him with physical force, of course, but her threats to tell his friends had caused him to bury his face and wallow in the results of his own passion.

That’d really turned him on. He’d gotten another hard-on, without her even touching his fairly large penis, then he’d fucked her until a third load of hot sperm had flooded her tingling twat. He hadn’t wasted any time in getting his face buried between her legs again.

His name was Arnie Hobbs. He’d also been sixteen. He’d really developed a taste for male come. His own, and she’d stopped dating him not long after that, but she’d heard from several reliable sources that he’d started blowing just about any boy or man who’d let him.

Wanda turned the bathroom light out and, still naked, hurried along the dark hallway. Her thoughts had aroused her to such a feverish pitch she didn’t feel like using her fingers. She wanted her husband’s hard cock buried to the hilt in her steaming snatch. It’d been great with Rex, but a dog’s prick couldn’t really take the place of a man’s hard pleasure-prong.

It was midnight. Jeff had to work the next day, but fifteen or twenty minutes wouldn’t make all that much difference, Wanda told herself.

Inside the bedroom, Wanda discovered that she was trembling with excitement. She stopped near the bed and clutched her throbbing, thrusting breasts. Jeff was on his back, the sheet down around his naked waist, and she was sure that he was asleep.

The poor dear, Wanda thought. Jeff had tongued her once to a blissful finish and screwed her twice the night before. He’d also climaxed both times, of course. Then, after she’d made a request, he’d fucked her that morning before breakfast.

After he’d pronged her through a series of shuddering spasms, flooding her with the hot jism she loved so much during the last of her tremors, he’d teasingly told her that he hoped the prolonged fucking session would take care of her needs for at least twenty-four hours.

All during the day, she’d been telling herself that she wouldn’t ask her handsome young husband for sex. And she hadn’t.

Wanda climbed onto the bed and under the sheet, thinking she could go to sleep if she concentrated on putting all thoughts of sex out of her mind. Or, for that matter, she could just turn on her side and use her fingers to relieve some of the tension. It wouldn’t be the first time.

But the warmth emanating from her sleeping husband’s muscular body soon caused Wanda to put her hand over to check his cock. Sometimes he’d get a hard-on while dreaming, and if she snuggled up real close to him, she could have his stiff shaft buried deep in her quivering pussy before he really knew what was happening.

Jeff’s penis was soft. Wanda stroked the warm flesh for a few seconds, then couldn’t resist the urge to lift the limber organ in her hand. It was big and heavy even in the relaxed state. A stronger urge caused her to push the sheet off and away and wiggle her body lower on the bed. Her husband’s cock always reminded her of her uncle’s big pleasure-prong. They were practically the same size whether soft or hard.

She took the glans into her mouth and began to twirl her tongue around and around. When the tasty flesh began to expand, she started a gentle suction and fondled the heavy balls. The fingers of her other hand were wrapped around the thick bas e of the shaft and within thirty seconds that shaft was stiff and the knob was swollen hard and filling her mouth. Her husband thrust upward and she began sucking up and down on the rigid flesh, taking the crown deep and working her throat muscles on the downstroke, twirling her tongue around the blood-engorged glans when she lifted.

Wanda heard Jeff say, “I didn’t really think you could go for twenty-four hours without at least taking my cock into your mouth, baby. Maybe we should get you one of those artificial pricks they’re advertising in so many magazines.”

Pulling her clinging lips from her husband’s big tasty joystick, Wanda said, “I don’t think it’d be much fun sucking on a fake cock, honey, no matter how lifelike it looked and felt.”

Jeff chuckled. “You know I didn’t mean that, honey. You could slip it in your hot-box and frig yourself whenever you got in the mood. Every hour on the hour. They’re battery-operated and you could just shove it in, push a button, and vibrate yourself to as many orgasms as you wanted.”

“I don’t think a wife with a healthy and strong husband should have to masturbate with any object,” Wanda said, wondering if she should go ahead and tell about her talk with Lucy. Now that she had the hard cock in her hand, and was sure that Jeff didn’t mind all that much because she’d awakened him, she was in no great hurry to suck or to be sucked and fucked.

“Maybe you should’ve married twins,” Jeff said, chuckling again. “Some of the fellows who are always complaining about their cold wives should have somebody like you for a couple of months.”

“Have you been telling men that?”

“Not in so many words,” Jeff said. “I guess I’ve hinted to you that I sometimes think I could do with a little less of a good thing. Have I hurt your feelings?”

“The truth isn’t supposed to hurt anybody,” Wanda said, thinking what a stupid bunch of crap that was. “You haven’t hurt my feelings, I mean, and I’m sorry you had the misfortune to marry an oversexed bitch like me. I’ll leave you alone now if you want me to, Jeff. I can go to the other bedroom.”

“You’re talking silly now, Wanda. We’ll just have to figure out how to make the best of things, right? Or would you rather leave me and try and find a man who might be able to come closer to keeping you sexually satisfied than I can?”

“I think you’ve done as well as anybody could, Jeff. Better than most men could, really, and I love you for many things other than those having to do with sex. I hope you’ll never want to leave me.”

“I’m not about to leave you,” Jeff said. “Hell, I’d rather let you get some extra sex on the side than have you leave me. As you just said, I also love you for many things other than those having to do with sex.” He laughed. “You’re even a pretty good cook!”

She wished there was enough light to see his face plainly. Maybe she could tell by his expression whether or not he was serious about her having extra sex on the side. She could usually tell what was thinking by gazing into his dark eyes. She started to tell him about Lucy’s offer, but he spoke first.

“You’d better let me start working you over now, honey. I do have to work tomorrow, you know, and if I don’t get some sleep I’ll be dragging my ass around like a zombie.”

Wanda removed her clasping fingers from Jeff’s big thrusting cock and stretched out on her back beside him. She knew that he needed plenty of rest.

A little sorry she’d interrupted her husband’s sleep, thinking that she could slip out of the bed and out of the house a little later and have another session with the big horny Doberman, Wanda put a hand down and briefly caressed the hard cock she loved so very much.

“Maybe you could just fuck me for a few minutes without getting your gun, Jeff. You’ve done so before, you know, and you didn’t get a stone-ache.”

“That was after I’d already shot off at least once,” Jeff said. “Don’t worry about anything, honey. I’m wide awake and horny now, and I really feel lucky to have such a lovely hot-ass wife.”



Jeff began kissing and licking one of her big breasts. The nipple was already erect. She thrilled to the delightful sensation and pushed the spiked mound against his parted lips, then shoved a portion of the firm flesh into his warm and wet mouth. He tongued and sucked for a couple of minutes, giving her great pleasure, then moved his mouth and tongue over to her other throbbing breast.

After lavishing his oral attentions upon that taut-tipped mound, his lips and darting tongue moved down to her belly-button. He licked around the shallow indentation while slipping his hands down along her sides and letting them rest on her rounded hips.

Wanda began squirming her buttocks against the mattress. She then put her hands on his forehead and applied a little pressure. He trailed on down, until his mouth and tongue just grazed her pubic hairs, and she parted her legs and lifted her knees.

He parted the short hairs with his fingers. She was clasping her throbbing titties. He leaned down and forward and blew his warm breath on her already moist vaginal lips. She moaned. She was already on the verge of an orgasm.

She lurched upward as her husband’s tongue licked the smooth slit and then slithered deep into her hot and quivering cunt. His hands slipped around and under and cupped her sleek ass. She put her hands on his head and pulled him even closer. His tongue probing and lashing, he tilted her pelvis until he had her in a perfect position for cunnilingus, then went to her throbbingly erect clitoris.

“Oh, darling, darling!” she cried, wriggling excitedly and digging her fingers into his scalp. “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

He sucked and lapped her elongated clit and held on tightly to her wildly wriggling ass. Then she tensed, moaned loudly, and shuddered and trembled. He kept right on lapping and sucking for almost a full minute after she’d sagged limply and removed her clutching fingers from his hair.

He kept on for so long she began moving along with his expertly applied oral caresses. But he stopped and lifted his head as soon as she started the writhing movements. She got ready to guide his big cock into her juicy and tingling twat, but she quickly found that he wasn’t yet ready to fuck her.

“There’s something I’ve been trying to get enough nerve to tell you for quite some time, Wanda. Now that I’m steaming hot and I’ve gotten you that way again, maybe I can give out with a few facts. That doesn’t make much sense even to me after I’ve put it into words, but–well, I know something that might help you, honey.”

“Help me with what, Jeff?”

Jeff chuckled, but it sounded forced to Wanda. “With what seems to be an almost insatiable lust you have, baby. I have something to tell you, but I’d like for you to promise not to get angry.”

“What on earth are you talking about, Jeff?”

“Swapping,” Jeff said. “Wife-swapping. Or husband-swapping. Anyway, this married couple I know would like to switch around with us and I told them that I’d see what you thought of the idea.”

Wanda’s first thought was that her husband was referring to the attractive married couple next door. But she quickly rejected that idea. She was sure Jeff hadn’t even had a chance to discuss swapping with Lucy and Gil Ellison. He really didn’t know them all that well.

After a short silence, Jeff said, “You could at least say something, Wanda. Even a few curses would be better than silence. Are you angry?”

“I guess I’m surprised more than anything else,” Wanda said, deciding she wouldn’t be in any hurry to tell about her talk with Lucy. But she was a little angry. Maybe she wasn’t being fair, but it wasn’t very flattering to think that her horny husband was so eager to swap her charms for those of somebody else’s wife.

“I guess I’ve gone too damned far to back off now,” Jeff said, interrupting Wanda’s thoughts. “Do you want to hear more?”

“I’m listening,” she said.

“I didn’t exactly tell the truth before, honey. I got to talking with one of the truck drivers about three weeks ago and he told me about how hot his wife was. Anyway, he then told me about the club he and his sexy wife belong to.”

“Club?” Wanda said, suddenly having a vision of dozen or more men lined up with their thrusting pricks in hand.

“That’s right,” Jeff said, placing a hand on Wanda’s belly. “A swap club where men and their wives get together and exchange mates for sexual purposes. You’ve read about them, I know. I think we have some magazines now with articles about–“

“Reading about something and doing it are two different things,” Wanda cut in. “Sure, I enjoy reading about the swappers and swingers, but I’m not sure I’d want to live like that. Maybe we’d lose all respect for each other.”

“Everything’s a gamble,” Jeff said softly. “We gambled when we got married, you know, and I’m willing to do just about anything to keep us married. Besides, I’ve already sampled the man’s wife and I have an obligation to tell you that it’s okay with me if you want to try it with him.”

“Just like that! Sight unseen!”

“You’ve seen each other a few times. His name’s Ted Morris. I didn’t promise him or his wife anything, of course. I just told them that I’d tell you about it and leave everything up to you. Just refuse if you want to, honey, and I’ll understand. So will Ted and his wife.”

Jeff’s hand had moved lower and his fingers were plucking gently at Wanda’s curly pubic hairs. She felt passion flaming anew. She’d never be surprised at anything again as long as she lived, she thought. But maybe her husband was just joking or teasing. Or fishing.

“I’ve been true to you,” she said, thinking that she wasn’t stretching the truth too much by not counting Rex. “I haven’t had sex with anybody else since we got married, Jeff.”

“I believe you, honey, and this was a first for me. Patsy, that’s Ted’s wife, feels sorry for both of us, though. She says that life is too short to waste time drifting along living by dull moral concepts.”

“Patsy seems to have sold you on her philosophy,” Wanda said, thinking that she’d always felt just about the same way.

“She made it sound reasonable enough to make me willing to give her way of life a try, honey–” Jeff moved his hand down and cupped Wanda’s hot crotch “–and before you ask why I went for outside pussy when I have more than I can handle at home, I’ll give you the best answer I can.”

“You do that,” Wanda said, somehow managing to keep from thrusting up against her husband’s hand. She also chewed at her lower lip to keep from telling him to use his frigging finger until he was ready to use his delightful dick.

“Ted worked on me with words for over a week before I agreed to bang his wife. Hell, he kept telling me about all the attractive wives I could have, and about the wild sex parties they attended, until by the time he came right out and offered to give me a crack at his wife I was telling myself that there wouldn’t be any harm in at least telling you about the club.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before you had his wife?”

“I just couldn’t seem to find the nerve. If you’ll try and put yourself in my place maybe you can understand that. Tonight, just now, I finally forced myself to blurt it out and–and I’m not doing such a good job of telling about it, am I?”

“You’re doing a lot of rambling,” Wanda said.

Jeff removed his hand from her crotch. “Ted told me that I’d be surprised at just how many times I could shoot off if I engaged in troilism. That’s one of the reasons I went home with him the first time. I was curious, I mean, and he gave me some shit about it being good training for me in taking care of you. I guess I was just so sexy-hot I wanted to believe anything to have an excuse. That’s the best reason I can give for banging another female when I have such a hot one at home. You know what troilism means, don’t you?”

“Sure,” Wanda said. “It means sexual intercourse among three persons. I hope you didn’t have any direct contact with the husband.”

“There wasn’t anything like that. He isn’t queer or bisexual and I’m not, either. Patsy swings both ways, though. She told me to tell you not to worry about it, if you did decide to give swapping a try, because she wouldn’t touch you if you didn’t want to be touched. I told her that you might like the passive role.”

“How did the three of you arrange yourselves for sex?” Wanda asked, sliding one of her hands down between her legs. She clamped her moist thighs against her hand and wrist and told herself that very soon she was going to call a halt to the exciting talk and tell her husband to either fuck her or tongue her some more.

“Ted and I took turns fucking Patsy while the other was on his back. You know. She sucked me off while Ted pronged her from behind, then he shifted around and she sucked him all the way off while I stuck her from behind. She’s just about as good at fellatio as you are. She also has a tight cunt, she snaps with it damned good. I made it three times on the first visit. I went back for more fun and pleasure twice after that and I shot a load twice each time.”

“Now they’ve cut you off until you bring me in on the deal, right?”

“No, they haven’t,” Jeff said. “They wouldn’t introduce me to any of the other swappers without you, but they’d keep on making the threesome scene with me. I’m the one who called a halt. Mainly because I felt I was doing wrong by cheating on you.

“You really don’t think it’d be wrong for us to become swappers, Jeff?”

“How could it be wrong if we both agreed? And don’t give me any bullshit about sin. God has more important things to do than worry about who screws whom on this puny little planet.”

“I don’t think you should talk about God like that, Jeff.”

“Why? Because of fear? Because He might punish me for using my cock? I guess I’m just as afraid of death and all that as the next person, honey, but God didn’t cause people to have so many sexual hang-ups. People did that to themselves.”

“Is that some more wisdom from your friend Patsy?”

“I figured that out myself,” Jeff said, turning over and putting his arm across Wanda’s thrusting titties. She pulled her hand from between her legs and he kissed the side of her face. “I can tell that the talk hasn’t made you cool and calm, baby. It’s up to you. If you don’t want to swap, all you have to do is say so.”

He sucked a stiffened nipple into his mouth and tweaked the other one with his fingers. Again she rejected the idea of telling about her talk with Lucy. She’d wait and see how things worked out, then decide whether or not she wanted to bring the couple next door in on the deal.

“I guess we might as well give it a try,” she said, running her fingers through his thick hair. “I think we should promise right now that we won’t raise hell with each other if it doesn’t work out, though.”

Jeff stopped suckling Wanda’s throbbing breast. “I’m sure everything will work out just fine,” he said, kissing her lightly. “If we’ll remember that we don’t own each other just because we’re married, anyhow. When shall I set things up?”

“What’s wrong with tomorrow evening?” Wanda asked. “Unless you want to give them a call right now.

Jeff chuckled. “I think I’m mentally and physically stimulated enough to breeze through a couple of sessions during the next hour or so. Do you think that might cool you off enough to delay our first venture into swapping?”

“It might,” Wanda said teasingly. She grabbed his erect cock. “I want this big beauty buried in my snatch for a fucking session right now. Then, if you’re serious about lasting for a couple of sessions, I’d like to do a sixty-nine.”

“I’m really glad that I have a sexy wanton beauty for a wife,” Jeff said, positioning himself between Wanda’s eagerly parted legs. “Even if I do need some help to keep from wearing myself to a frazzle.”

Wanda wondered what he’d say if he were to find out that he’d been getting some help from her big Doberman. She reached down and with a thumb and forefinger made her quivering cunt accessible while guiding her husband’s stiff shaft with the fingers of her other hand.

She removed her hands and the big knob slipped in. They both let out a gasp. She wriggled her buttocks and he pushed on in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He mashed his mouth to hers, probing with his tongue, and as they began the rhythmic motions of fucking t hey took turns sucking on each other’s tongues.

Soon, however, they broke the passionate, tongue-lashing kiss. She stroked his back and shoulders and matched the new pace as he quickened the tempo of his powerful thrusts. It felt so good, she thought. So very, very good. She was overly sexed, she guessed, but would she really want it to be any other way?

Her husband’s strong fingers had been gripping her racing hips. He slipped them around and under and grabbed her wriggling ass. She thrilled to that, and to the way one of his fingers began caressing her crack, and she had an exciting mental picture of being with two men at the same time.

She’d never experienced that form of sex. The sensation should be marvelous. Two throbbing cocks shooting off, spurting and flooding two different holes at the same time would really be the living end!

“You’d better get ready for the deluge, baby!”

Jeff’s words brought Wanda’s full attention back to the ecstatic sensations she was experiencing right then. She whispered for him to shove his cock in deep and hold it there. He obeyed. She put her educated inner cunt muscles into action. The contractions caused a series of little gasps to spill from between his lips. His hot and wet tongue darted into her ear.

“Can Patsy do this, honey?”

“Not as well as you can, baby! You’re still the best piece of ass I’ve ever had!”

“A wife always likes to hear such kind words,” Wanda said, her passion beginning to race out of control.

Jeff mashed his opened mouth to Wanda’s. She sucked on his tongue while snapping at his pulsing prick with her pussy. He climaxed, his swollen shaft jerking spasmodically as the hot jism spurted and flooded her steaming snatch. She also came, mingling her released juices with his. They broke the tongue-probing kiss so they could breathe better.

She milked his big cock until it was drained dry and was completely limp. They kissed briefly and tenderly before he reached for a towel on the headboard, withdrew, and got out of bed. She waited with the towel clutched between her thighs until he returned from the bathroom. Then she hurriedly took her turn, eager to get back to her husband and the promised second session.

Jeff was ready with another hard-on. Wanda knew that the main reason for his renewed arousal was the agreement they’d made concerning the next evening. But she didn’t mind. She admitted that part of her excitement was also due to thoughts of swapping.

Wanda started out by straddling her husband’s muscular body and trailing her moistly-parted lips and darting tongue around on his broad chest. Then she concentrated upon his nipples. Those small nubs were just about as sensitive as her nipples and they stiffened immediately. She tongued and sucked them, and only when he applied a slight pressure on her forehead did she leave the erect tips.

Trailing downward across his flat stomach, she gave some attention to his deep belly button, then went on down to the edge of his surprisingly silky-soft pubic hairs. She skirted around that dark bush, and he parted his legs and moved so that she could get at his heavy sac.

She lavished her oral attentions on his balls until they were wet with saliva, the fingers of one hand wrapping around the thick base of his ramrod-stiff joystick. When she felt his firm buttocks begin to squirm against the mattress, she left his balls and tongued his inner thighs, enjoying the way he began lifting his butt up and down, sliding his hard and smooth shaft up and down in the tight circle her fingers had formed.

“Any time, baby! Swing around!”

Wanda shifted around. Jeff grabbed her buttocks. She lifted one knee over his head, pressed her lips against the blunt end of his swollen cockhead and lowered her crotch down over his face.

Jeff’s tongue slithered into Wanda’s palpitating cunt. She pushed down and greedily opened her mouth wide, engulfing the blood-engorged head of his rigid cock. They rolled over on their sides, having learned through experience they could give and receive more pleasure while in that, position.

They weren’t in any hurry. They worked on each other with lips and tongues and fingers.

She felt Jeff’s tongue lick her clit. That bud-shaped organ was already tinglingly erect. His lips got in on the intimate act, and she began taking more of his big cock into her mouth. She felt Jeff increase the tempo of his lapping and sucking, but she took it easy on him. She knew that he was trying to make her have an orgasm while he coasted.

She let herself go, hunching along with his lavish oral worship, and soon she melted into a glorious climax. While shuddering through the blissful spasms, she lifted her mouth from his throbbing cock to make sure that he wouldn’t ejaculate. She wanted at least one more orgasm before his pulsing prick exploded.

Jeff rested for a few seconds after Wanda sagged limply. Then he began his greedy lapping and sucking again. She returned her mouth to his throbbing cock and labored happily, just as sexy-hot as ever and eager for what she considered to be a great reward for her efforts.

They timed it so that they climaxed simultaneously. His spurting ejaculation caused her orgasm to be even more shattering in its intensity. In fact, she reached orgasm after orgasm while gulping down all he had to offer, and her understanding husband kept right on going until she removed her mouth from his limp cock and told him that her almost insatiable lust was temporarily appeased.

Jeff chuckled when Wanda removed her cunt and crotch from his face, then said he still thought it’d be a good idea for them to send for a battery-operated artificial penis.

Wanda agreed.



The next morning Lucy Ellison visited just long enough to tell Wanda that she was going to her mother’s house for the day. Wanda was glad they weren’t going to have their usual long daily visit and chit-chat. She’d decided not to discuss sex or swapping with Lucy until she’d seen how things were going to work out with Patsy and Ted Morris; She still couldn’t remember Ted Morris, even if Jeff had said they’d seen each other. She hoped that Ted was as good-looking as Lucy’s husband.

Gil Ellison was almost as handsome as Jeff. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was tall and lean and was always well-dressed. He had an insurance man’s usual gift of gab, and Lucy had bragged about the exciting other ways he could use his mouth and tongue.

Wanda spent most of the morning cleaning the house. She and Jeff had overslept. They’d had to rush around like mad to get him off to work on time, but she’d managed to find out a few things about Patsy and Ted Morris. They were both twenty-six and they’d been married for three years. They’d been swingers before getting married and had even met at a swinging party.

Jeff thought Ted was good-looking. He was tall and had blond hair. Patsy had dark red hair, a pretty face, and a voluptuous body. That information, along with a reminder that he’d told about Patsy’s bisexuality the night before, had been about all Jeff had had time to tell.

While eating a light lunch, Wanda got to thinking about her aunt and uncle. She hadn’t seen them in almost a month and hadn’t visited them without Jeff being along since getting married. She had made up her mind not to cheat on Jeff, except for the sex she enjoyed with Rex on a regular basis, and Uncle George and Aunt Ruby had respected her wishes. In fact, they had encouraged her not to have sex with anybody other than her husband.

Wanda had lost her mother at the age of ten. Shortly after her mother’s death her father had placed her in a boarding school. She’d remained there until she was twelve. Her father had then died and she’d been placed in an orphanage because the money had been cut off. A year later Uncle George and Aunt Ruby had taken her to live with them.

She’d liked them right from the beginning. It hadn’t been long before she’d been calling them George and Ruby, but it’d been a couple of months after she reached her fourteenth birthday before the sexual pleasures had started. She’d caught Ruby making it with a dog. The dog’s name was Baron and he was a Great Dane. The big animal had been humping Ruby and the sight had been very exciting. She’d been masturbating for years and she’d been unable to keep from frigging herself while watching Ruby hunching along with the big dog’s pumping prick.

Ruby had begged Wanda not to tell anybody about what she’d witnessed. Wanda had promised to keep quiet, then she had quickly removed her clothes and asked Ruby to let her take on the dog. After questioning Wanda and finding out that she was a virgin, Ruby had said that it didn’t seem right for a dog to get Wanda’s cherry. Ruby had let Baron lap Wanda’s pussy, though, and George had entered the house while Wanda had been thrilling to the big dog’s lapping tongue.

George had been shocked to see his niece and his wife naked and the dog lapping his young niece’s cunt. He’d also gotten sexually aroused, his big cock lifting and straining against his pants. Wanda had soon found out that George knew about his wife having sex with the Great Dane. He even approved. Like Ruby, though, he was afraid their friends and neighbors would find out–and they were both really frightened and worried about having incestuous relations with a young girl.

She’d been seventeen when they’d bought and helped train Rex. Baron had still been going strong, but she’d wanted a dog of her own. Besides, it had kept the Great Dane busy taking care of two hot-ass females even when George was around to give the horny animal a lot of help.

Over a second cup of coffee, Wanda decided that she no longer had to keep the promise she’d made to herself. If she and Jeff were going to swap, there was no need for depriving herself of the wonderful pleasures she’d enjoyed so many times with George and Ruby.

She’d also missed being lapped and fucked by Baron, Wanda thought, getting to her feet. She started to the bedroom to change clothes, then decided she’d better feed Rex first. The Doberman was only interested in food at the moment so she didn’t have to even stop him from trying to sniff at her crotch. It’d become automatic for her to be very careful when around Rex, in case they were being observed.

It was a warm summer day. Wanda put on a clean light-weight dress, wishing she’d taken Jeff to work so she could’ve used their three-year-old Chevy. She called a cab, thinking it’d give her more time to visit with her aunt and uncle than if she rode a bus.

She wanted to surprise her aunt and she also wanted to get out of the house. It was only eight miles to the large house she sometimes still thought of as home and she could see Baron even if Ruby wasn’t there. George could be home, as he was a salesman and practically his own boss.

Waiting on the sidewalk when the cab arrived, Wanda enjoyed the way the young driver looked her over when he got out to open the door. It felt great to be admired and desired.

Wanda didn’t mind the way the good-looking cabbie kept glancing at her bare legs in the rear-view mirror. She even felt like giving him more to look at and enjoy. She hoped he had a wife or girl friend and wouldn’t have to use his hand to relieve the tensions she’d helped create.

Wanda knew that Ruby had seen the cab stop, because her pretty aunt met her at the door, a surprised look on her features and in her eyes. Ruby was thirty-eight, but she looked much younger and she still had a very good shape. Wanda wished she could take the lovely woman’s clothes off without a word and bury her face between her firmly rounded thighs.

“This is a very pleasant surprise, Wanda! Where’s Jeff? Is there anything wrong?”

Wanda met Ruby’s brown eyes and smiled. “There’s nothing wrong, Ruby. In fact, everything’s just fine. Jeff’s working and I thought I’d come tell you some good news. I want to get back before Jeff gets home, but we have at least three hours before I’ll have to leave.”

They sat on a couch. Ruby was wearing a light-weight housedress and her long legs were bare. Wanda began explaining the reason for her visit. She told just about everything, including her talk with Lucy and her intention to swap with Lucy and Gil if everything worked out okay with the couple Jeff had lined up for a sex party.

After Wanda finished, Ruby said, “I hope you didn’t tell Jeff about Rex, honey.”

“I didn’t,” Wanda said. “Nor did I tell about Baron. Actually, everything’s the same except he has already admitted to having sex with another woman and I feel that fact freed me of the promise I’d made to myself. Aren’t you glad I’m here?”

“You know I am, Wanda! It’s just that your husband might handle the swapping situation okay, but he might not go for the rest of it. If I were you, I wouldn’t say anything about the dogs. You know how much George and I have always worried.”

“I’m an adult now, Ruby. You no longer have to worry about what went on when I was a kid. Besides, I might not tell Jeff about you and George even if I tell about the dogs. If I do, and he disapproves of anything I did before swapping me for another woman, I just might move back here. If you’d have me, of course.

“You know you’ll always be welcome here Wanda. It’s just that I know you love Jeff or you would never have given up so many sexual pleasures, and I don’t want your marriage to go on the rocks. The swapping could backfire, you know, and–“

“Jeff said even getting married was a gamble,” Wanda cut in. “Which is true, of course, and I don’t think I’ll be jealous even when I see Jeff fucking Patsy. I just hope he isn’t jealous when he sees a man fucking me. I guess you know how you can prove that I’ll always be welcome here, Ruby.”

“I think I have a good idea,” Ruby said, smiling and getting to her feet. “Do you think you can wait until we get to bed?”

“I’ll try,” Wanda said, also standing. “I’ve really missed you and George and the wonderful times we had, Ruby.”

Her pretty face flushed, Ruby turned and hurried across the room. Wanda’s eyes were on her aunt’s jiggling ass and swaying hips, her excitement soaring.

In the bedroom, near the big bed where she’d spent so many happy hours with Ruby and George, Wanda followed Ruby’s example and quickly stripped. Later they could bring Baron into the house and it’d be like old times, she thought, watching as Ruby stretched out on the bed.

“I want to go down on you first,” Wanda said, her eyes flicking up and down her aunt’s lovely naked body, then settling on the thick brown bush growing between the rounded thighs. “It has been a long time, you know.”

“I understand,” Ruby said. “It has also been a long time for me, honey, but I can wait a little longer.”

Knowing that she could have an eager tongue in her twat at any time, and having missed the special thrill of performing cunnilingus, Wanda climbed onto the bed, wishing that George was there to fuck her while she went down on Ruby. Sooner or later she’d have to tell Jeff everything, she thought. Her horny husband would really go for her aunt’s sweet snatch.

Deciding that she didn’t want to take the time to feast upon the big titties, Wanda quickly got into position to bury her face between Ruby’s eagerly parted legs. The delectable female aroma filled her nostrils, adding to her own excitement, but she was glad to discover that she still preferred the delightful odor of a male crotch.

Placing her hands on Ruby’s firmly rounded hips, Wanda lowered her face and blew her breath on Ruby’s slightly parted pussy lips. She enjoyed the little gasp that drifted down from the lips above. She licked up through the moist slit, liking the taste, knowing from the way the smooth cuntal lips were slightly puffy that Ruby had been fucked recently.

Wanda snaked her stiffened tongue between the hot moist lips and probed deep into the hot, clinging folds of cuntflesh. Ruby lurched upward and grabbed Wanda’s hair and head. Happily tongue-fucking her sexy aunt, Wanda experienced an exhilarating sense of power similar to the way she felt when sucking a hard cock.

Ruby began squirming her lovely ass against the mattress and Wanda slithered her tongue higher and made contact with the elongated clitoris. While lapping the sensitive and slippery bump of flesh, which she’d often thought of as a mini-prick, Wanda again wished George was there to shove his big cock into her feverish body from behind.

“I’m just about there, darling!”

Wanda had clasped Ruby’s sleek buttocks. She’d also gotten her lips around the stiffened clit and added sucking to her lapping. She’d sensed the release before hearing her aunt’s loud words. She lapped and sucked greedily and held onto Ruby’s wriggling ass until Ruby went limp, gulping and swallowing the salty-sweet secretions with gusto.

Wanda lifted her face from Ruby’s crotch and trailed her lips and tongue upward, right through the curly brown mat and to the shallow navel. Darting her tongue around and in the dainty button, Wanda then went on up to the big mounds of firm and springy flesh. Using her fingers to massage and mold the huge titties, she tongued and sucked first one stiffened nipple and then the other, her own nipples tingling and her cunt steaming.

Ruby soon kissed Wanda’s mouth. They kissed feverishly, lashing their tongues together, and Ruby slipped a hand down between their squirming bodies and shoved a finger into Wanda’s quivering pussy. Wanda broke the passionate kiss and rolled over on her back. Still finger-fucking Wanda, Ruby followed and began kissing and licking down along Wanda’s flushed body.

Wanda heard the little popping sound as the frigging finger was pulled from her pulsating pussy, but Ruby’s finger was immediately replaced by Ruby’s hot and slippery tongue. Wanda grabbed her aunt’s swirling hair and began hunching along with the expert tongue-fucking. She moaned with pleasure as Ruby went to her erect clitoris and began lapping and sucking. Within thirty seconds Wanda spasmed, bucking wildly, then became tense and heard faint slurping sounds as Ruby greedily gulped and swallowed the released juices.

Shortly after, Wanda sagged limply and removed her clutching fingers from Ruby’s head and soft hair. Ruby rested a warm cheek on one of Wanda’s thighs for a few seconds, then moved until she was on her back beside Wanda.

After a short silence, Wanda said, “That was really great, Ruby. We’ll have to get together often from now on.”

Ruby rolled over on her side, pressed her warm body close, and began caressing Wanda’s thrusting titties. “George and I were talking about how much we missed you just this morning, darling.”

“I’ll bet you were having sex at the time,” Wanda said, pushing her hard-nippled breasts up against Ruby’s fondling fingers. “I wish we had George and his big cock with us right now. Or Jeff and his big cock, for that matter. Maybe we can fix it so you can make it with Jeff. Would you like that?”

“Yes, but I don’t think George would. I’ve never been with another man since we got married and as far as I know George has only been with you.”

“I don’t think my horny uncle would object too much if I were to put a little pressure on him,” Wanda said. “I’ve never even come close to threatening any kind of blackmail, you know, and I don’t really mean to start now, but he should be fair with you.”

“Your uncle has allowed me to keep a dog around all the time, honey.”

Ruby was caressing Wanda’s pussy lips. Wanda knew that soon a finger would be inserted into her cunt. She didn’t mind. She’d enjoy a mutual finger-frigging session, as well as embrace her lovely aunt in the sixty-nine position, but she didn’t have all that much time and she wanted to be fucked by Baron.

“Have you made it with Baron today, Ruby?”

Ruby removed her fingers from Wanda’s cunt and crotch, then moved until she was sitting on the side of the bed. She looked around, met Wanda’s eyes, and smiled.

“I can take a hint, honey. I know you don’t have much time so I’ll go get Baron now. He’ll be glad to see you. George has been going through one of his horny cycles and we made it last night, then again just before he left this morning.”

“Maybe he’ll get home before I have to leave,” Wanda said. “If not, I want the three of us to make the scene at the first opportunity.”

“George will be happy to welcome you back in that manner, Wanda, but I am concerned about your other plans. I’m honest enough to admit even to George that I’d like to have sex with your husband, but–“

“Let me handle things with my uncle,” Wanda interrupted. “I already know of two women he can have if he will agree to swap.

“You make it sound very exciting,” Ruby said. “George could be home in an hour or so. He only has two calls to make and he’s usually home by three at the latest.”

“Maybe he’ll at least be here in time to take me home,” Wanda said, watching as Ruby got up and went over to a closet. “If so, I’ll talk to him on the way. I could even take his prick out while he’s driving. I’ll bet he would agree to just about anything while I had part of his big cock in my mouth!”

Ruby had taken a terrycloth robe from the closet. Smiling, she slipped the garment on, then hurried from the bedroom without another word being exchanged. Wanda knew that her sexy aunt was very pleased by the turn of events, and she was sure it wouldn’t take much persuasion to get her equally sexy uncle to accept the new set-up.

Wanda sat on the side of the bed when she heard Ruby returning with Baron. Ruby was holding onto the Great Dane’s collar. When the dog saw Wanda, he barked once and wagged his tail. Ruby let go of the big dog’s collar and he padded to ward Wanda. She scooted her ass closer to the edge of the mattress and parted her knees.

Baron moved right in and began licking Wanda’s moist pussy lips. She patted his head with one hand and used the fingers of her other hand to spread her cuntal lips farther apart. The hot and slippery tongue lapped up and down the length of her snatch. While thrilling to that delightful sensation, she watched as Ruby dropped to her knees on the carpet and began fondling Baron’s balls.

“His cock’s all the way out, honey. Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready,” Wanda said, pushing against Baron’s head. “I’ll lean over the bed like I did the first time he fucked me, Ruby. Remember?”

“I remember,” Ruby said, tugging on Baron’s collar while Wanda got on her knees on the carpet and rested her upper body on the bed while hiking her ass up for the penetration.

“Do the guiding like you did the first time,” Wanda said, pressing her spiked titties tightly against the mattress. “We’ve had a lot of great times since then, haven’t we?”

“Yes, Wanda, and I’ve always been glad you were able to take everything in stride. Many young girls wouldn’t have been able to, you know, and I’m just thankful you didn’t grow to hate me and George for what we did to you.”

“There wasn’t room for hate in our loving family,” Wanda said. “There still isn’t, for that matter, and I’m sure Jeff will blend right in and we’ll all be happy.”

“I hope so,” Ruby said. “Okay, Baron, it’s fucking time.”

The Great Dane had been licking Wanda’s bottom, from her gaping gash right on up through the crack of her ass, and she suddenly wanted to be corn-holed. Before she had a chance to tell Ruby to guide the dog’s jabbing prick into her asshole, however, the hard and slippery cock slammed into her cunt.

Wanda hunched along with the pistoning prick, enjoying the sensation to the utmost, dimly thinking that maybe Ruby would skip a turn and let her take Baron’s second load in her bunghole. The Great Dane was usually good for two fast fucks without a rest and, like Rex, seldom lost his hard-on after just one ejaculation.

There wasn’t time for Wanda to do much thinking. Because, after humping her at a fast clip for less than a minute, Baron began pumping his prick in and out of her clinging cunt faster and faster. She didn’t try to hold back the little moans of pleasure spilling from between her parted lips as she hunched along with the fast and furious thrusts, then thrilled to the hot jism spurting from the dog’s spasmodically jerking cock.

Wanda spasmed, mingling her juices with the gushing dog-cream, happy when Baron’s cock remained hard and stiff when he faltered. But she didn’t want to be selfish, so she told Ruby to pull the dog off when he began humping again.

“It’s all right with me if you want to take Baron on again, Wanda. Maybe you’d like to have me help get his prick in the back door.”

The greedy dog had been lapping his jism from Wanda’s cunt, the tip of his hot oral instrument going up and digging into her tingling anus from tune to time.

“You must’ve been reading my hot little mind, Ruby!”

Laughing low in her throat, then saying she’d never forget what Wanda liked, Ruby let Baron lap Wanda’s cunt a few more seconds before telling him it was fucking time again. Wanda managed to relax her anal muscles even though the dog’s slippery prick was jabbing blindly. She felt Ruby’s fingers doing the guiding, then moaned loudly as the hot and well-lubricated cock was speared into her hot and tight asshole.

Baron didn’t hump as fast as he had while pounding his prick in Wanda’s pussy, but he only lasted a little longer while pronging Wanda’s clutching ass-flesh. Wanda knew the heat was responsible for the swiftness and, as she expected, Ruby remained kneeling and slipped a finger into her quivering snatch. Just as Baron’s cock jerked erratically and sprayed Wanda’s clinging asshole, Ruby fingered Wanda’s clit enough to make her melt into a blissful release.



Wanda went to the bathroom while Ruby was taking the Great Dane back to his dog house.

She was in the shower stall and still soaping herself when Ruby pulled the curtain back and joined her. They worked up a soapy lather on each other, as they’d done so many times in the past, and they were soon kissing passionately while frigging each other with soapy fingers.

They also probed each other’s asshole, but they didn’t continue the erotic activities long enough for either one of them to spasm. Wanda wanted to wait until they were again on the bed, where they could go down on each other at the same time, and she knew without being told that Ruby wanted the same thing.

After rinsing and drying themselves, they hurried to the bedroom. George was sitting on the side of the bed. He smiled broadly when he saw Wanda, obviously glad to see her.

“I was just a little concerned,” George said, his eyes lowering to Wanda’s blonde crotch. “You two lovely girls didn’t close the bathroom door, you know, and I could hear enough to know that Ruby wasn’t taking a shower by herself.”

“I like that,” Ruby said. “You thought I was cheating on you and you didn’t take a peek to see who it was.”

“I guess I sensed that it was Wanda,” George said, glancing at his wife, then settling his gaze on Wanda’s lower body again. “I could tell it wasn’t a man, anyway. Have you left your husband, Wanda?”

“Just for the afternoon,” Wanda said, smiling. “Jeff’s at work and I got in the mood to see you and Ruby.”

“And Baron,” Ruby said. “Wanda isn’t leaving Jeff, George. Maybe you’d better tell your uncle the score, Wanda. Part of it, anyway.”

“Jeff told me about making it with another woman,” Wanda said. “He asked me to have sex with the woman’s husband. I agreed to do so, and I decided that released me from the promise I’d made to myself about not having sex outside our marriage. Except with Rex, of course, and Jeff still doesn’t know about my relations with the dog.”

“Did you tell him about us?” George asked.

“No, and he doesn’t know I’m here now,” Wanda said. “Ruby welcomed me with open arms and legs, Baron seemed very happy to fuck me again, and I expected more of a welcome from you, George. I even thought you’d be happy and excited enough to want to fuck me without asking any questions.”

Grinning, then licking his lips, George held out his arms. Wanda moved forward and stepped between his parted knees. His fingers clasped her buttocks and he planted a wet kiss on her lower belly.

She thrust her pelvis forward as his tongue licked down to her blonde and fluffy bush. He pulled back, then planted a wet kiss on her damp pussy lips. She felt Ruby getting down behind her, then thrilled to the way her aunt’s hot and stiffened tongue jabbed at her asshole just as her uncle’s hot and stiffened tongue darted deep into her palpitating cunt.

Ruby’s tongue didn’t penetrate very far into Wanda’s twitching asshole, and George’s tongue didn’t go to her unhooded clitoris, so she didn’t spasm during the short time she thrilled to the two tongues jabbing in her two sensitive holes. The tongues were removed at the same time. As soon as George let go of her ass and Ruby got out of the way, Wanda dropped to her knees and quickly freed George’s cock.

Her uncle’s big organ was already hard and it was thrusting stiffly soon after she took the head into her mouth and jacked her fist up and down on the thick shaft a few times. She sucked on the swollen glans. George tapped her head and said he wanted to remove his clothes.

Wanda moved to one side and took off a shoe and sock while Ruby was removing George’s other shoe and sock. When his feet were bare, he stood up, his hard prick poking proudly. Wanda and Ruby got on the bed while he was stripping himself naked. While Ruby suckled on one of her hard-nippled breasts, Wanda kept her eyes on George.

Her uncle was forty-six, but he was still in very good shape. His body was firm and lean, his stomach was flat, and Wanda felt that he could pass for a man at least ten years younger. She was sure the younger wives would accept him if she could convince him that he should swap.

Also, his ability to last and last without getting his gun would make her horny uncle very popular with all the wives, Wanda thought, her eyes on his big nine-inch swaying cock as he climbed onto the bed. She started to tell him right then about the plans she had for him and his lovely wife, but when he began feasting upon her other taut-tipped breast she decided to wait until the three of them had enjoyed their reunion for at least a few minutes.

Wanda didn’t have to be told what George and Ruby meant to do. They’d teamed up to give her a tongue-bath many times during the years she’d lived with them.

George and Ruby finally left Wanda’s throbbing, saliva-coated titties and kissed and licked their way down along her slowly squirming body. Each tongue traced intricate designs on her flushed flesh, leaving wet trails.

They even got her blonde bush wet with their saliva, nipping at the curly hairs with their teeth. They went around her pussy, however, and each one licked a leg all the way down to her toes.

After they’d nibbled at her toes, Wanda turned over on her belly. They repeated the slow licking process, each lovingly working up along a leg until each ass-cheek was receiving the lavish oral treatment.

Wanda squirmed her cunt against the mattress, just a little sorry when the licking tongues went on up to her back and shoulders. But she enjoyed the sensation very much, knowing she’d soon be given a release by the two tongues, already looking forward to having her uncle’s big hard cock shoved into her pussy.

After George and Ruby had licked back down to Wanda’s buttocks, they spread the cheeks of her ass and took turns tonguing her twitching anal opening. She lifted enough to make it easier for them to get at her sensitive anus. They rolled her over on her side.

George tongue-fucked Wanda’s asshole while Ruby lapped her cunt. They switched around before Wanda had a chance to spasm, but seconds after Ruby started tongue-fucking her rear entrance and George began lapping and sucking her clit, she shuddered through a rapturous orgasm.

Wanda had recovered by the time George and Ruby had pulled away. She rolled over on her back, parted her legs, and George was right there with his stiff prick. He let her do the guiding. As soon as her hand was out of the way, he slowly eased his big cock balls-deep in her juicy twat. She knew that it would be a long time before her uncle would even be close to starting his final drive, so she coasted along, enjoying the masterful way he fucked her, wishing Jeff was there to prong Ruby’s sweet pussy.

Soon, knowing that Ruby wanted and needed a stiff cock in her cunt after all the oral action, Wanda told George to shift over to his hot-ass wife. He leaned over, licked her parted lips, then withdrew and moved over between Ruby’s eagerly parted legs.

Wanda lifted and watched as George fucked Ruby to and through an orgasm. She’d always looked upon the act of sexual intercourse as a beautiful sight to behold. She was sure that she’d find the sight of Jeff fucking Ruby–or any other willingly eager female–just as beautiful and exciting.

As soon as Ruby stopped squirming, George withdrew. Wanda again got on her back to take his glistening tool in her steaming snatch. This time he lowered his chest to her thrusting titties and his opened mouth met hers as his cock eased into her welcoming cunt.

They kissed passionately while they fucked, and Wanda spasmed around his pounding pleasure prong. When her body went lax, he broke the tongue-lashing kiss, left his hard cock buried deep, and asked if she wanted to do some sucking.

“Ruby and I will take turns,” Wanda said. “Remember how long it used to take at times to make you pop your nuts?”

“It might not take quite as long this time,” George said. “I’ve really missed you, honey, and I hope you don’t get into trouble with Jeff by coming here and being with us like this.”

George pulled his hard prick from her succulent cunt and stretched out on his back between Wanda and Ruby.

Wanda got on her hands and knees and licked her juices from her uncle’s rigid rod, then took the blood-engorged cockhead into her mouth and began sucking with all the skill she’d acquired during the many enjoyable times she’d performed fellatio. She saw Ruby start licking around on George’s chest and tonguing his nipples. She took the glans deep in her throat now and then, but she concentrated mostly on the crown, jabbing her tongue against the more sensitive spots while sucking greedily.

Ruby finally said she’d take over while Wanda rested her jaws. Wand a pulled her clinging lips from the cock and watched as Ruby began sucking just as greedily as she’d been doing. She met her uncle’s passion-filmed eyes and decided it might be a good time to give out with a few important details about why she’d again become a member of a happy threesome.

“You could tell me how you feel about Jeff and me swapping with another couple, George.”

His expression serious, he said, “You have your own life to live, Wanda. Whatever you do is okay with me as long as it makes you happy. I never did try to run your sex life while you were outside this house, and I’m thankful you don’t have any regrets because of what happened while you were living here.”

“If the first swapping experiment works out okay, Jeff and I will undoubtedly make it with other couples,” Wanda said. “The couple belong to a swap club and I imagine we’ll be invited to join. I haven’t told Jeff yet, but the couple next door to us are swingers. You’ve met Lucy and Gil. Lucy and I have been talking and I know she wants to swap.”

“Lucy’s a very attractive female,” George said. “Jeff should go for her in a big way.”

“And I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself with Gil,” Wanda said. “I don’t think there will be any jealousy where Jeff and I are concerned. In fact, I’m far more worried about what will happen when he finds out about me letting Rex and Baron fuck me.”

“Do you have to tell him?” George asked.

“No, but I think it’s best that I do,” Wanda said, seeing that Ruby had stopped sucking George’s thrusting cock. “I think it will be better all the way around if Jeff and I finally bring everything out into the open with each other. I’m sure we can handle any possible situation without breaking up our marriage.”

“I hope so,” George said. “Are you trying to tell me that you’re going to let Jeff know about the way we lived in this house, Wanda?”

“I think he’s broadminded enough to understand,” Wanda said, meeting George’s eyes. “If he’s able to accept the fact that I’ve been letting a dog fuck me it seems reasonable to assume that he’d easily adjust to the fact that I’ve been having sex with my aunt and uncle. Don’t you agree?”

“It does sound reasonable when you put it that way,” George said. “If you’re leading up to asking if I’d mind if Jeff made it with Ruby, Wanda, I’ll say right now that you’re asking the wrong person. My lovely wife has a mind of her own and anything that happens will be up to her.”

“You aren’t going to shift the responsibility to me,” Ruby said. “Not all of it, anyway.”

“You two can settle everything later,” Wanda said. “You’ll have plenty of time to decide one way or the other and right now I want to take a ride.”

Since George hadn’t lost his hard-on, Wanda didn’t think he’d been upset by the thought of Jeff sexing it up with Ruby. Her aunt got out of the way and Wanda straddled her uncle, used one hand to place his blunt cockhead on target, then lowered, spearing the stiff prick deep into her pussy with one quick motion.

She began bouncing up and down, and George reached up and fondled her hard-tipped titties. It didn’t take long for her to spasm and she then got off and let Ruby take a ride. After Ruby had bounced her way to a release, then dismounted, Wanda again started sucking George’s hard and wet cock. Ruby got down and licked George’s sperm-laden balls.

After a couple of minutes Wanda and Ruby shifted, Wanda licking her uncle’s saliva-coated sac, Ruby sucking up and down on a goodly portion of his stiff shaft. Wanda then took his big nuts into her mouth, each in turn, being careful not to do any harm to what she’d heard Ruby call the family jewels.

When George finally announced that he would start his final drive, Wanda and Ruby had shifted twice more and Wanda was again sucking his cock. She pulled her mouth and tongue from the throbbing tool, knowing that her uncle could last at least five minutes after he started trying to get his gun. She said she wanted to go down on Ruby while taking George’s cock dog-fashion.

They quickly arranged themselves in that position and Wanda thought of the thrilling fact that it might not be long before she could suck a cock while taking another one from behind. She’d sucked George’s big cock to a spurting finish while being pronged by Baron and taking the dog’s jism in her twat, but even though she’d enjoyed herself tremendously she was sure it’d be even better with two men.

Wanda lapped and sucked Ruby’s cunt and clit while hunching along with George’s pounding prick, then changed places with Ruby after gulping down the released juices. She got her usual kick out of being able to gaze into George’s passion-filmed eyes while he fucked Ruby and she enjoyed Ruby’s expert cunt-lapping.

As soon as Wanda melted into a blissful orgasm, and Ruby had gulped down the secretions, Ruby lifted her head and told Wanda she could have George’s cream. George asked Wanda if she wanted to be corn-holed. Wanda hesitated, then said she’d better not take his cock up her ass because of the action she expected to have that evening.

George withdrew his stiff prick from Ruby’s pussy, then asked Wanda how she wanted to take his stuff. Meeting Ruby’s eyes, Wanda said she’d take George’s cream in her snatch so that Ruby could do her thing. Smiling, Ruby got from between Wanda’s legs. George snuggled in between Wanda’s legs and shoved his hard cock deep into Wanda’s juicy twat. He started fucking her at a fast pace.

Wanda wrapped her legs around her uncle’s lean waist, locked her ankles, wriggled her ass, and met his big cock with counter-thrusts. She put her arms around his neck. Soon she was clutching at his back and shoulders, careful not to scratch him with her fingernails, trying to time it so she could melt when he shot his load.

George lasted about sixty seconds, just long enough for Wanda to buck and lurch into a spasmodic orgasm when his cock jerked and jolted and sprayed gob after gob of hot jism into her clinging, clutching cunt. When they were both still, Wanda heard Ruby slapping George’s ass.

George withdrew. Ruby was right there waiting, but she took time to clean her husband’s rapidly softening cock with her tongue before mashing her mouth to Wanda’s flooded cunt.

Wanda had tried delving her tongue into Ruby’s sperm-filled cunt, and she’d gotten a degree of pleasure in performing the somewhat messy act, but she’d never learned to enjoy it as much as her greedy aunt so obviously did. She preferred to take the tasty cream directly from its source. She would have sucked her uncle all the way off if she hadn’t wanted to do her aunt a favor. She’d also wanted to feel the semen spewing forth into her cunt–and she also managed to attain another climax while Ruby was doing a very good job of cleaning her cunt.

In answer to Wanda’s question, George said he’d be glad to take her home. Wanda said she’d invite them for dinner if she didn’t think Jeff had a party planned. They both said they wouldn’t think of interfering with her plans, and Wanda knew that Ruby wanted her to talk to George while he was taking her home.

“I guess the years are starting to catch up with me,” Ruby said when George told her that he’d take her out to eat if she didn’t want to cook. “I’m not exactly pooped, but I do feel like resting for a few minutes.”

“I just hope I’m in as good a shape as you are when I reach your age,” Wanda said, going over and kissing Ruby good-bye. “Not that you’re really all that old, of course! Why don’t you let George take you out to dinner?”

“We’ll go out and eat and have a few drinks to celebrate,” George said. “We’ll celebrate the fact that you visited us, I mean, Wanda.”

“I hope I’ll be visiting often from now on,” Wanda said, winking at Ruby.

Wanda and George didn’t speak until after he started driving her home.

“If everything works out, Jeff and I could move in with you and Ruby,” Wanda said. “We’re just renting, you know, and I think the four of us could have a very nice life together.”

“I’ll have to talk it over with Ruby,” George said. “We’ve had many happy years together, Wanda, and I wouldn’t want to ruin our relationship. We kept each other happy and satisfied even before you came to live with us and we’ve done all right since you left.”

“With Baron’s help,” Wanda said. “You’ve had me all this time and your wife has settled for a dog.”

“You seem to be forgetting that Ruby has also had you.”

“That’s different and has nothing to do with what we’re talking about, George. Wouldn’t you like to have a chance to make it with Lucy and the other wives?”

“I told you that I’d talk it over with Ruby, Wanda. There’s no great rush for a decision, is there?”

“I guess I was trying to put some pressure on you,” Wanda said. “I just think it’d be great for at least the four of us to get together and I don’t think it’d be fair to Jeff for me to make it with you and Ruby and leave him out in the cold.”

George didn’t say anything and they rode the rest of the way in silence. He pulled to the curb in front of the house and Wanda asked if he’d like to come inside for a few minutes.

“Or for more than a few minutes if you’re up to it,” Wanda added along with a little laugh. She put a hand on George’s lap and discovered that his big cock was erect. “Remember when we’d be in a car like this and we’d both get so hot I’d suck you off while you were driving?”

“I also remember that I’d have to pull over to the side of the road just before I got my gun,” George said, chuckling.

“I’ve really missed sucking you off,” Wanda said, stroking his cock through his clothes until it was totally hard and straining for freedom. “You don’t want to drive away with a hard-on, do you? If you decide not to let Ruby make it with Jeff, this will be the last time I’ll have a chance. So why don’t you come into the house for a few minutes? If you’ll concentrate I’m sure you’ll be able to give me what I want without it taking all that long.”

“I wouldn’t want Jeff to come home and catch me with my cock in your mouth,” George said, clamping a hand down over Wanda’s stopping the movement on his hard cock. “Besides, you know that I can’t shoot a load each and every time I get a hard-on.”

“Jeff won’t be home for over an hour,” Wanda said, eager to suck her uncle’s cock by then. “It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and I’m so hungry for your lovely prick I’d suck you off right here where the neighbors could guess what’s going on–or coming off!”

“Scoot your lovely butt out of here and I’ll be right behind you, honey!”

“Now you’ve told me what I wanted to hear,” Wanda said, opening the car door.

George followed close behind Wanda all the way to the front door. As soon as they were inside, Wanda dropped to her knees before her uncle and his straining cock.

Her excitement soaring, the familiar choking sensation in her throat, Wanda tugged the zipper down. She reached in and fished his huge cock out. Again she thought how much it looked and felt like her husband’s lovely organ. Her hands slipped along the entire length of the hard throbbing flesh.

Grasping the thick base of the stiffly thrusting shaft with one hand, she reached in and gently lifted his heavy balls out into the open with her other hand. They seemed bigger than Jeff’s nuts and she was sure they contained a new supply of the cream she wanted so very much.

Opening her mouth wide, Wanda slipped her lips over the hard male-meat and engulfed the swollen knob. She began sucking and laving her tongue over the tautly stretched crown, at the same time massaging the heavy sac and jacking the rigid rod with her clenched fingers.

Wanda felt George’s hands on her head. She worked her fist faster and took more of the long, thick shaft into her mouth. His fingers entangled in her hair. She sucked and tongued greedily and took more of his delightful prick. He began making little hunching movements and she opened her throat and took even more of the throbbing organ.

His fingers dug into her scalp and she knew he was concentrating on giving her the reward she so desperately desired. She lost herself in the glorious pleasure and labored tirelessly, soon sucking only on the blood-engorged glans while moving her clenched fingers faster and faster on the pulsating shaft.

Wanda didn’t know how long she’d been sucking and jacking the big joystick when she finally felt the tell-tale expansion. She sucked even more greedily as she heard her uncle gasp and felt him thrust forward. She continued to squeeze and massage his nuts while milking the throbbing shaft, then gulped the hot and thick rich cream as it came squirting convulsively down her throat.

The force of the spurts lessened just in time to keep her from losing any of the tasty cum and she sucked until the huge organ was drained and limp.

Removing his hands from her head as Wanda let his limber cock slip from her mouth, George asked if she wanted him to tongue her twat.

“Maybe I’d better save my strength for this evening,” Wanda said, steaming as always after sucking a cock to a spurting finish, but knowing that her uncle was in a hurry to leave. She pushed his soft cock and drained balls back inside his pants and shorts and closed the zipper. “I’ll call you and Ruby when Jeff and I get things settled.”



George just grinned, kissed Wanda’s forehead, patted her butt, then left without another word being exchanged. Wanda, still sorry she’d had to send Jeff off without his breakfast that morning, brushed her teeth and replaced her damp panties before going to the kitchen.

She had dinner waiting when he got home. They both ate hungrily and after they’d finished, Jeff said it was a good thing they had a couple of hours to let the food settle.

That was the first hint that Jeff had even thought about what they’d planned for the evening. Wanda was suddenly nervous, and even a little embarrassed. She also felt a little guilty because of her actions with George and Ruby that afternoon, even though she knew that her husband had cheated on her first.

“You still want to go through with it, don’t you, honey?”

“I thought we had everything settled,” she said, her voice little above a whisper. “Didn’t you tell your friends that we’d visit them tonight?”

“I told Ted,” Jeff said, smiling cheerfully. “He got all hot and bothered just thinking about getting a crack at you.”

“Talking and thinking about it in the light of day is a little different than it was while we were both caught up in the heat of passion,” Wanda said.

Jeff grinned and said, “It wouldn’t take long for us to be caught up in the heat of passion again, baby.” Then he sobered, his eyes and expression serious. “You aren’t sorry that we made the plans, are you, Wanda? If you are, you’d better say so now.”

“Maybe I just kind of wish I could say I’m sorry,” Wanda said, getting up from the table. “I just hope we aren’t taking too much of a gamble. We’ve been very happy and you might not like it when you find out just how wanton I really am.”

Jeff stood up, walked around the table, and took Wanda into his arms. “As long as we’re honest with ourselves and with each other, I think we’ll make out just fine, honey. We both might be a little jealous right at first, but Patsy and Ted both said that if we did have such feelings they’d pass quickly enough.”

Wanda didn’t say anything. She returned Jeff’s tender kiss, but she didn’t feel the usual response in her loins. Nor did she feel his big prick responding. She wondered, as he pulled away and said that he’d better go take a shower, if they’d even be friendly with each other after they’d swapped for sexual pleasures. She already felt turned off, and she knew it had nothing to do with the heated action she’d had with her aunt and uncle.

Telling herself that maybe she wasn’t a border-line nympho and hoping that swapping wouldn’t diminish her sexual desires too damned much, Wanda cleared the table.

By the time Wanda had finished the kitchen chores, Jeff was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper.

Deciding to use the shower instead of the tub, she didn’t linger under the warm spray of water for very long. She still felt strangely sexually satiated and she didn’t want to take the time to experiment and see if self-stimulation would still make her as sexy-hot as it always had.

She stepped from the stall, quickly dried herself, then hurried back to the bedroom. She picked brief white panties and a plain white brassiere.

While deciding what to wear, she dabbed perfume behind her ears and in the valley between her thrusting titties. Then, thinking of where she was going and what she was going to do, she slipped her hand down under her tight-ass panties and put what she considered to be just the right amount of perfume on her pussy.

Wanda settled on a short and tight black skirt, a white blouse, and white high heels without stockings. She brushed her hair, applied a small amount of make-up, then stepped back and looked into a full-length mirror on the wall. She approved of what she saw–then saw Jeff standing in the doorway.

“Lovely,” her husband said, smiling and looking at her. “You look good enough to eat and if we had more time I’d do just that!”

“I think we’d better both save our energy for the party,” she said. “Unless you want me to give you a quick blow-job so you won’t be too fast the first time with Patsy.”

“I’ve been with Patsy enough so that the newness has worn off, Wanda. I’ll be able to control myself with her, but I imagine Ted will be fast the first time with you. Unless he fucks Patsy or she sucks him off before we get there, of course. Are you ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Wanda said, feeling a surge of excitement.

“Then we’d better haul ass before I decide that you’re too damn beautiful for Ted,” Jeff said, grinning.

“And I might decide that I don’t want Patsy swinging on your big beauty,” Wanda said, smiling.

* * * *

Jeff parked the car and they entered the building. Jeff took Wanda into his arms and kissed her on the mouth. Before she had a chance to return the kiss, he pulled away.

“What we do here will just be something extra to make our lives more interesting and exciting,” he said. “No matter what happens we’ll always love each other, won’t we?”

“Sure,” she said, hoping they’d both spoken the truth. “Do you have any doubts?”

“None at all,” he said, playfully patting her firm butt. “I just wanted to give you one last chance to back out, honey.”

“Which apartment?” she asked. “Are they on this floor?”

“Right over here,” he said, taking a few steps away from her. “This is the door that’s supposed to open a new way of life for us that Patsy and Ted claim will make us happier than we ever dreamed was possible. Let’s just hope they’re right.”

The door swung inward shortly after Jeff’s knuckles had knocked on it the third time. A very good-looking young man stood there, smiling, and Wanda immediately sensed that she was going to like him. She smiled when Jeff introduced her to Ted, then entered with Jeff when Ted told them to come right in and make themselves at home.

“Patsy will be out in a few minutes,” Ted said, looking at Jeff and Wanda as they sat on a low couch. “She just got through taking a bath.”

Ted perched his butt on the wide arm of an easy chair and boldly looked at Wanda’s bare legs and golden thighs.

“Jeff tells me that you don’t remember seeing me at the warehouse, Wanda.”

“Maybe that was because I wasn’t looking for you or for any other man,” Wanda said.

A frown flickered across Ted’s features. “You did come here because you really wanted to, didn’t you, Wanda?”

“I didn’t mean to be so abrupt,” Wanda said, smiling. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t expect to go along with everything with enthusiasm.”

“Wanda’s just a little nervous,” Jeff said, putting a hand on Wanda’s nearest knee. “So am I, for that matter.”

“I guess we’re all experiencing a certain amount of nervousness,” Ted said. He looked toward the doorway leading to a hall. “Right, Patsy?” One look and Wanda was sure that she was also going to like Ted’s lovely wife. Patsy was tall, like her husband, and she had a beautiful face and a beautiful body. The gorgeous redhead was wearing a thin almost transparent negligee over brief panties and an equally brief bra.

“It’s natural for us all to be a little nervous at a time like this,” Patsy said, smiling brightly and walking into the room. Her glittering green eyes flicked down to Wanda’s legs and lower thighs, up to Wanda’s poking breasts, then settled on Wanda’s face. “I didn’t see any need for bothering to get completely dressed after my bath. After all, we all know what we’re going to do, don’t we?”

“I just don’t know how we’re going to go about it,” Wanda said. “I guess Jeff told you that this is all new to me–to us–and all I know about swapping is what I’ve read.”

“We don’t have any set rules in our group,” Patsy said, standing near her husband. “We just pair off when the mood strikes us. Some like a degree of privacy, but most like the added pleasure of fucking a dog.”

“It varies,” Patsy said. “Right now there are about eight. They keep dropping out for one reason or another. Maybe they move or want to have a baby. We’ve had as many as fifteen couples and as few as five over the past couple of years.”

“That’s the reason we’re all on the lookout for new members,” Ted said. “We have a big party once or twice a month, but mostly we just have a small party like this. With two or three couples getting together to break the monotony of monogamy.”

“I’ve always found it interesting how those two descriptive words seem to blend,” Patsy said. “You understand, of course, that the secret of swapping has to do with keeping one’s emotions separate from the physical pleasures involved.”

“I understand that it’s possible to enjoy sex without feeling the kind of love that causes a couple to remain married,” Wanda said. “Is there much bisexuality where the wives are concerned? Jeff told me about the role you like to take with another female, Patsy, and I was just wondering if all the wives must submit.”

“Nobody has to do anything she or he doesn’t want to do,” Patsy said. “There aren’t any bisexual husbands that we know about in the group, but all the wives I’ve known assume the passive role from time to time and most of them enjoy assuming the aggressive role in gay sex.”

“We’ve introduced quite a few couples to the swapping life,” Ted said. “We’ve found it best to just kind of start out slow and easy. I think it’d be a good idea for Patsy to take Jeff to a bedroom while Wanda and I stay here and just talk for as long as she wants to. How does that sound, Wanda?”

“It sounds like a good idea to me,” Wanda said.

“You heard your lovely young wife, Jeff!”

Patsy turned and hurried across the room and Jeff got up and followed. Ted slipped down onto the seat cushion. Wanda hoped there wouldn’t be too much talking before the action started.

After a short silence, Ted said, “I hope Jeff didn’t put too much pressure on you, Wanda. Patsy and I certainly don’t want to be the cause of any marriage breaking up.”

“Jeff didn’t have to put any pressure on me, Ted, and I’m not worried. I don’t think it was fair for him to go with your wife without consulting me first, but I’m sure we’ll be able to accept this new way of life. In case you’re interested, I’ve also performed cunnilingus and I enjoy the act very much.”

“I am very interested and I know Patsy will be very happy to hear the news, Wanda. Does Jeff know?”

“I’m afraid there are quite a few things Jeff doesn’t know about me,” Wanda said. “Do you get a big bang out of watching Jeff fucking your wife?”

“Anything that makes Patsy happy makes me happy,” Ted said. “The same is true the other way around, of course. She’s happy when she sees me being happy with another female, and there’s only one thing that has me a little concerned right now.”

“What’s that?” Wanda asked, noticing there wasn’t a bulge in the front of Ted’s slacks.

“After seeing Jeff’s big whanger I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed with what I have to offer, Wanda. I only have seven inches.”

Wanda smiled. “I love my husband’s big cock, Ted, but I learned at a very early age that size isn’t all that important. It’s easy to adjust, you know, and I’ve been doing just that since I was fourteen.”

“Do you have any brothers or sisters, Wanda?”

“No, and I became an orphan at a fairly early age. I lived with my uncle and his wife before I married Jeff.”

“Patsy’s in the same boat,” Ted said. “She was raised by foster parents. She’s an only child and her parents were killed in a car accident when she was eleven. Her foster parents started her out young. They taught her all the various sexual pleasures, I mean.”

“Does she resent that fact?”

“No, she doesn’t,” Ted said. “In fact, she’s glad they gave her all the pleasures most kids miss while they’re growing up. Her foster parents live over a thousand miles from here, but we see them a couple of times a year. They’re still in good shape and her foster mother’s a very good piece of ass. Her foster father’s still quite a stud, too.”

“Do you have any brothers and sisters?” Wanda asked, curious, but mostly to have something to say. She figured Ted was just talking to help put her at ease, and she appreciated his concern, but she felt like telling him she was ready to start the action.

“I have one sister,” Ted said. “She’s two years older than I am and she isn’t married. She and Patsy make the gay scene together.”

“Your sister’s a lesbian?” Wanda asked.

“I think it’d be closer to the truth to say that she’s bisexual with a preference for females most of the time. When I was fifteen, I caught her making it with one of her female sex partners. To keep me from telling our parents, which I wouldn’t have done no matter what, my sister let me fuck her girl friend. One thing led to another and I was soon fucking my sister. She wasn’t a virgin and she taught me just about everything there is to know about sex.”

“Do you still have sex with your sister?”

“We get together now and then. Patsy’s usually with us, though. Maybe you’d like to meet her some time. She’s really quite a dish. Does the idea of incest turn you off?”

“No,” Wanda said, deciding she might as well tell Ted about her incestuous relations with her uncle. “I’ve never had the nerve to tell Jeff, but my uncle and aunt introduced me to the various sexual pleasures and I’ve never resented it.”

“Do you still see them?” Ted asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t have sex with them until today and only then because Jeff told me that he’d had sex with Patsy and suggested that I make it with you.”

“Do you want me to help you break the news to Jeff in some manner?” Ted asked.

“I think I’d rather do it myself,” Wanda said. “After tonight, Jeff and I should be able to talk to each other more freely. Unless, of course, it turns out that we stop talking completely.”

“I’m sure that won’t happen,” Ted said. “I’ve talked to Jeff enough to know that he gave it a lot of thought even before making it with Patsy and you can bet he thought it over very carefully before asking you to swap.”

“If everything works out okay you’ll get a chance to make it with my aunt,” Wanda said. “She’s very lovely, as well as being hot stuff, and she wants to get in on the swapping. All it’ll take is for my uncle to give the green light and I’m sure he’ll come around to our way of thinking.”

“Since he has been banging you all this time you should be able to wrap him around your little finger, Wanda.”

“If you mean blackmail, it’s a little too late for that even if I wanted to stoop so low. I’m depending upon my uncle’s strong sex drive to cause him to make a favorable decision. In the meantime, weren’t we supposed to be doing something besides talk?”

Grinning, Ted leaned over and began removing his shoes and socks. Wanda kicked off her high heels and was standing and removing her blouse by the time Ted was on his feet. He removed his sport shirt while she was freeing her breasts. He dropped his slacks and shorts while she was wriggling out of her tight-ass skirt. His cock was thrusting stiffly and he moved forward before she had a chance to peel her panties down.

Knowing that Ted wanted to remove her panties, Wanda remained standing and let him drop to his knees before her. He hooked his fingers into the narrow waistband, tugged, and she lowered her naked ass down on the couch as he pulled the panties down and off.



Ted snuggled in between Wanda’s parted knees and parted the blonde hairs and the pink pussy lips. She gasped as his tongue lapped up through the moist split, then jabbed deep into the hot cave.

He licked the slippery walls of her cunt, and she grabbed his thick blond hair and dug her fingernails into his scalp. He tongue-fucked her with great skill and she scooted her ass closer to him.

He lifted her legs until they were draped over his smooth shoulders. He slipped his hands under her buttocks, his strong fingers clasping each ass-cheek, and all the while his tongue kept probing deep into her clinging cuntflesh.

Soon Ted probed higher in Wanda’s steaming snatch and began lapping her throbbing clitoris. She hunched forward and wriggled her ass heatedly. He got his lips around her elongated passion-button and added greedy sucking to his skillful lapping. She moaned and whispered that she was coming, even though she knew he was well aware of that blissful fact.

He kept sucking and tonguing until she went limp and pulled her clutching fingers from his head. He lifted his face from her crotch, licked his wet lips, and told her that she had a very sweet pussy.

“Are there any other kind?” Wanda asked, motioning for Ted to stand up. “I want to return the favor.”

“Not all the way,” Ted said, getting to his feet. “Not this time, anyway. I want to fuck you while you’re in that position so I can get my mouth on your big, beautiful boobies.”

Wanda didn’t want to suck him all the way off right then. She just wanted to feel his hard cock in her mouth before he shoved it into her cunt. She almost wished that Jeff would enter the room while she was performing fellatio. If her husband didn’t come into the living room before Ted got his gun, she’d go to the bedroom.

“Maybe I’ll be able to last long enough to fuck you through a climax and then you can finish me off while we’re in the sixty-nine position, Wanda. That would save a trip to the bathroom.”

Wanda had been stroking Ted’s stiff cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other hand. The blunt end of his hard cock was only a couple of inches from her parted lips. His pubic hairs were just as blond as the hairs on his head. She’d never been with many blond men.

A bead of clear pre-cum oozed out of the slit in the end of the cockhead. Wanda scooped up the tasty drop of liquid, then enjoyed the gasp from Ted as she slipped her lips over the swollen glans.

Ted’s fingers became entangled in Wanda’s hair and she managed to engulf just about all of his throbbing cock. She began moving her lips back and forth oh his pulsating prick, deciding that it was nice to have a smaller organ to enjoy for a change. It’d feel damn good in her asshole, she thought, wondering how it’d feel to have a hard cock in her cunt and another in her rectum at the same time.

“You’d better stop now if you want to be fucked, Wanda!”

She’d gotten carried away and had started going for a spurting reward. She pulled her mouth from the throbbing meat because she wanted to be fucked, and Ted quickly dropped to his knees.

He shoved his stiff, saliva-coated joystick into her hot and juicy cunt with one quick motion. His cock was buried balls-deep; his hands went to her hips and his mouth went to her left breast. He sucked on that hard-nippled mound and she moved her hands down to his firm, hairless buttocks.

He began pumping, pulling almost out, then driving deep, and his greedy mouth moved over to her right taut-tipped breast. She hunched along with him, enjoying the fast way he was fucking her and the greedy way he was feasting upon her sensitive titties. Because he kept going from one breast to the other, then back again, not faltering in his swift thrusts, she reached a roaring crest within sixty seconds.

Bucking and lurching, as well as using her inner muscles on the pistoning prick, Wanda clutched at Ted’s humping ass and moaned loudly as the convulsive spasms seized control of her body.

Ted stopped pumping and pulled his sucking mouth from Wanda’s saliva-coated tit as soon as she ceased all movement. She stopped clutching at his ass.

“You really do turn on, baby! We’d better hurry and get down on the carpet!”

Wanda followed as Ted withdrew his hard cock from her quivering cunt and dropped down on the thick carpet. Within seconds they were turned on their sides, and Wanda took most of Ted’s wet and thrusting prick into her mouth and down her throat just as he mashed his mouth to her juicy cunt.

Sucking, hearing the slurping sounds, Wanda didn’t have time to have another orgasm before Ted ejaculated. She held onto the base of the erratically jerking cock with one hand while squeezing the furry balls with her other hand, gulping down the hot thick cream without losing a drop.

As soon as Wanda let Ted’s rapidly softening cock slip from her mouth, he pulled his mouth and tongue from her twitching twat. They rested for a couple of minutes, both breathing heavily, then Ted twisted around and mashed his wet mouth to hers. She returned the passionate, tongue-probing kiss.

Ted soon pulled his mouth and tongue from Wanda’s and asked if she wanted to go see how Jeff and Patsy were doing. She thought that would be a good idea, told him so, and after he’d gotten to his feet he put a hand down and helped her to stand. But before they had a chance to even take one step, Jeff and Patsy entered the living room.

Jeff and Patsy were naked and Jeff’s big cock was hanging limply. Patsy’s body was just as beautifully stacked as Wanda had thought it’d be. The titties weren’t all that big, but they rode high and jutted provocatively. The dark red bush growing between the creamy white thighs kept drawing Wanda’s eyes like a magnet and she saw that Patsy’s gleaming green eyes kept flicking down to her blonde bush.

“You two must’ve made out okay,” Patsy said. She laughed. “I don’t think my horny husband’s cock has been limp all the time!”

“We made out just fine,” Ted said, sitting down on the couch. “Didn’t we, Wanda?”

Wanda met Jeff’s eyes while sitting down beside Ted. “Yes, we had a wonderful time,” she said. “Ted went down on me, I sucked his cock for a very short time before he fucked me through a delightful release, then we finished in the sixty-nine position. Ted did, anyway. He shot off before I had a chance to make it again. Not that he left me hanging, of course.”

Jeff smiled. “That sounded almost like a description of what Patsy and I were doing in the bedroom. Do you mind if Patsy goes down on you, Wanda?”

“I’d mind if she didn’t,” Wanda said, looking at Patsy. “In fact, I might even do a little cunt-lapping myself. You wouldn’t mind, would you, Jeff?”

“Please feel free to do anything you want to do,” Jeff said, playfully slapping Patsy’s ass. “What are you waiting for? My lovely wife isn’t kidding, you know.”

Wanda got to her feet as Patsy moved forward. She saw the surprise in the redhead’s green eyes just before she put her arms around the lovely female and kissed the smooth and soft parted lips.

Patsy returned the kiss and shoved her tongue into Wanda’s mouth. They lashed their tongues together while clutching at each other’s asses and pressing their bodies tightly together. They slipped down onto the soft carpet without breaking the tongue-lashing kiss, with Wanda on top, and they continued to grind their cunts together until their erect clits made contact.

Wanda broke the feverish kiss. She allowed Patsy to roll her over on her back and thrilled to the way the lovely redhead began tonguing an erect nipple. She looked up and saw Jeff standing over her, his big pecker lifting into an erection. She winked and he smiled, then dropped to his knees and pressed his mouth to hers.

Returning her husband’s passionate kiss, Wanda heard Ted jokingly say that there should be a rule against a man kissing his own wife at a swapping party. Patsy had been sucking on Wanda’s spiked titties, one jutting mound and then the other, and as Jeff broke the kiss, the redhead pulled her mouth from Wanda’s left tit and said that the three of them should concentrate upon making Wanda happy.

“And at the same time make ourselves happy,” Ted said, going to Wanda’s nearest breast.

Jeff began sucking and fondling Wanda’s other big spiked breast and Patsy trailed her darting tongue and moistly parted lips lower on Wanda’s squirming body. Ted moved his mouth to Wanda’s lips just as Patsy mashed her mouth to the lips below. Wanda lurched upward as Patsy’s tongue slithered into her cunt, at the same time sucking Ted’s hot tongue deep into her mouth.

Wanda lowered her ass back down on the carpet and thrilled to Patsy’s expert tongue-fucking. Ted pulled his tongue from Wanda’s sucking mouth and went back to a throbbing tit. Jeff left the other throbbing tit and mashed his mouth to Wanda’s erect clit and was lapping and sucking that sensitive bump of flesh with gusto. Gazing into her husband’s glowing eyes, Wanda shuddered through a spasmodic release.

“I think I’d better tell you that I’ve already performed cunnilingus, Jeff.”

“I guessed as much when I saw the way you embraced and kissed Patsy, honey. I don’t mind. As I said, anything you want to do is all right with me.”

Patsy had lifted her face from Wanda’s crotch and Ted had stopped sucking on Wanda’s tingling tit. Jeff had another thrusting erection and a glance told Wanda that Ted also had another hard-on. Wanda met Patsy’s passion-filmed green eyes and told the gorgeous redhead to come up and straddle her head.

While Patsy was moving into position, Wanda told Ted that he could either lap or fuck her while she was lapping his wife’s cunt. Ted said that Jeff could stand and let Patsy suck his cock. Jeff said that sounded like a great idea to him and got to his feet.

Patsy eased her smooth ass down on Wanda’s chin after straddling Wanda’s head. Enjoying the feminine scent, as well as the sight of the glistening folds of cuntflesh, Wanda saw that the unhooded clitoris was maybe an inch longer than Ruby’s passion-button.

Knowing that Jeff was watching, Wanda blew directly into Patsy’s fur-lined hot box. Patsy hunched, and Wanda didn’t have any trouble getting her tongue to the hot, clinging folds of tasty flesh.

As Wanda began lapping Patsy’s cunt and enjoying the intimate act very much, Ted snaked his tongue into her palpitating pussy. She thrilled to the tongue-fucking, kept on with her own lavish oral attentions, and looked up to see Patsy taking nearly half of Jeff’s poking cock into her mouth.

When Wanda felt Ted go to her elongated clit and start lapping and sucking, she tongued Patsy’s stiffened clitoris. Patsy hunched down enough for Wanda to get her lips around the slippery organ. Adding sucking to her lapping, Wanda soon brought Patsy to a shuddering release. Seconds later Ted’s greedy sucking brought Wanda off and she gulped down Patsy’s sweet-salty secretions just as greedily as Ted gulped down hers.

Patsy stopped sucking Jeff’s cock and asked Wanda what she wanted to do next. Wanda took one last swipe at Patsy’s cunt with her tongue, as Ted had just done to her pussy, and said she’d like to see Jeff fucking Patsy. She also wanted Jeff to see Ted fucking her, but she didn’t put the wish into words, figuring that everybody already knew it.

Lifting and getting on her back beside Wanda, Patsy parted her legs and said that she was more than ready to be pronged by Jeff’s big cock again.

Wanda knew that Ted was giving her a chance to watch Jeff stick his cock into Patsy’s snatch. She knew she wouldn’t feel any jealousy, and she didn’t think Jeff would be jealous when he saw Ted fucking her. She wasn’t so sure about the cocksucking. It was possible that her husband would be turned off when he actually saw her with another man’s cock in her mouth.

Ted was also watching as Jeff slowly eased his big pleasure-prong into Patsy’s welcoming cunt. After the penetration had been completed, Jeff left his cock buried to the hilt in the redhead’s snatch, remained braced on his hands and arms, and looked around at Ted.

“Go ahead and put it in, man. Hell, I’m balls-deep in your wife’s hot twat and it’d be a little stupid for me to be angry or jealous while seeing you pronging my wife.”

“I was just giving Wanda a chance to have a good view of your big whanger sinking into Patsy’s sweet pussy,” Ted said, placing his cockhead between Wanda’s cuntal lips. “I just hope you feel the same when you see your lovely wife giving me a blow-job.”

Jeff didn’t answer, but he watched until Ted’s cock was all the way in Wanda’s welcoming cunt, then he lowered his chest down onto Patsy’s jutting titties and started fucking her with masterful thrusts. Patsy began hunching and wriggling her ass. Then Wanda’s attention was centered on her own pleasure as Ted lowered his chest down on her breasts and began fucking her at a fairly fast clip.

Meeting Ted’s thrusts, Wanda didn’t put her inner cunt muscles into action. She was sure that Jeff would last a long time and she didn’t want Ted to shoot off too quickly. She wanted the session to last, and she also knew how important it was to most males to prove their ability to stall off an ejaculation.

Wanda had enjoyed so many climaxes she was able to coast along and enjoy the delightful act of fucking. She sensed the same was true where Patsy was concerned and she wondered if she should bring up the subject of bestiality.

Maybe she could just kind of casually mention that she’d known a girl who’d engaged in sex with a dog. It was possible that Patsy had been fucked by a dog at one time or another. Such activities couldn’t be all that unusual. It wasn’t as if she and Ruby were unique. The redhead was totally uninhibited– “I’m about to make it, Wanda. How about you? Maybe we should let the men take a rest after we melt again.”

Wanda turned her face toward Patsy. The redhead’s parted lips were right there. Jeff said that he wasn’t anywhere near a climax and could use a rest. Ted lifted his head and said he could also use a rest before trying to blast off again.

Both men had kept pumping away. Wanda could turn on just about any time she wanted to so she told Patsy she was ready. Patsy moved her lips closer, and Wanda returned the passionate kiss. Ted began fucking Wanda faster and she figured that Jeff also was fucking Patsy faster.

Wanda could tell by the way Patsy began kissing even more passionately that they both spasmed at the same time. Ted’s cock was still hard and loaded. She didn’t have to wait and see to know that Jeff hadn’t ejaculated or lost his erection.

While Ted was withdrawing his hard cock from Wanda’s cunt, Jeff pulled his stiff prick from Patsy’s pussy. Both men settled back on their haunches, then got to their feet. Patsy quickly moved until she was on her knees before Jeff and his wet cock. She began licking the secretions from the big glistening shaft and Wanda glanced up at her husband’s face.

Jeff grinned and winked. Wanda then knelt before Ted and his wet cock. She began licking the cunt juices from the glistening shaft, then took the blood-engorged glans into her mouth.

“I think we’d all better go have a beer or a cup of coffee,” Ted said shortly after Wanda started sucking his cock. “I learned long ago that it’s wise for a man to pace himself at these parties. It’s a sad fact that no male can even come close to matching any female when it comes to the number of climaxes and I usually limit myself to two or three ejaculations.”

Wanda stopped sucking Ted’s cock and settled back on her haunches. She watched as Patsy pulled her clinging lips from Jeff’s big cock, then Wanda looked up and met Jeff’s glowing eyes.

“I’m sure that Jeff will be able to pace himself at all the parties,” Wanda said. “We are going to continue with the swapping, aren’t we, honey?”

Jeff chuckled. “You can bet your lovely ass on that, baby!”

“Let’s go to the kitchen,” Patsy said, getting to her feet. “It’s also a sad fact that even hot-ass females have to take a break now and then. Right, Wanda?”

“Right,” Wanda said, standing, seeing that both cocks were already softening. “I could use a beer now.”

In the kitchen, Ted got four cans of beer and they all sat around the table.

Wanda asked how often Patsy and Ted had run into trouble swapping with a new couple. Patsy said they’d been very lucky and only a few times had made a mistake when picking a couple.

“The trouble had to do with jealousy,” Patsy added after taking a sip of beer. “A couple of times it turned out that the husband couldn’t take it when he saw his wife sexing it up with another man. Sometimes both the husband and wife are too jealous to continue. It seems that most of the wives make up their minds to accept everything before they finally decide to give it a try.”

“We don’t go for the way-out, off-beat stuff,” Ted said. “Nor do any of the members in our group. New members are screened, of course.”

“Just as we’re being screened now,” Wanda said.

“You’ve passed,” Patsy said, smiling. “Ted and I will be happy to introduce you to our sexually liberated friends. But most of the trouble other than jealousy has to do with bondage, sadism, masochism, and things of that nature. I suppose those types have their own groups for mutual pleasure, and I’d be the last to condemn anybody for anything, but there’s no place in our group for people like that.”

“How about incest?” Wanda asked.

“I told Wanda about my sister,” Ted said.

“And I told Jeff,” Patsy said, letting out a little laugh. “I think incest is a lot more common than most people realize or want to admit and it certainly can’t be put in a class with sadism and the like.”

“That’s true,” Wanda said, deciding she’d better not mention Rex and Baron or anything having to do with bestiality.

Ted finished his beer, asked if anybody wanted another one, and Jeff said one was enough for him because of having to work the next day. Patsy took a sip of her beer, then suggested that they either go back to the living room or to the bedroom.

“I think my darling wife’s hinting that she’d much rather have more sex than more beer,” Ted said, pushing back his chair and standing. “My sexy sister’s a blonde, by the way, and her skin’s a golden color like Wanda’s. Her name’s Mavis and I know she’ll want to meet both of you in the near future.”

Jeff got to his feet. His cock was just as limp as Ted’s. He glanced down and said that it wouldn’t take much help to get him hard again even if he had been kind of turned off by the thought of a brother making it with his own sister.

Ted glanced at Wanda. “Don’t condemn something you don’t understand, Jeff. Mavis and I aren’t ashamed and maybe if you have a sister you’d–“

“I wouldn’t fuck her,” Jeff broke in.

“I hope there isn’t going to be an argument about something that’s strictly the business of the persons directly involved,” Patsy said, standing.

“There won’t be an argument if it’s left up to me to start one,” Jeff said. “Hell, I just expressed my opinion and it’s my business if I want to do so. If Ted wants to fuck his sister, and she’s willing, then I couldn’t care less. It’s just that I don’t have to have a sister to know that I couldn’t go for incest.”

“Let’s just drop the subject and get on with what we’re here for,” Wanda said, getting to her feet.

“The last thing I want is an argument on any subject,” Ted said, meeting Wanda’s eyes. “Jeff has a right to his opinion, of course, and we can just as easily leave Mavis out of the whole deal. She doesn’t go to the parties very often and it can be arranged so you won’t even have to meet her.”

“I want to meet your sister,” Wanda said.

Jeff chuckled. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to meet her! If she’s willing, I’ll gladly sample her charms!”

Patsy suggested they go to the bedroom and led the way.

There was a king-sized bed and Ted said it always excited him to watch females making it together. Jeff said that he’d found the sight very stimulating, and Wanda quickly followed when Patsy climbed onto the huge bed.

Wanda and Patsy embraced and went through the entire delightful routine. This time Patsy was on top and they ground their cunts and clits together while kissing passionately. Wanda knew that if Patsy had waited a couple of more minutes before breaking the tongue-lashing kiss and moving lower she would’ve melted.

A quick glance while Patsy was twisting around told Wanda that Jeff and Ted, still standing beside the bed and staring, already had stiffly thrusting erections. She wondered if she’d get a chance to take on both hard cocks at the same time that evening, then she mashed her mouth to Patsy’s cunt as the redhead’s mouth was pressed firmly against her pussy lips.

Rolling over on their sides and clutching at each other’s sleek buttocks, Wanda and Patsy snaked their tongues into each other’s cunts at the same time. They both went directly to a stiffened clit and lapped and sucked greedily. It didn’t take them long to enjoy a simultaneous climax. Wanda felt Jeff and Ted climbing onto the bed.

Ted immediately got between Wanda’s legs when she rolled over on her back, but Jeff waited until Patsy had twisted around and was on her back beside Wanda before getting into position for the penetration.

Ted pushed his prick into Wanda’s pulsing pussy at the same time Jeff shoved his big rigid rod into Patsy’s cunt.

The four of them fucked rhythmically. Wanda and Patsy spasmed at the same time. Ted and Jeff kept pumping until Wanda and Patsy both went limp. Ted and Jeff had both held back, obviously without any effort, and Patsy asked Wanda if she’d ever made it with two men at the same time.

Wanda said she’d never had the chance and Patsy said she’d watch while Wanda enjoyed a new and very thrilling experience. Both men were braced on their hands and left their hard cocks buried deep. Jeff asked Wanda how she wanted to go about it. She hesitated, then said she’d suck him off while Ted fucked her, figuring that she’d wait until another time to try a double-fuck.

Jeff and Ted withdrew their stiff pricks, and Jeff got on his back. Wanda suspended herself over her husband and his jutting cock, hiked her ass in the air, waited until Ted shoved his hard cock into her clinging twat, then began sucking Jeff’s big joystick.

While greedily sucking her husband’s cock and hunching along with Ted’s pronging prick, Wanda heard Jeff and Ted talking, agreeing to let each other know when it was time for them to shoot off together. She also felt Patsy’s fingers fondling her throbbing titties.

Both men lasted and lasted, and Wanda had two blissful releases before she heard Ted tell Jeff they’d better start a countdown. Jeff entangled his fingers in Wanda’s swirling hair and said he’d start counting backward from ten.

Wanda sucked even more greedily when Jeff started counting slowly. She also met Ted’s faster thrusts with faster movements of her own. She started spasming when she heard Jeff get to five and had an entire series of orgasms that went on long after she’d gulped down all of Jeff’s hot cream and Ted’s cock had stopped spraying her clutching cunt.

Wanda announced that the real thing had been even better than her many fantasies.



Lucy Ellison visited Wanda shortly after ten o’clock the next morning. Wanda was glad to see her lovely neighbor, as she’d decided to tell about the swapping, then invite Lucy and Gil over for a party that evening.

“You’re very quiet this morning, Wanda. You haven’t said one word since we sat down and I don’t think you’ve heard anything I’ve said.”

Wanda met Lucy’s dark eyes. They were sitting across the kitchen table from each other. Wanda had poured two cups of coffee as soon as Lucy had entered and they’d exchanged their usual greetings.

“I’m sorry, Lucy. What did you say?”

“It wasn’t important,” Lucy said. “I just said that I stopped and bought a new dress on the way home yesterday. You seem to have something on your mind, honey. Do you want to talk about it?”

“I was just lost in thought,” Wanda said. “I was lost in pleasant memories, really, and it had to do with what you’ve been hinting about.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Lucy said.

“You have been hinting that you’d like to make it with Jeff, haven’t you? After what happened last night, you have my permission and I’m sure Jeff will agree for me to make it with Gil.”

Lucy’s pretty face was flushed. “I’m still not sure I understand, Wanda!”

“It’s simple,” Wanda said, smiling. “Jeff told me about a married couple who wanted to swap, admitted that he’d already banged the wife, and I gladly agreed to take on the husband. We went to the couple’s apartment last night and the four of us had a wonderful time.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Lucy said.

“Just say that you’re willing to swap,” Wanda said. “Don’t you think you can get Gil to go for it?”

“I’ll drag him here by his balls if he won’t come any other way! He’ll jump at the chance to fuck you, though!”

“And Jeff will jump at the chance to fuck you,” Wanda said. “I thought the four of us could get together tonight.”

“This is all so sudden and unexpected,” Lucy said. “God, I’m so excited I can feel my panty-crotch getting damp! Did the four of you have sex in the same room?”

Wanda sipped her hot coffee, then said, “In two rooms, actually. In the living room and in the bedroom.”

“What did you do? I mean, was there oral sex?”

“The wife is very lovely and the husband’s quite a stud. There was a first for me, too. I had the pleasure of taking two men on at the same time. Sucking while being fucked, and I guess you know it was wildly wonderful.”

“I do know,” Lucy said. “I’ve experienced that pleasure a few times. Did the wife go down on you?”

“Yes, and naturally she’s an expert at the art of cunnilingus. Have you ever had a female lap your cunt, Lucy?”

“No, but I’ll bet it’d feel great. Gil has a very educated tongue, but I’ve always thought another female would be able to do it even better.”

There was a long silence while Wanda and Lucy both sipped coffee. Wanda had been sorry to hear that Lucy wasn’t experienced when it came to gay sex. She suddenly wanted the lovely woman, and she sensed that Lucy was waiting eagerly for her next words, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to introduce anybody to lesbianism. Still, since Lucy was undoubtedly going to become a swapper and experience the pleasures of gay sex anyway, she might as well be the first female to lap the lovely woman’s cunt, Wanda thought.

“There’s something I’d better tell you, Lucy. I understand that when females fool around with members of their own sex there’s always the danger of getting hooked.”

“I’ve read something to that effect, Wanda, but I don’t think it would be possible for it to turn out that way for me. I love cocks too much to worry along those lines. It didn’t ruin things for you where men are concerned, did it?”

“No, but I happen to be bisexual,” Wanda said. “Would you like for me to do something about your damp panty-crotch, Lucy?”

“I won’t promise to return the favor, Wanda.”

“I might even refuse to let you return the favor,” Wanda said. She finished her coffee and stood up. “Gil won’t mind if you let me do a little muff-diving, will he?”

“I don’t give a damn if he does or not,” Lucy said, getting to her feet.

Wanda turned and hurried from the kitchen, her excitement soaring, and she could hear Lucy right at her heels.

In the bedroom, Wanda whipped her dress off over her head. She patted her hair into place, looked at Lucy, smiled, and said that it’d be a good idea for them both to get naked. Lucy had been standing there staring. Letting out a nervous little laugh, Lucy started getting out of her clothes. She was naked seconds after Wanda’s lush body was completely exposed.

They remained standing beside the bed, looking each other over, and Wanda was very pleased with what she saw. Lucy was stacked just about the same as Patsy, Wanda thought, her eyes going from the high-riding perky titties down to the dark triangle.

“The usual procedure is to get on the bed first,” Wanda finally said with a smile.

“Gil is really going to be happy to get his hands on your beautiful body,” Lucy said, keeping her eyes on Wanda’s nakedness and climbing onto the bed.

Wanda followed as soon as Lucy had stretched out on her back, long legs parted in eager anticipation. Getting on her knees near Lucy’s trim ankles, Wanda began kissing and tonguing her way up along one sleek leg. She kissed and licked both warm inner thighs, but the delectable fragrance emanating from Lucy’s slightly parted pussy lips soon had Wanda moving higher.

The black and curly pubic hairs were already parted and Lucy lurched upward when Wanda planted a kiss on the moist split. Wanda slipped her hands under and clasped Lucy’s firm and smooth ass at the same time she jabbed her tongue into Lucy’s hot snatch. Lucy lowered her squirming buttocks down on Wanda’s gripping fingers and moaned loudly when Wanda began swabbing the walls of her cunt. Her hands also went to Wanda’s bobbing head.

Knowing that Lucy was eager for a climax, Wanda soon went to the clitoris. That bud-shaped organ was stiffly erect. Lapping and sucking, Wanda soon had Lucy bucking and lurching through a spasmodic release. She gulped down the tasty secretions and kept lapping until Lucy went limp.

Removing her clutching fingers from Wanda’s head and hair, Lucy exclaimed, “That was really great, Wanda! Super great, really, and much better and faster than when a man goes down on me!”

Wanda lifted her head from between Lucy’s thighs and slipped her hands from under Lucy’s buttocks. Meeting Lucy’s gleaming eyes, she said, “It’ll never take the place of a hard cock, though, will it?”

“No, and I wish there was a hard cock here right now. For you as well as for me. You must really be steaming.”

“I’m okay,” Wanda said. “I’ve had so much sex recently I think I can wait until this evening. Besides, I can always use my fingers for a degree of relief.”

“I have a battery-operated artificial penis that I often use,” Lucy said. “It wouldn’t take long for me to go get it.”

“I have a better idea,” Wanda said, deciding she might as well mention Rex and at least see what Lucy’s reaction would be. “I could go get Rex.”

Lucy stared. “Your dog? You have sex with that big Doberman!”

“Sure,” Wanda said. “He’s very well-trained and he’s fast, but he can give a damned good fuck.”

“Now I’ve heard everything!”

“You’d never heard of a dog lapping and fucking a woman?” Wanda asked.

“Oh, I’ve read about such things, but I had no idea you went for the off-beat stuff like that. Does Jeff know about it?”

“No,” Wanda said, swinging off the bed. “I’ve been trying to get enough nerve to tell him, though. I hope I haven’t turned you off, Lucy. Does the idea disgust you?”

“On the contrary,” Lucy said. “I don’t think I’d want to let any animal touch me in any manner, but I’ll admit that I’m strangely excited by the idea of actually seeing you being banged by the dog.”

“Then it’s all right with you if I go get Rex?”

“He won’t hurt me, will he?”

“Not if you don’t want him to,” Wanda said. “As I said, he’s well-trained and I won’t have any trouble keeping him under control.”

Wanda got a terrycloth robe from the closet. Slipping the garment on, she winked at Lucy, then hurried from the bedroom. So far, so good, she thought.

It was a very warm day and the robe was uncomfortable. She spoke in soothing tones to Rex, to keep him from jumping up on her, and he didn’t strain at the end of his chain. He wagged his tail as she unhooked the chain, then took a firm grip on his collar and led him to the house.

Lucy was still on the bed. She sat up when Wanda entered the bedroom with Rex. The big dog barked when he saw Lucy. Wanda told him to be quiet, then ordered him to sit. He obeyed, and she slipped out of the robe and tossed it aside. Rex looked at her, his long tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

“He won’t move until I tell him to,” Wanda said, sitting on the side of the bed. “Why don’t you stand so you’ll have a better view, Lucy?”

“Does he fuck you while you’re in that position?” Lucy asked, scooting from the bed and standing a few feet from Wanda, her eyes on Rex.

“I’m just going to let him lap my cunt now,” Wanda said. “Watch his cock coming out of its protective sheath. He likes the taste of pussy juices, as you’ll see, and he should be horny enough to want to fuck after lapping for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I have to help him along by playing with his balls and stimulating his sheath with my fingers, but it isn’t necessary to do that very often.”

“I see the tip of his cock now,” Lucy said.

Wanda said, “Come here, Rex. Come tongue my twat.”

Rex immediately padded over to Wanda, sniffing even before he got his head between her parted knees. She spread her cuntal lips and his long hot and wet tongue lapped up through the glistening gash. Lucy moved closer, and Wanda stroked the big Doberman’s head.

“I guess you know his tongue really feels great slurping at my cunt, Lucy. The hot flesh is making contact with my clit and I could cream if I let him continue long enough. Is his cock getting hard?”

“It’s sticking way the hell out,” Lucy said. “I didn’t realize he had such a long prick. When are you going to let him use it on you?”

“Right now,” Wanda said, pushing on the horny dog’s head. “Back off, Rex. Back away and sit.”

The big animal moved back and settled down on his haunches, his red cock thrusting stiffly. Wanda looked and saw that Lucy was still staring at the prick. She was sure that all she’d have to do was make the suggestion and Lucy would at least let Rex lap her cunt. She didn’t want to be too pushy, though, and she was also in the mood to be fucked.

Slipping from the bed and getting on her hands and knees on the carpet, her buttocks toward Rex, Wanda told the Doberman to mount her. He was right there, his hot breath on the back of her neck, his stiff prick jabbing, and she reached back between her legs. She guided the slippery cock into her steaming cunt.

Wanda hunched along with Rex’s pistoning prick, enjoying the sensation to the utmost, also getting a special thrill because she knew Lucy was watching. She knew that she could climax at any time, but she wanted to spasm when the knotted cock exploded and shot out the hot cream.

Rex lasted at least two minutes before he slammed his swollen prick deep and held it there as the jism spurted. Wanda moaned, wriggled her ass, and mingled her juices with the gobs of dog semen. The Doberman’s cock remained hard, but Wanda recovered in time to crawl out from under him before he had a chance to start pronging her again.

Flipping over on her back, Wanda saw Lucy staring and fondling her own thrusting titties. Rex moved in and began lapping Wanda’s flooded cunt. She lifted her knees and spread them wide so the greedy animal could get at her entire crotch.

“His cock’s still hard and knotted,” Lucy said, dropping her hands from her breasts. “His hindquarters were really going like crazy while he was fucking you! Will he be able to go again soon? I mean, how long will it take for him to be able to shoot off again?”

“Just a few minutes,” Wanda said. “That’s enough, Rex. Back off and sit. Right now!”

Rex obeyed and Lucy again looked at the dog’s poking prick. “I’ve always been a little afraid of animals,” she said.

“There’s no reason for you to be afraid of Rex,” Wanda said, sitting upright. “Would you like to give it a try, Lucy? I’ll do the guiding. I’ll even hold onto his collar while he’s lapping your cunt if you like. So I can pull him back if you get scared, I mean. He won’t bite, though, and you won’t even feel his teeth.”

“I don’t think I’d want anybody to know that I’d let a dog fuck me,” Lucy said, meeting Wanda’s eyes. “Other than you, that is, and I don’t think Gil would go for the idea.”

“Now you know why I’ve kept it a secret from Jeff,” Wanda said, getting to her feet. “Make up your mind, Lucy. Rex won’t suffer if I take him outside without giving him a chance to pop his nuts again. He’s losing his hard-on already.”

Lucy silently dropped to the carpet and got on her hands and knees. Wanda stepped over and took a firm grip on Rex’s collar. He seemed to sense that he was going to get a crack at a pussy that was new to him and he was on all fours before Wanda ordered him to do so.

Wanda let the Doberman sniff at Lucy’s gaping gash. Lucy let out a gasp when the dog’s cold nose made contact. Then, as Rex’s long, thick tongue began licking up through the glistening slit, Lucy started moaning and whimpering with pleasure. She also pushed back against the Doberman’s slippery oral instrument. He started lapping all the way up to Lucy’s puckered anal opening, and Wanda wondered if Lucy liked to be fucked in the ass.

Deciding she’d find that out later, Wanda let go of Rex’s collar and dropped to her knees beside Lucy’s uplifted buttocks. Lucy stopped hunching back to the dog’s eager tongue and answered in the affirmative when Wanda asked if she was ready to be fucked.

Rex didn’t stop lapping Lucy’s cunt and asshole until Wanda patted him on the head and told him to mount up. She then guided his stiff cock into Lucy’s pussy before he’d made more than three or four blind jabs.

Rex started fucking fast and furiously. Then, her fingers clutching at the thick carpet, Lucy began hunching along with the swiftly humping dog. Wanda got a big bang out of the erotic sight, as she always had when observing Ruby being fucked by Rex or Baron, and it was easy to tell that Lucy climaxed when the Doberman got his gun.

Wanda reached up and grabbed Rex’s collar when he stopped thrusting, then told Lucy to get out from under him and flip over on her back. Rex moved forward and began lapping, scooping up the results of his passion–and Lucy’s–from Lucy’s cunt.

Lucy squirmed her ass against the carpet and met Wanda’s eyes as Wanda got to her feet, keeping a grip on the greedy dog’s collar.

“The knot is what made it so damned good, Wanda! I don’t care if Gil doesn’t like the idea! I’m going to let Rex fuck me any time he’s ready and you’ll let him!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed his fast fucking,” Wanda said, smiling. “He’s good for at least a couple of times during each twenty-four hour period. Am I to understand that you’re going to tell Gil?”

“Maybe we could tell Gil and Jeff at the same time,” Lucy said, still squirming under Rex’s busy tongue. “We could do so while we’re having the party tonight.”

“I suppose it would be easier for both of us that way,” Wanda said. “In fact, it might even be easier on Jeff and Gil. Easier for them to find out at the same time that their wives like to be lapped and fucked by a dog, I mean. Rex has lost his hard-on and I think he has had enough for now. I’ll take him outside. Come on, boy. You’ve had enough pussy. I’ll get you some dog food.”



When Wanda returned, Lucy was sitting on the side of the bed. Wanda stopped in the doorway, motioned with her hand, then went to the bathroom. Lucy was right behind her. Wanda adjusted the spray in the shower stall.

Taking the soap from the tray, Wanda worked up a lather on her hands, then handed the bar to Lucy. They were facing each other. Lucy worked up a lather on her hands, watching as Wanda rubbed the soapy lather all over her hard-nippled breasts, then did the same to her own perky titties.

Wanda slipped her soapy hands down to her crotch and inserted a slippery finger into her cunt. Lucy began soaping her crotch and Wanda looked down and saw that Lucy was also probing her pussy.

“I like to be fucked in a shower stall by a soap-slippery cock,” Lucy said.

“How about corn-holing?” Wanda asked, meeting Lucy’s eyes.

“I’ve always enjoyed anal intercourse,” Lucy said. “When Gil has trouble getting his gun, he can always finish off in that manner. How about you? Do you like the back door?”

“I’m very sensitive back there,” Wanda said, putting a hand on one of Lucy’s rounded hips, then slipping it around and caressing Lucy’s firm buttocks. “I like to be corn-holed. Jeff doesn’t go for ass-fucking all that much, though. The heat and tightness makes him shoot off too fast, he says, but he doesn’t refuse when I ask him.”

Wanda had been running a finger up and down the crack of Lucy’s ass, pausing now and then to caress the puckered anus. She’d centered her soapy finger and eased the digit into Lucy’s hot, tight asshole all the way to the knuckle. Lucy moaned and pressed herself against Wanda, at the same time slipping a hand around to the crack of Wanda’s ass.

Lucy slipped a finger into Wanda’s anus and they finger-fucked each other in that manner, while Wanda stimulated her own cunt and clit with a finger and Lucy frigged herself. Lucy mashed her mouth to Wanda’s.

Returning the feverish kiss and meeting Lucy’s probing tongue with her own, Wanda was sure it was only a matter of time before Lucy performed cunnilingus. As soon as they stopped kissing, and had pulled a finger from each other’s clinging assholes, Lucy whispered that she hadn’t dreamed lips could feel so soft and smooth.

Smiling, Wanda pulled her finger from her own twitching pussy, adjusting the water until there was a luke-warm spray. They finished washing and rinsing in silence.

Outside the stall, each with a clean towel, Wanda and Lucy dried their bodies. Then, as they were putting the towels aside, Lucy reminded Wanda that she’d promised to tell how she’d gotten started having sex with the Doberman. Saying that she didn’t remember actually making a promise, Wanda then said they might as well go where they could be comfortable while she talked.

Back in the bedroom, remaining naked, they stretched out on the bed. Wanda decided that she might as well start from the beginning and tell everything.

It took a great deal of time. There was a long silence after Wanda finally finished, then Lucy said she felt better about the secret she’d lived with for so long. Curious, as well as relieved because Lucy hadn’t made derogatory remarks about the incest, Wanda said that she was a good listener.

“I’ve had a great deal of experience where incest is concerned,” Lucy said. “It’s great with me if you want to bring your aunt and uncle in on the swapping, Wanda–and I hope it turns out that they are agreeable, as I like them both–but I’d rather you wouldn’t repeat what I tell you to anybody.”

“Maybe you’d better not tell me anything,” Wanda said. “I intend to tell Jeff everything about my past and I don’t think I want to keep any secrets from him again.”

Lucy hesitated, then said, “I’ve kept my secret to myself for so long I just have to tell somebody.”

“What did you do?” Wanda asked. “Kill somebody? I thought your secret had to do with sex.”

“It does,” Lucy said. “It might kill my mother if she found out, though, and my father might possibly do something crazy. You see, I wasn’t all that surprised to hear you say you’ve been having sex with your aunt and uncle since the age of fourteen, because I’ve been making it with my father since the age of sixteen.”

“Without your mother’s knowledge?” Wanda asked.

“Yes, and I’m not sorry that I’ve been able to give my father the sexual happiness my mother fails to give him. She’s a cold fish, and I used to hear him almost begging her to give him a piece of ass. I listened outside their bedroom door many times even before I started having sex with boys. Then, soon after I’d learned exactly what my father had been missing so often because of my mother’s refusal, I made it my business to make him happy.”

“At the same time making yourself happy,” Wanda said, looking at Lucy and smiling. “How did you go about making it with your father the first time?”

“He used to drink a lot in those days,” Lucy said. “Because of his sexual frustrations, of course, and one evening I returned from a date and found him on the living room couch. He was drunk and he’d left a light on. He didn’t hear me enter. He had his eyes closed and his cock out. He was beating his meat.”

“That must’ve been an exciting sight,” Wanda said.

“It was,” Lucy said. “I’d just enjoyed a thrilling fuck in the back of a fellow’s car, but when I saw my father’s big hard cock and his fist moving up and down it was as if I hadn’t had sex in ages. I really got sexy-hot and my pussy actually started quivering and twitching.”

“Just what did you do, Lucy?”

“As I said, he was drunk. I moved close to the couch, dropped to my knees, and stared at his stiff cock for maybe two or three minutes. Then, unable to resist the temptation, I leaned forward and took his swollen cockhead into my mouth. I sucked like crazy and in just a matter of seconds he ejaculated.”

“What happened then?” Wanda asked.

Lucy laughed, then said, “I swallowed all of his tasty cream, of course!”

“You know what I meant,” Wanda said. “What the hell did your father say?”

“Nothing right then. He was too drunk. I found out later that he thought he’d been sucked off by my mother, though. I went to my bedroom and masturbated while thinking about the pleasure I’d had while giving my father a blow-job. I also thought about how I’d like to be fucked by him, of course, but the next day I didn’t even have the nerve to talk to him.”

“I can understand that easily enough,” Wanda said. “How long was it before you did get the nerve to let him know that it’d been your mouth on his cock?”

“A couple of days,” Lucy said. “But he’d guessed the truth by then, of course. The next night I listened outside their bedroom door and heard my mother and father talking. Arguing, really, as my mother shouted that she wouldn’t do such a nasty thing and told my father he’d just had a drunken dream. After eavesdropping I returned to my room, figuring my father would guess the truth and come to my room and maybe raise hell. He didn’t visit me, though.”

“You just said that he had guessed the truth,” Wanda said, suddenly wondering if Lucy was just making up the story, maybe to make her feel better about having sex with George and Ruby.

“That was the next day,” Lucy said. “It was a Saturday and he kept giving me sly looks until my mother left to go shopping. He then asked if there was anything I wanted to tell him. We were in the living room. I blurted out that I’d seen him on the couch and hadn’t been able to resist the temptation.”

“You started having sex with him from then on?”

“After some more talk. He quizzed me about my sexual experiences. I told the truth, including my knowledge about the trouble he had getting my mother to have sex with him, and I got very bold when I saw the front of his pants poking out. In fact, I dropped to my knees and had his hard cock out in a matter of seconds. He did make a few feeble protests, but he didn’t push me away when I started sucking his lovely prick.”

“You sucked him all the way off again without him touching you?”

“He put his hands on my head while he was popping his nuts. He didn’t even lose his hard-on after I’d sucked him off. It didn’t take much begging on my part to get him to go with me to my bedroom. We both got naked and he went down on me before we fucked. He told me later that my mother wouldn’t even let him perform cunnilingus on her. That’s about it, Wanda. My father and I still worry about being caught, but we aren’t ashamed. We just recognize the fact that what we do is taboo in most quarters and I would’ve never told you if you hadn’t told about having sex with your Uncle George.”

“You’ll probably get a chance to make it with my uncle,” Wanda said. “Will I get a chance to have sex with your father?”

“Oh, no! My father would have a fit if he knew I’d blabbed! Besides, he’s getting along in years and–” Lucy let her words trail off as Wanda turned over and began fondling her titties. “I was just kidding, Lucy. I can see that it’s different with you and your father than it is with my uncle and me. You don’t have to worry. I’ll keep your secret, even from Jeff, and I don’t think you’d better tell Gil. Is that where you went yesterday? To have sex with your father?”


Lucy’s nipples had stiffened under Wanda’s caressing fingers. Wanda tongued and sucked briefly on her nipples.

“I want to experiment,” Lucy said. “I’m a very oral person and I’m sure that I’ll enjoy going down on you, Wanda.”

Lucy quickly moved until she was straddling Wanda’s body. She stared at Wanda’s lips. Lucy lowered her opened mouth to Wanda’s parted lips and darted her tongue past Wanda’s teeth. Wanda also used her own tongue as they kissed passionately.

It wasn’t long before Lucy went to Wanda’s breasts. She feasted upon those twin mounds with obvious enjoyment, then trailed lower. Wanda’s excitement was soaring ever higher as Lucy’s kissing lips and darting tongue traced a wet path down toward her blonde bush.

Wanda also watched as Lucy stared at her fully exposed cunt. Lucy ran the tips of her fingers over Wanda’s pussy lips. Just as Wanda started to tell Lucy that she didn’t really have to go through with it, Lucy leaned down and her tongue swipe d Wanda’s quivering gash.

Managing to keep from gasping, Wanda thrilled to the way Lucy’s tongue jabbed deep into her clinging cuntflesh. Wanda wasn’t surprised when Lucy’s tongue soon went to her clitoris.

Grabbing Wanda’s ass while she lapped, Lucy tilted Wanda’s crotch just enough to get her lips around Wanda’s throbbing passion-button. Sucking greedily, her tongue fluttering, Lucy soon had Wanda racing toward a climax.

Wanda couldn’t remain still when she started spasming, though; nor could she stop the little moans of pleasure that began spilling from between her parted lips. Lurching and wriggling, Wanda also dug her fingers into Lucy’s bobbing scalp as Lucy kept sucking and gulping the released juices down.

As soon as she went limp, Wanda pulled her hands from Lucy’s hair and head. Lucy immediately lifted her face, her dark eyes glowing, her tongue circling around her wet, glistening lips.

“I’ve missed a lot of pleasure by not experimenting before, Wanda! How did I do?”

“It was as if you’d been doing it for years,” Wanda said. “Do you think Gil will mind?”

“No, but it wouldn’t make any difference if he did,” Lucy said, looking down at Wanda’s crotch. “I guess I’ve always wanted to perform cunnilingus, but I just didn’t admit it to myself. I’ve had crazy ideas about wishing I could reach my own cunt with my tongue, so that proves that I’ve wanted to go down on a lovely girl like you all the time. I’ve even put my finger in my mouth after finger-fucking myself.”

“This really is confession time, isn’t it!”

Lucy met Wanda’s eyes. “After letting a dog fuck me, I don’t think I’ll ever be too embarrassed to confess any of my innermost thoughts, Wanda. Do you think you can arrange for me to take on the Great Dane even if your aunt and uncle don’t get in on the swapping?”

“I think I can fix it so you can get banged by Baron no matter what else happens,” Wanda said. “Are you hungry? We can have lunch, then come back to bed if you like.”

“I like,” Lucy said. “I could put my dress on and go get the fake prick if you like.”

“I like,” Wanda said, smiling and scooting from the bed. “What should I fix? A sandwich?”

“That sounds great,” Lucy said, slipping into her dress. “What if Gil happens to drop by while I’m home? He often stops for a cup of coffee, you know.”

“Bring him back with you,” Wanda said. “We’d just be rushing things by a few hours and I don’t think Jeff would mind. Besides, I’m sure I’d enjoy a real cock much more than the fake one you’re going after.”

Not bothering to put anything on, Wanda went to the kitchen with Lucy, then started preparing sandwiches as Lucy hurried out the back door. She made three sandwiches, just in case Lucy’s husband had dropped by the house, but she soon found that Lucy hadn’t encountered Gil.

While they sat at the table and ate hungrily, Lucy said they could share the extra sandwich, then added that she was glad Gil hadn’t been home.

Wanda’s eyes went to the box on the table which she knew contained the artificial penis. “Do you use that thing very often?”

“My nervous system couldn’t take it if I used the tool all that often,” Lucy said. “Not with it vibrating, anyway. I usually get it out two or three times a week when I’m sexy-hot and by myself. I’ve also used it when Gil’s fucking me. I stick it up my ass, and when he’s getting his gun, I turn the vibrator on. That is one wildly wonderful sensation!”

Saying that she didn’t doubt it, and remembering her fantasies about having a double-fuck, Wanda got up and poured the coffee.

Lucy took the battery-operated artificial cock from the box.

The object was shaped like an erect male organ, including veins and an enlarged crown, and Lucy said it was seven inches in length.

“Just a fraction shorter than Gil’s cock when he has a hard-on,” Lucy added, handing the fake prick to Wanda. “It’s also smaller around than my husband’s joystick. Turn it on, Wanda. You’ll feel it vibrating. Imagine how it’d feel poked in your pussy or up your asshole.”

Wanda followed Lucy’s instructions and discovered that it didn’t take much imagination to know that Lucy had spoken the truth. They hurried to the bedroom.

On the bed, Wanda went along with Lucy’s suggestion that Lucy do the penetrating, including picking the time to start the vibrations. Lucy said she’d better make sure Wanda’s cunt was juicy enough, then she snaked her tongue into Wanda’s already juicy twat.

Lucy tongue-fucked Wanda for a few seconds, and Wanda liked the sensation as Lucy eased the fake cock into her snatch. She also hunched along with the fairly deep thrusts Lucy started making with the lifelike penis. She knew that she could spasm if Lucy kept going for a couple of minutes and related that information to the lovely female.

“You’d better brace yourself,” Lucy said, making slow in and out thrusts. “I’m going to start it vibrating and make contact with your clit. Are you ready?”

Wanda said that she was ready, then found herself bucking and lurching wildly as Lucy started the artificial prick vibrating against her clitoris. The shuddering spasms went on and on, and just as Wanda thought she was going to have to cry out for Lucy to stop what was becoming near-agony, Lucy stopped the vibrations.

“Now you know exactly what I meant,” Lucy said, smiling and leaving the fake cock buried deep. “About my nervous system not being able to take much of that kind of pleasure, I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Wanda said, her passion slowly simmering down. “With that damn thing a gal could do without a real cock and a probing, lapping tongue!”

“Not really,” Lucy said. “I wouldn’t want to, and I don’t think you would, either.”

“You’re right,” Wanda said. “I was kidding, of course. I don’t think anything could ever take the place of a human cock or tongue–not even a dog’s cock or tongue.”

“I agree,” Lucy said. “Except that Rex came very close to making me forget all about human cocks and tongues.”

“Do you want me to do you with the vibrating prick?”

“I thought you’d never make the offer,” Lucy said, getting on her back beside Wanda.

Getting between Lucy’s parted legs, Wanda took the fake cock from Lucy’s hand. She did to Lucy what Lucy had so recently done to her, including snaking her tongue into the sweet snatch before inserting the penis-shaped vibrator. After making a few thrusts she started the vibrations and made contact with Lucy’s clit.

Lucy bucked and lurched just as wildly as Wanda had done, and Wanda stopped the vibrations when she figured Lucy couldn’t take much more. Leaving the fake cock buried deep in Lucy’s pussy, Wanda asked Lucy if she wanted to take a rest. Lucy said she would like to try a sixty-nine session.

“We seem to be just about evenly matched in the sex department,” Wanda said, pulling the pleasure-tool from Lucy’s clinging cunt and placing it on a bedside table.

“You’ve made me very happy, Wanda. Now I shouldn’t have to go looking for sex partners. It can be dangerous picking up strangers.”

“You’ve also made me very happy,” Wanda said, caressing Lucy’s thighs. “I understand that most of the swapping wives are bisexual to a degree, so you’ll have many cunts as well as many cocks to enjoy.”

Lucy lifted her ass. Wanda buried her face in the damp crotch and shoved her tongue into the wet, tasty twat. She lapped up the released juices, at the same time moving around on her knees until she was straddling Lucy’s head. As Lucy’s fingers tugged on Wanda’s ass, Wanda lowered her crotch.

On their sides, they tongue-fucked each other for many glorious minutes before they both thrilled to a shuddering orgasm. They rested, with their heads between each other’s thighs, then went at each other again in a more leisurely manner.

After they spasmed again, Wanda twisted around and they mashed their wet mouths together. After taking turns sucking on each other’s tongues, they again rested for a few minutes. Then, after a lengthy discussion concerning the many pleasures they hoped to share in the future, Lucy made a suggestion that Wanda eagerly accepted.

Lucy got down between Wanda’s legs, made the penis-shaped vibrator slippery by shoving it into Wanda’s cunt, then she slowly eased it into Wanda’s relaxed anal opening. There wasn’t much pain, and Wanda said that it felt wonderful.

Soon Wanda couldn’t have found words to describe the wondrous sensations even if she’d been able to speak. Because Lucy began lapping Wanda’s cunt, the fake penis vibrating in Wanda’s clinging asshole, and Wanda almost passed out because the pleasure was so blissfully intense.



Wanda met her husband at the door, as was her habit, and after they’d kissed, he’d said that Ted wanted to have another swapping party that night. She’d hesitated, thinking they could invite Ted and Patsy over to meet Lucy and Gil, then she decided it might not be such a good idea since Gil and Lucy had never swapped.

Jeff had sensed that she didn’t want to visit Ted and Patsy.

“Is there something wrong, Wanda? Other than that you just don’t want to visit Ted and Patsy tonight? Have you changed your mind about swapping?”

“There isn’t anything wrong and I haven’t changed my mind,” Wanda said.

Jeff had looked up over the newspaper he’d been reading, and now he put the paper aside. “I think I know you well enough to know that you have something on your mind, honey.”

Wanda was sitting on the couch and Jeff was sitting in an easy chair. She began talking, first telling about the hints Lucy had made before they’d become intimately involved with Ted and Patsy, then she went on and told about the exciting and enjoyable experiences with Lucy. She left out everything having to do with Lucy’s father, Rex, George, and Ruby. She did mention the penis-shaped vibrator, however, and the fact that Lucy was going to tell Gil about the swapping.

Wanda could tell that Jeff was excited by the idea of getting a crack at Lucy.

“What if Gil refuses to go along?” Jeff asked.

“Then Lucy will be here in a few minutes by herself,” Wanda said. “I told her to make it about seven and it’s a quarter to now. You have time to take a shower.”

“You should’ve told me sooner,” Jeff said, getting to his feet. “If Lucy’s as hot as you say she is, it might’ve been a good idea for me to get my gun before the party starts.”

“You have my permission to beat off a batch,” Wanda said, smiling. “Or I’ll give you a quick blow-job, for that matter.”

“I was kidding,” Jeff said, grinning.

“I thought you were,” Wanda said. “Lucy told me that she likes to be fucked by a soap-slippery cock while in a shower stall. Maybe you should shave and take your time showering. I’ll send her to you and I’ll stay with Gil.”

“What if he doesn’t come with her?”

“Then Lucy and I will both join you,” Wanda said.

“That sounds like a winner,” Jeff said, waving a hand and hurrying from the room.

Lucy and Gil arrived within five minutes after Jeff went to the bathroom. Wanda could tell by their expressions that they were ready to swap. Not that she’d thought for a moment that Gil wouldn’t go along with Lucy’s wishes. Wanda had already sensed that Gil was a pussy-hound.

“I guess you’ve told everything,” Wanda said, meeting Lucy’s eyes.

“Just the important things,” Lucy said, winking. “Gil has had the hots for you all along and he jumped at the chance to come over here.”

“I got up this morning thinking this was going to be a lucky day for me,” Gil said, smiling broadly. “I had no idea I’d be this lucky, though.”

“We are a little nervous about seeing each other in action,” Lucy said.

“Jeff’s taking a shower,” Wanda said. “I told him that I’d send you in there, Lucy. That should at least settle things temporarily.”

Lucy looked at Gil. He patted her on the ass and told her to run along. She kissed him on a cheek, then hurried from the room. Wanda and Gil watched until Lucy disappeared, then Wanda told Gil to sit down. He picked the couch and she sat down beside him.

Gil said he’d been pleasantly surprised to hear that she and Jeff were swappers, but not surprised when Lucy had told about the sexual activities that’d taken place that afternoon.

“Not even when she told about going down on me?” Wanda asked.

“Lucy has always been so uninhibited with me nothing would surprise me where her sexual desires are concerned, Wanda.”

“I’ve always been uninhibited,” Wanda said. “Since I was fourteen, anyway. I guess I’ve also always been more than a little brazen when it comes to sexual pleasures, Gil. Don’t you think we know each other well enough to get started without any more chit-chat?”

Wanda had turned her face toward Gil. He pulled her close and mashed his mouth to hers. She returned his passionate kiss, automatically putting a hand in his lap. His cock was already getting hard, and by the time they broke for air, the organ was totally erect and straining for freedom.

“I’m usually damned fast the first time with any female, Wanda. With you, I know I’ll be fast as hell!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Wanda said, keeping a firm grip on Gil’s hard cock through his clothes. “Maybe it’d be better if I were to take the sharp edge off your passion right here.”

Wanda slipped from the couch and got on her knees between his legs. She let go of his stiff prick long enough to tug the zipper down, then fished his thrusting cock and his heavy, sperm-laden balls out into the open.

Caressing the hard meat and muscle with one hand, Wanda was reminded of Ted’s joystick. It was about the same size and color. She squeezed gently, thrilling to the way the rock-hard shaft pulsed against her fingers and palm. She leaned forward to sip away the pearl that had formed in the wide-open eye of the swollen, throbbing glans.

Gil made a little hunching movement. Wanda ran her tongue out and began to lick the moist and velvety meat, moving her tongue in small, widening circles from the slit out to the corona. Her tongue fluttered against the glans and Gil let little gasp.

Wanda pressed her lips against the cockhead, sucked another bead of pre-cum from the eye, then slowly drew the knob into her mouth until her lips and teeth passed over the ridge of the crown and clamped firmly on the pulsating shaft behind it.

“God, but that feels great,” Gil said, groaning.

Wanda was still holding Gil’s balls. She began to knead them gently in the manner she knew most men liked, while her other hand squeezed his stiff shaft, her clenched fingers running slowly back and forth along its entire length. She felt a sudden tremor in the rigid prick and she stopped sucking for a moment, afraid that Gil was going to shoot off right away. But he didn’t, and she began sucking again, easing a little more of the shaft into her mouth with each forward movement of her head.

Soon Wanda began taking more and more of Gil’s throbbing cock, relaxing the muscles of her throat as much as she could, then slowly pushed her face forward until her nose was buried in the musky dark brown bush of his pubic hair.

It wasn’t long before she’d captured the entire length of male meat, every pulsing inch of it, her mouth and throat so full of hard, hot cock she could scarcely breathe. She felt the organ begin to vibrate against her lips and teeth, the way all cocks did the instant before the eruption, and she sucked greedily, eager for the scalding discharge.

Wanda heard Gil groan loudly, then suddenly his pulsating prick exploded in her mouth, a tremendous surge of hot jism that splashed in to her throat. She swallowed and gulped again and again, but she was unable to keep up with the gushing cock. She felt the cum oozing out past her clinging lips. She quickly pushed his spurting prick away from her throat and gulped down the gobs of tasty cream straight from the gushing hole in the cockhead.

Gil was writhing on the couch, moaning with pleasure, thrusting his prick in and out of her frantically sucking mouth. He suddenly grabbed Wanda by the hair and pushed her head down on his cock so hard that the glans plunged down her throat again.

But the jism was no longer gushing from his jerking cock in such quantity, so she was able to swallow every hot drop of the thick cream. She milked his balls, and he let her pull her head back until she was again sucking only the glans. She milked the shaft with her fist, dimly thinking that it’d been a long time since she’d received such a big load while giving a blow-job.

Wanda sucked until Gil’s prick started to soften. She knew she’d drained his balls completely dry. She let the limber organ slip from her mouth, circled her lips with her tongue to capture the escaped cream, swallowed, and looked up at Gil. His eyes were closed.

After a moment she said, “Do you always have a big load?”

He opened his eyes and grinned. “Just about, I guess. It’ll be at least fifteen minutes before I’ll be able to shoot off again, though.”

“And you’re just going to sit there for fifteen minutes?” she asked teasingly.

“I have a very educated tongue,” Gil said, sitting up. “So I’ve been told, anyway.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Wanda said, putting her hands on Gil’s knees and pushing herself to her feet. “Maybe Lucy and Jeff will join us there. Would you mind?”

“I don’t think so,” Gil said. “No, I wouldn’t. The sooner I see my wife making it with another man the better, I guess. You are going to introduce us to other swappers, aren’t you?”

“You can count on it,” Wanda said.

In the bedroom, the light on, Wanda was naked first. She got on the bed and watched Gil finished shucking out of his clothes. He stood beside the bed for a few moments, looking at her body with obvious admiration, and she was happy to see his cock lifting into another erection.

When Gil joined Wanda on the bed, he went directly to her big breasts with his mouth, tongue, and hands. She enjoyed his lavish oral attentions, and his caressing fingers. Her titties soon throbbed and her nipples became stiffly erect.

It wasn’t long before he trailed lower on her slowly squirming body, though, and she was eager to sample what he’d called his educated tongue.

Gil skirted her curly blonde bush, kissed and licked her inner thighs briefly, then put his hands behind her knees. She sensed what he was going to do even before he folded her long legs back until her thighs were pressed firmly against her titties.

Wanda enjoyed the sensation very much as Gil began kissing and licking her buttocks. But she knew that she’d enjoy herself even more when he got to his puckered goal. She relaxed her sphincter muscle when he began licking around and around in ever smaller circles. She moaned when he licked up through the crack of her ass and centered the tip of his stiffened tongue on her anal opening.

Jabbing insistently, Gil managed to get over an inch of his slippery tongue into Wanda’s clinging, twitching asshole. He tongue-fucked her in that manner until he had her squirming heatedly and balanced right on the brink of an orgasm. Then he lowered her legs and his tongue lapped through her gash and his hot oral instrument slithered deep into her palpitating vagina.

Lapping and chewing and sucking on the folds of tender cuntflesh, Gil moved his hands up and began massaging and squeezing Wanda’s taut-tipped breasts. She began spasming the instant his educated tongue made contact with her stiffened clit. He lapped and sucked greedily, slipping his hands down from her throbbing titties to her hips, then under to her wriggling ass.

He kept sucking and slurping up the released juices long after she went limp. When he did lift his face from her crotch, licking his wet lips, she told him that he could wait a few minutes before fucking her if he wanted to.

Saying that he couldn’t wait to feel his cock in her sweet pussy, Gil moved in for the penetration. His prick was thrusting stiffly again and he waited for Wanda to do the guiding. She placed the knob between her moist cuntal lips and he speared his hard cock to the hilt and held it there as soon as she removed her hand.

“It’s a good thing you sucked me off, Wanda. If you hadn’t, I’d probably be spurting my stuff in your hot cunt already.”

Before Wanda could answer, she saw Jeff and Lucy in the doorway. Jeff was carrying Lucy. He had his fingers cupping her ass, his cock buried in her cunt, and her legs were wrapped around his waist.

“We have company,” Wanda said.

Gil looked toward the doorway. Jeff walked up to the bed, turned sideways, pushed Lucy out to the end of his thrusting cock, then pulled her back again.

“Jeff really has strong legs, Wanda! As well as the ability to last one hell of a long time! He fucked me while we were in the shower stall, I sucked his big cock until my jaws got tired, and he still hasn’t ejaculated!”

“I’ve already ejaculated,” Gil said. “Wanda sucked me off while we were in the living room, then I tongued her asshole and her twat before shoving my second hard-on into her hot pussy.”

Lucy and Gil were meeting each other’s eyes and Wanda felt that the couple had successfully gotten over an important hurdle. Wanda told Lucy that she’d like to see her sucking Jeff’s cock.

Then, meeting Gil’s eyes, Wanda said, “You’d like to see your lovely wife with another man’s cock in her mouth, wouldn’t you, Gil?”

“I guess so,” Gil said. “Sure! Why not? After all, you sucked my cock and I’m buried balls-deep in your snatch!”

Jeff helped Lucy dismount from his prick. She dropped to her knees and began licking her own secretions from the big cock. Gil let out a low whistle and said that seeing Jeff’s big whanger made him feel like a little boy. Wanda clamped down on Gil’s hard cock with her inner cunt muscles and said that his cock was big enough to give any female great pleasure.

“I never thought I’d ever admit to getting a bang out of watching my wife giving another man a blow-job,” Gil said, starting slow thrusts into Wanda’s snapping pussy.

“Lucy’s an expert at the act,” Jeff said. “Just as my own lovely wife is, of course. If I hadn’t had so much sex in the last couple of days, I would’ve shot off long ago.”

Lucy had taken Jeff’s cockhead into her mouth, sucked greedily, and was beginning to take more of the stiff shaft. Wanting Lucy to have a spurting reward for her efforts, Wanda asked Jeff if he could make it right away. He grinned and said that he’d just about reached the point where he’d have to start holding back.

“Give my darling wife what she so desperately wants,” Gil said. “We can start out just about even then and I can prove that I’m not always fast on the trigger.”

Gil hadn’t stopped his steady strokes, and his eyes were on his wife while she performed fellatio. Wanda had turned her inner motor off. Lucy began taking Jeff’s glans deep in her throat. There was still plenty of room on the shaft for her to make milking motions with her clenched fingers. She also began squeezing his big balls.

Just as Jeff blurted that he was just about to blast off, and Wanda saw the muscles bunching in his strong legs, Gil stopped all movement, leaving his hard cock deep in her cunt.

Jeff suddenly groaned loudly and Lucy’s cheeks expanded and hollowed fishlike as she greedily swallowed the hot cream spurting from Jeff’s jerking cock. Wanda felt Gil’s cock making little jerking movements in her clinging cunt and saw that he was staring with obvious fascination.

Lucy kept sucking and swallowing until Jeff’s cock started to go limber. Wanda asked Gil if he could fuck her through an orgasm without getting his gun. For answer, Gil mashed his mouth to Wanda’s. She returned his feverish kiss and met the fast thrusts he started seconds after she started sucking on his hot, slippery tongue.

Wanda spasmed within thirty seconds. She bucked and lurched wildly, not really putting on an act, but at the same time wanting Gil to know that he was giving her a damned good fuck. His cock was still rock-hard when she ceased all movement.

Wanda saw that Lucy had gotten to her feet and was standing beside Jeff. Lucy asked Gil if he’d ejaculated. He said that he hadn’t even come close, and she asked if he’d like to see her lap Wanda’s cunt. Gil said that should be an exciting sight and withdrew his stiff prick from Wanda’s juicy pussy as Lucy climbed onto the bed.

Lucy took the time to clean her husband’s cock with her mouth and tongue before going down on Wanda. Gil stared as Lucy lapped Wanda’s cunt. Wanda told Gil that Lucy was already becoming an expert cunt-lapper and he said that his lovely wife had always been something of a sex-nut.

“Aren’t we all?” Jeff asked, chuckling.

Wanda had been hunching along with Lucy’s greedy mouth and tongue. She told Lucy to swing around and she’d return the favor. Lucy immediately made the move. Wanda pulled Lucy’s cunt down to her mouth and they rolled over on their sides. Lapping and sucking, clutching at each other’s asses, they soon shuddered through a simultaneous release.

As soon as they recovered and parted, Wanda rolled over on her back and Lucy twisted around and stretched out beside Wanda. Jeff climbed onto the bed and buried his face in Lucy’s crotch as soon as she’d parted her legs. Jeff said there wasn’t anything equal to a tasty twat to help a man get a hard-on. When he settled back on his haunches, Wanda saw that her husband’s big cock was thrusting stiffly again.

Looking at Gil, Jeff grinned. “I still haven’t seen you tasting my wife’s sweet pussy, Gil.”

Gil’s cock was still poking stiffly. Saying he’d almost as soon eat pussy as fuck, Gil shoved his tongue into Wanda’s cunt. Jeff and Lucy both looked at Gil’s bobbing head and Wanda just coasted along with the lavish oral worship, deciding that it might be a good time to tell about Rex.

But before Wanda had a chance to mention the Doberman, Gil lifted his face and Jeff said it was fucking time.

After Jeff had pumped his big prick in and almost out of Lucy’s pussy for a couple of minutes, and Gil had pronged Wanda’s cunt with his smaller cock, Wanda and Lucy both spasmed. Jeff stopped fucking Lucy first, and he jokingly told Gil it was impossible to wear Wanda or any other female out with a pounding prick.

Leaving his hard cock embedded in Wanda’s twitching twat, Gil said that Jeff hadn’t told him anything he hadn’t already known. Lucy said that maybe they should all take a rest, since it would be a shame if the men became pooped out early in the evening.

“I’m not all that experienced in swapping as yet, but I do know the husbands try and pace themselves,” Jeff said. “Maybe we should have a beer or coffee and extend the party at the same time.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Gil said.

Wanda started to tell about Rex right then, but Gil and Jeff both got out of the bed. She followed Lucy’s example and orally cleaned Gil’s cock the same as Lucy was licking Jeff’s big thrusting pleasure-prong. Wanda promised herself that she’d tell about Rex before the party was over.



After the four of them were in the living room, they agreed to have a beer.

Jeff was sitting on one end of the couch and Gil on the other end. Wanda gave Gil a beer and sat down beside him; Lucy sat down beside Jeff and gave him a beer. Both men had lost their erections. Wanda asked the men what they’d been talking about.

“I was telling Gil about our party with Patsy and Ted,” Jeff said.

“The redhead really sounds like a hot number,” Gil said. “I’m looking forward to meeting her.”

“You’re looking forward to fucking her,” Lucy said, laughing. “As well as eating her pussy, of course.”

“I can say the same thing about you now,” Gil said chuckling. “About eating her pussy, I mean.”

“We knew what you meant,” Lucy said. “I’m looking forward to having all kinds of sex with Ted, too.”

“Lucy said that the swappers don’t go for the way-out weird stuff,” Gil said. “I’m glad of that.”

“I hate the way-out rough stuff,” Wanda said. “I did know a girl who liked to have sex with her dog, but that couldn’t be called rough, could it?”

“Not unless the dog bit her,” Gil said, chuckling again.

“The girl had her dog very well-trained,” Wanda said. “He’d lap her cunt on command and mount her when she got on her hands and knees and told him to.”

“That sounds exciting to me,” Lucy said. “Being fucked by any kind of a cock should feel good, I mean, and I don’t blame the girl for enjoying her dog’s tongue and prick.”

“Do I know the girl?” Jeff asked.

“Yes,” Wanda said, meeting her husband’s eyes. “I think it’s time that I level with you, honey. I’m the girl. I’ve been letting Rex lap and fuck me since before I married you. Before Rex, there was another dog. I’ve enjoyed being banged by a dog since I was fourteen. I’ve been wanting to tell you, but I just couldn’t seem to find the words. I hope you aren’t disgusted with me.”

Jeff’s handsome features were slightly flushed, but when he smiled, Wanda knew that the information she’d reluctantly related hadn’t turned him off.

“I’m just a little disappointed, Wanda. Because you were so apprehensive about telling me. But I’m not disgusted. I can’t say that I understand how anybody could even get started having sex with any kind of an animal, though.”

“I once saw a sex film showing a big dog fucking a woman,” Gil said. “She was young and stacked and the dog also lapped her cunt. Before and after fucking her. He was a German shepherd and I don’t know how long it took to make the film, of course, but the horny dog shot off three times. I found the sight exciting, really, and I had to jack-off a batch to keep my balls from aching.”

“Then you should’ve been here earlier today,” Lucy told her husband. “You would’ve enjoyed another exciting sight.”

“Wanda let the big Doberman fuck her while you watched?” Gil asked, looking at his wife.

“Yes,” Lucy said. “Rex lapped her cunt before and after he fucked her and the exciting sight really made my juices flow. In fact, I asked Wanda to let me take the dog on and he lapped and fucked me.”

“You’re kidding!” Gil exclaimed.

“I don’t kid about something as important to me as sex,” Lucy said. “You don’t mind that I let the Doberman bang me, do you?”

“Hell, no! I’d like to see an exhibition! How about you, Jeff? Wouldn’t you like to see the girls make it with the big dog?”

“I don’t mind,” Jeff said. “Maybe we should get our fill of lapping and fucking first, though. I don’t care about pronging a pussy following a dog’s prick.”

“We do have a shower and a bathtub,” Wanda said. “However, there’s no big hurry about bringing Rex in. I just wanted to get the fact that I have sexual relations with the dog out into the open and–“

“I wasn’t thinking very straight,” Jeff cut in. “Actually, I’m still trying to get adjusted to the news. Maybe it’d be better for you hot-ass girls to make it with Rex while Gil and I take a longer rest.”

“Do you think it’ll be okay?” Lucy asked, looking at Wanda. “Rex ejaculated twice today, you know, and I’d hate for us to make him overdo it.”

“He’s good for at least one more discharge without danger of getting a strain,” Wanda said. “Besides, if he has too much action he just won’t get a hard-on.”

“I’ll put my pants on and go after Rex,” Jeff said, getting to his feet, then finishing his beer. “He won’t get jealous and go after our cocks and balls, will he, Wanda?”

“Don’t talk like that!” Gil exclaimed.

“You men don’t have to worry,” Wanda said. “As I said, Rex is well-trained and I don’t have any trouble getting him to obey me even when he’s sexy-hot.”

“I can testify to that fact,” Lucy said.

Jeff left, and Gil said he’d make sure he kept well away from the big dog. Wanda told Lucy that she could enjoy herself with Rex. Lucy said that Jeff would probably want to see Wanda being fucked by the dog. Wanda agreed, then said that she’d see if she could arrange it so Rex could fuck them both and still only climax once.

“I’ll even let you have his stuff,” Wanda told Lucy. Then she laughed and added, “You could do me a favor, though. I’ve never tried a double fuck, Gil, and I’d like for you to corn-hole me while Jeff’s pronging my pussy.”

“I’m willing,” Gil said, finishing his beer. “I’ve done it that way a few times. Jeff might not want to be that close to me, though. Our cocks would only be separated by a thin membrane, you know, and some men feel that’s too close to being a queer act.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” Wanda asked.

“No, it doesn’t,” Gill said. “I have no doubts about my masculinity.”

“Some men think it’s unmanly to lap a cunt,” Lucy said. “I’ll gladly let you enjoy a double fuck, Wanda. There’ll be other times when I can experience that thrilling pleasure if Gil and Jeff don’t get around to plugging both my holes at the same time this evening.”

“I’m good for two more climaxes without putting a strain on my balls,” Gil said. “I might not have as much cream the third time, but I wouldn’t fire a blank.”

Jeff entered with Rex. He was holding onto the Doberman’s collar. Jeff led Rex to within a few feet of the couch and told him to sit. The big dog obeyed, panting, his long tongue hanging out. Gil laughed nervously and said that looking at the big dog’s teeth made him want to draw his cock and balls right up into his belly.

“You don’t have to be afraid of him,” Wanda said. “Let go of his collar, Jeff. Stay right there, Rex.”

Jeff followed Wanda’s instructions and Rex obeyed her order. She got down on the carpet where she figured everybody would have a good view. She was relieved to finally be letting Jeff know about the secret she’d kept from him and she was happy because he was taking it so well. So far, anyway, and she didn’t think the actual sight of her having sex with the dog would turn her uninhibited husband off.

On her back, her knees lifted and parted, Wanda called the Doberman to her. The tip of his red cock was already sticking out of its sheath. The dog got on all fours and padded toward Wanda, sniffing as he walked, and Wanda spread her cuntal lips.

Wanda enjoyed the dog’s lapping tongue as much as always, but she kept herself under control to observe Jeff’s reaction. Her husband stared with very obvious fascination and a quick glance told her that the same was true of Lucy’s horny husband. Gil’s cock was already lifting into an erection, and Wanda heard Lucy say that Rex’s cock had already extended all the way out to its full length.

“I didn’t have any idea that Rex had that much hard meat,” Jeff said. “Go ahead and let the eager animal fuck you, Wanda. Maybe if you give him a quick piece it won’t be long before he’ll be able to prong Lucy.”

“He always rips off a quick piece,” Wanda said, returning his smile. She patted Rex’s head. “Back off, boy. Settle back on your butt until I get into position and tell you to mount me.”

The Doberman made one last swipe with his hot, slippery tongue, then obeyed. While getting on her hands and knees, Wanda told Lucy that she was sure that Rex wouldn’t have any trouble ejaculating twice. Lucy said that she could wait for another time if the dog got pooped out and Gil said that Lucy could at least have her cunt lapped by the greedy dog.

Wanda mostly wanted the dog to climax while fucking her for Jeff’s benefit at first. But after she was on her hands and knees and hunching along with the humping dog’s swiftly pistoning prick, she really got carried away and started going for an orgasm of her own.

“Look at that humping ass! Man, I wish I could move my ass that fast! I’d get a job as a professional stud!”

Gil had spoken the loud words. Wanda moaned and shuddered through a spasmodic release just as the dog’s jabbing cock spurted hot jism. She wasn’t surprised when Rex didn’t start humping again after he faltered. His cock started to soften, the knot started going away, and he dismounted before she told him to. But he was right there greedily lapping her flooded cunt as soon as she’d positioned herself on her back.

“Maybe he isn’t gay, but he’s sure as hell bisexual,” Jeff said, chuckling. “I don’t even like to stick my pecker into a cum-filled cunt.”

“I don’t think very many men do,” Gil said. “Do you have any objections to helping me give Wanda a double fuck, Jeff? She made the request and since my dick’s smaller I should take the back door.”

“Anything my darling wife wants is okay with me,” Jeff said, meeting Wanda’s eyes. “Are you sure you want it that way, honey? There could be some pain.”

“You can always stop if I find that it hurts too much,” Wanda said, pushing on Rex’s head. “That’s enough, boy. Back off and sit.”

After the big dog had followed Wanda’s softly spoken orders, just the tip of his cock still sticking out of the furry sheath, she sat upright and looked at the bulge in the front of Jeff’s pants. She said that he didn’t look very comfortable and he quickly got completely naked again.

Her eyes on her husband’s big thrusting cock, Wanda said that it might appear silly to get Rex’s cock hard when there were already two pricks poking and ready; but that she wanted Gil to see Lucy being fucked by the dog.

“I think you’re also looking out for yourself,” Gil told Wanda in a joking manner.

“I think she’s looking out for me just as much as she is for herself,” Lucy said, slipping down off the couch. “Wanda knows how much I enjoy being fucked by Rex and I was supposed to have his load, anyway.”

Wanda had moved over beside Rex. She was on her knees and stimulating his cock with one hand while fondling his balls with her other hand. The big animal sat there patiently, his tail thumping against the carpet.

“His prick’s just about all the way out,” Lucy said after about a minute. “You do the guiding like you did before, Wanda.”

“He should give a very good fuck this time,” Wanda said, glancing up at Jeff’s face as Lucy got on her hands and knees. “He’ll hump just about as fast, but he’ll last longer.”

“You seem to be very experienced,” Jeff said. “Who started you out with the dog-fucking?”

“I’ll tell you about it later,” Wanda said, giving Rex’s head a little push toward Lucy’s buttocks. “Why don’t you get under and let Lucy suck your cock while she’s getting banged, honey? That will make it better for her even if you don’t ejaculate.”

Wanda had taken a grip on Rex’s collar as he moved forward and started licking Lucy’s gaping gash and puckered asshole. Jeff got down on his back and scooted in until his cock was directly under her mouth. Lucy licked Jeff’s swollen cockhead, then said she’d wait until Rex was fucking her before she started sucking his cock.

“Don’t tell me that my sex-happy wife isn’t wise,” Gil said, chuckling. “The sensation of having a cock shoved into her pussy while sucking another cock could cause her to forget just how much damage teeth can do.”

“You didn’t have to draw us a picture,” Jeff said. “I’m sure we all understood the situation, Gil.”

“I guess I was yakking mostly to help keep myself under control,” Gil said. “Hell, I’m not sure that I can wait until the dog shoots his second load and the girls take a shower!”

“It isn’t really necessary to wait,” Wanda told Gil as she looked around at him and his thrusting cock. “I’ll get Rex started to humping Lucy, then I’ll suck you off if you don’t want to fuck me before I wash.”

“I’m really not all that wishy-washy, Wanda. It’s just that you gave such a good blow-job before I’d like to have another.”

Wanda moved closer to the dog’s head, then told him to mount Lucy. As the animal obeyed, Wanda steered the jabbing prick into Lucy’s cunt.

Rex started humping at a fairly fast clip, but a great deal slower than his usual swift pace. Lucy immediately began hunching along with the dog’s pronging prick, seconds later taking Jeff’s thrusting prick into her mouth and sucking greedily. Gil walked up close to Wanda,, standing so they could both still see all the action even while she was giving him a blow-job.

The moment she put a hand on Gil’s throbbing cock, Wanda knew that it wouldn’t take much sucking to make him ejaculate. Just as she took the blood-engorged cockhead into her mouth, her eyes wide open and not missing any of the exciting action, Wanda heard Jeff say that he was going to let the jism spurt.

Gil soon announced that he was just about to shoot off, a blissful fact that Wanda had already sensed, and she saw the Doberman fucking Lucy fast and furiously. Just as Gil’s cock jerked and jolted and sprayed Wanda’s tonsils with gob after gob of hot, thick cream, she slipped a hand down to her cunt, inserted two fingers, and frigged herself through a shuddering orgasm.

Rex dismounted and began licking and slurping at Lucy’s dribbling pussy without waiting to be told. Wanda finished swallowing the tasty reward for her efforts and let Gil’s rapidly softening prick slip from her mouth just as Lucy pulled her mouth from Jeff’s limber cock.

Pulling her fingers from her own juicy cunt, Wanda told Rex to sit, then let him lick her wet fingers when he obeyed.

“Maybe we should tell Patsy about Rex,” Jeff said. “I have a feeling she’d really go for some of his fast fucking and I don’t think Ted would mind.”

“We might get around to telling many of the swappers about the pleasures possible with a dog,” Wanda said, getting to her feet. “Let’s go take a shower, Lucy. I’m already looking forward eagerly to the promised double fuck by our very virile husbands.”

They took their time in the shower, wanting to do a good job as well as give Jeff and Gil some time to recover. They both admitted to being a little tired and Wanda said that if it turned out that the men wanted to call a halt to the party, she could do without a double fuck until another time.

Lucy said she knew her husband well enough to know that he wouldn’t want to stop until he’d corn-holed Wanda.

Wanda stepped from the stall and got two clean towels.

“When are you going to tell Jeff about George and Ruby?” Lucy asked while they were drying themselves.

“At some point before we go to sleep tonight,” Wanda said.

“Good luck,” Lucy said. “With your aunt and uncle as well as with Jeff. Do you think George and Ruby will go for the swapping? I’d sure like a chance to make it with both of them.”

“I have a feeling that everything will work out the way we want it to,” Wanda said. “It has so far, hasn’t it?”

“Good God, yes! Even beyond my wildest dreams! What am I going to do while you’re taking on Gil and Jeff?”

“We’ll think of something,” Wanda said, smiling. “There’ll be three tongues, you know. Not to mention fingers and toes!”

They laughed as they hurried to the living room.

Jeff and Gil were sitting on the couch. Both cocks were soft. Jeff said that he’d given Rex a big slice of ham for a special treat before taking him out and chaining him to the dog house.

“I’m going to look around for a suitable dog,” Gil said. “You would help Lucy do the training, wouldn’t you, Wanda?”

“I’d be glad to,” Wanda said.

“I’ve always heard stories about women and their little lap dogs,” Jeff said. “Now I think there must be a lot of truth to the stories.”

“There’s probably a lot more lapping than fucking with the small dogs,” Gil said. “I think I’ll get Lucy a German shepherd. Unless you’d rather have some other big breed, honey.”

“It doesn’t make any difference,” Lucy said. “I do like Rex, though, so I’m sure I’d like another Doberman.”

“I just thought you might want some variety,” Gil said. “It seems to me that it’d be interesting to sample the various types. It was just a suggestion, of course, as it doesn’t make any difference to me. It isn’t as if I’m the one going to be lapped and fucked by a dog.”

“I should hope not,” Lucy said. “It seems to me that one bisexual dog-fucker is enough for one family.”

Jeff asked Wanda if she was ready to experiment, and Wanda said she’d be ready just as soon as there was something to experiment with.

Lucy dropped to her knees between Jeff’s legs. Wanda watched as Lucy lifted Jeff’s soft cock with one hand, then leaned over and began fluttering the tip of her tongue against the glans. Wanda then dropped down between Gil’s legs and began doing the same to Gil’s limber prick.

Wanda soon had Gil’s organ thrusting stiffly and she saw that Lucy had also stimulated Jeff’s big beauty into an erection. She began sucking Gil’s cock when Lucy started going down on Jeff. Soon Gil said he wanted to do a sixty-nine. Jeff said that was a good idea and the four of them got down on the carpet.

It didn’t take Wanda long to spasm under Gil’s lavish oral attentions. She didn’t try to make him climax, sure that it was too soon for him.

Wanda saw that Lucy and Jeff had shifted around and were fucking. She got on her back beside Lucy and Gil began fucking her. She hoped Jeff and Gil wouldn’t wait too long to start doing what she wanted them to do.

After a couple of minutes Jeff stopped pouring the meat to Lucy and said he thought it was time he and Gil plugged both of Wanda’s holes. Gil said that he was ready. After both men had withdrawn their hard cocks, Wanda asked how they were going to go about it. Lucy said it’d be a good idea for Gil to shove his cock into Wanda’s asshole first. Jeff and Gil both agreed.

Wanda got on her hands and knees. Gil got behind her and placed the blunt end of his already wet and slippery cock against her anal opening. She relaxed as much as possible.

Gil applied a steady pressure and his cockhead popped past the tight elastic ring. There wasn’t much pain, not even when the slippery cock plowed in and buried deep in her rectum. Gil then locked his arms around Wanda’s waist, rolled them over on their sides, then surprised her by rolling over on his back.

On her back on top of Gil, his stiff cock poking up her twitching asshole, Wanda returned her husband’s smile as he got into position to penetrate her quivering cunt with his big stiff prick. She whimpered with pleasure as Jeff slowly shoved his hard organ into her clinging pussy.

Wanda wrapped her arms and legs tightly around her husband. She could feel the two hard cocks as they stroked each other through the thin membrane separating her vaginal and anal canals. The sensation was truly delightful. They rolled over on their sides and her husband pressed his parted lips to hers. She returned the passionate, tongue-probing kiss while thrilling to the way both of her sensitive holes were filled with hard and throbbing male meat.

Wanda thrilled to the wonderful sensation of having two throbbing cocks working inside her at the same time as Jeff and Gil began fucking her. Within thirty seconds Wanda pulled her mouth and tongue from Jeff’s as she hunched and wriggled through a series of shuddering spasms.

“It’s really great, isn’t it, Wanda?”

Wanda looked up and saw Lucy kneeling behind Jeff. She suddenly wanted to add to the ecstasy she was experiencing by shoving her tongue into Lucy’s sweet snatch. Jeff and Gil had stopped moving, leaving their pulsating pricks buried deep.

“Maybe Jeff and Gil can pull their heads back so I can get my mouth to your cunt,” Wanda said. “Then it’d be even greater!”

Jeff and Gil quickly made room for Lucy to carry out Wanda’s wishes. As Wanda began lapping Lucy’s cunt, then sucking Lucy’s elongated clit, Jeff and Gil began fucking Wanda again.

Wanda felt Gil’s cock jerking spasmodically and shooting his hot cream into her clutching asshole. An instant later Jeff’s cock jerked erratically as he shot his hot cream into her clutching cunt. Then, as Wanda melted into another entire series of blissful orgasms, Lucy spasmed, increasing Wanda’s pleasure even more and she fleetingly thought that heaven couldn’t possibly be any better.



The next day was Saturday. Wanda had prepared a light lunch and she was also ready to tell her husband about George and Ruby–and Baron.

There hadn’t been any sex that morning, by mutual consent, and before leaving for work Jeff had said he’d find out what Ted and Patsy had planned for that evening. She’d told him that anything they’d planned would be all right with her, as she’d made up her mind to settle things concerning her aunt and uncle during the afternoon.

“I told Ted about Gil and Lucy, Wanda. He’s eager to meet them and I promised to call and set a time and place. This evening, if possible, and I guess we should’ve talked to Gil and Lucy about it last night. We should’ve found out if they’re free tonight, I mean.”

“I’m sure they’ll be ready on a moment’s notice,” Wanda said. “As soon as they get home, that is, as they went somewhere today.”

Wanda and Jeff had finished eating and were having a second cup of coffee. Wanda had been searching for words to bring up the subject foremost in her mind.

“I guess we can just take it easy this afternoon,” Jeff said, grinning. “I don’t mind telling you that I’m going to have to pace myself a little better than I did last night.”

“There can always be too much of a good thing,” Wanda said. “So I’ve heard, anyway. I’ve never seemed to be able to get enough sex, though.”

“Not even with Rex’s help?” Jeff asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Oh, I haven’t suffered,” Wanda said, smiling. “Actually, you’ve done a damned good job of taking care of my sexual needs, honey. It’s just that I used Rex for the extra pleasure I wanted and often because I wanted to take it a little easier on you and your strength.”

“You were going to tell me how you started having sex with a dog,” Jeff said. “Before we go any further, I want you to know that I’m not condemning you or anything like that, Wanda. It’s just that I still don’t understand how you happened to learn to enjoy being lapped and fucked by an animal.”

“There have only been two animals,” Wanda said. “Two dogs, that is. Rex and Baron.”

“The Great Dane? Your uncle’s dog?”

“And my aunt’s dog, Jeff. I caught her making it with Baron not long after I went to live with Ruby and George. I was fascinated by the exciting sight and I practically demanded that she let me in on the fun. Later I got Rex, and Ruby helped me train him.”

“Have you been visiting your aunt and letting Baron fuck you all the time, Wanda?”

“No,” Wanda said. “I’ve only gone there for that purpose one time and that was after we decided to swap. I guess I’d better tell you now that Ruby also introduced me to the pleasures of lesbian sex. George knew about Ruby having sex with Baron, of course, and he went along with it just as you have gone along with the idea of me making it with Rex.”

“George knows about you making it with Ruby and the dogs?”

“Yes,” Wanda said, knowing that the next few words could possibly ruin everything. Her husband might not accept incest so easily– “Next you’ll be telling me that you’ve been having sex with your uncle since you were just a kid,” Jeff said, a frown flickering across his handsome features.

“I only did so again after you and I agreed to swap,” Wanda said, almost holding her breath. “George came home while I was with Ruby and the three of us had a session. It was like old times and I’ve never been ashamed just because George is my uncle.”

After a short silence Jeff let out a little laugh, then said, “I guess I’ve heard everything now!”

“Just about,” Wanda said, sure that her husband was going to take everything in stride. “I told them about the swapping and they’re going to let me know whether or not they decide to join us. Ruby would like to make it with you, I know, and I can’t imagine you turning her down.”

“She’s a hot-looking dish,” Jeff said. “I’d be nuts to turn her down, but I can’t seem to get used to the idea of you making it with your own uncle.”

“I can’t help you much along those lines,” Wanda said.

Wanda went on with more details, telling just about everything there was to tell, including the size of George’s cock. Jeff listened in silence, his face slightly flushed at first.

“I still don’t know just how I feel about the incest,” Jeff said. “I’ve always thought it was terrible–because I’ve been taught so, I suppose but you seem happy and that’s the only important thing as far as I’m concerned.”

“I’ve been hoping you’d feel that way,” Wanda said. “You’ll really go for Ruby, honey. Now all we have to do is hope that George and Ruby will go along with the swapping.”

“When are you to find out?” Jeff asked.

“I think we should go to their house this afternoon. Right now. We’ll prove that we’ve adjusted and it’ll make it easier for them to make up their minds. Besides, I can always threaten blackmail.”

“I wouldn’t want you to do that, Wanda.”

“I’m glad you feel that way,” Wanda said. “I never have blackmailed them and I never will.”

They were in the car and on the way within a half an hour. Wanda knew that Jeff was nervous. She couldn’t blame him. She was a little worried about how he might treat George after finding out about the incest.

George wasn’t home. Ruby greeted them in her usual cheerful manner, even though she kept casting questioning looks Wanda’s way.

“This is a pleasant surprise,” Ruby said after they were in the living room, she in an easy chair and Wanda and Jeff on a couch. “George should be here soon. He said he’d be home early in the afternoon. Have you eaten?”

“We had lunch,” Wanda said. “Have you and George made up your minds?”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean,” Ruby said, glancing at Jeff, then looking back at Wanda.

“Yes, you do,” Wanda said, smiling and putting a hand on Jeff’s nearest thigh. “I’ve told Jeff everything, Ruby. We’ve swapped with two different couples already and we really enjoyed ourselves. Gil and Lucy came over last night and we brought Rex into the house. Jeff got a bang out of watching the dog humping me, didn’t you, honey?”

“I got a bang out of everything,” Jeff said. “I’ll admit that I was a little disturbed by the news about George having sex with Wanda, but I don’t blame him. Hell, I guess he would’ve been nuts to turn down a young girl just because she happened to be his niece.”

Ruby’s pretty face was flushed and her eyes had followed Wanda’s hand. Wanda had slipped her hand over into Jeff’s lap and was stroking his cock through his clothes. His big prick was lifting into an erection. Wanda saw Ruby’s tongue come out and circle her lips.

Wanda tugged the zipper down and fished Jeff’s semi-hard cock out into the open. A few strokes with her fingers had the big organ thrusting stiffly.

“Did you and George make a decision?” Wanda asked.

“He said he’d leave it up to me,” Ruby said, her eyes remaining on Jeff’s prick and Wanda’s slowly moving fist.

“You don’t have to wait for my horny uncle to get here,” Wanda said, removing her clenched lingers from Jeff’s rigid cock. “I finally had a chance to try a double fuck last night and I enjoyed it very much. Gil fucked me in the rear while Jeff pronged my pussy. At the same time I managed to go down on Lucy. I know you’ll like Lucy’s sweet snatch. You’ll also go for Patsy and her husband, Ted.”

Jeff said, “Don’t talk so much, Wanda. If Ruby isn’t interested in sucking my cock, you shouldn’t try and make her sexy-hot enough to do so with words. Maybe she’d just like to watch you give me a blow-job. We’ve gone too far now for me to just tuck my cock away and try to get it to go down without shooting off.”

Ruby covered the short distance to Jeff’s thrusting tool in about two seconds. While she was dropping to her knees and grabbing his hard cock, he scooted his ass to the edge of the couch.

Wanda watched as Ruby licked Jeff’s swollen cockhead, then slipped one hand inside and pulled his heavy balls out into the open. Jeff let out a little gasp as Ruby opened her mouth wide and engulfed his blood-engorged glans. He looked at Wanda and she smiled and winked. He grinned and put his hands on Ruby’s head.

Ruby started taking more of Jeff’s stiff cock into her greedily sucking mouth. Remembering that her aunt seldom wore panties around the house, Wanda decided that she might as well give and receive pleasure while Ruby was giving Jeff a blow-job. She slipped from the couch and got down behind her aunt.

Wanda lifted Ruby’s dress, her own excitement soaring as she saw Ruby’s lovely bare buttocks. Ruby hiked her ass up and back. Wanda bunched the dress around Ruby’s waist and began caressing the sleek ass-flesh. Ruby’s head kept bobbing and Jeff met Wanda’s eyes.

“Your lovely aunt really is an expert at the art of fellatio, Wanda. Your uncle’s a very lucky man. So am I, for that matter.”

“I was wondering if you’d get around to admitting that,” Wanda said. “You aren’t in any danger of ejaculating right away, are you?”

“No,” Jeff said. “Thanks to all the action last night I’m good for ten, maybe fifteen minutes without even having to hold back.”

Wanda had only asked the question for Ruby’s benefit. Wanda leaned over and began kissing Ruby’s uplifted buttocks. Ruby wriggled her ass slightly, obviously to indicate that she appreciated the oral attentions, and Wanda had the sudden urge to perform analingus.

Parting Ruby’s firm ass-cheeks with her fingers, Wanda gazed at the tiny puckered anus. By using a mirror she’d seen that her own anal opening was just as small, yet she’d always been able to take her uncle’s big organ without any damage being done. Jeff’s equally huge cock had never caused anything except temporary pain, either.

Wanda licked the crack of Ruby’s ass and centered the tip of her stiffened tongue on the aperture. She jabbed insistently and managed to penetrate at least an inch into the hot, tight hole. While tongue-fucking her aunt in that manner, Wanda inserted a finger into her lovely aunt’s cunt.

It didn’t take long for Wanda to send Ruby melting into an orgasm. After pulling her finger from Ruby’s juicy and clinging cunt and her tongue from Ruby’s twitching asshole, Wanda swiped her tongue up through the gaping gash before pulling her face back.

Meeting Jeff’s passion-filmed eyes, then looking at Ruby’s bobbing head, Wanda said that maybe they should all go to a bedroom and get naked. Ruby pulled her mouth from Jeff’s rigid cock and said they could get naked right there. Jeff said that he wanted to taste Ruby’s pussy before they took the time to remove their clothes.

Ruby was letting go of Jeff’s stiff, saliva-coated cock and his heavy balls and getting to her feet. Holding her dress up around her waist, Ruby pushed her crotch forward. Still on her knees, Wanda moved around where she could watch her husband lapping her aunt’s tasty twat.

“Your handsome husband’s an expert at the art of cunnilingus, Wanda!”

“He could do even better if you were down on your back,” Wanda said. “I hope you’re glad that we barged in on you like this, Ruby.”

“Happy is a better word,” Ruby said. “George will be happy, too.”

Jeff pulled his tongue from Ruby’s cunt and said that he wanted to do some fucking. Ruby stepped back and whipped her dress off over her head. While Ruby was freeing her titties, and Jeff was voicing his approval of the big mounds, Wanda started taking off Jeff’s shoes and socks. It didn’t take Jeff long to shuck out of his clothes.

Ruby was down on the carpet on her back, her knees lifted and parted. He dropped down to his knees, gave her time to do the guiding, then plunged his hard, glistening tool into her hotbox.

Jeff and Ruby fucked for a couple of minutes, their mouths glued together, their fingers clutching at each other, then Ruby jerked her mouth from Jeff’s and said that she was about to climax. Jeff poured the meat to her at a faster clip and kept on pounding away for at least thirty seconds after she stopped moving.

“Let me take care of you, Wanda! You must be steaming, honey!”

Wanda was steaming, but she hadn’t removed her clothes. Knowing what Ruby wanted to do caused Wanda to quickly strip herself naked, though. Jeff, his cock still buried deep in Ruby’s pussy, did offer to fuck Wanda to and through a climax, but she told him that there’d undoubtedly be plenty of time for fucking later.

“With George’s big cock, I hope,” Wanda added as she got on her knees and straddled Ruby’s head.

Her buttocks toward Jeff, Wanda lowered her crotch down to Ruby’s face. Wanda’s cunt settled down over Ruby’s mouth. Wanda had often enjoyed that position with George and Ruby and she knew that Jeff wouldn’t have to be told what to do.

Just as Ruby snaked her tongue into Wanda’s quivering cunt, Jeff jabbed his stiffened tongue against Wanda’s twitching anus. Wanda thrilled to the two tongues working away in her two sensitive holes.

Wanda had a blissful orgasm in a matter of seconds, but the two tongues kept right on probing and Jeff kept right on fucking Ruby. It was then when Wanda saw George entering the room.

Wanda put a finger to her lips. Smiling broadly, George moved closer. Wanda motioned with her hand and he understood that she wanted him to remove his clothes. He did so, quickly and quietly, his eyes flicking here and there on the three moving bodies. Then, his big cock poking proudly, he moved close and kneeled where Wanda could easily get her mouth on his hard cock.

Wanda grabbed the stiff shaft and took the enlarged cockhead into her mouth. Sucking and twirling her tongue, Wanda continued to move along with the two tongues giving her such great pleasure. Ruby and Jeff were both caressing her buttocks, and George’s fingers were stroking her hair and head.

Ruby’s tongue had been flicking at Wanda’s erect clit now and then. When Ruby again began sucking the very sensitive organ, Wanda soon spasmed again. She sucked George’s cock even more greedily, knowing it was too soon for him to ejaculate, but unable to keep from trying for a spurting reward anyway.

Shortly after, Wanda felt Jeff pull his tongue from her twitching asshole. She heard George say, “Hello, Jeff. You seem to be having a good time with my wife.”

“And you seem to be having a good time with my wife, George.”

Even as Wanda pulled her mouth from George’s hard cock, she knew that everything was going to be all right from the tone of their voices. Lifting her cunt from Ruby’s mouth and tongue, Wanda let go of George’s stiff prick and moved until she was sitting on the carpet.

Ruby looked up at her husband, licked her wet lips, and smiled. “Hi, honey. You left it up to me, you know, and you should’ve known what a hot-ass like me would decide.”

“You made the decision I wanted you to make,” George said, chuckling. “Don’t let me stop anything, Ruby–Jeff. Go on and finish your fuck.”

“I’ve already climaxed at least three times,” Ruby said. “But you can prong me through another orgasm if you want to, Jeff. Do you think you can make it light away?”

“I haven’t started holding back yet,” Jeff said. “I think I could blast off if I started concentrating.”

“There’s no hurry,” Ruby said. “In fact, I’d like to finish you off with my mouth.”

Jeff and Ruby had been watching as George got down between Wanda’s parted legs. They continued to watch as Wanda put a hand down and placed George’s cockhead between her moist cuntal lips. George eased his big cock in slowly, inch by inch, and Wanda sensed that her husband was getting a special kick out of the fact that she was taking her uncle’s big cock into her eagerly welcoming cunt.

When George started fucking Wanda, Jeff began pronging Ruby again. It didn’t take very long for Wanda to spasm. She bucked and lurched wildly and returned George’s feverish, tongue-lashing kiss. His cock was still hard when he stopped pumping. Wanda saw that Jeff had also stopped pumping his cock in Ruby’s pussy.

Ruby announced that Jeff hadn’t ejaculated. Wanda said that George’s cock was also still loaded, then suggested that she suck George off while Ruby went down on Jeff all the way. Jeff said that he wanted to do with Ruby what he’d often done with Wanda.

“George has also fucked me between my breasts,” Wanda said.

“I didn’t mean to imply that he hadn’t,” Jeff said, smiling, then pulling his cock from Ruby’s cunt and moving until his ass and balls were resting lightly on her upper body. He placed his wet prick in the deep valley and she used her hands to push her titties inward to form a snug sheath.

Jeff began making little hunching movements, driving his swollen glans into Ruby’s mouth, giving her a few seconds to suck before pulling back. George withdrew his hard cock and positioned himself in the same manner on Wanda. She wrapped her breasts around his cock, then opened her mouth to take his blood-engorged cockhead when he thrust forward.

After a couple of minutes George said that he wanted to do a sixty-nine and finish that way. Jeff said he liked the idea and twisted around and buried his face in Ruby’s crotch while George was twisting around and mashing his mouth to Wanda’s cunt.

George and Jeff climaxed at the same time. Wanda could hear Ruby gulping down Jeff’s hot cream while she was making just as much noise gulping down George’s thick jism. Wanda spasmed under George’s lapping tongue and sucking mouth and she was sure that Ruby enjoyed a blissful release under Jeff’s equally educated tongue and mouth.

After the four of them had recovered, they made plans for the future. It was decided that Wanda and Jeff were to move in with Ruby and George as soon as possible. It was also decided that they have a party that evening. Jeff said he’d call Ted and Patsy, and Wanda said she’d call Gil and Lucy.

Jeff then said he’d like to see Baron in action. George slipped his pants on and went after the Great Dane. Wanda took on the big dog first, letting him lap her cunt before and after fucking her to a spurting finish, then Ruby enjoyed a session with the big horny animal.

Wanda was as happy as she’d ever been in her life.



Wanda Stanford was sitting in a big easy chair. She was naked, as were all the people in the large living room, and she was looking around at the various sexual activities. She was also having her cunt lapped. The man kneeling on the carpet between her legs and greedily tonguing her quivering snatch had never been to one of the swapping parties before.

His name was Hal Brooks. He was a good-looking man of thirty. His wife, Nancy, was only twenty. Nancy was a blonde. She had a beautiful face to go with her beautifully-stacked body. At the moment Nancy was in a far corner of the room with George. She was greedily sucking George’s big cock while Jeff fucked her dog-fashion.

It was Saturday evening, three months after Wanda and Jeff had moved in with George and Ruby. It’d been a case of returning home where Wanda was concerned and she knew that Jeff liked the setup just as much as she did.

It was one of many sex parties during the past three months. All the parties weren’t held at her uncle’s house, but Wanda knew that most of the swappers liked it best when they were. There was plenty of room, but most important–to the wives, especially–was the fact that Rex and Baron were always handy.

Wanda figured that somebody would suggest bringing the dogs in at just about any time. The party had already been going on for almost three hours. Hal had already gone down on her once, just before putting the blocks to her and pounding away to a spurting finish.

Ruby, now engaged in a round-robin with Lucy and Patsy, had made sure that very little of Hal’s cream had been wasted. Wanda had gone to the bathroom to freshen herself, returned and flopped down in the easy chair to take a little rest, but s he hadn’t protested when Hal had dropped down between her legs without even asking.

Gil and Ted were resting, their cocks limber, their eyes taking in the erotic sights, but Wanda knew they’d soon again be participating in some manner. There were only two other couples at the party. So far. More would probably arrive later. Wanda had kept track of the number of different sex partners she’d had during the past three months.

There’d been eight males and eight females. Along with those she’d enjoyed before, of course. All of the husbands had lapped her cunt, but only five of the wives had performed cunnilingus on her. The other three preferred not to delve their tongues into a cunt, but all liked to have their cunts lapped by another female as well as by other husbands. All the wives were also cocksuckers, all swallowing the jism as far as Wanda knew. She’d already enjoyed a sixty-nine session with Nancy and she was looking forward to making it with the beautiful blonde again and again.

She’d enjoyed herself with the other two wives at various times–as well as liking to make it with the two husbands. John and Sue were married to each other, as were Bill and Candy, but at the moment they’d switched around, each man fucking the other’s wife in the on-top position.

Wanda knew what they’d soon be doing, as she’d often observed them doing it at the parties. Since the two couples got along so well, she couldn’t understand why they never got together at any time other than at the parties. She’d found that even the most free-wheeling swappers had certain rules they lived by, though, and she seldom questioned the behavior of anybody where sex was concerned.

John suddenly began fucking Candy fast and furiously, with her wriggling her ass wildly and matching him thrust for thrust, and seconds later Bill and Sue began their swift movements on the final drive to a blistering finish. As soon as the two men recovered and pulled their cocks from the flooded cunts, the wives took the time to clean the two softening pricks with their tongues, then quickly got into the sixty-nine position.

“I’m going to have to rest my tongue, Wanda, as much as I hate to pull my mouth from your delightful pussy. You taste so much like Nancy is one reason I’ve been at you so much. As well as the truth that I enjoy lapping a cunt just about as much as I do fucking one.”

Wanda met Hal’s dark, passion-filmed eyes. He hadn’t gone to her clit. He’d just been laving his tongue over her pussy lips and licking the folds of inner cuntflesh now and then.

“I guess you know that I’ve just been coasting,” she said, smiling.

“That’s okay,” Hal said, licking his wet lips and grinning. “I often go to sleep with my face buried in Nancy’s crotch. Your blondeness reminds me of her, too.”

“How about Nancy?” Wanda asked “Can she go to sleep with your mouth on her pussy?”

“If she has had plenty of orgasms,” Hal said. “Is it true that George is your real uncle? Ted told me that, but I didn’t know whether or not to believe it. I thought he might be your uncle by marriage.”

“Ruby’s my aunt by marriage,” Wanda said. “Most people are strangely fascinated when they find out that George is my real uncle. I guess incest turns them on and brings thoughts about their own close relatives popping into their minds. Unwanted thoughts, I imagine, as I can understand why people wouldn’t want to practice incest.”

“I have a secret that few people know about,” Hal said. “In fact, I’ve only told Nancy. I’ve been having sex with my older sister since we were kids.”

Wanda thought of Ted’s sister, Mavis. She’d been with the lovely blonde one time. That had been at the Morris apartment with only Mavis and Patsy there with her–and Mavis had never kept her promise to attend one of the parties. Mavis was just about completely hooked on lesbianism, Wanda knew, and she was thankful the same thing hadn’t happened to her.

“Your secret’s safe with me,” Wanda said, remembering how she’d managed to keep from even telling Jeff about Lucy having sex with her own father. “Why did you tell me, Hal? Because you thought I’d understand? I do, of course, but I don’t happen to be ashamed of having incestuous relations with my uncle.”

“I’m not ashamed, Wanda. It’s just that Nancy and I are a little worried about my sister. About her mental state, I mean. She’s ashamed and has guilty feelings and we thought if she could talk to you and see how well you’re adjusted–” Wanda told him to bring his sister around any time, that she’d be glad to see if she could help in some way. Hal thanked her and she saw that Ruby, Lucy, and Patsy had broken their tight little circle and were resting.

Candy and Sue had moved over to the couch, both kneeling, with Candy sucking Gil’s cock and Sue going down on Ted. Bill and John were watching as their wives performed fellatio. Nancy had stopped sucking George’s big cock, to rest her jaws, but she was still holding onto the shaft and licking the knob.

Jeff was behind Nancy, and Wanda knew he was resting with his hard cock buried in the beautiful girl’s pussy. Her husband could last longer than any man there–except for George, of course, and her uncle’s age helped him time a climax almost at will.

“Ted also told me about the dogs, Wanda. I’m not sure I want Nancy to try that kind of sex.”

“That’s up to you,” Wanda said, meeting Hal’s eyes. “Maybe I should’ve said that it’s up to Nancy, Hal. In any case, she won’t be forced to do anything, that’s for sure, and you’d better not make any derogatory remarks now or when you see the dogs in action.”

“I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Hal said. “I told Nancy that I’d leave it up to her. Actually, I have nothing against the wives making it with dogs. I just know that Nancy has always been afraid of animals and I’m afraid she might chicken out at the last moment and cause a scene.”

“There won’t be a bad scene,” Wanda said. “Both dogs are easy to handle and if Nancy changes her mind at the last moment nobody will blame her.”

“Do all the wives let the dogs fuck them,” Hal asked, his gaze dropping back down to Wanda’s crotch.

“All those who have been here at a party,” Wanda said. “I think there are a few swapping couples I have yet to meet. Lucy and Gil even bought a dog. They got a young pup, though, and he isn’t quite old enough to fuck. Lucy and I have been teaching him to lap our cunts, though. He’s a Doberman, like Rex, and it won’t be long before we’ll have him humping us.”

Hal had continued to caress Wanda’s hips and thighs with his fingers. Wanda could tell that he was just about to start muff-diving again. Remembering that she hadn’t tasted his cream, and figuring that he should be ready to ejaculate after eating her pussy for what seemed like a long time, she told him that if he’d stand she’d give him a blow-job.

Saying that he’d really appreciate it if she’d suck him all the way off, Hal planted a wet kiss on Wanda’s slightly puffy pussy lips and got to his feet. His cock was thrusting stiffly. She judged the hard organ to be a little under seven inches in length. His balls were much bigger than average and he’d dumped a lot of jism when he’d fucked her.

The moment she took Hal’s swollen cockhead into her mouth Wanda knew that he wouldn’t last long. She could feel the shaft throbbing as she wrapped her hand around that rigid meat and muscle. She laved her tongue over the most sensitive spots while she started a gentle suction and fondled the testicles.

She hadn’t been sucking for more than a minute before she felt the tell-tale expansion. She’d been concentrating on the enlarged crown. She sucked more greedily and took more of the pulsing prick into her hungry mouth.

Hal let out a groan and hunched forward as his cock jerked erratically and the jism gushed out. Wanda milked the jerking shaft while gulping down the hot, thick cream and squeezing the heavy balls. She kept sucking until she’d drained all Hal had to offer, then she let his limber prick slip from between her lips.

Hal immediately dropped down and mashed his mouth against her cunt. But just as he snaked his hot and slippery tongue into her snatch, she heard her name called by Nancy.

She looked over and saw that Hal’s wife had pulled away from George, and Jeff had moved over and was fucking Candy dog-fashion while Candy was still sucking Gil’s cock. George’s big cock was still jutting proudly and glistening with saliva.

“Yes?” Wanda replied.

“Maybe I’d better wait to tell you why I called to you,” Nancy said, her eyes on her husband’s bobbing head. “I did so just as my cunt-happy husband started on you.”

“I can talk while I’m having my twat tongued,” Wanda said. “Your cunt-happy husband is very good, by the way, and it’s very easy to tell that he has had a lot of practice.”

“He has,” Nancy said, meeting Wanda’s eyes and smiling; “With many females other than me, too. When he finishes you off, I’d like to see you make it with George.”

Wanda couldn’t answer right away. Hal had gone to her elongated clitoris with his tongue and lips. She grabbed his head with both hands and clamped her upper teeth down over her full lower lip as the bubble burst into a million tiny pieces.

Nancy’s request hadn’t surprised Wanda at all. Each new swapping couple she’d met had been eager to see her having sex with her uncle. The wives had usually shown even more interest than the husbands. Sometimes she thought some of them might have an uncle of their own they secretly desired. Or maybe an older brother–or even a father.

She knew that many younger women found older men attractive. Partly because of age and experience, but George was the only older man she’d ever had, and the only one she’d ever wanted.

As soon as Hal pulled his mouth and tongue from Wanda’s cunt and lifted his head from between her thighs, she asked if he’d heard his wife’s words. He grinned and said that his ears hadn’t been plugged with sweet pussy juice.

George was stretched out on his back, his big cock jutting toward the ceiling. Wanda got up and walked over to her uncle. He returned her smile and she got down and straddled him in a squatting position, her cunt directly over his thrusting tool. Using one hand to place the blunt knob on target, she slowly lowered and engulfed the delightful joystick all the way to the hilt.

She bounced up and down rhythmically, and George reached up and fondled her thrusting, hard-tipped breasts. She enjoyed the many eyes on her, especially Nancy’s–and Hal’s. The other people in the room had seen her with her uncle many times.

Wanda didn’t bounce long enough to spasm, and she knew that George wasn’t ready to ejaculate. She dismounted, licked her cunt juices from the huge pleasure-prong, then filled her mouth with the hard male meat. She sucked until she heard Nancy tell her to please stop.

“I labored like hell and I think I should have his stuff,” Nancy said when Wanda pulled her mouth from George’s still cock.

“I think you’re right,” Wanda said. “Don’t you agree, George?”

Grinning, Wanda’s uncle said that he did agree, then he entangled his fingers in Nancy’s hair when she started performing fellatio.

Wanda didn’t get a chance to see Nancy taking George’s spurting cream. Bill and John came over and wanted to know if she’d join them in a threesome. She went down on Bill while John fucked her dog-fashion. They lasted for at least five minutes and she thrilled to a spasmodic orgasm just as one cock exploded in her clutching cunt and the other one sprayed her tonsils.

Patsy was right there, pushing Wanda over on her back as soon as she pulled her mouth from Bill’s limp, drained cock and John had pulled his limp, drained cock from her overflowing cunt. Patsy was doing a good job of cleaning her pussy.

Shortly after, Wanda had decided to go to the bathroom to do a better job of cleaning herself. She heard Ruby announce that there’d been a request for Baron and Rex. George, sitting upright and his cock limber, said that he’d go get the dogs.

Jeff said that he’d go with George. Wanda got up and hurried to the bathroom. She stood at the wash basin and did a good job, sure that there’d be more oral sex, and she was back in the living room before Jeff and George returned with the dogs.

All the sexual activities had stopped. Wanda knew that there would’ve had to been a period of rest for the men if there hadn’t been any dogs. But all of the swappers, both male and female, liked to take time out from their own sexual pleasures to watch an exhibition of bestiality.

George soon entered with Baron, holding onto the Great Dane’s collar, and Jeff was right behind with Rex, also holding the Doberman’s collar. Both dogs behaved very well. Wanda remained in the background, deciding to let somebody else handle the big animals while they lapped and fucked.

Lucy and Patsy volunteered to help with the mounting, Lucy grabbing Rex’s collar and Patsy taking a firm grip on Baron’s collar. Ruby asked Nancy if she’d like to take on one of the dogs. Nancy, obviously a little frightened, said that she’d rather wait and see some action before making up her mind.

Sue dropped down on her hands and knees, wriggled her ass, and said that she wanted Baron because his cock was a little thicker and had a bigger knot. Candy got down a few feet from Sue, her uplifted ass pointed in the same direction, and s aid that she liked to be fucked by one of the dogs.

Patsy let Baron move forward and start licking Sue’s gaping gash and puckered asshole, then Lucy let Rex get his long wet tongue on Candy’s pussy and anus. Nancy laughed nervously and said she thought she’d like that sensation. Ruby then told the staring beauty not to experiment if she didn’t really want to.

Both dogs had gone without sex since the day before. Wanda, along with the other onlookers, saw the two cocks come creeping out of the protective sheaths soon after the lapping started.

As soon as both cocks were pulling all the way out, and after Sue and Candy had both said they were more than ready to be fucked, Lucy and Patsy let go of the collars and helped the horny and eager dogs mount up.

Lucy dropped to her knees and guided Rex’s jabbing prick into Candy’s pussy, while Patsy got on her knees and steered Baron’s jabbing cock into Sue’s cunt. Both big dogs started right out humping at their usual fast pace and both females moaned loudly while hunching along with the swift thrusts.

As soon as the dogs ejaculated, both at about the same time, Candy and Sue crawled out from under the big animals and flipped over on their backs. Rex went right to Candy’s jism-filled snatch and began lapping and Baron was right there scooping his cream up from Sue’s twat. Nancy said that she wanted to be fucked by–one of the dogs.

“Are you sure?” Hal asked. “You’ve always been scared of dogs, you know.”

“I’m too hot to be scared now,” Nancy said. “Besides, they didn’t do any harm to Candy and Sue, did they?”

Wanda saw that Hal’s cock was hard again. She also knew that the other men either had erections or would soon have a hard-on.

“Both cocks are still hard,” Ruby said as Lucy and Patsy pulled the two dogs back from the two glistening female crotches. “Which dog would you prefer, Nancy? The Doberman or the Great Dane?”

“Hell, I don’t care! If I like it, I might want to take on both of them!”

“Get down on your back and let them both take a turn lapping your cunt,” Ruby told Nancy. “That’ll help you get used to them and will also feel damned good.”

Nancy quickly followed Ruby’s instructions. Lucy and Patsy let the dogs take turns lapping the beautiful girl’s sweet cunt. While Rex had his tongue busy, Nancy said she was ready to be fucked.

As soon as Rex had been pulled back out of the way, Nancy got on her hands and knees. Lucy helped the Doberman mount Nancy and she was soon moaning and moving right along with the animal’s swift thrusts.

“God, but this is great!” Nancy exclaimed. “I can feel the knot! Oh, Hal, you’re going to have to buy me a fucking dog!”

Hal had moved close to Wanda and was caressing her ass while watching the dog humping his beautiful wife. He laughed and said he’d buy Nancy two dogs, then asked if it’d be all right if his wife took on the Great Dane next.

“I don’t think anybody will mind,” Ruby said. “Since this is a first for Nancy all the women can understand her eagerness to have the special pleasure go on and on.”

George chuckled and said that the dogs would be ready for another session in an hour or so, then Jeff said all the other hot-ass wives would just have to wait if Nancy wanted to take on Baron right away.

There weren’t any objections and when Rex got his gun he wasn’t given a chance to go after his cream. As soon as he’d dismounted, Lucy and Patsy both helped Baron get his hard-knotted prick in Nancy’s flooded cunt. She moved with the Great Dane just as energetically as she had with the Doberman. She gasped and moaned.

Hal put his mouth close to Wanda’s ear and asked if she’d help train the dog he meant to get for Nancy. She said that she would on one condition.

“Name it,” Hal said.

“Forget your greediness for pussy juice for now and fuck me,” Wanda said. “I’m really steaming from watching the dogs fucking up a storm and–” Hal broke off Wanda’s words with a passionate kiss, and they dropped down onto the soft carpet. They fucked long and blissfully, and just before they shared a mutual climax, Wanda decided she’d suggest that Hal buy a German shepherd for Nancy.

Variety was the spice of life and she’d also like to try a Collie in the not-too-distant future–the future–she knew was going to continue to be a happy one for her and all of her sex partners.

The End

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