Niece’s Dog Fun

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PB-353 Niece’s Dog Fun by Bob Wallace


Today’s middle-class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents’ so-called “mature” lifestyles. The mark is made, the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family and its gradual progression toward debauchery where what others think means nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these parents and their children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily norm. But is it? Not for the characters in this story—outwardly yes, but in reality no.

NIECE’S DOG FUN—a novel which reveals what is really happening behind the closed doors throughout America.

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Dawn wiggled under the covers and sighed as she pushed her panties down over her slim hips. Her small, trembling hands dipped between her juicy thighs and a tremor swept through her young body. She kicked off her panties as pussy cream greeted her exploring fingers.

“So hot,” she moaned. “So hot.” She stroked her virgin pussy gash, coating her fingers in the creamy juice of her sizzling teenaged pussy. “So fucking hot!”

Kicking the covers off of herself, her young slender body quaked. Legs spread wide, she rolled her hips as soft, panting gasps came from her moist lips. The pink slit of her cunt dripped and the puffy folds glistened with the filmy juice of her overheated cunthole.

Frantic, she yanked off her nightie and tossed it on the floor. Her tits, creamy and plump, jiggled. The swollen pink nipples ached and she brought one quivering hand to the soft meat of her tits.

“God!” she moaned.

She squeezed her tits and fondled her cunt. Her body shuddered, stiffened, then twitched as waves of pleasure swept over her. Juice from her pulsing cunt oozed from her pussyhole, soaking her fingers and dripping down to the crack of her swiveling ass.

Concentrating on her sizzling pussy, Dawn smeared the sticky cream from her cunt over her blood-swollen clit. She gasped as her clit pulsed and the inside of her cunt contracted.

“Cock,” she said huskily, conjuring up an image of a stiff prick in her lust-sopped brain. “Cock!”

Dawn spasmed as her body writhed. Her tongue flicked across her lips as she dipped her fingers into her virgin pussyhole. Cherry skin blocked her path and she moaned with frustration.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck!”

Eyelids fluttering, her blue eyes widened. Pupils dilated, her head snapped from side to side as her silky blonde hair swished across her flushed, innocent face.

“I wanna cock,” she mouthed. “I wanna cock.”

Out of her head, she crawled out of bed and stumbled to the dresser. Wild-eyed, she stared at her naked reflection in the mirror as she grabbed a hairbrush and jammed it between her juicy thighs.

“Jesus,” she moaned as tiny spastic orgasms whipped through her virgin body. “Jesus!”

Hot panting gasps rushed from her drooling lips as she watched her plump tits jiggle. She swayed, her head spinning as she dragged the brush across her puffy cunt lips and clit.

“Oooo… shit!”

Her legs turned to rubber and she melted to the floor as her hot young body began twitching out of control. She twisted on her back, torturing herself with the hairbrush.

“I wanna get fucked. I wanna get fucked.”

Pussy cream flowed from her cunt. Hips jerking, tits flopping, she pushed the brush handle into her pussy. She gasped as her path was blocked with the skin of her virginity.


She jerked the handle from her pussy and attacked her clit with the bristly hairs. Spasms racked her hot flesh and she thought for a second her nipples would burst. Her back arched and she moaned as everything started spinning.

Squirming, she rolled to her stomach and bucked her hips. Her blood-swollen clit brushed against the nap of the carpet as she teased her puckered asshole with the handle of the brush.

“Yesss,” she hissed as she pushed the handle against her twitching crack. “Yesss.”

Writhing, she mangled her tits into the rug. The rough nap made her nipples ache and her clit pulse. She pushed the handle into her ass and her blue eyes seemed to pop from their sockets.

“Christ,” she gasped as her asshole muscles attacked the handle. “Oooo… Christ!”

Twisting on her stomach, she jerked her ass back and fucked herself on the handle of the brush. Her mouth drooled and her cunt overflowed.

“I wanna cock!” Her tongue whipped across her lips. “I wanna cock!”

With the handle stuck up her ass, Dawn writhed on her stomach. She clamped her asshole muscles tight around the hard plastic handle, then clawed the rug as she jammed her clit into the coarse nap. Spasms raced through her. Tiny explosions of passion bombarded her and the inside of her cunt turned to fire.

“I’m so fucking hot,” she whimpered, writhing frantically on her stomach. Her nipples ached and her clit felt as if it were going to explode. “So fucking hot!”

She twisted her hips, then dragged her nails through the carpet as buttery pussy cream flowed from her cunt. Hips rolling, she milked the brush handle with the muscles of her asshole.

“I wanna cock,” she rasped as spittle drooled from her mouth. “I wanna cock.”

Soft whining sounds came from the other side of Dawn’s bedroom door. The door pushed open and three German shepherd puppies bounded into Dawn’s room. They scampered over to the writhing teenager and playfully began licking her feet and legs. Dawn gasped as the puppies broke her concentration.

She rolled to her back, the brush still embedded in her asshole. “Get away, dammit,” she moaned. Her body sizzled and she needed a climax to keep from going crazy. “Get away!”

The puppies ignored her and started licking her thighs as the sweet pungent aroma of Dawn’s hot bubbling pussy attracted them.

Writhing, Dawn lifted her head. She watched from glazed misty eyes as their wet slapping tongues and playful nips turned her on. A gasp came from her panting mouth as an idea filled her lust-sopped brain.

“Okay,” she moaned, spreading her legs wide. “Lick my pussy.” She shuddered as one puppy climbed between her legs and began nibbling and licking on the juicy meat of her inner thighs. “Ooo, yes. Yes.”

Twisting on her back, Dawn creamed as the three frisky puppies attacked her. Juice flowed from her virgin pussy and trickled down to the brush handle that was still embedded in her tight gripping asshole.

“My pussy,” she whimpered anxiously. “Lick my pussy!”

She humped, her body quaking as the puppies’ gentle nips and wet slapping tongues turned her virgin cunt into an inferno of boiling pussy cream.

One whimpering puppy caught the scent of Dawn’s oozing pussy. He yelped and squirmed on his stomach as he nibbled toward the seeping pink cunt gash. Another puppy attacked Dawn’s stomach, his nipping mouth drawn to the jiggling flesh of her tits. The last puppy, his soft whines filling Dawn’s head, licked her face and drenched her with his drool.

Dawn’s ass pulsed around the handle of the brush. Her cunt, bubbling and oozing, contracted rhythmically as the three puppies drove her insane. She squirmed down, her body tingling as she tried jamming her cunt into the puppy’s face. She wrenched her shoulders, attracting the other puppy to her tits as she opened her mouth and took the third puppy’s tongue into her mouth.

Dawn creamed as she sucked on the puppy’s tongue. Her ass rotated and the handle shoved up her ass added to the pleasure of the nipping teeth and slapping tongues. She gurgled as the puppy squirmed and pulled his tongue from her hungry mouth.

Moaning she grabbed the puppy and lifted him over her. “Lick my face.” She gasped as she saw his small cock peek out from its sheath. “Ooo, God!”

The puppy squirmed in her hands as the other two puppies chewed on her tits and the soft meat of her thighs.

Eyes wide and mouth drooling, she ogled the squirming puppy’s cock. She licked her lips, then gasped as whimpering puppy began pissing on her.

“Ooo, God! God!” She shuddered, the yellow pee turning her on. “Yesss,” she hissed as she let the puppy’s piss drench her face. “Yesss.”

With the puppy pissing in Dawn’s face, the other puppy started nipping at her swollen nipples. She creamed, her ass humping as the third puppy’s hungry mouth finally reached her cunt. Spasms racked her flesh as nipping teeth feasted on her body and hot puppy-pee poured into her mouth.

Dawn gulped, drinking the piss as the puppy squirmed in her hands. She writhed, her eyes wide as the slapping tongue on her cunt made her cunt contract. A gurgling moan came from her mouth as the last few squirts of piss splashed over her chin and dribbled down her neck.

Twitching, she set the puppy next to her. “Bite my tits,” she gasped.

The puppy attacked her other tit and she raced toward a climax as all three puppies nipped at her overheated body.

“Bite my clit,” she gasped, wishing the puppy would understand. “Bite my clit!” She rolled her hips and spasmed as she ground her pussy into the snipping puppy’s mouth. “Yessss.”

While the two puppies snapped and licked at Dawn’s tits, the third puppy squirmed on his stomach and snipped at the puffy folds of Dawn’s virgin cunt. Pussy cream saturated his snout and coated his tongue as he slashed it through Dawn’s buttery pussy slit. He whipped his tongue over her clit and yelped as she banged her oozing pussy into his snout.

Twisting, Dawn moaned as the pleasure from the three puppies drove her insane. Her head snapped back and forth as she watched the two puppies nip and lick her tits.

“Yesss,” she gasped as she lifted her head and watched the third puppy devour her cunt. “Yesss.”

Her hips rolled and the gripping action of her asshole tugged on the handle of the brush. Her back arched and she stroked the puppies’ thick coats as they marred her creamy tits with their teeth. She jerked, battering her cunt into the other puppy’s snout as his tongue slithered into the wet seeping slit of her pussy.

Squirming and whimpering, the puppy’s tongue hit the thin skin of Dawn’s cherry. He snorted, his head jerking up as pussy cream clogged his nostrils. His nose hit Dawn’s sensitive clit and caused the teenager to shriek with joy.

“Bite me,” Dawn pleaded as the dog licked her cunt. “Bite me!” She ground her cunt into his face, agitating the puppy to attack her blood swollen clit.

The puppy yelped, then snagged Dawn’s clit with his teeth. He held it tight as if it were a piece of meat and jerked his head back and forth. The action, coupled with the devastating attack on her tits, carried Dawn to the peak.

“I’m there,” she moaned, her body in spasm as she hovered at the peak. “I’m there!” The next instant, Dawn’s virgin pussy exploded as her body went into convulsions. “I’m cumming!”

As orgasms whipped through Dawn’s cunt, she thrashed demonically on her back. She jammed her tits at the snipping puppies and smashed her cunt into the pussy-chewing dog.

“I’m creaming!” she shrieked as another orgasm tore through her virgin cunt. “I’m creaming!”

Snarling and chewing, the puppy destroyed Dawn’s clit. He beat her clit with his tongue as hot sudsy pussy cum gushed from Dawn’s pussy and flowed into his mouth. He snorted, but wouldn’t let go of Dawn’s clit as he continued to chew the raw pulsing piece of flesh. He squirmed, jamming his mouth tighter against Dawn’s cunt as the child’s screeching voice filled the room.

Hot cum gushed from Dawn’s cunt. Her asshole twitched violently around the buried handle as she humped up and down.

“God, don’t stop,” she rasped, praying that the puppy would keep eating her clit. “God, don’t stop!”

She thrashed on her back and fed her jiggling tits to the two agitated puppies. She climaxed again as the inside of her virgin pussyhole contracted. Cum flooded her cunt and poured from her cunthole like a river. She slammed down, driving the handle deeper into her ass as her eyes bulged.

“More,” she cried out as the puppies destroyed her hot climaxing body. “More!”

She contorted on the floor and beat her fists into the rug. Her head snapped from side to side as spit drooled from her screaming mouth.

“I’m cumming again,” she wailed as the puppy renewed his attack on her climaxing pussy. “I’m cumming again!”

The puppy between Dawn’s legs yelped as pussy cum flowed into his mouth and over his snout. He jammed his nose into her cunt and hit cherry skin. A whine came from his throat as he jerked his head and ravaged her clit with his small nipping teeth.

Dawn thrashed on the floor of her bedroom. Everything started spinning. She screamed as one orgasm after another whipped through her young body. Her legs were rigid and her back bowed. She shuddered as the brush handle popped from her ass.

“God,” she gasped as she crashed back to the floor with a thud. “God!”

She twitched as the puppies continued to attack her body. She moaned weakly as she pushed the puppies away from her tits. She clamped her thighs together, forcing the puppy out from between her thighs.

Before the puppies could attack again, she pulled herself up and climbed on the bed. “You crazy dogs,” she panted as her body continued to tingle. She shivered when she saw her pussy cream on the puppy’s snout. “You like pussy, huh?”

The puppies squirmed. Soft yelps came from their mouths as they wagged their tails and looked up at Dawn.

Dawn stood and swayed on rubbery legs. Slowly, she walked to the shower as her face brightened with a smile.

“Blackie,” she said, thinking of her aunt’s giant German shepherd. “Blackie.”

She stepped into the shower, her thoughts on her aunt’s dog as she rinsed away the sweat of her passion.



Dawn hurried over to her aunt’s house and ran up the stairs. She knocked and heard Blackie’s deep barks. She opened the door and poked her head in.

“Aunt Ruth?”

With no answer, she went inside and closed the door as Blackie bounded over to her.

“Hi, Blackie,” she said, squatting down and rubbing his thick coat.

Blackie yelped and slapped out his drooling tongue, swiping it across Dawn’s face. His bushy tail wagged as he nuzzled his cold wet nose into the crook of the teenager’s neck.

“Oh, Blackie,” Dawn sighed, his licking tongue making her virgin pussy itch. “You have to be the father of those horny little puppies.”

She giggled, then rubbed her hand under his stomach. Her fingers touched the thick sheath that housed his cock and she spasmed.

Ruth walked into the living room and saw her niece. A tremor swept through her when she realized what Dawn was doing.

Dawn looked up and saw her aunt. Quickly, she pulled her hand away and blushed.

“Hi, Aunt Ruth. I didn’t know you were home.”

“I was out back,” Ruth said, her eyes sweeping over Dawn’s lush young body as the child stood. “How are the puppies doing?”

Dawn blushed a deeper red. “Fine,” she said, almost losing her voice.

Blackie sniffed at Dawn’s crotch, then barked as he tried jamming his snout between her thighs.

“Stop it!” Dawn gasped. She pushed at Blackie as her heart started racing. “You shouldn’t do that.”

“He’s horny,” Ruth said, ogling her niece. “A lot of dogs are like that. They just go after what they want.”

“I know what you mean,” Dawn blurted out, before she realized what she was saying.

She turned away from her aunt and kept her thighs closed as Blackie continued to try and get his snout between her legs.

“You know about horny dogs?” Ruth smiled.

She snapped her fingers and Blackie barked, then padded obediently over to her.

“No,” Dawn lied, shaking her head. “I just… ” She let the sentence hang.

Ruth, sensing the same lust in her niece that Blackie had sensed, smiled hotly. She saw the swell of Dawn’s nipples beneath her light summer top and a spasm rippled through her cunt.

“Have you been experimenting?” she asked.

Dawn gulped as she thought of the three puppies feasting on her body. “No,” she said, shaking her head, then added, “I don’t know what you mean.” She tried looking her aunt in the eye, but couldn’t.

Ruth knew Dawn was lying. “You don’t have to lie, Dawn,” she said softly. She stepped toward her niece as excitement began bubbling in her veins. “I won’t tell your mother.”

Dawn shuddered. She had to tell someone. She gulped back a lump in her throat as her eyes drifted to her aunt’s voluptuous tits hidden beneath a silk blouse.

Ruth took her niece’s hand and led her to the couch. “Tell me, Dawn,” she said, coaxing her. “It’ll be our secret.” Ruth was quivering inside as she eased her niece down on the couch and sat beside her.

Dawn didn’t know what to do. She sat on the couch, her heart pounding and the inside of her pussy contracting.

Blackie padded over and tried getting his head between Dawn’s thighs. When he couldn’t, he barked.

“Stop it, Blackie,” Dawn said, getting embarrassed again.

Ruth touched her niece and traced a path down her bare arm. “Have you ever touched a dog’s cock?” she asked, her voice hypnotic. She saw her niece stiffen and watched her cheeks turn a bright red.

Dawn gulped. “No,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Ruth knew she wasn’t telling the truth. She moved her hand and touched Dawn’s tit through her top. “Tell me the truth, Dawn,” she said as rippling spasms of excitement caromed through her cunt.

Dawn creamed. Her aunt’s finger was making her dizzy. Without thinking, she pressed into her aunt’s hand and moaned.

“The puppies,” she gasped. “This morning… ” She gulped again. “I couldn’t stop them.”

Ruth’s breathing became shallow. “Relax, Dawn.” She spanned her niece’s plump tit and began kneading the soft flesh through her top. “Tell me all about it.”

Dawn’s head was reeling. “I was playing with myself,” she said, the words rushing from her mouth. “And the puppies came in and started nipping and licking me all over.” She felt dizzy. Her aunt’s massaging hand was driving her crazy. “One of them licked me until I had a climax.”

Listening to her niece, Ruth climaxed. She squirmed on the couch, her pussy on fire. “Did you like it?” she gulped as she slipped her hand under her niece’s top and cupped the bare creamy flesh of her pliant tit.

“Yes,” Dawn moaned. She swooned. Her aunt’s hand was driving her insane!

The inside of Ruth’s cunt turned to fire. “Would you like to have Blackie lick your pussy?” she asked, hypnotizing her niece with her words. “He’s very good.”

Dawn nodded and stared at the giant dog. “You’re making me hot, Aunt Ruth.” She squirmed as tiny orgasms rippled through her virgin pussy.

“Stand up, Dawn,” Ruth said. She slipped her hand out from under her niece’s top. “And take off your clothes.”

In a trance, Dawn obeyed. She stood, swaying as the room started spinning. She looked down at her aunt.

“You won’t tell mommy will you?”

“Of course not,” Ruth promised as she leered hungrily at her sexy young niece. “It’ll be our secret.” She flicked her tongue across her lips. “Now lemme see your tits.”

Quivering and creaming, Dawn pulled her top off, baring her plump creamy tits. The nipples, pink and swollen, ached. More juicy cream flowed from her pussy as her aunt’s horny gaze made her legs tremble.

“They’re beautiful,” Rush said huskily as she ogled her niece’s creamy white tits. “Now take off your shorts and lemme see your pussy.”

Quivering, Dawn pushed down her shorts and panties. They melted down her legs and formed a puddle at her ankles.

“Aunt Ruth,” she gasped as she stepped out of her clothes. “I’m so hot!”

“So am I,” Ruth said, devouring Dawn’s lush naked body with her eyes. “So am I.” She swallowed. “C’mere.”

As if drugged, Dawn walked to her aunt. Her flesh sizzled and her virgin cunt seeped. Her nipples ached and she creamed as her aunt touched her hips and began caressing her.

Ruth was overwhelmed by her niece’s naked body. She caressed Dawn’s hips, then skimmed her hands up and molded them to Dawn’s pulpy tits.

“You’re gorgeous,” she moaned as the pungent aroma of Dawn’s turned on cunt drifted up and flared her nostrils. “Are you a virgin?”

Dawn was finding it difficult standing. She swayed, then leaned into her aunt’s massaging hands. “Yes,” she whispered. “I’ve never done anything.”

“Not even with one of your girlfriends?” Ruth rasped as Dawn’s nipples burned into the palms of her hands.

“Nothing,” Dawn said. “Except this morning with the puppies.”

Ruth creamed. “You want me to lick you like the puppies did?” she asked. She dropped her hands and cupped the cheeks of Dawn’s ass.

“Would you?” Dawn gulped innocently.

Blackie, picking up the heady scent of Dawn’s overheated pussy, nuzzled his cold nose between the cheeks of her ass and started licking. He whined, his tail wagging as his long slippery tongue slithered up through the crack of her ass.

“Oh, Aunt Ruth,” Dawn moaned. “Blackie’s licking my ass!”

“Heel!” Ruth said. “Heel!” She wasn’t about to share her virgin niece with Blackie.

Dawn shuddered as the dog stopped licking her. “Why did you stop him?” she whimpered. “It felt good.”

“He can have you after I finish,” Ruth said as she stood, her eyes glowing as she quickly stripped off her clothes.

Mesmerized, Dawn watched as her aunt undressed. Seeing her naked made her crazy hot. “Your tits are so big,” she sighed. “I wish mine were that big.”

Ruth gave her niece a sizzling smile. “Maybe, if I suck them enough, they’ll get bigger.”

With Blackie obediently watching, Ruth pulled her trembling niece into her arms and plastered her lips to Dawn’s.

Dawn creamed as her aunt’s tongue invaded her mouth. She sucked on her aunt’s tongue and pressed her hot body into her aunt’s soft frame. Soft moans came from her mouth as she wrapped her arms around her aunt and caressed the silky flesh of her ass cheeks.

Spasms racked Ruth’s body. She sucked her niece’s tongue into her mouth and gently chewed. Her cunt boiled and her legs weakened.

Whimpering and kissing, Dawn and her aunt melted to the floor. Arms and legs entwined, their mouths stayed fused as they wetly kissed and tongued each other’s throat. They rolled back and forth until Ruth wound up on top.

Ruth pulled her mouth away from her niece’s. “I always thought you were like me,” she panted.

She pressed her thigh between her niece’s legs and fused it to the dripping slit of her hot young virgin cunt.

Dawn creamed. Her hips jerked and she jammed her cunt hard into her aunt’s thigh. She writhed, her small tits flopping as she reached up and pawed her aunt’s mammoth globes.

“I’m getting hotter and hotter!”

“You’ll get hotter than you’ve ever been in your life,” Ruth promised her as she humped her knee into Dawn’s sopping wet cunt and watched as her niece contorted.

Dawn arched her back as her eyes bulged. She gasped as she ground her cunt into her aunt’s knee. She squeezed her aunt’s tits, then pulled them to her greedy mouth.

“Oh, Dawn,” Ruth moaned as her niece feasted on one overripe nipple. “Bite! Suck it!” Her head snapped back as Dawn sank her teeth into the hard bullet tip.

Dawn, her hips humping, dined ravenously on her aunt’s tit. She suckled the nipple and pawed the creamy white flesh. Her cunt contracted and hot frothy pussy cream gushed from her virgin cunthole and saturated her aunt’s knee.

Ruth rocked above her excited niece. She whimpered, her face flushed as Dawn gobbled on the white tender meat of her tits. She jerked back, pulling her tit from Dawn’s greedy mouth.

“Lemme take care of you first,” Ruth said.

Dawn moaned and nodded her head. She writhed frantically on her back and ground her cunt into her aunt’s knee.

“Suck my titties,” she panted. “Suck them and bite them.” She arched her back, offering her small plump tits up to her horny aunt.

“I’m gonna eat your whole body,” Ruth gasped as she ogled Dawn’s writhing frame. “Every inch of you.”

Dawn twitched, her eyes drifting to Blackie. “Then can I have Blackie?”

“You sure can,” Ruth promised. “Right after I enjoy your virgin body.” She swooped down on Dawn’s tits and started kissing the virgin flesh.

“Aunt Ruth,” Dawn wailed as her aunt’s hot mouth made her flesh burn. “Bite me! Suck them!” She twisted her hips as her aunt gobbled one ripe swollen nipple into her mouth.

Ruth sucked noisily on her niece’s plump tit. She swirled her tongue over her hard nipple, then started chewing as Dawn’s whimpers turned into hot panting cries of pleasure. She kept her knee plastered against Dawn’s virgin pussy and her own cunt sizzled as Dawn’s pussy cream seared her skin and sent tiny spasms of joy to every nerve in her body.

Dawn scratched her nails through her aunt’s dark red hair, then crushed her aunt’s mouth to her tit. She lunged, smashing her clit into her aunt’s knee as spastic contractions caromed through her virgin pussy.

“Bite hard!”

Ruth chomped on her niece’s nipple, then worked her sadistic mouth methodically until she had covered every creamy inch. Her head snapped up. Her flushed face was smeared with spit.

“You’re delicious, Dawn. Delicious.”

“Don’t stop,” Dawn wailed. “Keep biting my titties.” She pulled her aunt’s hair, forcing Ruth’s mouth back to the marred flesh of her jiggling tit. “Yeah… like that.”

Ruth, her knee drenched in the juices from Dawn’s cunt, finished with one tit. She moved to Dawn’s other jiggling tit and sucked the nipple into her mouth. She chewed until the nipple was raw and Dawn was moaning in agonizing bliss.

“All over,” Dawn gasped. “Bite me all over.”

Ruth obliged her hot excited niece. She turned Dawn’s tit to a bright glistening red, then worked her mouth down Dawn’s rib cage. She sucked and bit, leaving a trail of passion bites in her wake as she climbed between her niece’s outstretched legs.

Dawn lifted her head. Her eyes were glazed and her face was twisted with desire. “Eat my pussy, Aunt Ruth. Bite it like you bit my tits.”

Her head dropped back to the floor with a thud as she humped her ass off the rug and offered her aunt her dripping virgin cunt.

As Dawn writhed on her back, Ruth watched. She dragged her nail over Dawn’s sizzling flesh, leaving lines of passion in the teenager’s creamy skin. Her mouth watered as she scratched her nails over Dawn’s puffy cuntlips and clit. “I’ve never eaten a virgin before,” she moaned. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Dawn was out of her skull. “Do it! Do it!” She humped up and swiveled her hips as racking spasms raced through her young overexcited body.

“Turn over,” Ruth rasped hotly. “I want your ass first.” She grabbed her niece and rolled her to her stomach. “What a beautiful ass.”

Dawn creamed under her aunt’s intense gaze. She squirmed on her stomach, her clit rubbing into the carpet.

“I stuck a brush handle up my ass,” she exclaimed. “I loved it.”

“Maybe you’d like Blackie’s cock in your ass,” Ruth said as she spread the creamy white ass cheeks and exposed the pink puckered ass crack.

“Yesss,” Dawn hissed as her asshole twitched. She drooled, her spit staining the carpet as she crushed her tits into the rough nap. “I want him in my pussy too.”

“You’ll have him in every fuck-hole,” Ruth promised as she continued to ogle her niece’s virgin ass. “As soon as I’m finished with you.”

Dawn creamed and her body shuddered. She lifted her head and stared at the docile German shepherd. Her head dropped back to the carpet and she started whimpering as her aunt began chewing on her swiveling hips.

Ruth gnawed on her niece’s hips, then worked her mouth over each ass cheek. She licked, soaking each white cheek as she kept them spread and the crack exposed.

“You are so delicious!” she moaned as her licking turned to biting. “So delicious.”

“Go inside my ass,” Dawn begged, rolling her hips, then jamming her ass back into her aunt’s face. “Tongue me! Tongue-fuck me!”

Ruth nibbled around the crack of her niece’s ass. She licked the twitching crack, soaking it with spit. As Dawn gasped and twisted, Ruth plunged her tongue into her tight virgin ass.

“Yesss!” Dawn screamed as her body stiffened. “Yesss!” She raked the rug with her nails as spasms of pleasure whipped through her body. “Go deeper! Deeper!”

With her niece battering her face, Ruth extended her tongue as far as possible. She explored the narrow canal as gripping muscles tried ripping her tongue from her throat. She clawed Dawn’s rotating hips and teased the contracting walls of her greedy ass.

Dawn went crazy as her aunt tongue-fucked her ass. She wailed and slammed back at her aunt, mashing her ass cheeks into Ruth’s face. She twisted, her fingers curling into fists.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop! It feels so gooood!”

Ruth finished exploring her niece’s asshole. She yanked her tongue out, then began chomping on the white creamy cheeks. Dawn’s wails of pleasure and pain bombarded her skull as she turned each ass cheek to a bright glistening red.

“Get on your back,” Ruth moaned as she sat back on her haunches. “It’s time I sucked some virgin cuntmeat.”

Eagerly, Dawn threw herself on her back. Legs spread as wide as possible, she humped up. She dragged her nails down her flesh and spread the velvety folds of her cunt, exposing the pink wet slit of her cunthole.

“Bite me inside. Bite me like the puppies did!”

Ruth creamed as she stared at the exposed pussyhole. She saw the filmy cream and her mouth watered.

“Blackie’s gonna love busting your cherry,” she rasped.

Dawn’s back arched and the inside of her cunt clamped tight as if a cock had just jabbed into her. The spongy muscles began to rapidly pulse and a new flow of white juices oozed out and down to the crack of her ass.

“Eat me, Aunt Ruth. Eat my pussy so I can have Blackie. Please!”

Ruth flung herself at her niece’s gorgeous cunt and plastered her lips to the puffy wet meat. She sucked, getting a mouthful of cunt meat and pussy cream. She swallowed, then sucked again as Dawn wailed with joy.

Dawn’s body convulsed wildly as her aunt suckled her pussy. She screamed as she battered her aunt’s face with her sizzling pussy.

“Aunt Ruth!” Ruth dined greedily on her niece’s delicious tasting pussy. She creamed, then skimmed her hands under Dawn’s humping ass. Her nails gouged the cheeks of Dawn’s ass as the child moaned and jerked up and down.

“Finger-fuck my ass,” Dawn screeched. “Stick your fingers in my ass!” She rolled her hips and pounded her cunt into her aunt’s face.

Scratching, Ruth inched her way toward her niece’s ass crack. She found the puckered asshole, then plunged her fingers deep inside. At the same time, she slithered out her tongue and sloshed it up through her niece’s hot buttery pussy slit.

“Yessss!” Dawn screamed as she slammed her ass down on her aunt’s probing fingers and ground her cunt into her aunt’s mouth. “Tongue me! Tongue me!”

With her fingers invading Dawn’s asshole Ruth plunged her tongue into Dawn’s pussy. She hit cherry and spasmed as she imagined Blackie ripping away Dawn’s cherry with hard fat cock.

“I can feel your tongue,” Dawn moaned. “I can feel your fingers!”

She rolled her hips and wallowed in the pleasure of her aunt’s ass-fucking fingers and teasing tongue.

Keeping her fingers stuffed up her niece’s ass, Ruth eased her tongue from her teenaged pussy. She licked, then sucked. Creamy juices filled her mouth and she swallowed hungrily as juice bathed her face. She squirmed, her own body on fire as she savored the tender meat of her niece’s virgin pussy.

“Aunt Ruth,” Dawn squealed. “Bite me! Bite my cunt!”

She thrashed on her back and ground her pussy into her aunt’s face. She slammed down on her aunt’s ass-invading fingers and creamed.

Ruth jammed her fingers to her knuckles and gouged the gripping ass walls with her nails. At the same time, she chomped viciously on the puffy folds of Dawn’s flowing pussy. Cunt cream drenched her face and trickled down her neck. Cream filled her mouth and coated her throat as she swallowed. She moaned, the sounds lost in the meat of her niece’s pussy as she slowly brought her toward the peak.

Back arched and tits flopping, Dawn battered her aunt’s face with her virgin cunt. She slammed down on her aunt’s stabbing fingers and shuddered as she came closer and closer to the peak.

“Aunt Ruth! Bite my fucking clit!”

With her face bathed in pussy cream, Ruth sucked Dawn’s blood-swollen clit into her mouth. She held the pulsing piece of flesh with her lips and whipped her tongue across the tip. Her reward was a deluge of pussy cream and a shriek of joy that filled the living room and made Blackie bark.

“Yesss!” Dawn hissed as her neck strained. “Bite me! Chew me up!” She swiveled her hips and ground her cunt into her aunt’s mouth as she reached the peak and hovered. “Bite! Bite!”

Ruth kept her niece at the peak, refusing to allow her to go into her orgasm. She tormented her, licking her clit and gently sucking it. The action kept Dawn hovering and begging for release.

“Please, Aunt Ruth!” Dawn screamed. “Make me cum! Use your teeth!” She went insane as her passion grew and release was denied her. “Please… I’m begging you!”

Ruth, her fingers probing deep in Dawn’s asshole, sank her teeth into her pulsing clit. The action took Dawn into her orgasm and shrieking cries of pleasure filled the room.

“I’m cumming!” Dawn wailed hysterically as one orgasm after another swept through her pussy. “I’m cumming!”

The inside of Dawn’s virgin pussy exploded. Hot thick pussy cum gushed from her spongy walls and flooded her hole. Like a river it gushed from her cunt and washed over her aunt’s face and into her mouth.

“I’m creaming!” Dawn screeched. “I’m creaming!”

She bucked insanely, beating her climaxing cunt into her aunt’s face as orgasms whipped through her young virgin body.

Ruth knew her niece was cumming. She was drowning in the river of milky pussy cum that poured from her pussy. Cum soaked her face and flooded her mouth. It poured down her throat as she gulped. She snapped her head back and forth, almost tearing her niece’s clit from her body as Dawn wrenched her hips and humped her finger stuffed ass.

“Keep biting me!” Dawn screamed shrilly.

Her back arched as Blackie howled. Tits flopping, she beat her fists into the carpet as another orgasm caromed through her body and turned her into a convulsing mass of quivering flesh.

“I’m cumming again. Cumming again!”

Ruth, with her fingers deep in Dawn’s ass, kept the shrieking teenager climaxing. She gnawed viciously on Dawn’s pulsing clit, then sucked it. She whipped the tip with her tongue and gulped as another flow of pussy cum washed over her face and filled her mouth. Blackie’s ears flickered and his tail thumped the rug in agitation. He howled, his fangs bared as Dawn’s shrill cries of lust made him anxious and horny.

“I can’t stop cumming,” Dawn wailed as she contorted on her back.

She slammed down on her aunt’s fingers and screamed. She humped at her aunt’s chomping mouth and screamed again. Eyes bulging, her head snapped from side to side as her blonde hair whipped across her crimson face.

“I can’t stop!”

Ruth kept her niece’s clit trapped between her teeth. She absorbed the punishing beating and shivered. She would be next. It made her cunt go into spasms.

Thrashing and screaming, Dawn suddenly shuddered, then went limp. A ragged cry came from her throat as her entire body began twitching violently in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“No more,” she panted weakly as she sucked air into her lungs. “No more.”

Ruth eased the pressure on her niece’s clit and slipped her fingers from her gripping ass. She licked gently until Dawn’s young, spent body lay motionless.

“You’re one horny little bitch,” Ruth said as she sat back on her haunches. “I think my lips are swollen from the way you beat your pussy against my mouth.”

Dawn blinked, her eyes focusing on her beautiful aunt and the cream that saturated her face. “I loved it,” she sighed breathlessly. “It was so intense.”

“It’ll be even better when Blackie’s fucking you,” Ruth said. “A cock stuffed up inside you is the only way to cum. Everything else is like an appetizer.”

Dawn giggled. “Then give me the main course.”

“You can have that right after you take care of my pussy.” She straddled Dawn’s head and squashed her cunt into her mouth. “Get me off!”

In minutes Ruth was climaxing on her niece’s hot sucking mouth. She screamed, her body in spasm as she toppled off Dawn’s cream-coated face.

“You suck great cunt,” Ruth moaned. “Blackie’s gonna love your mouth.”

“And I know I’m gonna love his cock.”



Dawn licked her lips after sucking her aunt off. “Pussy cum is delicious!” she purred.

Ruth whimpered and smiled at her niece. “Blackie’s cum tastes a helluva lot better than mine.”

Dawn looked at the hairy German shepherd and quivered. “Can I play with him now?” she asked, her virgin body shivering with excitement. “Be my guest,” Ruth said. She was as anxious to watch as Dawn was anxious to experiment.

Blackie barked and swished his tail across the rug as Dawn crawled over to him and petted his neck. His dripping tongue slapped out and sloshed across Dawn’s face.

“Oooo, he’s a licker,” Dawn gasped. She rolled the beast to his side and stared at his huge nut-sac and thick sheath.

“He’s a licker and a fucker,” Ruth said as she crawled over and joined them. “I hope you’re gonna be both too.”

“I am,” Dawn said. “I wanna suck him, then fuck him.”

Blackie, agitated and highly aroused by all the passion that filled the room, nudged Dawn with his powerful head, knocking her to her back. He barked, then dropped his head to the jiggling meat of Dawn’s tits.

“He’s biting my tits, Aunt Ruth,” Dawn squealed. She writhed on her back as the inside of her cunt bubbled. “It feels good.”

Blackie frothed at the mouth as he snipped at Dawn’s jiggling tittie meat. He caught the scent of her virgin cunt and forgot about her tits as he nipped and licked his way to the source of the heady aroma.

“Bite her cunt, Blackie,” Ruth urged. “Bite her hot little pussy.”

Growling, Blackie climbed between Dawn’s outstretched legs and attacked her teenaged pussy. Cream flowed from her pussyhole and soaked his snout as he tried burying his nose up inside her steamy cunt gash.

“Aunt Ruth,” Dawn gasped as the German shepherd sloshed his tongue up through her slippery pussy slit. “He’s terrific.”

“Wait until you feel him in your mouth and pussy,” Ruth said. She stroked Blackie’s furry coat. “Bite her. Bite her!”

Squirming on his stomach, Blackie yelped and jammed his snout into Dawn’s hot buttery cunt. Cream clogged his nostrils as his nose hit her cherry skin. He jerked his head up, banging his hard snout against her clit as he whined and wagged his tail.

“Bite me, Blackie,” Dawn moaned. “Make me cum and I’ll suck out your balls!”

She thrashed on her back, humping up and down as she coaxed the hungry beast back to the puffy meat of her overheated pussy.

Blackie barked, then attacked Dawn’s pussy. He chomped on the sweet-tasting meat, then whipped his tongue through her slit and over her blood-swollen clit. Cream coated his tongue and flowed into his mouth. He snipped at her sudsy pussy as his prick peeked out from its sheath and brushed against the rough nap of the carpet.

“Aunt Ruth,” Dawn wailed as she raced wildly toward an orgasm. “I wanna suck out his balls. I wanna drink his cum!”

Ruth watched her niece writhe wildly on her back. “You will,” she rasped huskily. “As soon as you bathe his fucking face in your pussy cum.”

“I’m getting there,” Dawn moaned happily. “I’m getting there!” She slammed her cunt at the animal’s snout and raced to the peak.

“Bite me,” Dawn gasped as she twisted on her back. “Bite my clit, Blackie!” She arched her back and jammed her pussy against Blackie’s teeth. “Bite my clit.”

Growling and nipping, Blackie latched his teeth into Dawn’s pulsing clit. He snapped at it and beat it with his tongue. Cream flowed into his mouth as he caught her clit again with his teeth. Head shaking back and forth, he took Dawn into her orgasm.

A climax ripped through Dawn’s virgin pussy. “I’m cumming, Aunt Ruth! I’m cumming!”

“Cream, honey,” Ruth gasped. “Cream all over him.” Watching her hot sexy niece climax made Ruth cream. “Oooo, bite her, Blackie. Bite her fucking clit off.”

“He is,” Dawn screeched. “He is!” She thrashed demonically as she beat her climaxing pussy into the dog’s teeth. “He’s biting so good!”

Another climax whipped through Dawn’s cunt as her ass thumped on the rug. Tits flopping, her neck strained.

“Aunt Ruth!” she screamed. “I’m cumming again! I’m creaming!”

Blackie, snarling and biting, kept the screaming teenager in bliss with his snipping teeth and slashing tongue. He growled and chomped on Dawn’s clit as if it were a piece of raw meat. Pussy cum flowed into his mouth and nose. He snorted, his head jerking as he ripped at the child’s pulsing clit.

“He’s gonna bite it off!” Dawn screamed shrilly. “Ooo… I love it! I love it!” She thrashed as her head snapped from side to side. Her back arched and her legs stiffened. “Don’t stop, Blackie! Don’t stop!”

“He won’t,” Ruth said. She grabbed one of Dawn’s jiggling tits and mauled it. “Beat his face, Dawn. Beat his fucking face with your cunt.”

Dawn’s hips swiveled as she battered her climaxing cunt into the German shepherd’s snout. “I feel his teeth,” she squawked. “I can’t stop! I’m creaming so much!” She lunged at the dog, then clamped her thighs to his head and held him prisoner.

Blackie snarled and jerked his head. His teeth scraped her clit and his tongue whipped across the tip. He attacked, biting every inch of her pussy as his cock thickened and rubbed into the carpet.

“Aunt Ruth,” Dawn screamed. “I want his prick. I want his prick!” She lunged up as her hair slashed across her face. “I want his cum!”

Ruth climaxed as she mangled Dawn’s tit. “Bite, Blackie. Bite her!”

Growling, his snout drenched in pussy cum, Blackie ravaged Dawn’s pussy until the screaming child went limp. He didn’t stop, but continued to attack her pussy meat as Dawn started whimpering for him to stop.

Dawn twitched as her face contorted. “Stop him, Aunt Ruth! Stop him.” She shuddered as Blackie snapped and growled.

“Heel!” Ruth commanded. “Heel!”

Blackie jerked his head up, then sat. His rump twitched and his tail swept back and forth across the rug. His balls rumbled and his cock, rigid and swollen, stuck out from its hairy sheath.

Gasping, Dawn weakly sat up. Her tits heaved as she tried catching her breath. “Damn,” she sighed. “He’s better than the fucking puppy.”

“He’s had more practice,” Ruth reminded her. “Look at his prick.”

Dawn saw the pussy cum dripping from Blackie’s jowls. Her eyes dropped to his giant red cock poking out of its sheath. She gasped as the sight of his prick brought her lust raging back.

“You’re hot, huh?” Ruth said as she stroked the whining dog’s coat. “Well, Dawn will take care of you.” She eased the giant dog to his side.

Dawn, her mouth watering, gazed hungrily at Blackie’s raging hard-on. “It’s so big! God!” She swooned as the dog twitched and whimpered on his side.

“C’mere and touch his cock,” Ruth urged. She scratched Blackie’s stomach and waited for Dawn to join her.

With her virgin pussy on fire again, Dawn crawled over and ogled his thick meaty prick. “It’s so much bigger than the puppies’,” she gasped. “God.” She licked her lips and stared at the jizz seeping from Blackie’s pisser.

“Taste his cum,” Ruth coaxed. “You’ll love it.”

Trembling, Dawn brought her finger to the seeping tip of Blackie’s cock. She scooped up the drop of thick doggie-cum, then brought her finger to her quivering lips. She licked, spasmed, then creamed as the thick glob of doggie-jizz glided over her tongue and trickled down her throat.

“It’s delicious,” she panted. “God, so delicious!”

“He’s got plenty more in his balls,” Ruth said. She hefted Blackie’s hairy nuts and sighed. “All you gotta do is suck it out.”

“I will,” Dawn said as her head reeled. She placed her fingers on his glistening sheath and traced a path to his cum-crammed nuts. “I can feel him throbbing,” she sighed. “Oooo, it’s making me cream all over again.”

“Play with him,” Ruth urged as Blackie whimpered and twitched on his side. “Play with his cock.”

Swooning, Dawn wrapped her hand around Blackie’s thick throbbing cockshaft. She squeezed as tremors swept up her arm and exploded at the base of her skull. She moaned and stroked his cock, squeezing it again as she spotted another drop of jizz seeping from his pointed tip.

“Use your tongue,” Ruth said softly. “Lick the cum off his pisser.”

“Yesss,” Dawn hissed as if she were in a trance.

She quaked as she squiggled down on the floor. Lips trembling as the dog whined, she brought her mouth to the head of his cock. Her tongue flicked out and she scooped the glob off his pisser.

Blackie yelped and jabbed at Dawn’s face. His balls rumbled and his cock throbbed. He yelped again, then lurched forward, banging the pointed tip of his cock against Dawn’s chin.

With the jizz in her mouth, Dawn savored it. Spasms rippled through her virgin pussy as she brought her tongue back to his raging hard-on. She licked, soaking his shaft with spit as the hairy dog squirmed on his side.

“Put his cock in your mouth, Dawn,” Ruth said. “Suck him.”

Dawn wasn’t listening. She was too absorbed in what she was doing. She slobbered spit all over Blackie’s balls, then slithered her tongue up the length of his cock until she reached his seeping pisser. A gasp came from her mouth as Blackie lurched forward and banged his prick against her mouth.

Blackie’s tail thrashed against the carpet. His neck strained and he whined as the teenager tormented his prick with her tongue. He yelped as foamy spit drooled from his jowls.

“Don’t tease him, Dawn,” Ruth said. “Suck him.” She stroked the whining shepherd. “Easy, Blackie. Dawn will suck you.”

Blackie yelped, his rump jerking as he tried jamming his prick into the heated wetness of Dawn’s mouth. His flanks heaved and he squirmed. Nuts aching and rumbling, he continued to jab as his pointed tip banged against Dawn’s lips.

Dawn, her virgin cunt creaming, parted her lips and took the head of Blackie’s cock in her mouth. She clamped her lips tight around his prickshaft and swished her tongue around his pisser. Jizz continued to seep out and the sticky cum coated her tongue and trickled down her throat.

“Suck him,” Ruth urged. “Suck him.”

Dawn felt his cock throb against her lips. She sucked, drawing in her cheeks as Blackie lunged and whined. His cock brushed against the roof of her mouth and flattened her tongue as she inched her head forward and took more of his hard meaty cock into her mouth.

Moaning, Dawn pushed her mouth toward his balls. The pointed tip of Blackie’s cock inched toward her throat. A gurgle came from her cock-stuffed mouth as his fat throbbing prick beat against her clinging lips and jizz seeped from his pisser. She shuddered, frightened for a second as the dog’s cock reached her gullet.

“C’mon,” Ruth gasped. “Suck him. Take him to his balls. Oh, Christ!” She rocked on her haunches as she watched her young sexy niece take her first prick. “Take him to his balls.”

Blackie yelped as the heat from Dawn’s mouth churned the jizz in his hairy balls. He jerked, his hind legs lifting as he rolled to his back. Jabbing, his mouth foamed as he tried ripping his cock into Dawn’s hot sucking mouth.

“Fuck her face,” Ruth gasped. She stared as Blackie howled and lunged at her niece’s mouth.

Dawn gulped and pushed her head forward. A gag lay trapped in her throat as Blackie’s rigid cock pierced her gullet. Eyes bulging, she kept her head steady, refusing to give up. She felt the prick in her throat, then sucked as her hot buttery virgin pussy went into spasms.

Blackie’s hard powerful body lurched and the muscles under his hairy coat rippled with strength. The sizzling heat from Dawn’s mouth had him crazy. He humped, his cock skewering her gullet as her teeth clamped into his prickshaft.

Dawn choked as the German shepherd’s cock stretched her gullet. She gulped and tried to relax as tiny spasms whipped through her pussy. She whipped his cock with her tongue, then sucked deeply as she urged the hairy dog to plow her face.

Blackie jammed deep and howled as her teeth scraped against his cock. His legs stiffened and wet heat seared his prickshaft. His rump jerked and his tail slashed at the rug as whimpering yelps came from his drooling mouth.

“Oh, Dawn,” Ruth gasped as she watched her niece feast on Blackie’s cock. “Take the rest of it. You can do it.” She creamed as her niece pushed her head forward and gulped at the beast’s jabbing cock.

Dawn shuddered as Blackie slammed the rest of his hard cock into her mouth. His hairy nuts hit her chin and his cock filled her mouth and throat. Spit drooled from her lips and soaked his balls as the throbbing cock buried in her gullet made her cunt contract rhythmically.

“You did it,” Ruth squealed as the shepherd plowed his cock to the root. “You did it!” Ruth’s entire body quivered. “God… suck him. Bite him. Make him howl, Dawn!”

Dawn heard her aunt’s squeals and the dog’s howls. She wanted to please them both. She sucked hard, her cheeks drawing in tight as she began bobbing her head and fucking her throat with his stiff cock. She gurgled with joy each time his prick pierced her throat and his balls brushed against her wet chin.

Blackie howled and pounded his cock into Dawn’s mouth. His powerful body jerked as he thrashed on his side. He lunged, spearing her throat as he howled and bared his teeth.

“Fuck her, Blackie,” Ruth wailed as she became caught up in the lust that filled the room. “Fuck her face!” She moaned, her eyes glazed. “Suck him, Dawn. Suck out his fucking nuts!”

Dawn swooned. Sucking cock was fabulous and she couldn’t wait until she tasted the cum that would soon shoot from the animal’s hairy nuts. She grabbed his balls, tingling with joy as they contracted in her hand. Soon, the jizz rumbling inside would be blasting her mouth. It made her head spin and her cunt go into spasm.

Head bobbing, she sucked demonically as Blackie yelped and humped frantically on his side. She gulped, her body quaking as Blackie’s cock filled her mouth and drilled her throat. Each jab made her cream. Each throb of his cock made her cunt muscles pulse for the prick that was ravaging her throat.

With his balls churning, Blackie picked up speed. He yelped, his legs jerking as he tried digging his back paws into the carpet. His front legs twitched and he rolled to his back. His rump jerked frantically as he rolled back to his side and plowed Dawn’s wet sucking mouth with quick punching jabs.

“God,” Ruth gulped.

She sensed by the frenzied action that Blackie was getting ready to blast his balls. She stroked him and caressed his wet drooping tongue.

“Cum, Blackie. Cream her mouth.”

Dawn sensed that the dog was getting ready to cum too. She felt his prick swell in her mouth and his balls contract rapidly in her hand. Her own body was on fire and she urged him on with her sucking mouth.

“Cum,” Ruth wailed. “Make him cum, Dawn! Make him cum!”

Dawn wanted him to cum. She sucked hard, then chewed. She slashed his cock with her tongue and gnawed on his driving prickshaft. She massaged his nuts as his howls pierced her ears. She slammed her head forward, allowing the dog to rip into her throat as he raced toward his orgasm.

Blackie, his neck stretched and his body taut, howled. His eyes bulged and he foamed at the mouth. He yelped, baring his fangs as his rump jerked more frantically and his nuts swelled to the bursting point.

“He’s gonna cum!” Ruth screeched. “Oooo, Dawn! He’s gonna cream your mouth!”

Dawn shuddered and used her mouth to bring the howling animal into his orgasm.

Blackie’s powerful body went into convulsions as his nuts burst. Hot thick jizz shot through his cock and sprayed from his pisser. He barked, his tail curling between his legs as a river of doggie-jizz blasted from his prick and splashed over Dawn’s slashing tongue.

“He’s cumming! He’s cumming,” Ruth screamed hysterically as she watched her pet pound her niece’s face. “He’s cumming!”

Dawn knew it. Her sucking mouth was filled with the dog’s squirting jizz. She gulped as thick lumps of doggie-cum spurted into her throat. She creamed, gulping greedily on Blackie’s spewing prick.

Yelping, Blackie plundered Dawn’s sucking mouth with his blasting cock. He humped, drilling Dawn’s throat as his nuts churned out more thick clumps of doggie-jizz. Jowls drawn back and fangs bared, he lashed at Dawn’s face as the hungry child’s deep sucks drew the cum up from his rumbling balls.

Dawn went out of her mind as cum filled her mouth and squirted into her throat. Cum filled her cheeks and oozed from her nose. She choked, afraid for a moment that she was going to drown on Blackie’s squirting cock.

She released his nuts, gurgling as he ripped into her gullet. His balls whacked against her chin and became soaked with jizz and spit. She moaned, savoring the hot sticky cum as the animal continued to ravage her throat and squirt jizz into her mouth.

“Drink it!” Ruth screamed as she watched the jizz ooze from Dawn’s clinging lips. “Don’t waste it.” She trembled, her head spinning. “Drink it! Drain his balls!”

Dawn wanted it all. She drank quickly, catching the squirting rhythm of Blackie’s plowing cock. She climaxed each time his nuts slapped against her chin. Her cunt flowed, the creamy juices gushing from her cunthole each time a squirt of doggie-jizz sprayed into her throat. She slammed her head forward and shuddered as she imagined him ravaging her virgin pussy.

She sucked maniacally, her mouth flying quickly up and down his dick. She used her teeth, urging the beast to more frenzied pumps. Her tongue became a whip and she lashed it back and forth across his prickshaft. The cum was squirting too fast for her and it gushed from her mouth and flowed down her chin. Cum poured from her nose and she felt faint as her face absorbed the hard punching jabs.

Blackie went wild as he plowed Dawn’s mouth. He thrashed on his side, whimpering and yelping as her grating teeth gnawed on his cock. His head came off the rug and he whined as his black eyes rolled in their sockets.

“Cream her!” Ruth shouted as the dog’s head dropped back with a thud. “Keep creaming her.”

Dawn was out of her head. She sucked harder as the dog’s squirts lost some of their strength. She slammed her head forward, taking the battle to him as his pounding thrusts weakened. She gnawed, wanting every drop of jizz that was in his hairy balls.

“Get it all,” Ruth yelled. “Get it all.”

Dawn wanted it all. She heard Blackie yelp, then she clamped her teeth into his prick as his shaft began to soften. She bobbed her head, moaning and sucking as the dog slumped on his side.

Blackie, his balls drained, spurted the last drop of his jizz over Dawn’s tongue. He jerked back, popping his dick from her greedy mouth. Yelping, he scrambled to his feet and staggered away, finally slumping into a ball to lick the tip of his shrinking prick.

Before Dawn could catch her breath, Ruth was on her, her lips fused to Dawn’s as she sucked a glob of doggie-jizz from the child’s mouth. She savored it, then pushed it back into Dawn’s waiting mouth.

Dawn let the wad of doggie-jizz wash over her tongue and trickle down her throat. She twisted on her back, then gasped as her aunt yanked her mouth away.

“I wanna get fucked,” she gasped. “I wanna get fucked.”

“You will,” Ruth promised. “Right after Blackie gets a chance to rest and we have some lunch.”



Still naked, Dawn finished her lunch. “I’m ready,” she bubbled as she pushed herself away from the table.

“I’ll bet you are,” Ruth said as she followed Dawn into the living room, her eyes glued to the jiggling meat of her ass.

“I hope Blackie is too,” Dawn sighed. She dropped to the floor and stroked Blackie’s thick coat.

“He’ll be ready once you give his prick a suck,” Ruth said, joining her niece on the floor.

Dawn rolled the anxious dog to his side and stroked his stomach. “C’mon, fucker,” she giggled eagerly. “Lemme see your beautiful cock.”

Blackie whined and twisted his neck. He slapped his drooling tongue over Dawn’s hand as she massaged his sheath. His rump squirmed and his balls began to ache.

Dawn spotted the seeping tip of Blackie’s cock poking from its sheath. She spasmed and drooled as the thought of taking Blackie’s cock into her virgin cunt both excited and frightened her.

“He’s getting hard.”

“Kiss his prick,” Ruth said huskily as she rubbed Dawn’s virgin pussy. Hot cream soaked her fingers as she prodded the thin skin of her niece’s cherry. “Kiss his cock, honey.”

Dawn squirmed and moaned as her aunt teased her hot young cunt. She held Blackie’s nuts, then brought her mouth to his oozing pisser. She gave his cock a loud slurping kiss, then lifted her head.

“I tasted piss,” she gasped, remembering how exciting it had been when the puppy pissed on her.

“Did you like the taste?” Ruth asked, a tremor in her voice.

“Yes,” Dawn said as she stroked the dog’s growing cock. “One of the puppies pissed in my face and I creamed.”

Ruth smiled as she learned more and more about her horny young niece. “Would you like Blackie to give you a piss bath before he breaks your cherry?”

With her virgin pussy in spasms, Dawn threw herself on her back and spread her legs. “Make him piss on me, Aunt Ruth.” She writhed, her virgin cunt dripping as she waited to be bathed in Blackie’s piss.

“C’mon, Blackie,” Ruth urged.

She pulled on his collar and the dog scrambled to his feet. She led him into position, then reached under and stroked his prick.

“Give Dawn a nice hot bath.”

“Yessss,” Dawn hissed, her body tingling as she stared wild-eyed at Blackie’s cock. “Piss on me. Piss all over me.”

Ruth gently massaged Blackie’s cock and balls as the giant shepherd whined. “C’mon,” she coaxed, thankful she had not let the dog out earlier. “I know you gotta piss. C’mon.”

Blackie yelped and a hot yellow stream of piss poured from his cock and splashed over Dawn’s creamy body. His muscles twitched as Ruth urged him on. Piss gushed from his cock, splattering Dawn as she whimpered and twisted on her back.

“Yes!” Dawn squealed as the dog hosed down her hot trembling body. “I love it!”

She arched her back and wrenched her shoulders as Blackie’s piss washed her plump jiggling tits and swollen nipples.

“Make him piss on my face.” Dawn squirmed as Blackie stepped forward. The golden stream splashed over her face and she creamed. Juice, milky and sticky, gushed from her virgin pussy. Piss spattered her face and hair as gurgling cries of pleasure rushed from her mouth.

“Drink it,” Ruth urged. “Drink his piss.”

Dawn opened her mouth, gulping as Blackie’s yellow stream of piss flooded her mouth and poured out over her face. She twisted her neck, letting the hot steamy spray wash her face.

“Aunt Ruth,” she gurgled. “Oooo, I’m creaming.”

Ruth, her own pussy throbbing, shivered as she watched Blackie drench her beautiful young niece in piss. “Keep drinking it,” she gasped as she massaged Blackie’s hairy nuts. “Bring your mouth closer.”

Dawn, swallowing rapidly, propped herself up on her elbows. She kept her mouth wide open as she brought her face closer to his piss-slot. Piss poured from her mouth and flowed down her chin. The river of piss splattered her heaving tits and made the pink swollen nipples glisten. She climaxed, her head spinning as she brought her lips in contact with Blackie’s pissing cock.

Blackie yelped as his gushing stream of piss began to lose its power. He jerked, banging his cockhead into Dawn’s lips as quick spurting streams of urine splashed into her mouth. His balls rumbled and he howled as the greedy teenager enveloped his cock head.

Dawn took his prick into her mouth. Piss squirted directly into her throat and she gagged. Her eyes bulged and she pushed her head forward and took his cock to his balls as the last of his piss sprayed her gullet.

Ruth moaned, her eyes wide as she watched her niece devour the dog’s giant cock. “Suck him,” she urged. “Keep him hard.”

With Blackie yelping and jerking at her face, Dawn gobbled greedily on his rigid prick. His nuts brushed against her piss-drenched chin and his cock throbbed deep in her throat as her pussy began to jealously pulse for his raging hard-on.

“Enough,” Ruth gasped. “He’s ready for your pussy.” She pulled on Blackie’s collar, forcing the dog’s cock from Dawn’s hungry mouth. “He’s ready.”

Dawn fell back and twisted her hips. “So am I,” she moaned deliriously. “So am I.”

“Get on your hands and knees,” Ruth said.

Trembling with excitement, Dawn scrambled to her hands and knees. She rocked in place, her body shaking as she waited for Blackie to mount her.

“Hurry, Aunt Ruth,” Dawn moaned.

She shuddered, a tinge of fear sweeping through her. Her nipples swelled and she sucked in her breath as tiny goose bumps dotted her piss-drenched flesh.

“C’mon, Blackie,” Ruth urged. She slapped Dawn’s slender back, coaxing the German shepherd to mount her. “Dawn’s got a nice cherry for you.”

Blackie, his cock aching, barked. He leaped up, his hairy frame blanketing Dawn’s body as he gripped her back with his huge front paws. He howled, his hind legs prancing as he jabbed furiously at Dawn’s quaking body.

Dawn almost fainted as Blackie covered her body with his hairy frame. Her arms quivered under his weight. She gasped as the dog’s hot panting breath made her skin tingle.

“Aunt Ruth!”

“Easy,” Ruth soothed. “He’s not even in you yet.”

Dawn panicked as the howling dog jabbed at her body. She felt the head of his cock hit her ass cheeks and her eyes widened in fear.

“Aunt Ruth. I’m afraid!”

With Blackie yelping and missing the buttery slit of Dawn’s virgin pussy, Ruth reached under and grabbed his hulking cock. She guided Blackie’s jabbing cock, then pulled away her hand as he found the mark.

“Fuck her,” Ruth gasped. “Fuck her!”

Dawn stiffened in fear as Blackie barked and ripped into her pussy. Pain seared her body as the pointed tip of Blackie’s jabbing cock tore away her cherry.

“Noooo,” she shrieked under the brutal attack. “Noooo! He’s ripping me apart!”

Dawn struggled as Blackie lunged into her tight, dry cunt. She jerked her hips, her eyes bulging with pain as she tried to get Blackie’s thick cock out of her pussyhole.

“Take him out! Take him out!”

“No,” Ruth said. “The pain’ll go away. I promise. Just relax and accept it.”

Ruth’s breathing was shallow and her cunt contracted each time Blackie jabbed into Dawn’s pussy. She gulped back her lust.

“Relax, Dawn. Relax.”

“I can’t,” Dawn squawked as she bucked her hips and screamed. “It hurts! It hurts!” Her mouth twisted as Blackie drove his prick to his balls.

Impaled on the German shepherd’s giant cock, Dawn shrieked in agony. Her head snapped up and spit drooled from her panting mouth. Horrified, she stared at her aunt as the blood drained from her contorted face.

“I can’t stand it!”

Yelping, Blackie pounded the screaming teenager. His cock sliced through her dry, gripping pussy and the friction only added to his agitation. He drilled her pussy with mindless jabs as his balls swung between his powerful hind legs. His thick bushy tail swished as he gripped Dawn’s wrenching back. He yelped again, spearing her cunt as the teenager howled in agony.

“C’mon, Dawn,” Ruth coaxed. She reached under and touched Blackie’s cock. “I can feel him going in you.”

“So can I,” Dawn screeched. “He’s tearing my pussy apart.”

Ruth fondled the shepherd’s swinging nuts, then massaged Dawn’s pulsing clit. “You’ll be screaming for more any minute,” she assured her screaming niece.

Blackie plundered Dawn’s tight cunt. His cock stretched the cushiony walls of her hole. He clung to her back, his hind legs prancing as the powerful thrusts started to bring a milky cream from the spongy walls of Dawn’s battered pussy. With the cream now greasing his prick, he picked up speed.

Reeling under the brutal barrage of thrusting stabs, Dawn howled. “Aunt Ruth,” she gasped as the pain disappeared. “Aunt Ruth!”

Her face flushed with passion and she started to drool. She rolled her hips as pleasure spread like a raging fire.

Ruth saw the expression of lust on her niece’s face and she smiled. “You like it now, huh?”

“Yes,” Dawn swooned as her mouth twisted up into a drunken smile. “Yes.” She leered at her aunt, her eyes glowing as passion enveloped her. “I can feel him throbbing all the way up in my belly!”

Dawn twisted her neck and stared up at the lunging beast. “Fuck me, Blackie! Fuck me!” She slammed back at the hairy dog and moaned deep in her throat as a hard-punching jab made her body shudder. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Yesss, Blackie,” Ruth yelled. “Fuck her! Fuck her!”

Dawn moaned, reveling in the pleasure of her first fuck. “It’s fantastic,” she gasped as the howling dog skewered her pussy with his hulking cock. “Fantastic!” She swiveled her hips, greedily accepting the punishing jabs. “He’s so deep. So wonderfully deep!”

Blackie yelped and clung to Dawn’s back. He plunged deep, his hairy nuts whacking against her flesh as his cock sliced through the gooey ooze of her pulsating cunt. His mouth foamed and his black eyes turned glassy as spittle dripped from his lolling tongue. He jammed hard, his furry coat rubbing against her silky skin as he picked up the already reckless pace.

Dawn’s blue eyes bulged. Her head dropped and moans ripped from her throat. She moaned deliriously and rotated her hips and rocked back and forth as she tried catching the dog’s frenzied rhythm.

“Fuck me, Blackie. Rip my cunt apart!”

Ruth watched, her eyes glazed. Her mouth watered and her pussy boiled. Soon, Blackie’s jizz would be squirting into her niece’s pussy. Knowing she was going to suck the dog’s cum from Dawn’s cunt made her pussy turn to fire.

Dancing on his powerful hind legs, Blackie lunged harder. His nuts whacked against the back of Dawn’s juice-stained thighs. Hot milky cunt cream bathed his prick and kept it greased. He stabbed, then howled as the greedy muscles of the teenager’s cunt attacked his drilling cock.

“Fuck me!” Dawn screamed as pleasure ran rampant through her young overheated body. She slammed back at the pumping dog and shuddered. “Fuck me!”

With his rear humping, Blackie pummeled Dawn’s body with his long throbbing cock. He cut deep, his front paws clinging desperately to her back as his back paws dug into the carpet for balance. Neck stretched, he howled as hot juicy cunt cream gushed out with each stab and spattered his cum-crammed balls.

“He’s getting bigger,” Dawn squawked as Blackie’s cock swelled inside her tight gripping cunt. “He’s getting bigger!” She quivered as her cunt went into spasm.

“He’s gonna cum,” Ruth wailed. “He’s gonna cream all inside your pussy.” She slapped Blackie’s humping ass. “Cream her! Cream her!”

“Yesss,” Dawn hissed as she raced to the peak with the howling dog. “Cream me! Cream my pussy!” She rocked back and forth as her plump tits jiggled. “Cream my pussy!”

With Blackie plowing her cunt with hard vicious jabs, Dawn reached the peak. Her body quaked as she hovered. “I’m there! I’m there!”

The next instant, Dawn’s cock-stuffed cunt exploded. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming,” she shrieked as her pussy exploded around Blackie’s spearing cock. “I’m cumming!”

Milky cunt-cum washed over Blackie’s drilling prick. He howled as the hot cum seared his cockshaft and reached into his balls to churn his jizz. Muscles attacked his jabbing cock, coaxing the cum in his balls to erupt.

Insane, Dawn climaxed again as her body went into convulsions. “I’m creaming his cock,” she squawked. “I’m creaming his cock!”

“Cum,” Ruth yelled as she whacked Blackie’s rump.

“Cream me,” Dawn shouted as her cunt boiled over. “Cream my pussy!” She slammed back into the dog and rolled her hips. “Gimme your cum, Blackie!”

A shrill howl came from Blackie’s panting mouth as his balls erupted. A thick river of doggie-jizz shot through his cock and squirted deep into Dawn’s gulping cunt. He howled again as his speed increased. His jabs became demonic as more jizz spewed from his prick and spurted into Dawn’s pulsating pussy.

“He’s creaming me!” Dawn screamed hysterically as the hot cum squirted into her pussy. “He’s creaming me!” With hot doggie-cum spurting into her cunt, she climaxed again.

She twisted her hips and ground her ass back into his hairy frame. Cum flooded her pussy and gushed out over Blackie’s swinging balls each time he jabbed into her cunthole.

“More,” she screeched as she milked his plowing prick with her cunt muscles. “More!”

With Blackie plowing her cunt, Dawn’s head snapped back and forth. Her blonde hair slashed across her contorted face. Spit drooled from her mouth.

“He’s drowning my pussy,” she cried out deliriously. “He’s squirting his cum in my belly!”

Blackie plowed her cunt and Dawn absorbed each jab. She rocked, her arms weakening as her orgasms drained her. She soaked his spearing cock with pussy cum and gulped on his squirting cock with her greedy cunt muscles. She screamed as her cunt overflowed and cum gushed from her pussyhole and flowed down the back of her thighs.

“Aunt Ruth!” she screamed as her arms turned to rubber.

She crashed forward, her neck twisting as the side of her face crashed to the carpet. She clawed the rug with her nails and swiveled her hips as Blackie continued to brutally stab her hot gripping cunt.

“Don’t stop,” Ruth gasped. She whacked Blackie’s rump. “Fuck her!” She saw the expression of lust on her niece’s face. “Drain his balls, Dawn. Get every fucking drop!”

“I want to,” she babbled as she jammed her cunt on his piercing cock. “I want all his cum!” She bucked maniacally and drooled all over the carpet as Blackie pounded her viciously with his spewing prick.

Blackie howled as his balls drained. His speed slowed and the last few squirts of jizz dribbled from his pisser. Another howl came from his foamy mouth and he ground to a halt, his prick buried deep in Dawn’s cum-filled cunt.

Dawn moaned, then slumped to the floor as Blackie yanked his prick from her pussy. She writhed, whimpering as her cunt continued to pulse.

Blackie barked, then curled up on the floor as Ruth rolled Dawn to her back. He licked the tip of his shrinking prick, then closed his eyes as Rush stared at Dawn’s oozing pussy.

“I’m gonna clean you now,” Ruth rasped.

She fused her mouth to her niece’s pussy and sucked. Thick lumps of Blackie’s cum filled her mouth. She sucked again, then swallowed as Dawn writhed and whimpered weakly.

“Tongue me, Aunt Ruth,” Dawn sighed. “Go inside and get it all.”

Ruth plunged her tongue into her niece’s pussy and lugged out the rest of Blackie’s thick gooey jizz. She swallowed, then pulled her mouth away.

“How did you like your first fuck?” she asked as she sat back on her haunches.

“Fantastic,” Dawn panted. “The most fantastic climax of my life.”

Ruth pulled her niece into her arms. “Maybe you should bring your sister over tonight. She might like getting fucked.”

“Peggy?” Dawn said, surprised. Then she giggled and snuggled against her aunt. “I have seen her playing with herself.”

“Then you’ll bring her over?” Ruth asked, excited about seeing her younger niece take on Blackie.

“Yes,” Dawn promised. “Right after dinner.” She cuddled close. “Now, let me take a nap before I go home. Fucking Blackie tired me out.”

Ruth held her niece and looked at Blackie. “You’re gonna have another cherry,” she whispered.

Dawn sighed, her flesh tingling as she fell asleep in her aunt’s arms.



Excited, Dawn led her kid sister up the walk to their aunt’s house. “C’mon, Peggy. Hurry.”

“Why?” Peggy pouted. “I don’t wanna see Aunt Ruth.” Reluctantly, she followed Dawn up the steps. “Shit, I wanted to stay home.”

“You’ll have more fun here,” Dawn said as she opened the door. “I promise.”

“Hi, Peggy,” Ruth said as they came in. “I’m glad you came over.” She swept her glance over her young niece and shivered.

“She didn’t wanna come,” Dawn giggled, plopping next to her aunt. “I promised her we’d have fun.”

“I did so wanna come over,” Peggy lied. “Honest, Aunt Ruth.”

Peggy glanced at her aunt and was surprised to see her just wearing a robe. She draped her young body over a chair and tried to smile, but she knew the evening would be boring and the smile didn’t work.

Ruth’s pussy was soaking wet as Dawn snuggled against her. Her head was swimming. She squirmed on the couch, her robe parting and all but her nipples became exposed.

A quick gasp came from Peggy’s mouth and she blushed. Nervous, she twisted on the chair and tried tearing her eyes away from her aunt’s milky white tits.

“Peggy’s looking at your tits,” Dawn said. She saw the shocked expression on Peggy’s face and giggled.

“You shouldn’t tease your sister,” Ruth said, her voice husky as her nipples swelled.

Dawn pulled open her aunt’s robe and completely exposed her tits. “Now, you can really get a good look at them, Peggy.”

Peggy gasped as her eyes bulged. She expected to see her aunt hit Dawn, but nothing happened. She started to quiver inside as her eyes fused to her aunt’s large rosy nipples.

“Look at how hungry she is,” Dawn said. She began fondling her aunt’s tits as Peggy gawked. “Show Peggy your pussy.”

Creaming as Dawn pawed her tits, Ruth spread her legs. The robe slipped away and her hot bubbling cunt became exposed.

“Does it get you hot looking at me, Peggy?” Ruth panted.

Peggy didn’t know what to say. She gawked, her heart pounding as she ogled her aunt’s body.

“She’s hot,” Dawn said. “She’s got the same expression on her face that she has when she’s playing with her pussy.” Dawn stood, then pulled her aunt to her feet.

Ruth let the robe drop to the floor. Naked, she modeled lewdly for her shocked niece. “Say something, Peggy,” she purred as she walked over to her chair.

Peggy’s head was spinning and her virgin cunt was on fire. She squirmed in the chair and riveted her eyes to the thick curly hair that decorated her aunt’s pussy.

Dawn pulled off her clothes and walked over to her aunt. Naked, she looked down at her kid sister.

“I told you we were gonna have fun tonight.”

Peggy didn’t understand. Things were happening too fast for her mind to comprehend. She gulped back the lump of passion that clogged her throat and tried to speak but nothing came out.

“Touch us,” Dawn coaxed. “I know you want to.” She skimmed her hands down her own lush body and moaned.

Peggy, staring hypnotically at her naked sister and aunt, whimpered. The juices in her virgin pussy were soaking the crotch of her panties and the cushiony muscles inside her virgin cunt hole were pulsing rhythmically.

Ruth took her stunned niece’s hand. “You get undressed too, Peggy.”

Peggy came to her feet. Her legs were weak and her head was reeling. Only her eyes moved as they first swept over her sister’s naked body, then over her aunt’s lush, naked flesh.

“I think we’d better undress her,” Dawn suggested. “She’s in a trance.” She dropped to her knees and pulled down her sister’s shorts and panties.

“Aunt Ruth,” Peggy whimpered as her aunt pulled off her top and exposed her small creamy tits. “What are you doing?” She shuddered as her sister began fondling her bare ass.

“Dawn said you play with yourself. We thought it would be more fun if we played with you.”

She cupped Peggy’s pulpy tits and creamed as the hot swollen nipples burned into the palms of her hands.

Peggy felt dizzy and she thought for a second that she was going to faint. Her aunt’s pawing hands and her sister’s exploring fingers were driving her insane.

“Her pussy’s soaked,” Dawn said as she glided her fingers through her sister’s wet dripping slit. She pushed her fingers inside and hit cherry skin.

Peggy’s entire body began to twitch. The room was spinning and her eyes turned glassy. Her face turned a deep red and hot pockets of air escaped her mouth as two pairs of hands drove her wild. She rolled her hips and swooned as her sister’s probing fingers made her cunt boil.

“Aunt Ruth,” Peggy gasped. She swayed as her sister pulled her down on the floor. From glazed dilated eyes, she stared at her sister and aunt. “What if mommy finds out?”

Dawn caressed her sister’s cunt as Ruth joined them on the floor. “She won’t find out unless you tell her,” Dawn said.

Ruth started massaging Peggy’s tits again. “We’re gonna keep it our secret,” she rasped. She kneaded her niece’s soft milk-white tits.

Peggy writhed on her back as they fondled her hot young virgin body. Her hips rolled and the inside of her cunt flooded with sizzling juices. Dazed and boiling hot, she reached up and spanned her aunt’s massive globes. Her fingers sank into the soft pliant meat.

“Blackie’s gonna love her cunt,” Dawn said as she stroked Peggy’s virgin pussy and coated her fingers with the flowing juices from her sister’s buttery cunt.

“Blackie?” Peggy gasped as her hips jerked. “I don’t understand.”

“You will,” Dawn giggled as she glanced over at the sleeping dog. “You will.”

Peggy moaned and pulled on her aunt’s tits. “Lemme suck them,” she cooed. “Please.”

Creaming, Ruth leaned over Peggy and dangled her fleshy tits in her face. “Suck them all you want, Peggy. Bite them. Chew them. Do anything you want.” Peggy gasped and gobbled one ripe nipple into her mouth. She sucked greedily as she pawed the flesh. Her teeth sank into the hard bullet tip making her aunt wail with joy.

Dawn watched as her sister sucked on their aunt’s tits. “You think we should give her a bath?” she asked hotly as she scratched her nails over Peggy’s swollen clit.

“Not yet,” Ruth moaned. “Let her finish with my tits first.”

Peggy didn’t understand anything. First Blackie and now a bath. She was confused, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the prime white meat of her aunt’s voluptuous tits. She sucked hard, working her mouth over every inch until both tits were a mass of passion bites and glistening with spit.

“What a mouth,” Ruth moaned as she yanked her tits away from Peggy. She sat back and looked at her marred tits. “Christ, you’re a hungry little bitch.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Peggy gasped as Dawn continued to scratch her virgin pussy. “I’m so hot.” She jerked her hips and spasmed as Dawn pinched her clit.

“She needs a bath to cool her off,” Dawn said, anxious to piss on her young sister.

“You’re right,” Ruth said. “I’ll get Blackie.”

“Not Blackie,” Dawn said. “Me. I’m gonna give her a bath.”

“I don’t want a bath,” Peggy moaned. She reached for her aunt’s tits again, but Ruth pulled away. “I wanna suck your tits, Aunt Ruth.”

“Later,” Ruth said, liking the idea of Dawn pissing on Peggy.

Peggy writhed on her back as her cunt bubbled. “No bath,” she gasped. “I’m too hot. I want sex!”

“Shut up,” Dawn said. She straddled her sister’s head. “You’ll get all the sex you want after I piss in your face.”

Peggy gasped in shock as she stared up at her sister’s pink dripping pussy slit. “Noooo!” she wailed, not believing what her sister had said.

“Yessss,” Dawn hissed. “Oooo… yes.” She moaned as piss poured from her body and splashed over her sister’s face.

Ruth grabbed Peggy’s virgin pussy and massaged the blood-swollen clit. “Drink your sister’s piss,” she shouted. “Drink it or I’ll pull your fucking clit off.”

Peggy’s body went into spasm as hot piss poured over her face. Her hips jerked and her head snapped from side to side. She jammed a hand in front of her face and piss poured over her hand and through her fingers.

“God,” she moaned. “I love it.” Realizing that fact, Peggy climaxed.

Still pissing, Dawn rocked back and forth.

“Drink it,” she demanded. She pushed her sister’s hand away. “Drink my fucking piss.”

Out of her head, Peggy opened her mouth. She gurgled as piss flooded her mouth. Quick gulps kept her from choking as she drank her sister’s hot, steamy piss. Her hips jerked and she rolled her ass on the rug as her aunt mangled her clit.

Ruth watched her two nieces. The sight blew her mind and her mouth watered for a taste of Peggy’s virgin pussy before Blackie ripped away her cherry.

Flooding her sister’s mouth, Dawn grabbed Peggy by the hair and lifted her head. “Drink it! Drink it!”

Peggy climaxed as piss flooded her mouth and overflowed. She gurgled as piss poured into her throat and washed over her face. She grabbed her sister’s ass and clawed the cheeks with her nails. A shriek of agony from Dawn made Peggy happy.

“Little bitch,” Dawn rasped as her sister’s nails raked her ass. “Little fucking bitch.” She twisted her sister’s hair and jammed her cunt into her face. “I’m gonna drown you.”

As piss saturated her face and pussy meat smashed against her mouth, Peggy screamed. Her shrieking cries were lost in the puffy meat of her sister’s cunt. Still scratching her sister’s ass, Peggy started to chew on her cunt as the last of her sister’s piss trickled over her tongue and down her throat.

“She’s biting me!” Dawn screamed as her sister attacked her cunt. “The little bitch is biting me!” She thrashed on Peggy’s face and creamed as nipping teeth snapped at her sensitive cunt.

“Jesus Christ,” Ruth moaned. She grabbed Dawn by the shoulder and yanked her off Peggy’s face. “You can bite her all you want after I’m through pissing on you.”

Peggy was panting. Her face was smeared with piss and milky pussy juice. “Yes, Aunt Ruth. Piss on me! Lemme drink your piss.”

Ruth straddled her niece’s head. She quaked as her body released a river of hot yellow urine. “Drink it!”

Dawn watched, then climbed between her sister’s outstretched legs. She dragged her nails over Peggy’s virgin pussy and listened as Peggy’s gurgling screams filled the room.

“I’m gonna bite your fucking pussy until you bleed,” she snapped.

Peggy didn’t care. She was too hot to care about anything but the piss pouring over her face and into her mouth. She humped up, urging her sister to attack her pussy again. She gulped, drinking greedily as her aunt pissed in her mouth.

“Christ,” Ruth moaned as Peggy brought her hands up and started to maul her ass. “Finger my asshole.”

Drinking her aunt’s piss, Peggy jammed her fingers into her aunt’s tight gripping shitter. She gulped as piss poured from her mouth and flowed over her face. She twisted her fingers and spasmed as Dawn raked her cunt again.

“Drown her, Aunt Ruth,” Dawn rasped. She ravaged Peggy’s clit and puffy pussymeat with her nails. “Drown the little bitch.”

Ruth rocked on her knees as the piss pouring from her body slowed to a trickle. She brought her cunt closer to Peggy’s face, then slammed her cunt against her mouth.

“Suck me! Suck me!”

Peggy, her body convulsing, drank the last of her aunt’s piss, then sucked greedily on the sweet-tasting meat of her aunt’s cunt. Cream filled her mouth, rinsing away the piss as her aunt ground her cunt into her teeth.

“Bite me!” Ruth screamed as she mashed her cunt into Peggy’s face. “Make me cum!”

“Yeah,” Dawn rasped. “Cream her mouth, Aunt Ruth!” Dawn pinched her sister’s swollen clit and watched as her kid sister’s hips jerked. “Drown her in cum!”

Peggy, her hips jerking wildly, feasted on her aunt’s bubbling pussy. She gouged her aunt’s asshole with her fingers, then sank her teeth into her swollen cuntmeat. Her aunt’s shriek of pleasure told her she was doing everything just right.

“Keep biting me,” Ruth squawked as Peggy chomped on her cunt. “Make me cream your fucking face!”

Dawn watched for a second, then fused her mouth to her sister’s pussy. She sank her teeth into the puffy meat of Peggy’s virgin snatch and sucked. Virgin pussy cream bathed her face and flowed into her mouth. At the same time, she jammed her hands under her twisting sister and gouged the meat of her jiggling ass.

Peggy, her mouth stuffed with her aunt’s pussy, went into convulsions as her sister chewed her cunt. She bucked her hips, slamming her pussy into her sister’s face as she sucked her aunt’s clit into her mouth.

“Bite! Bite,” Ruth screamed. She rotated her hips and raced to the peak as Peggy’s snipping teeth and ass-probing fingers drove her crazy.

With her aunt’s clit pulsing between her lips, Peggy whipped the tip with her tongue. She shuddered, then sank her teeth into her aunt’s clit and carried her into her orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” Ruth screeched as an orgasm exploded deep inside her pulsing cunt. “I’m cumming!”

Hot, milky pussy cum gushed from the spongy walls of Ruth’s cunt. The river of sticky cum poured from her pussy hole and washed over Peggy’s face and into her mouth.

“I’m creaming! I’m creaming!”

Dawn heard her aunt’s screeching voice as she dined viciously on Peggy’s hot virgin pussy. She found the crack of Peggy’s ass and jammed her fingers into her virgin ass. Her greedy mouth sucked, drawing between her lips Peggy’s blood swollen clit. Cream filled her mouth as she brought her humping sister quickly to the peak.

With her own pussy being devastated, Peggy gobbled on her aunt’s climaxing pussy. She gulped as frothy pussy-cum filled her mouth. Gurgling screams were lost in her aunt. She twisted her fingers inside her aunt’s ass and felt the gripping muscles tug violently. Spasms racked her flesh as she humped against her sister’s mouth.

Ruth swayed, her huge milky tits flopping. “I’m creaming!”

She rotated her hips and shivered with joy as Peggy’s chomping teeth and ass-stabbing fingers drove her insane.

Pussy-cum washed over Peggy’s face and flowed down her neck. Her young virgin body shivered as Dawn’s mouth ravaged her cunt. She jerked her hips, battering Dawn’s face as she kept her aunt squealing with joy.

Ruth, her body twisting, fell forward. Arms stiff, palms flat and tits swinging like fleshy weights, she ground her orgasming cunt and blood-gorged clit into Peggy’s face and snipping teeth. The next instant, she shuddered and collapsed.

With her mouth free, Peggy screeched. “Make me cum! Make me cum, Dawn!” She slammed her cunt into her sister’s face and reached the peak.

Ruth’s body quivered as she sat up. Her breathing was shallow and the muscles inside her cunt and ass still twitched. “Bite her, Dawn. Bite her fucking cunt.”

Dawn plowed her fingers into her sister’s virgin asshole. She sucked Peggy’s clit into her mouth and held it prisoner with her lips. Quick gulps kept her from choking on pussy cream as she kept her sister hovering at the peak.

“I’m there,” Peggy cried out hysterically. “I’m there!” She snapped her head to the side, her glazed eyes fixed on her aunt. “Make me cum, Dawn! Make me cum!”

“Make her cum,” Ruth moaned, taking up the chant. “Make her cum!”

Dawn gnawed into her sister’s pulsing clit. She jammed another finger into Peggy’s ass and clawed the gripping walls of her shitter. The action triggered an explosion in Peggy’s virgin pussy.

“I’m cumming!” Peggy screeched at the top of her lungs. “I’m cumming!”

For the first time in her life, Peggy was creaming on something other than her own fingers. She went insane as one orgasm after another whipped through her virgin pussy.

“I’m cumming!”

Ruth watched her young niece thrash on her back. She quivered, her eyes sweeping up and down Peggy’s twisting body. She glanced over at Blackie and saw that the lust that filled the room was arousing him.

“You can have her next,” she said softly.

Dawn, her face being battered, chomped and sucked on her sister’s virgin cunt. She finger-fucked her sister’s tight ass and quivered as she imagined Blackie ravaging her kid sister’s two fuck-holes.

Peggy’s back arched and her small plump tits jiggled wildly. Her neck strained and her eyes bulged. “I can’t stop,” she screamed. “Oooo, God! I can’t stop!”

Peggy’s body went into convulsions. She slammed down on Dawn’s ass-gouging fingers and beat her cunt into her face. Contractions deep in her pussy kept her hole constantly flooded with cunt cum. The cum flowed from her hole and saturated Dawn’s face.

“She’s biting my clit so hard,” Peggy cried out deliriously. “So hard!” She shuddered, her body rigid as the intensity of her orgasms began to fade.

Dawn sucked hard, then snapped her head to the side. She destroyed her sister’s clit and drank from the flowing hole of her pussy. Pussy cum oozed down to Peggy’s ass crack and her fingers squished each time she jammed them into Peggy’s asshole.

Peggy screamed, then went limp. Twitching sporadically, she gasped as everything turned fuzzy. “Stop it! Stop it!”

Dawn kept her sister’s clit a prisoner until there was no movement. She eased the pressure, then lifted her head.

“I’ll bet you’re glad you didn’t stay home and watch television, huh?”

Panting, Peggy gave her sister and aunt a dirty smile. “I sure am,” she gasped as she tried sucking air into her lungs. “I sure am.”



Dawn looked at Blackie, then snapped her fingers. “C’mere, boy,” she coaxed. “C’mere.”

Blackie lifted his head and scrambled to his feet. Whimpering, his tail wagging, he padded over to Dawn and sloshed his tongue over her face.

“Good, boy,” Dawn said. She stroked his hairy coat, then smiled at her sister. “How would you like to eat some delicious cock?”

Peggy blinked and stared at the dog. “You mean his cock?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Ruth said. “Blackie loves having his cock sucked.”

“No,” Peggy whined. “I don’t like dogs.”

Dawn giggled. “You’ll like Blackie once you get his cock in your mouth.”

Ruth jutted out her tits and allowed the German shepherd to slap his tongue over her pink swollen nipples.

Peggy was shocked. “He’ll bite you,” she gasped. She squirmed on the floor and inched away from the dog.

“Don’t move,” Ruth said. She gave Peggy a stern look. “Dawn sucked him off.”

“You did?” Peggy asked as she looked at her sister.

“I fucked him too,” Dawn bragged. “Just like you’re gonna do.”

“No,” Peggy whimpered. “I don’t wanna.”

“You don’t have a choice,” Ruth snapped, liking the idea of forcing her young niece to suck and fuck her pet.

Peggy looked at them both. Fear gripped her, yet she was fascinated with the dog as he dined noisily on Dawn’s tits.

“Maybe Blackie should piss on her first,” Dawn suggested. “Sort of get her in the mood.”

“Yeah,” Ruth agreed. She pulled on Blackie’s collar and positioned him over a trembling Peggy. “Look at his cock.”

Peggy was forced onto her back. She stared up at Blackie’s hairy balls and sheath. The tip of his prick was sticking out and she swooned. “He can piss on me,” she conceded, “but I don’t wanna suck him.”

“It doesn’t matter what you want,” Dawn said. “You’ll do what we tell you or I’ll tell mommy you were letting the boys in the neighborhood play with you.”

“And,” Ruth added, “I’ll back her up.” She winked at her frightened niece. “She’ll believe me.”

Peggy was shocked and scared. She watched as her sister turned Blackie’s cock to steel. A lump clogged her throat.

“He’s so big,” she gasped.

“Touch him,” Dawn demanded. “Hold his cock.”

Trembling, Peggy brought her hands to the dog’s rigid cock. She moaned as his long, meaty prick throbbed in her hands. Her head started spinning as a drop of piss dripped from his cock and splashed on her tit.

“Just let him piss on me.”

With everyone touching and fondling him, Blackie whined and wagged his tail. He jerked, driving his cock through Peggy’s fingers as a quick squirt of piss shot from his cock. The yellow urine splashed over Peggy’s tits.

Peggy spasmed as the steamy piss made her tits glisten. She gasped, hoping that once the dog was finished pissing they wouldn’t make her suck him.

Yelping, a river of piss began squirting from Blackie’s rigid prick. The yellow stream splattered Peggy’s tits. His flanks twitched and he stepped forward, his golden arch now splattering Peggy’s flushed face.

“Drink it,” Dawn shouted. “Drink his fucking piss.” She jammed her fist tight against her sister’s pussy. “Drink it!”

Peggy shook as her sister beat her cunt with her fist. Doggie-piss drenched her face. She opened her mouth and gurgled as Blackie quickly filled her mouth with his hot yellow pee.

Ruth stroked Blackie’s back. “Drown her, Blackie,” she said, her eyes riveted to Peggy’s face. “Squirt it in her throat.”

Peggy’s hips rolled. Her sister’s sadistic hand was making her cunt boil over. The hot piss spraying her face and filling her mouth added to her lust and she realized that she wanted more than piss from the German shepherd. She gulped and lifted her head. At the same time, she aimed Blackie’s cock at her open mouth and drank as his hot spraying stream squirted into her throat.

“She loves it,” Dawn said. Pussy cream drenched her fist as she beat it against Peggy’s virgin cunt. “Put your mouth closer.”

Obediently and now eager to do anything they wanted, Peggy released his cock and propped herself up on her elbows. She moved her head slowly from side to side and washed her face in his piss.

“I do love it,” she gasped. She angled her mouth and let her mouth fill with piss.

“Suck him,” Ruth moaned. “Let him piss right in your throat.”

Humping her hips and mangling her cunt into Dawn’s fist, Peggy brought her lips to the pointed tip of Blackie’s cock. Piss squirted into her throat and she gulped. Piss poured from her mouth and flowed down her chin and splashed over her small creamy tits.

Blackie yelped and jabbed forward. His cock filled her mouth as the last few squirts of piss splashed over Peggy’s tongue and trickled down her throat. He jabbed again, his hard swollen cock throbbing as his cum-crammed nuts began to rumble.

“Suck him,” Dawn yelled as she pounded her fist against her sister’s pussy. “Suck out his cum!”

Peggy swooned as Blackie filled her mouth with his raging hard-on. She sucked, drawing in her cheeks. Spasms of pleasure raced through her young body as his hard cock throbbed against her drooling lips.

Blackie, his cock in Peggy’s wet sucking mouth, yelped and bared his teeth. Flanks heaving, he lunged, piercing Peggy’s throat with the pointed tip of his prick.

Peggy gagged and yanked her mouth off his cock. “He’s gonna choke me,” she gasped. “I can’t do it.”

Dawn punched her sister’s cunt. “Do it! Do it!”

She punched Peggy’s oozing pussy again as her whimpering sister brought her mouth back to the yelping dog’s raging hard-on.

Pain whipped through Peggy’s virgin pussy as she brought her trembling lips back to Blackie’s cock. She took him into her mouth and quivered in a mixture of fright and pleasure.

Blackie, his cock back in Peggy’s wet mouth, lunged. He howled as her teeth scraped along his cock shaft. Fangs bared, he lunged again, driving his cock toward the entrance to Peggy’s tight throat.

“Suck him,” Ruth moaned. “God, suck him off.” She rocked on her haunches and slapped Blackie’s rump. “Fuck her face, Blackie. Fuck her face.”

Peggy was delirious. The dog’s fat cock squashed her tongue and brushed along the roof of her mouth. She rolled her hips, grinding her cunt into Dawn’s jamming fist as Blackie pierced her gullet with the pointed tip of his prick.

“Don’t stop,” Ruth ordered as she heard Peggy gag. “Take him to the balls.”

Peggy, swooning and creaming, relaxed her throat. She pushed her head forward as Blackie jabbed. His cock stabbed into her throat and her eyes bulged but she didn’t pull away.

“You’re getting it,” Ruth gasped above Blackie’s yelping. “Don’t stop now.” She slapped Blackie’s rump. “Give it to her.”

Dawn beat her sister’s cunt with her fist. Her own body quaked from the pleasure of giving pain. “Rip out her throat, Blackie.”

Peggy felt as if she were going to faint. Dawn was battering her cunt and Blackie was ripping into her throat. She gagged, her neck stretched as the dog’s next lunge buried his prick in her gullet.

Blackie yelped and shook his head as he drilled his prick balls deep into the young girl’s tight throat. His nuts churned as they slapped against her chin and his cock thickened inside her mouth. He yelped as her teeth scraped against his prick then humped frantically as the jizz in his balls churned.

Peggy slobbered all over Blackie’s thrusting cock. Spit flowed from her clinging lips and spattered the dog’s balls as he rammed her throat. She sucked deeply when he jerked back, then chewed when he lunged forward. She caught the dog’s frenzied rhythm and her body shivered with the excitement of knowing that soon the dog’s balls would be bursting and filling her mouth with jizz.

Blackie howled as his cock swelled and his balls reached the bursting point. He slammed into Peggy’s mouth and ripped into her throat as his nuts whacked against her chin.

“He’s gonna cum,” Ruth moaned as she watched her niece gobble wildly on Blackie’s rigid dick. “He’s gonna cream your mouth, Peggy!”

Peggy shuddered, excited about what would soon be happening. She gulped, her cheeks drawn in tight as she coaxed the cum in Blackie’s hairy balls to explode.

“Cum,” Dawn rasped as she pounded her fist into her sister’s cunt. “Cream her mouth, Blackie!” She jammed her fist tight against Peggy’s pussy and twisted it as a gush of pussy cream saturated her hand.

Peggy felt as if she were going to faint. Her hips jerked and her ass bounced. Her sister’s punching fist had her virgin cunt in spasm. Blackie’s ready-to-explode cock had her delirious.

Blackie’s balls erupted as he bared his fangs and ripped into Peggy’s face. He howled again, lunging fanatically as thick lumps of doggie-jizz blasted from his balls and shot through his cock like a geyser. The thick river of jizz spurted from his prick and white-washed Peggy’s sucking mouth.

Peggy gagged as thick lumps of doggie-cum flooded her mouth and sprayed her throat. Gurgling gags and noisy slurps came from her cock-stuffed mouth. She swallowed, her eyes bulging as Blackie drilled her face and Dawn battered her cunt.

“He’s cumming,” Ruth shrieked as she watched her pet ravage Peggy’s mouth. “God, he’s creaming her mouth!” She spasmed, her flesh sizzling as she watched Peggy feast on Blackie’s squirting prick.

Blackie, lips drawn back and fangs bared, savagely drilled his spewing prick into Peggy’s tight throat. Quick squirts of jizz shot from his pisser and splashed over Peggy’s slapping tongue. He howled, his neck strained as the child’s deep sucks coaxed the cum in his balls to blast again.

“Keep sucking him,” Dawn shouted. She pinched her sister’s clit and sneered as Peggy’s hips frantically jerked. “Suck out his balls.”

Peggy, tasting cock cum for the first time, went insane. Cum filled her cheeks and gushed from her nose and lips. She choked, but continued to suck as Blackie plowed her cum-filled mouth and pierced her gullet.

Ruth was hypnotized by the frenzied action. She saw the doggie-cum dribbling down Peggy’s chin. “Don’t waste it, Peggy. God, don’t waste his beautiful cum.”

Peggy didn’t want to waste it. She wanted every delicious drop, but it was coming too fast. She slammed her head forward and gagged as his nuts hit her chin and his cock stretched her throat.

Hammering Peggy’s mouth, Blackie’s balls began to drain. He started yelping as her gnawing teeth and deep frantic sucks agitated him. His head jerked and his mouth foamed. Eyes glassy, he hacked furiously at her mouth until his spurting wads slowed to a trickle.

Peggy didn’t want it to end. She became hysterical as she slammed her face forward and took Blackie’s spent cock in deep. She chewed, sucked and beat his prick with her tongue until the dog howled in agony. Her reward one was another thick clump of jizz.

Blackie jerked back and popped his aching cock from the greedy child’s mouth. Whining, he jumped up on the couch and curled up in a ball.

Dawn stopped beating her sister’s cunt and before her aunt could react, she was on Peggy, her mouth fused to Peggy’s dribbling lips. She plunged her tongue into Peggy’s mouth and scooped out the last thick wad before her sister could swallow it.

Hungry for the cum her sister had stolen, Peggy rolled on top of Dawn and fought to get back the cum. She won, then scrambled away, savoring the last gooey clump of doggie-jizz before swallowing it.

“It was delicious,” Peggy panted. “I wanna do it again.”

“You’ll have to wait a few minutes,” Ruth said. “I think you ruptured his balls.”

Dawn giggled. “Maybe, Blackie can rupture Peggy’s cherry and get even.”

Peggy quaked as her sister’s words sank into her lust-sopped brain. “You mean let Blackie fuck me?”

“That’s right,” Dawn said, expecting her sister to chicken out.

“Great!” Peggy gasped, surprising her sister. “I’m ready anytime he is.”

Dawn crawled over to her sister and hugged her. “You’re gonna love it,” she gasped. “It’s the most fantastic feeling in the world.” She didn’t mention the pain, but knew she would enjoy seeing her sister suffer.

Ruth smiled at her two horny nieces. “I think before the night’s over, Blackie will be wishing he had two cocks.”

“I know I’ll be wishing that,” Dawn giggled.

“Me too,” Peggy said. “Me too.”



“I can’t wait any longer,” Peggy moaned as she squirmed away from Dawn’s tit-sucking mouth. “I wanna get fucked.”

Ruth yanked her mouth away from Peggy’s virgin pussy and licked her lips. “I guess that was the last time I’ll get to lick a virgin.”

“You better believe it,” Dawn said. “C’mon, Blackie. Get your ass off the fucking couch.” She snapped her fingers and got the German shepherd’s attention.

Blackie whined and jumped off the couch. He padded over to Ruth and began licking her face.

Peggy drooled as she stared hungrily at the giant animal. “You better give me a good fuck,” she sighed. She squirmed on the floor and began rubbing his hairy nuts. “I want all your cum in my pussy.”

“You’ll get it,” Dawn said, anxious to watch Blackie rip away her sister’s cherry. “Get on your knees so he can fuck you like a bitch in heat.”

“Have her lean over the coffee table so Blackie doesn’t crush her,” Ruth suggested.

“Yes,” Peggy said eagerly as she crawled over to the low table and pushed everything away.

Dawn pulled on Blackie’s collar, then eased him to his side. “Don’t be so damn impatient. I gotta get him hard first.” She dropped her head and began licking Blackie’s huge nut-sac.

“I’m ready,” Peggy gasped. “Hurry.”

Ruth settled back and watched. Seeing her two nieces so eagerly enjoy sex made her happy. “Your mother would piss a bitch if she knew what you two kids were doing.”

“Just make sure you don’t tell her,” Peggy said nervously.

“Christ, I can’t say anything. She’d kill me for getting you two horny bitches started.” She tossed back her head and laughed. “I sure would like to see her face though if she caught us.”

Dawn listened as she slobbered all over Blackie’s nuts. She slithered her tongue up the length of Blackie’s sheath and sucked his pointed pisser into her mouth. She whipped the tip with her tongue, then sucked as a drop of jizz oozed out and washed over her tongue.

“Hurry,” Peggy moaned as she squirmed frantically on the table. “I want his cock.”

Dawn ignored her sister’s pleas and continued to feast on Blackie’s prick. She bobbed her head as the hairy dog thrashed on his side. She sucked, his prick growing rapidly in her mouth as her nipping teeth and deep frenzied sucks turned Blackie into a humping yelping beast.

“Don’t suck him off,” Ruth said. “I wanna watch Peggy get fucked.”

Dawn took the shepherd to his balls and held him prisoner as his prick turned to steel. She dragged her mouth off his cock, then gasped.

“He’s ready.”

“Bring him over,” Peggy pleaded. “My pussy’s on fire.”

Dawn pulled the anxious dog over to her waiting sister. “I’ll put him in you, Peggy,” she said, a hot smile on her face.

“Do it, Dawn,” Peggy moaned. “Dammit, do it.” She rolled her hips as her virgin cunt sizzled for Blackie’s hard, throbbing prick.

Ruth watched, sensing that Dawn was anxious to watch her sister suffer. “Go ahead, Dawn,” she urged, anxious herself to see the agony on Peggy’s innocent face. “Give her what she wants.”

Blackie, his cock throbbing, barked. He wanted it too.

“Up, boy,” Dawn urged as she patted Peggy’s slender back. “Up.”

Blackie, his tail thrashing, leaped up and planted his front paws on the table. Hind legs prancing, he jabbed frantically at Peggy’s quaking body as soft whines came from his panting mouth.

Peggy gasped as his furry body came in contact with her flesh. She grabbed the edges of the table and held on as his cock jabbed blindly at her body.

“He’s missing my fucking hole,” she screeched. “Jesus, Dawn! Put him in! Put him in my fucking cunt.”

“Gladly,” Dawn snickered as she reached under and grabbed Blackie’s hulking cock and guided it to her sister’s tight virgin pussy. “Here he comes!”

Blackie yelped as the tip of his prick found the gooey entrance to Peggy’s virgin pussy. He lunged, his pointed tip ripping through her cherry as if it were tissue. A deep growl ripped from his throat as he plunged his massive prick deeper into the young girl’s tight pussy.

“Ayieeeee!” Peggy screeched.

Her body spasmed violently as pain swept through her. Her eyes bulged and her face twisted as tears filled her eyes and spilled over.

“You got it,” Dawn said. “You got his cock!” She slapped Blackie on his humping ass. “Fuck her! Fuck her!”

Blackie howled as he drilled his prick to his balls. Yelps and foam came from his panting mouth as the dry pussy wrapped around his thick cock agitated him. He pounded her, the friction on his prick making him prance and howl.

“Aunt Ruth,” Peggy screamed as everything started spinning. “Aunt Ruth! Help me! Help me!”

“I can’t, honey,” Ruth said, her voice husky. Her niece’s obvious pain was making her own cunt turn to fire. “Don’t be a baby. Fuck him.”

“Yeah, chicken-shit,” Dawn sneered as she got off on her sister’s agony. “Fuck him.” She rocked on her haunches and walloped Blackie’s rump. “Rip her apart, Blackie. Make the little bitch a woman.”

Blackie howled as he cut through Peggy’s dry gripping pussy. His balls ached as they slapped against her flesh. Lips drawn back, he hammered the screaming child as he dug his back paws into the rug for balance.

Peggy, her face filled with fear and pain, thrashed on the table. “Take him out,” she screamed hysterically. “He’s killing me! It hurts!”

She wrenched her hips and tried dislodging the dog’s thick meaty prick. But the more she thrashed about, the deeper Blackie drilled her cunt hole.

“Fuck her,” Ruth rasped as her own pussy creamed. “God, this is wild.”

Blackie, not caring about the pain he was causing, pounded Peggy’s tight dry cunt with punishing jabs. He yelped, his rubbery lips drawn back as he dug his claws into the table and pranced on his hind legs.

Pain raked Peggy’s body. The cock ripping into her tight pussy had her reeling. Her head snapped up, then crashed to the table with a thud as the violent assault on her pussy brought her to the point of fainting.

Dawn creamed as she saw the tortured expression on her sister’s face. “Don’t be a shit, Peggy. Fuck him! Fuck him!”

Pounding the table, Peggy glared hatefully at her sister. “You fucking bitch,” she sobbed. “You dirty fucking bitch!” The room started spinning as the pain made her dizzy. “I can’t stand it!”

Blackie mindlessly slashed at the child’s body, driving her into the table. He covered her like a blanket as his hot breath swept over her back. He yelped, the friction against his cock making it swell as he picked up speed and tried to jam his cock up in her gut.

“Nooooo,” Peggy wailed as the pain became overwhelming. “Nooooo!” She stiffened as her eyes rolled into her skull. Her body went slack as she slipped into a faint.

“Jesus Christ,” Dawn giggled. “The little shit fainted.” She whacked Blackie’s rump. “Wake her up! Wake her up!”

Blackie yelped and jerked his rump. He twisted, his cock piercing her cunt hole as the limp child’s body twitched beneath him.

Ruth gulped. The last thing she wanted was for Peggy to get hurt. She bit her bottom lip, controlling her anxiety.

“She’ll be all right,” she said softly as she reassured herself. “She’ll be all right.”

Dawn was having a blast. She reached under the pounding shepherd and pinched her sister’s clit. “This’ll wake the little bitch up.” She pinched again, digging her nails into the sensitive piece of flesh.

Unconscious, Peggy jerked sporadically as Blackie pounded her pussy and Dawn maimed her clit. She whimpered, her eyelids fluttering as she slipped in and out of a light hazy faint.

Blackie’s cock drilled the child’s pussy. With Peggy unconscious, the juices in her pussy began to flow and Blackie howled with delight as the gooey cream greased his lashing prick.

“She’s getting it,” Dawn said.

She pinched her sister’s clit again, then pulled away her hand as cream started flowing from Peggy’s cock-stuffed pussy hole.

“Her pussy’s getting juicy.”

Peggy’s hips started rotating as pleasure began to replace agony. She opened her mouth and soft whimpering sighs of joy escaped her drooling lips.

“Dawn,” she gasped as her eyes opened. “Oooo… Dawn.”

“Fuck him, Peggy. Make him howl!”

Ruth sighed with relief as she watched Peggy start to fuck the raging animal. “Yessss, Peggy. Fuck him! Fuck him!”

With Peggy’s pussy hole now wet and slippery, Blackie picked up speed. His cock squished through her pulsing cunt as spongy cunt muscles began to rhythmically beat against his throbbing prick shaft. He howled and curled his bushy tail between his prancing hind legs as Peggy’s screaming voice made his ears flicker.

“I love it,” Peggy screamed wildly as the dog pounded her young excited body into the table. “God… he’s in so deep!” She thrashed her hips and screeched as Blackie’s lunging cock stretched her pussy and turned it into a bubbling inferno of boiling juices.

Ruth creamed as she saw the lust etched on Peggy’s innocent face. She reached under and mauled Blackie’s swinging balls.

“Make the bastard cream you.”

Delirious, Peggy absorbed the punishing jabs. She shuddered each time their bodies clashed. The feel of his jabbing cock made her pussy foam as the juices squished from her cunt and spattered Blackie’s nuts and Ruth’s exploring hand.

Ruth pulled her hand away. Cream coated her fingers. “She’s creaming like crazy!” she gasped.

“Wait until she comes, Aunt Ruth,” Dawn said. She whacked Blackie’s rump. “Fuck her. Fuck her hard!”

Fangs bared and dripping, Blackie slashed at the screaming child’s twisting body. His cock cut deep as jizz seeped from his pointed tip. Greedy cunt muscles attacked his prick shaft and sizzling pussy cream kept it bathed. His neck twisted and his black eyes seemed to bulge out of their sockets as his cock swelled and his balls rumbled.

Peggy, her cunt stuffed with Blackie’s giant cock, slammed back into his hairy body. She squealed and moaned and spasmed as Blackie smashed her back into the table.

“It’s fabulous.”

“I told you,” Dawn said, sorry that her sister was no longer in pain. “Ride his cock.”

“I am,” Peggy gurgled as spit clogged her throat. She twisted her neck and stared up at the huge beast as he pummeled her with hard quick vicious jabs. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Rip me open!”

Yelping and foaming at the mouth, Blackie ravaged Peggy’s young tight cunt. His prick ached and the cum in his balls was ready to explode. He picked up the rapid pace, howling wildly as he brought a screaming Peggy closer to blowing her mind.

“I’m getting there,” Peggy screeched as each jab smashed her clit into the hard edge of the table. “I’m getting there!”

“Cum,” Dawn rasped. “Cream all over his cock.”

“Yes,” Ruth moaned, taking up the chant. “Cum! Cum!”

“I will,” Peggy screamed as she raced mindlessly toward the peak and an explosive orgasm. “I will.”

Blackie’s howling cries blended with the female screams that filled the room. His curled tail thrashed between his powerful hind legs. His neck was strained and his flanks heaved as he drilled the moaning child relentlessly with his ready-to-explode cock.

“I’m there,” Peggy wailed happily as she reached the peak. “I’m there!” She went insane as her tight pussy began pulsing wildly against Blackie’s spearing cock. “I’m there!”

The next instant an orgasm ripped through Peggy’s cock-stuffed pussy hole like a bolt of lightning.

“I’m cumming,” she screeched hysterically. “I’m cumming!”

“Oh, yes,” Ruth moaned as she watched her young niece climax. “Cream all over his wonderful cock.”

Hot pussy cum gushed from the pulsing walls of Peggy’s pussy. The milky cum bathed Blackie’s cock and gushed out over his swollen nut-sac.

“I’m creaming,” Peggy walled. “I’m creaming his cock!”

Blackie yelped and drilled the child’s climaxing pussy. The muscles attacking his cock and the sizzling cum searing his fat prick shaft triggered an explosion in his hairy nuts. Hot thick doggie-jizz burst from his balls and shot from his cock like water from a ruptured fountain. The thick spraying river of jizz spurted deep into Peggy’s pulsating pussy. He howled again, his rump a blur as his nuts continued to explode.

“He’s creaming me,” Peggy screeched mindlessly as hot, thick doggie-cum flooded her pussy. “He’s creaming me! I can feel it squirting up in my belly!”

The hot doggie-jizz that was spewing into the child’s cunt hole catapulted her into another series of orgasms.

“I’m cumming again,” she shrieked insanely. “I’m cumming again!”

With her tits crushed beneath her and squeaking on the slick surface, Peggy went berserk. She rolled her hips and slammed back at Blackie as her cunt went into spasms. Blackie slammed into her, driving her writhing body into the table.

“He’s drowning me,” she screamed as cum spurted deep into her pussy. “He’s drowning me!”

Dawn’s mouth watered. “Fuck him,” she cried out. “Drain his fucking balls!”

“I am,” Peggy screamed as another orgasm whipped through her. “I am!”

Her eyes rolled into her head and her face twisted as spit drooled from her mouth and soaked the table. She beat her fists on the table top and kept her hips swiveling wildly as Blackie’s high-pitched yelps echoed in her skull.

Ruth was in a trance as she watched Blackie ravage Peggy’s young body. Her own cunt turned to fire as Peggy’s screaming voice filled her head.

“Don’t stop, Peggy. Drain every drop from his nuts.”

Peggy couldn’t hear. Her concentration was focused on Blackie’s drilling dick and the hot cum shooting into her cunt. She rolled her hips and ground her clit into the sharp edge of the table.

“I can’t stop cumming,” she moaned. “I can’t stop!”

“Neither can Blackie,” Dawn said as she slashed her hand across the dog’s rump. “Give it to her!”

Blackie howled and rammed his cock into Peggy’s pussy. Cum squished out over his balls and spattered his hairy legs. He strained, his body shaking as he emptied his nuts with quick spurts.

Bucking and twisting, Peggy screamed at the top of her lungs. Her body shook uncontrollably as the intensity of her orgasms made everything spin. She blinked, her vision clouded. The blood drained from her face and Blackie’s slashing cock drove her back into a light faint.

Blackie pounded her limp body and emptied his balls. Yelping, he jerked back, popping his cock from Peggy’s cunt hole. He dropped to his stomach and whined as Ruth rolled him to his side and started licking his spent cock.

With her cunt empty, Peggy melted from the table. She lay on the floor, her legs spread and her body twitching as soft whimpering sighs came from her mouth.

Dawn stared at her sister’s oozing pussy, then flung herself between her sister’s outstretched legs. She plastered her mouth to her cunt, then licked as Blackie’s jizz oozed out over her tongue.

Eyelids fluttering, Peggy sighed. Her hips moved back and forth as her sister’s mouth kept her trembling. “Tongue me, Dawn. Suck out his cum.”

Dawn sucked, getting thick lumps of doggie jizz in her mouth. She swallowed, then sucked again. A moan came from her mouth as cream washed her face and doggie-jizz coated her throat.

“Get it all,” Ruth urged as she brought her mouth away from Blackie’s shrinking dick.

Dawn plunged her tongue into her sister’s pussy and lugged out the rest of Blackie’s thick clumps of cum. Finished, she pulled her juice-stained face away from her sister’s pussy and sat back.

“I think Blackie needs a rest.”

“I agree,” Ruth said. “With you two horny kids draining his balls, I don’t think he’ll have anything left for me.”

Dawn giggled. “Maybe the puppies you gave me to watch can take over.”

“Not for at least six months,” Ruth said. “What we need is another dog.”

“Get one quick!” Dawn said. “My fucking pussy is on fire.”

“We can take care of that,” Peggy giggled as she pushed her sister to her back. “Right, Aunt Ruth?”

“Yeah,” Ruth agreed as she attacked Dawn’s young beautiful body.

Dawn moaned as her aunt and sister got her off.



The following morning, Dawn walked into her house. “Hi, Mommy,” she said as Blackie scampered by her.

“Where’s Peggy?” Tina asked.

“She’s staying over at Aunt Ruth’s this morning,” Dawn said. “Have the puppies been good?”

Tina groaned. “They’ve been a pain in the ass,” she said. “Kept me up half the night. I just put them in the garage.” Dawn giggled. “They just like to play.”

Tina blushed, remembering the night she had spent with the horny shepherd puppies. “They drove me crazy.”

Dawn caught the flush of her mother’s cheeks and wondered if she too had enjoyed the puppies the way she had yesterday. She stroked Blackie’s coat, her eyes drifting to her mother’s robe and the bulge of her tits beneath the pink slit. She quivered, wishing her mother were more like her aunt.

Tina’s flesh broke out in goose bumps as her daughter leered at her. Last night with the puppies had brought the passion she had suppressed for so long to the surface.

Blackie, picking up the scent of Tina’s cunt, padded over to the kitchen table and started sniffing. His cold nose hit Tina’s calf and he inched his head up and tried burying his snout under her robe.

“Get away, Blackie,” Tina gasped.

Her face flushed with embarrassment as she tried pushing the dog out from under the table.

Dawn giggled. “What’s he trying to do, Mommy?”

“Get under my robe,” Tina said, pushing at the persistent dog as she continued to blush.

Dawn was getting turned on. “Why don’t you let him, Mommy?” she said boldly, hoping she was reading her mother’s passion correctly. “He just wants to lick you.” She stiffened and prayed her mother wouldn’t get mad.

“Dawn,” Tina gasped.

She stared at her child, surprise written all over her face. Her surprise made her forget about Blackie and the dog took advantage of it.

Whimpering, Blackie jammed his head under Tina’s robe and pushed his snout between her legs. He slapped out his tongue and quickly started licking the juicy meat of her inner thighs as the heady scent of her cunt made his balls swell.

Tina’s face turned beet red as the dog’s wet tongue soaked her thighs. Instinctively, her legs parted and the dog slithered his tongue up to her cunt.

“Get away!” she gasped.

Dawn saw that the dog was turning her mother on. “Let him lick you, Mommy,” she urged. “You’ll love it.”

It was exactly the reason Tina didn’t want the dog to lick her. She couldn’t get turned on while her daughter watched. She spasmed and tried closing her thighs, but the dog’s tongue slapped through her wet cunt and made her shake.

Dawn, her breathing shallow, watched. She stepped closer to her mother and gaped as the robe parted and her mother’s fleshy tits became exposed.

Tina was fast losing herself to her desires. “Take him away,” she moaned as her tits heaved. “Take him away.”

“No, Mommy,” Dawn said. “Let him lick your pussy.”

Tina’s head was reeling. “Don’t talk like that,” she gasped.

The dog’s tongue had snaked into her cunt and a tiny orgasm whipped through her. She brought her hands to her robe and tried to hide her tits from her daughter’s lustful glances.

“Lemme look at your tits, Mommy,” Dawn said. She pushed her mother’s hands away. “They’re beautiful.” She licked her lips and spanned her mother’s fleshy globes. “So beautiful.”

Tina felt dizzy. “Stop this,” she pleaded. “This is crazy.”

The dog’s rubbery tongue was driving her insane and her daughter’s pawing hands added to the lust that was now raging through her body.


“No, Mommy.” She squeezed her mother’s tits and creamed. “Cream Blackie’s mouth, Mommy! Lemme watch you cum.”

Her daughter’s words bombarded her brain. “Why are you talking like that?” she panted. “Oooooo, God. This is wrong.”

“No it isn’t, Mommy,” Dawn said as she pushed her mother’s robe off her shoulders. “Blackie can give you so much pleasure.”

Tina knew the pleasure Blackie could give. His tongue was buried in her pussy like a rubbery cock. She blinked, clearing her vision as she stared up into her daughter’s flushed excited face.

“Let him get you off,” Dawn said, her soft voice having a hypnotic effect on her mother. “Lemme watch you cum all over his mouth.”

“Dawn,” Tina gasped. “His tongue is in me. I can’t think straight.”

She squirmed on the chair as Blackie’s tongue probed the spongy wetness of her pulsing cunt. She reached up and pawed her daughter’s tits through her top.

“I’m going crazy!”

Dawn creamed as her mother fondled her. “So am I, Mommy,” she panted. She stepped back reluctantly and as her mother watched, she stripped.

“You’re so beautiful,” Tina moaned as she ogled her daughter’s naked body. “So beautiful.”

Dawn, out of her skull, pushed the table away and gasped as she stared at Blackie’s snout jammed between her mother’s thighs. She stood in front of her mother, her legs spread and her hips rolling.

“Finger me, Mommy. Finger-fuck my cunt while Blackie gets you off.”

“Yes,” Tina moaned, giving into her raging lust. She humped up from the chair and ground her cunt into Blackie’s snout. “God… ooooo… God!”

“My cunt, Mommy,” Dawn pleaded. “Stick your fingers in my pussy.”

Drunk with lust, Tina jammed a fist between her daughter’s legs and fused it to the oozing gash of her pussy. Cream drenched her fist.

“You’re creaming,” she gasped. “You’re creaming all over my fucking hand.”

“Finger-fuck me,” Dawn begged as she watched Blackie slurp and nip at her mother’s buttery cunt. “Finger-fuck me!”

With Blackie invading her cunt with his long snakelike tongue, Tina jammed three fingers into her daughter’s steamy cunt. She gasped when her fingers slipped deep inside her daughter’s pussy hole.

“Where’s your cherry?”

Dawn swayed and wildly humped her mother’s cunt-probing fingers. “I gave it to Blackie,” she confessed. “So did Peggy!”

“Jesus Christ!” Tina cried out as her daughter’s confession made her dizzy. “When? When?”

With her mother raging hot, Dawn knew she could tell her everything. “Last night,” she moaned as she ground her pussy down on her mother’s cunt-gouging fingers. “At Aunt Ruth’s.”

“Ooooo, that bitch! That sex-crazy bitch!” Tina’s head was spinning as Blackie’s slurping tongue pushed deeper into her frothy cunt.

Blackie, aroused to a feverish pitch, growled. He tongued deep, then started nipping at the puffy folds of Tina’s cunt as she jammed her pussymeat against his snout.

“Cream him, Mommy!” Dawn begged as she fucked herself on her mother’s fingers. “Cream him.”

Tina stared at her daughter’s jiggling tits. Her own tits heaved as ragged pockets of air rushed from her panting mouth.

“He’s biting me,” she moaned happily. “Ooooo, God. He’s biting my fucking cunt.”

“Make her cum,” Dawn cried out as her mother’s fingers gouged at the spongy walls of her cunt. “Bite her clit, Blackie!” She rocked, almost crumbling to the floor as her mother’s thumb jammed hard against her clit.

Tina, her ass thumping on the chair, ground her cunt into Blackie’s snout. “Bite me,” she screamed. “Bite my clit!” Legs spread wide, her back arched as the dog’s nipping teeth brought her closer to an explosive orgasm.

Blackie snarled and chewed on Tina’s flowing cunt. Cunt cream flowed over his snout and into his mouth. He snorted as juice clogged his nostrils. His cock thickened and his balls rumbled as the passion in the room agitated him and turned him into a wild beast.

Tina thrashed on the chair. Her arm ached as she jerked her fingers in and out of her daughter’s tight dripping pussy.

“Cream, Dawn. Cream!”

Watching her mother get her pussy chewed had Dawn delirious. She reached the peak and hovered for a long delicious moment.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Knees flexing and tits bouncing, Dawn climaxed. “I’m cumming, Mommy! I’m cumming all over your wonderful fingers!”

“Christ,” Tina rasped as she watched her daughter climax. She felt the muscles pull on her fingers. Cream flowed from her daughter’s hole and dribbled down her wrist.

“I’m getting ready too,” Tina squawked as the dog’s snapping mouth brought her to the peak. “I’m getting ready!”

Dawn was too far gone to hear. Climaxes racked her body. She swayed, her eyes glazed and her mouth twisted. “Mommy! Mommy!”

Everything turned fuzzy as the room started spinning. Dawn shook as her legs turned to rubber. She could no longer hold herself up. With her mother’s fingers popping from her cunt she fell to the floor.

“Ooooo, Mommy. Cream his mouth! Cream his mouth!”

Tina stared at her writhing daughter, then turned her attention to the German shepherd. “Bite me! Bite me!” She humped her cunt into his snout and screamed.

Blackie, his balls aching and his cock swollen, sank his teeth into Tina’s blood-swollen clit. He growled, jerked his head to the side and almost ripped Tina’s clit from her jerking body. The action took Tina into her orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” Tina wailed as an orgasm whipped through her pussy. “Ooooo, I’m cumming, Dawn! I’m cumming!”

Hot intense orgasms ripped through Tina’s pussy as Blackie chomped on her clit. A milky river of pussy cum gushed from the spongy walls of her hole and flowed out over Blackie’s snout and into his mouth.

“I’m creaming, Dawn! I’m creaming!” Dawn watched her mother climax. It was the most fantastic sight she had ever witnessed. “Bite her, Blackie! Cum, Mommy!” She pulled herself up and grabbed Blackie’s hulking cock. “Bite off her clit!”

Tina rocked on the chair precariously. Her back bowed and her fleshy tits flopped wildly as her head snapped back. Wild-eyed, her daughter’s voice ringing in her skull, she climaxed again as Blackie’s teeth ravaged her sensitive clit.

Blackie chewed and jerked his head. Dawn’s pawing hand turned him into a beast. He growled and attacked every inch of Tina’s pussy meat as she beat her cunt into his face.

Tina swayed as everything started spinning. Wildly humping, she lost her balance and fell from the chair. On her back, she kept her legs spread as Blackie came after her and started chewing on her pussy again.

“Ooooo, Mommy,” Dawn moaned. She licked her lips and swept her horny gaze up her mother’s thrashing body.

Tina pounded the floor with her fists. Her ass thumped against the floor and her head snapped from side to side. “Again,” she gasped. “I’m cumming again!”

Tina went totally insane as the dog’s biting teeth destroyed her clit. Her body stiffened. A shrieking cry came from her mouth and she dropped back to the floor with a thud.

“Take him away,” she whimpered. “I’m finished.”

Dawn, coming out of her trance, released the dog’s prick and pulled him away from her mother’s cunt. “Easy, boy,” she soothed as she stroked his coat. “Easy.”

Panting, Tina sat up. She saw her cunt-cum dripping from Blackie’s jaws. Passion still raged like a fire in her cunt. She looked at her daughter. “I wanna fuck him!”

“Ooooo, Mommy,” Dawn squealed. “He’ll give you the best fuck of your life.”

With her breathing back to normal, Tina smiled. “I’ve had some pretty damn good fucks,” she said. “But, not since your father left.”

“Blackie will take good care of you,” Dawn promised. “He’ll make you happy just like he makes Aunt Ruth happy. I promise.”



“I’m gonna have to talk to your Aunt Ruth,” Tina said as she crawled over to the panting dog and stroked his coat.

“You’re not mad are you?” Dawn didn’t want anything to spoil her newly discovered sex life.

“Hell no!” Tina said. “Not if he fucks as good as you say he does.”

“He does, Mommy,” Dawn said with relief. She pushed Blackie to his side and spread his legs. “Look at his cock.”

“Oh, yes,” Tina gasped as she leered hungrily at the German shepherd’s monstrous cock. “It looks like just the right medicine to take care of all my horny desires.” She reached over and caressed Blackie’s red, glistening prick.

“Kiss his cock, Mommy. I did.”

Her daughter’s revelations were making her dizzy. “Did Peggy suck him too?”

“Yes,” Dawn said. She pushed her mother’s shoulder. She decided to tell her about the piss baths later. “Put his prick in your mouth.”

Tina didn’t need any further encouragement. She squirmed into position and gobbled the pointed tip of Blackie’s cock into her mouth. She sucked as the dog jabbed and she took him quickly into her throat. His nuts whacked against her chin and she gurgled.

Seeing her mother suck Blackie’s cock blew Dawn’s mind. “Don’t suck him off, Mommy. I wanna watch him fuck you.”

With his cock buried in Tina’s throat, Blackie humped. His tongue lolled out and spit dripped from his jowls as he hammered his prick in and out of Tina’s hot, sucking mouth.

Tina gurgled happily as the yelping dog speared her throat with his hard, meaty cock. She whipped his prick shaft with her tongue, then started gnawing greedily as the taste of his prick made her pussy boil.

“Mommy,” Dawn squealed. “Don’t suck him off.”

Tina took one last deep suck, then dragged her mouth reluctantly off his throbbing cock. “God, it’s been so long,” she gasped. “I hated to stop.”

“It’ll feel better in your pussy,” Dawn reminded her.

“Not my pussy,” Tina said. “I want his gorgeous cock in my asshole.” She rubbed his cum-crammed nuts. “I need a cum enema so bad I can’t think straight.”

Dawn gasped. “Your ass? God, isn’t he too big?”

“There’s no such thing as too big,” Tina said. “In fact, his cock looks perfect.” She squeezed Blackie’s hulking cock shaft and made the writhing animal yelp.

Stunned, Dawn nodded. “Let me put him in your ass.”

“Sure,” Tina said as she scrambled to her hands and knees. “God, I’m shaking all over.” She wiggled her hips. “Prime my ass with your spit.”

Dawn brought her drooling mouth to her mother’s ass. She spread the cheeks, then fused her mouth to the puckered ass crack as Blackie stood and began to yelp.

Tina twisted her neck and stared at the dog. “You’ll get me, just hold onto your balls.” She slammed her ass back into her daughter’s face. “Soak my ass.”

Dawn drenched the puckered crack with spit, then plunged her tongue inside as Blackie started nipping at Tina’s hips. She flooded her mother’s shitter with warm drool, then yanked her mouth away.

“You’re ready.”

“I’ve been ready for months,” Tina gasped. “Now, put the bastard’s cock where I need it the most.” She rolled her hips, enticing the beast to mount her.

Blackie caught the scent of Tina’s cunt and jammed his nose between her thighs. He slurped, dragging his thick rubbery tongue up through her pussy and the crack of her ass. He yelped, then started nipping at her creamy cheeks.

“Get him in me,” Tina gasped. “Christ, I’m going out of my mind.”

“Up, boy,” Dawn urged as she patted her mother’s back. “Up!”

Blackie barked, then leaped up on Tina’s back. He grabbed her with his front paws and danced on his hind legs as he jabbed blindly at her quaking body.

Dawn reached under and grabbed his cock. “Here he comes, Mommy,” she squealed as she aimed the pointed tip of Blackie’s cock at her mother’s puckered ass crack.

“Yesssss!” Tina squealed as the dog pierced her ass. “I got it! I got it!” She went out of her head as each jabbing thrust drove more of his hulking cock into her hungry asshole.

Dawn swooned as she watched Blackie fuck her mother’s ass. “How does it feel?” she asked. “Tell me!”

“Wonderful,” Tina moaned happily as he filled her asshole with his raging hard-on. “Fabulous!” She slammed back at the dog and reveled in his ass-pounding jabs.

Peggy strode into the house and stopped in her tracks when she saw her mother getting fucked. She felt dizzy, but it didn’t stop her from ripping off her clothes and joining her mother and sister on the floor.

“How did you get her to do it?”

“Shut up and watch,” Dawn said, never taking her eyes off Blackie. “Mommy’s getting fucked in the ass.”

“In the ass?” Peggy exclaimed. “God!” She shuddered. “It must hurt.”

“Does mommy look like she’s in pain?” Dawn sneered.

Peggy stared at her mother and saw the lust written all over her face. She gulped back the lump in her throat and stared. With the dog pounding her asshole, Tina shrieked with joy. She heard Peggy’s voice and found her with her eyes.

“I love it, Peggy,” she gasped. “And, I know everything.” She rocked under the brutal attack and shuddered as his cum-stuffed balls whacked against the back of her thighs. “I love it!”

Blackie barked and lunged. His fat meaty cock sliced through Tina’s tightly gripping asshole. He clutched her back and drooled as his lolling tongue slapped across her flesh. Hind legs prancing, his rump jabbed as the two children coaxed him to greater speed with their shrieking voices.

“Fuck me!” Tina screamed wildly. “Oooo, he’s up in my belly. I can feel him!” She spasmed as she anticipated his cum squirting up into her asshole.

Dawn was mesmerized as she watched Blackie plummet her mother’s asshole. Seeing the joy on her mother’s face convinced her she wanted her asshole fucked too. She remembered the brush handle and knew a cock would be ten times better.

“I want it in the ass too,” she shrieked as her asshole began twitching.

“You’re crazy,” Peggy said, remembering the pain when Blackie first broke her cherry. “He’s too fucking big.”

“I don’t give a shit,” Dawn said. “Besides, there’s no such thing as too big,” she added, using her mother’s words.

Peggy squirmed closer as Blackie yelped and her mother screamed. She reached under and touched her mother’s pussy. Hot buttery cream greeted her and she whimpered as her fingers slipped up to touch Blackie’s cock as he jabbed.

Blackie plunged deep, his powerful frame blanketing Tina’s smooth body. His rubbery lips drew back and he bared his fangs. His ears lay flat against his skull as he curled his bushy tail between his prancing hind legs.

Tina went crazy as the dog’s frenzied fucking pace increased. She worked her hips in a tight frenzied arc and absorbed the punishing jabs as his ass-ripping cock brought her toward her orgasm.

“So good,” she moaned deliriously. “So fucking good!”

Blackie’s balls rumbled as he cut through her tight ass canal. His eyes bulged and his flanks heaved. He lunged, almost knocking Tina over as his thrusting stabs became more powerful.

“Cream, Mommy,” Dawn gasped. “Cream.”

“Yesss, Mommy,” Peggy added. “Make him cream your ass.” She slapped Blackie on his rump. “Cream mommy’s ass!”

The dog yelped as Peggy whacked his rump. His speed became even quicker and the foam at his panting mouth made him look rabid. His prick swelled inside the tight confines of Tina’s ass, stretching the elastic walls to their limit.

Tina felt dizzy as the dog ravaged her asshole. “I’m getting close!” she screamed as an orgasm began building deep inside her pulsating cunt. “Getting so fucking close.”

“Cum, Mommy! Cum!” Dawn reached under and began mauling her mother’s flopping tits. “Cum!”

With Blackie howling and battering her asshole with his cock, Tina reached the peak. She began to shake as an orgasm exploded deep in her empty cunt. She screeched shrilly as her cunt contracted in orgasm.

“I’m cumming!”

Hot pussy cum gushed from her cunt and splattered Blackie’s swinging balls. The river of milky cum flowed down the back of her thighs and drenched Blackie’s hind legs.

“I’m creaming! I’m creaming!”

Both girls watched in awe as their mother climaxed. Dawn thought about Blackie’s cock ripping into her own ass. Peggy relived her cherry-busting fuck. Neither spoke as their wide eyes stared at Blackie pummeling their mother with his ready to explode cock.

Blackie yelped as the muscles inside Tina’s ass pulled violently on his jabbing cock. He lunged, his body battering against Tina’s ass as his balls swelled to the bursting point.

Tina’s head snapped around and she stared wild-eyed up at the pounding dog. “Cream me! Cream my fucking ass!”

Tina’s shrill voice made Blackie howl. His balls erupted and his howls grew louder. Hot gooey doggie-jizz blasted from his cock and squirted deep inside Tina’s ass. Another spraying load quickly followed.

“He’s creaming me,” Tina cried out happily. “He’s squirting his fucking cum in my ass!”

She slammed back and rotated her hips as she milked his spurting cock with the greedy muscles of her asshole.

Blackie pounded Tina’s ass as he flooded her narrow canal with his lumpy cum. His cock stabbed deep, cutting through his jizz as the thick gooey cum greased his prick for greater speed.

Dawn moaned as she watched Blackie cream her mother’s ass. “How does it feel?”

“Like a hot enema,” Tina screamed. “Like a fucking enema.”

She twisted her hips and met each thrusting stab of the dog’s squirting cock as one orgasm after another whipped through her cock-stuffed body.

Blackie drilled her as each jab of his rump caused doggie-jizz to squish from Tina’s asshole. His cum splattered his balls and hind legs. The gooey river flowed from Tina’s ass and down to the gushing slit of her pussy. The two cums mixed and coated Tina’s thighs.

Tina rolled her hips as her arms started to tremble. “I’m falling.” She crashed forward, her face smacking against the kitchen floor. “Oooo… don’t stop!”

Blackie yelped and almost lost his balance. He held on, his rump jerking as he continued to drill his prick into Tina’s cum-filled asshole.

Tina, her arms outstretched, raked the kitchen floor with her nails. Her ass, propped high, quivered each time Blackie’s body collided with it. She gurgled as spit drooled from her mouth.

“More… more… more,” she babbled as her body went into convulsions. “More!”

Blackie lunged, his spewing prick slowing to a trickle as his powerful jabs lost their strength. He hacked at her body, panting and yelping as his balls drained.

Tina shuddered violently, then went limp as the last of her orgasms caromed through her empty cunt. She gasped, twitching sporadically as the dog pounded her asshole for the last time.

Blackie jerked his cock from Tina’s cum-filled asshole and yelped. With his prick shrinking back into its sheath, he padded from the room to get some rest.

Before Dawn could react, Peggy flung herself at her mother and glued her mouth to her oozing asshole. She licked then sucked, getting thick globs of Blackie’s jizz in her greedy mouth.

“Eat me out,” Tina whimpered softly as she floated back from the intensity of her orgasms. “Eat it all out.”

Peggy finished sucking and plunged her tongue into her mother’s asshole. She scooped doggie-cum up with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth. Again and again, she went back into her mother’s asshole until there wasn’t a drop left.

Tina sighed with joy as Peggy finished reaming her asshole. She rolled to her back and sat up. “Damn, I don’t believe what I’ve just done.”

Dawn giggled. “You sorry?”

“No way,” Tina said. “But, we’re going over and give your Aunt Ruth the scare of her life.”

Both girls laughed.



Dawn stopped laughing as the twitch in her asshole made her squirm. “Not until I get my ass fucked,” she said. “Okay?”

“It’s okay with me,” Tina said. She looked around. “Where’s Blackie?”

“Hiding, I think,” Peggy laughed. “He’s been fucked blind since last night.”

“I’ll find him,” Dawn said, eager to get her asshole busted open. “He can’t hide from me.” She pulled herself to her feet and hurried into the living room with her mother and sister right behind her.

Tina and Peggy helped her find the dog. Then they began petting the German shepherd as Dawn rolled him to his back.

“I think he’s too tired,” Peggy said as she reached over and fondled his huge nut-sac.

“Shit,” Dawn said. “Blackie’s never too tired to fuck. Are you, boy?”

Blackie whined as they all petted and fondled him. His tail thumped against the carpet. His tongue lolled out and he panted. Droplets of spit dripped from his tongue as he squirmed on his side.

Dawn grabbed Blackie’s sheath and massaged it. “I’ll have his cock ready in no time.”

Tina, still amazed at what she was doing with her children, watched intently as Dawn and Peggy played with Blackie’s cock and balls.

“We’re gonna have to get our own dog,” she said.

“We got three in the garage,” Dawn reminded her. “All we gotta do is wait six months until they grow up.”

“I can’t wait six months,” Tina said as she dipped her hand between her own thighs and rubbed her pussy. “We’ll give the puppies back to your aunt and buy a dog today.”

“Great!” Peggy squealed as she went into her mother’s arms and hugged her.

Dawn, her ass twitching, concentrated on Blackie’s cock. She was determined to get him hard and have her ass fucked before they went back to her aunt’s.

“C’mon, Blackie. I know you can do it.” Blackie yelped as Dawn’s eager hand rumbled his balls and made his prick grow. He twisted his head and started licking her hand as the tip of his prick peeked out of its sheath.

“He’s getting hard,” Dawn exclaimed, doubling her efforts and pushing back the skin, exposing more of his cock. “He’s getting hard.”

Holding Peggy in her arms, Tina gazed hotly at Blackie’s cock. “C’mon, Blackie,” she urged. “Dawn needs her asshole fucked.”

Dawn brought her mouth to the seeping tip of Blackie’s prick. She swirled her tongue around his pisser, then enveloped his cock head and sucked. She gnawed, inching his thickening cock toward her throat as the hairy dog started yelping and twisting.

“Suck him,” Tina moaned, rocking back and forth, fondling Peggy’s small pulpy tits as Dawn gobbled noisily on Blackie’s prick.

Peggy creamed as her mother played with her tits. She dropped her hand and slipped it between her mother’s thighs.

“We’re gonna have so much fun together,” she sighed. “So much fun.”

Dawn sucked deeply, her drooling lips gliding over Blackie’s cock as his shaft throbbed and turned into a long piece of rigid steel. She took him into her throat and sank her teeth into the base of his prickshaft as his nuts hit her wet chin.

Blackie, his cock buried to his balls, hammered at Dawn’s hot greedy mouth. Yelping cries came from his panting mouth as he twisted and jerked on his side. His tail thumped the rug and he lifted his head and barked. His prick began to ache and his hairy nuts swelled. “He’s hard,” Tina said. “Take your mouth away.” She squirmed out of Peggy’s arms and nudged Dawn. “C’mon, Dawn. He’s ready.”

Dawn dragged her teeth along the whimpering dog’s prick, then popped her mouth off. “Get my ass ready,” she gasped as she scrambled to her hands and knees and waited.

“I’ll do it,” Peggy said, eager to lick her sister’s shitter. She crawled behind Dawn as Tina stroked Blackie and kept his prick stiff.

“Get my hole good and wet,” Dawn moaned.

She rolled her hips and shivered as her sister brought her wet licking tongue to the crack of her virgin asshole.

Peggy slopped her spit over Dawn’s virgin crack, then plunged her tongue into the hole. She forced her spit into the tight gripping canal, then pulled her mouth away. “I wanna put his cock in you,” she gasped, anxious to see her sister in pain.

“Then do it,” Dawn shuddered. Her asshole twitched as Peggy led the yelping dog into position. “Hurry.”

“Up, boy,” Peggy squealed, hoping the dog would hurt her sister. “Up.” She slapped Dawn’s ass. “C’mon.”

Blackie, his cock throbbing like a bad tooth, leaped up on Dawn’s back. His rump started jerking frantically as he tried burying his raging hard-on in the teenager’s body.

“Christ!” Dawn shrieked as Blackie found her cunt and stuffed it with his cock. “He’s in my fucking pussy!”

“Balls,” Peggy mumbled. She reached under and yanked Blackie’s cock from her sister’s twat and aimed the dripping tip at her ass. “Fuck her!”

Blackie howled and lunged, driving his cock into Dawn’s virgin ass. He clung to her back, jabbing as he fed her tight virgin ass his hard, meaty prick.

“He’s in me,” Dawn squealed. Her eyes popped. “He’s in my ass!” She wiggled her hips and rammed back at the pounding beast.

Blackie yelped and drilled her asshole. His hind legs pranced and his bushy tail curled between his legs.

“Does it hurt?” Peggy rasped.

“Nooo,” Dawn swooned as she gobbled on his cock with the muscles in her ass. “It’s fantastic!” She slammed back at Blackie as he skewered her ass with his hard throbbing prick.

“Damn,” Peggy muttered. “Damn.”

Tina shivered as she watched Blackie ravage her daughter’s ass. “Fuck him, Dawn. Make him howl.”

The German shepherd jerked wildly as he plundered Dawn’s asshole. His blood-gorged cock throbbed as he drove it deeper and deeper into the child’s writhing body. A howl came from his panting mouth and he stretched his neck. His body shook as he blanketed Dawn with his hairy frame.

Peggy, disappointed because her sister wasn’t in pain, reached under and touched Blackie’s swinging nuts. She gasped.

“He’s in all the way!”

“I know,” Dawn squealed. “He’s up my fucking belly.” She rotated her hips and absorbed the powerful jabs as the inside of her empty cunt boiled.

Dawn shuddered and gave her mother and sister a drunken smile. She bucked her hips and caught the dog’s thrusting pace.

“Make him fuck me harder,” she gasped. “I want it harder.” She twisted her hips and used the tight muscles in her ass to coax the dog to pound her harder.

“I’ll do it,” Peggy rasped as she became jealous of the pleasure her sister was receiving. She whacked Blackie’s rump. “Fuck her!” She whacked his rump again. “Fuck her!”

Dawn quaked and rocked on her hands and knees. Her head dropped, then snapped up as Blackie’s speed increased. She swiveled her hips and moaned.

“It’s heaven. Heaven.”

Tina was in a trance as she watched Blackie plunder Dawn’s ass. “Put your finger in his ass, Peggy,” she said. “It’ll make him go crazy.”

“Yesss,” Dawn hissed through clenched teeth. “Finger him. Make him fuck me harder!” She felt the dog’s cock spear her deep. She shivered. “I want more! Fuck me, Blackie! Rip me open!”

Peggy stabbed a finger into the dog’s asshole, causing him to howl and pick up speed. She twisted her finger, her asshole beginning to twitch. She moaned.

“I want it too!” Seeing the pleasure on her sister’s face was making her more jealous by the second.

“He’s fantastic,” Dawn wailed as the dog’s rabid pace blew her mind.

Drool slobbered from her open mouth and her eyes were glazed with lust. Her slim, naked body shuddered as the dog’s hairy frame slammed into her.

“Fuck me!” she screeched as she twisted her head and stared up at the pounding animal. “Fuck me!” She jammed back, meeting his lunging stabs as her ass cheeks jiggled and her cunt overflowed. “I love it! I love it!”

The muscles in Dawn’s empty cunt spasmed. She lunged back, her small tits bouncing as his hairy coat made her flesh break out in goose bumps. Her skin flushed a bright pink. Hips rolling, shoulders wrenching, she screamed.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Blackie drilled his prick into her ass at blinding speed. The finger gouging his asshole had him aroused to a feverish pitch. Yelps and spit came from his panting mouth. He clutched her thrashing body tighter and drilled his prick deeper as his cum-filled nuts slapped against her quivering flesh.

Dawn gurgled on her own spit as the dog’s pounding cock made her cunt bubble. She rammed back at him, shrieking at the top of her lungs as she raced toward the peak.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum,” Tina urged as her own body began sizzling again. “Cream, Dawn! Cream!”

“Yesss,” Peggy squealed as she ravaged Blackie’s asshole. “Cum!”

“I’m cumming,” Dawn screeched as an orgasm exploded deep in her pussy. “I’m cumming!”

Racking spastic orgasms attacked her pussy. Hot milky pussy cum gushed from her pulsing walls and flooded her cunthole. The sticky stream of pussycum gushed from her cunt and flowed down the back of her thighs as Blackie speared her asshole with hard punching jabs.

“I’m creaming!” Dawn shouted. “I’m creaming my fucking brains out!” Sudsy cunt-cum spattered Blackie’s nuts and soaked the hair on his hind legs. “I’m cumming!”

Blackie hacked away at Dawn’s asshole as the muscles contracted around his blood-gorged cock. His balls swelled and his cock thickened as he reached the peak. He howled, his balls about to explode.

“Cream me,” Dawn wailed hysterically. “Cream me!”

Blackie’s balls erupted. A spewing load of jizz shot from his pisser and spurted deep into Dawn’s pulsing asshole. He howled as another load of doggie-cum shot from his prick and flooded her narrow ass.

“He’s creaming me,” Dawn yelled wildly as Blackie squirted thick lumps of cum into her ass. “He’s creaming me!”

Stringy clumps of doggie-jizz blasted from his jabbing prick. He pranced, his tail curled. His front paws clutched her jerking back as his jizz greased a path for his plowing cock. He lunged again, his speed reckless and brutal as the muscles in Dawn’s ass milked his cock and coaxed the cum in his balls to burst.

“It’s squirting in my belly,” Dawn wailed deliriously. “So good. So fucking good.”

She bucked maniacally as her body rocked. Her head snapped back and forth and her blonde hair slashed across her contorted face.

Peggy was mesmerized as she jabbed her finger in and out of Blackie’s ass. She mumbled as her young body quivered with excitement.

Blackie, his balls bursting, skewered Dawn’s cum-filled asshole. His lips drew back. Fangs bared, he slashed at her body as more gooey cum poured from his cock. He howled, his cock cutting through her gooey asshole as cum squished out and soaked his swinging nuts.

Cum poured from Dawn’s cunt and asshole. She shuddered, her head spinning as her arms gave out. She fell forward, crashing to the floor as the dog continued to hack away at her quivering body.

Blackie yelped as Dawn fell forward. He stabbed one last time and spewed the last of his cum into her asshole. A quick jerk and his cock popped from her ass.

Dawn slumped to the floor as Blackie pulled out of her ass. She writhed on her stomach, whimpering as doggie-cum oozed from her ass.

Peggy was on her sister in a flash. She sucked and tongued until her sister’s asshole was clean. “I want it now,” she said, pulling her mouth away from Dawn’s ass.

“You’re gonna have to wait,” Tina said. “We’re going to Ruth’s.”

Dawn scrambled to her feet. “Aunt Ruth will shit herself when she sees us.”

“I’ll get the puppies,” Peggy said after she dressed.

Dressed, Dawn ran out of the house as her mother and sister came out of the garage with the puppies. “Let’s go.”

Laughing, they all piled into the car and headed toward Ruth’s house to surprise her.


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