Rammed, Crammed Sister

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PB-362 Rammed, Crammed Sister by David Crane


The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, take on all comers, male and female alike. The man, who during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who surreptitiously join the neighborhood mate-swappers.

Belinda Grey is an outwardly proper and quite normal girl. But within her lurk perverse passions of which she is not even aware, passions awaiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

RAMMED, CRAMMED SISTER – —a fictional story about a rural society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

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“Gee–look at that dog’s prick!”

When Belinda Grey said that, her friend, Maryanne, blinked in surprise, then blushed. The two teenagers were sitting on Maryanne’s bed, listening to records. They often stopped at Maryanne’s after school because both of her parents worked and there was no one to complain about how loud they played their records.

Maryanne’s doggy, a big, shaggy Alsatian named Bruno, had just wandered into the bedroom and, by curling up on his flank in the corner, revealed the massive cock that had inspired saucy little Belinda’s exclamation.

Both girls were sexy and nubile. Belinda was a blonde with short, curly hair and blue eyes. Maryanne had long, raven-dark hair that she wore long and so straight it looked as if she had ironed it. Her brown eyes were slightly tilted and her mouth was full in an exotic fashion. The girls were both bouncy and curvaceous, with pert, thrusting tits and tight, heart-shaping asses. Both girls were very popular with the boys at school and they usually talked about those boys while the record player blared away. Neither girl was shy or modest in such conversation and they had often speculated on which boys had the biggest pricks. But neither of them had mentioned dog cock before and Maryanne was shocked by her girlfriend’s bold comment.

Bruno raised his head slightly and stared at the girls, as if aware that he was the subject of their interest. The dog didn’t have a hard-on, but, even soft, his fat stalk was a formidable looking cock and his scumbags were as big as melons at the root of that coiled prick.

“It’s huge!” Belinda squealed.

Maryanne grinned, still tinged by a rosy blush. She, too, stared at Bruno. The sight of the dumb brute’s prick, plus the naughtiness of mentioning it, started to get both sexy little nymphettes excited, just as talking about handsome, virile boys did–but even more so, precisely because it was so naughty. Things were always more exciting when they were taboo.

As they got excited, their cunts began to dampen and simmer deliciously–and Bruno noticed. A puzzled look came into his big, amber eyes. He sniffed, black nostrils flaring. He turned his shaggy head from side to side, as if wondering where the bitch in heat was hiding.

“You ever fool around with him?” Belinda asked, with an impish grin.

“What do you mean?” Maryanne asked, playing dumb, knowing full well what Belinda meant.

“You know–touch his cock and things?”

“Of course not!” Maryanne replied, lowering her eyes and blushing a deeper shade.

“I just wondered,” Belinda said. “I mean, it’s such a nice big cock. We both like to play with guy’s pricks, right? So I just wondered–“

“But he’s a dog!” Maryanne protested.

“So what?” Belinda said, with a shrug. She giggled. “A cock is a cock, ain’t it?” She glanced at Bruno again. “His balls are real big, too. I wonder if doggy cum is the same as boy’s cum?”

“Oh, you really are wicked!” Maryanne cried, laughing and tossing her head, dark hair cascading across her cheeks. Then she looked more serious. “You’re just joking, though, ain’t you, Belinda? I mean–you wouldn’t really play with a dog’s prick, would you?”

“Well, I never have,” Belinda said. “But then, I don’t have a doggy. Who knows?”

“Are you serious?” Maryanne squealed, really enjoying this risque conversation, despite her blushing.

“I guess so,” Belinda said. “Like I said, I never fooled around with a doggy. But–” she paused, giving her friend a speculative look. “But I’ve thought about it sometimes. Sort of a fantasy, you know? Like when you’re giving yourself a handjob and you make believe it’s some good looking guy’s prick, instead of just your own fingers? Well, sometimes I make believe it’s a doggy. Not only dogs, either. I think about all sorts of horny animals when I’m frigging off.”

Maryanne stared at Belinda in amazement–and fascination. She knew her blonde friend was pretty naughty, but she had never known she was this naughty. She wasn’t shocked or disgusted, however. Far from it–she was really getting turned on by the other girl’s depraved confessions.

“My uncle down the road keeps a goat,” Maryanne said. “A billy goat,” she added, eyelashes fluttering. Both girls giggled at the thought.

“A goat? Gee–I never made believe I was getting screwed by no fucking goat!” Belinda cried, in mock indignity, and they both laughed again. But their laughter wasn’t strictly from amusement now. The sound was strained and both girls were breathing heavily.

“Do you frig off a lot?” Maryanne asked, averting her gaze as she did so.

“Hell, yes. Once a day, at least–when I haven’t got some guy to do it for me, that is.”

“I do it a lot, too,” Maryanne admitted. Her inhibitions were fading away now, melting in the heat of her arousal. She was getting in the mood. “Gee–this is getting me hot. If you weren’t here. I’d finger-fuck myself right now! I’d make my pussy cream!”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Belinda said.

“Oh! I’d be too embarrassed to do it right in front of you,” Maryanne protested.

“Yeah? Suppose I frig myself, too? We wouldn’t have to be embarrassed if we both do it, right?”

“I-I guess not,” Maryanne murmured.

“Yeah! Shit! Let’s do it!” cried Belinda, enthusiastic about the idea. “Let’s take all our clothes off and look at each other–and at the dog’s cock–while we make ourselves cream, okay?”

Maryanne hesitated, then grinned and nodded. Frigging off together wasn’t really very wicked, she told herself. It wasn’t really any worse than doing it alone. But, somehow, it was a lot more exciting!

Belinda didn’t hesitate. As soon as her friend nodded her agreement, the bouncy blonde jumped up from the bed and began to get undressed. She unbuttoned her blouse down the back and let it slide from her shoulders. Maryanne, still sitting on the bed and not beginning to strip, stared at her friend’s tits, trying not to look as interested as she felt. Neither of the girls were lesbians, since they both liked boys, but it was still exciting to look at another girl’s body and, sometimes, to fantasize about the naughty things that two girls could do to each other, dykes or not.

Belinda’s tits were firm and smooth, rolling together into a deep cleavage where the mounds met and capped by stiff pink tips that stood out from the areolas like little fleshy rockets ready to be launched.

Staring at those delectable-looking tits, Maryanne felt her mouth begin to water.

Belinda gazed back at the dark-haired beauty, aware of Maryanne’s interest and enjoying having those interested eyes staring at her naked tits. Her nipples rippled, as if caressed by Maryanne’s vision.

Belinda arched her back, thrusting her tits toward the other girl, invitingly. There was a challenging look in her bold blue eyes.

“Like my boobs?” she asked.

“They’re nice,” Maryanne whispered.

Belinda unfastened her short skirt and let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it. She was wearing a pair of tiny bikini panties, a mere wisp of silk drawn tightly across her nubile loins and dragged into the vee of her crotch. Maryanne could see that the crotchband of those panties was soaking wet, that a wisp of cunthair was curling out from the narrow silken strip of the leghole.

Belinda pushed her trim belly out, her hips shifting, her thighs slightly parted. She was smiling, her pretty face radiant with excitement. Maryanne’s gaze dropped from Belinda’s tits to her crotch. Her mouth was watering more than ever, to her surprise. She wasn’t a lesbian, so why on earth should she be drooling over Belinda’s wet cunt?

The dog was drooling, too.

The girls were looking at each other now, caught up in their exhibitionism, and they had forgotten all about the beast that had got the scene started to begin with.

But Bruno was staring at the teenagers with great interest. The fragrance of hot pussy wafted across the bedroom and tingled his sensitive nostrils. His long, wet tongue lolled from the side of his jaw, doggy slobber dripping onto the floor. He sniffed and whimpered softly. His gigantic prick began to ripple and swell. The doggy was confused, having never had sex with a human, but he was very much aware of his growing cock.

Belinda tucked her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and began to tug them down over her ass and hips, squirming as she did so. Her golden triangle slid into view, a tangled slice of blonde curls spread out on her flat belly. She drew the panties down her thighs and raised one knee to remove them from her foot. As she did so, she exposed her naked cunt to Maryanne’s intrigued gaze–as the little minx full well knew.

Belinda’s pussy lips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy, pink flower, streaked with the dew of her desire. The inner folds of her cunthole were creamy, the juice frothy on the darker inner flesh, and her love button stood out, stiff and trembling.

Belinda removed her panties very slowly, keeping her knee up longer than was necessary. Then she tossed them aside. The sodden panties fluttered to the floor like a butterfly with damp wings. Bruno inhaled the aroma drifting from them and whined with ever increasing urgency.

“Ooooh–you’re so wet,” Maryanne quavered.

“I’ll bet you are, too.” Belinda replied. “C’mon, take your clothes off, Maryanne. Let me look at you, too. Ooooh, this is gonna be fun!”

Maryanne was not quite as brazen as Belinda, but she was more than willing now. She pulled her tee shirt off over her head, her tits swinging free. Like the blonde girl, Maryanne had firm, rounded tits, peaked by hard, swollen nipples. Sitting on the edge of the bed, her slim back arched, she thrust her tits proudly out, blushing and looked shy, but flushed, too, with desire.

Belinda cupped her own tits in both hands, lifted the globs and pushed them together, deepening the cleavage. As she kneaded the firm tit mounds, her thumbs switched back and forth against the taut tips.

“Ummmmm,” Belinda moaned.

Maryanne stood up and dropped her skirt. Her panties were tiny, too, and sodden at the crotch. She tugged them down, facing Belinda as she did so, eager to feel the blonde girl’s eyes upon her crotch. If Belinda’s cunt bush was like a sun-lighted forest, with her golden curls, Maryanne’s was like a dark jungle, her pubic tangle thick and raven black. Lower down, that dark thicket was bisected by the pink slit of her open fuckhole. Her gash flowed with cunt juice, creamy and frothy, running like a river through the parted folds.

The girls looked at each other’s naked body silently for a lingering moment, as thoughts and speculation and prospects danced through their fevered minds and fired their lively imaginations. Belinda continued to squeeze and fondle her fat tits, and her hips moved sinuously from side to side. She moved to the bed again, curling onto her flank. Maryanne curled up, as well, and they reclined, facing each other, their legs apart. They admired each other, both breathing hard.

Bruno was breathing even harder, panting, his hairy flanks pumping in and out. He inhaled the delightful fragrance of both steaming twats and inspired, his prick grew longer and fatter. His balls were bloated like inflated balloons. The naked red knob of his cockhead came sliding out from the hairy sheath, slick and wet and glistening. The dog inhaled, and his cockhead seemed to be inhaling, as well, the swollen slab pulsing in and out like a lung. His pisshole slid open and a gooey glob of preliminary spunk oozed out and ran sluggishly down his slick cockknob, creamy on the angry red meat.

But the brute was bewildered and confused by this situation, and remained where he was, neglected by the girls, for the moment, as they concentrated on each other.

Belinda slid a hand down from her tits and onto her flat belly, the fingers splayed out in her cunt mound. She stroked her curly bush.

“Gonna frig your pussy now?” she asked.

Maryanne gulped, then nodded. She moved her own hand down her belly. Staring at Belinda’s cunt, she cupped her own cunt in her palm. She shuddered. Her pussy felt so hot she thought it might blister her hand.

“Ooooh–watch me and I’ll watch you,” Belinda whimpered. Her hand slipped lower, dipping into her smoldering groin. She flicked a fingertip against her clit and moaned as the tight bud throbbed and swelled. She stroked slowly up to her open cuntlips and drew a finger up through her slot.

Her hairy pussy filled with cream. A slimy trickle ran down her crotch and seeped into the tight crack of her ass. Another slippery ribbon glistened on the inside of her sleek thigh. She was frigging her cunt slowly, enjoying the sensation and wanting to make it last as long as possible, to linger over a leisurely handjob before she brought herself to the creamy climax.

Maryanne was stroking her snatch in the same rhythm, fondling and petting. Cuntjuice flecked her pussy folds and lathered her groin. She switched hands, frigging with one and then the other. Maryanne always enjoyed a handjob, but it was much, much more thrilling when she was watching her sexy blonde companion frigging off, too.

She began using both hands at once, rubbing her love bud with one while she finger-fucked up her cunt tunnel with the other. She pushed her middle finger up her slot, tilting her wrist and wriggling it about inside her pussy hole. Then she began to fuck three fingers in and out, bunched together into a cock shape.

Her cuntlips squished as they sucked on her fingers. She pumped in knuckle-deep and a frothy, pearly wash overflowed her cunt slot. Her face was a mask of lust now, as she stared at Belinda. Belinda’s cunt was squishing and overflowing, too, her fluids pouring from her fuck tunnel steadily.

“Gonna come?” Belinda rasped.

“Yeah–yeah–pretty soon,” Maryanne stammered. She tilted her crotch up slightly so Belinda had a better view, and shoved three stiff fingers up into her gash. As she pulled them back out, her pussy lips dragged open, the pliable folds distending. Cunt cream gushed out, and her face contorted in a grimace of lust. Her thighs spread wider. Maryanne loved to feel Belinda’s eyes on her cunt as she frigged herself. It enhanced the pleasure enormously, turning a simple handjob into a thrilling and exciting situation. And she loved the other half of it, as well, watching sexy Belinda finger-fuck her wet cunt.

Belinda was sitting on her ass, legs wide apart, knees hooked. Now she began to slide forward, coming closer to Maryanne. She moved jerkily, shifting the cheek of one ass, then the other, her hips pumping as she continued to finger her fuckhole, feeding her fingers up the slot steadily.

“Let’s rub titties,” she breathed.

“O-okay,” Maryanne whispered. She had been thinking about that herself, as she gazed at her girlfriend’s plump, stiff-tipped tits. Just touching their tits together wasn’t really very naughty or dyky, she told herself, but the idea was plenty exciting. She arched her slim back, pushing her tits out.

Belinda had moved close now, her knees touching Maryanne’s. She arched her back, too, and they pushed their tits together. The firm tit mounds brushed and the stiff nipple peaks rubbed against each other explosively.

Belinda twisted from the hips, swinging her tits back and forth against Maryanne’s thrusting tit mounds. She stopped finger-fucking herself and cupped her tits in both hands, holding the heavy globes up and deepening the cleavage. Maryanne moaned and did the same, holding her tits out as the blonde girl’s swung across, rubbing and brushing.

Their temporarily neglected cunts were steaming and overflowing. Belinda glanced down. Looking at Maryanne’s dark brush and pink slit, smoldering right in front of her own blonde cunt mound, it was like looking at her own pussy in a mirror, in negative.

Belinda shifted even closer. Her tits flattened against Maryanne’s, and her thighs slid higher up Maryanne’s open legs. Tit to tit and cunt to cunt, the two oversexed teenagers jerked together spasmodically. They began to feel each other’s tits as well as cup their own. Belinda pulled on Maryanne’s taut nipples, feeling then swell. Maryanne’s moaned with the pleasure of that caress. Belinda was another girl, but her hands felt every bit as good as any guy’s–maybe even better, because of the hint of perversion in the contact. She began to feel Belinda up, in turn.

“Oooooh, that nice,” Belinda purred, as Maryanne gently twisted her stiff nipple. Her head thrust forwards and her parted lips brushed against Maryanne’s mouth. They kissed lightly, at first, lips merely brushing then more passionately. Maryanne felt dizzy with desire. Why was she getting so turned on by kissing and feeling another girl? Why was Belinda’s mouth thrilling her that way? Way did a girl’s hands feel so fucking good? And why did her tits provide such a lovely handful, in return? Not being a lesbian, Maryanne was confused by her emotion–but confusion did nothing to cool her.

Belinda’s wet tongue slid across Maryanne’s trembling lips, then pushed into her mouth. Maryanne began to suck automatically, just as if a boy were French kissing her so passionately. Her own hot tongue moved against Belinda’s, entwining. When Belinda drew her tongue back, Maryanne’s followed, sliding in the blonde girl’s mouth. Her tongue felt explosive as Belinda sucked, swelling and sparking like her clit. They continued to feel each other up and rub their tits together as they swapped tongue and saliva. They were panting into each other’s open mouth, and their open cunts smoldering close together. Belinda jerked, shoving her belly out. Her golden cunt triangle brushed against Maryanne’s curly black mound. Maryanne shuddered and pumped her lithe hips as they ground their pubic tangles together. Then Belinda gasped and moved her head and shoulders back, sliding her ass and hips out. She sprawled back along the bed, jamming her crotch against Maryanne’s groin, so that their juicy cunts were pressed together.

“Ummmm–let’s cream like this,” she purred. “Let’s rub our cunts together and come–” Maryanne moaned and moved. Those two open, smoldering pussies flowed into each other. Belinda was on her back, her pelvis jerking in a fucking movement and Maryanne was sitting on her ass, thighs spread wide, shuddering and trembling they worked their cunts together, like two wet, hairy mouths passionately kissing. Maryanne dropped back too, her long, slim body supported on her elbows. The girls were stretched out along the bed, facing in opposite direction and jammed tightly together at the crotches.

Their love buttons brushed together. Cuntjuice poured from both of their fuckslots, the two frothy streams flowing together. Maryanne’s cuntjuice seeped into Belinda’s cunt and Belinda’s cream soaked Maryanne’s smoldering pussy slot.

Belinda shifted slightly so that her clit was pressed against Maryanne’s vibrant love bud. They began to grind those tingling nuggets together as their cuntlips clamped together and their steaming fuckjuice flowed. Their groins were plastered together.

“Come,” Belinda whispered, with trembling lips. “Come with me, Maryanne–let’s cream together–” Maryanne whimpered and whipped her pussy against Belinda’s fiery cunt. Their clits swelled against each other, and the creamy flow got hotter and thicker as the girls soared toward the crest.

“Coming,” Maryanne panted.

“Yeah, me, too!” Belinda squealed.

Her clit swelled and throbbed against Maryanne’s vibrant love nugget as her cunthole started to melt. Cuntjuice poured out of Belinda, swirling into Maryanne’s open pussy slot, and Maryanne’s cum cream overflowed equally, streaming into the blonde girl’s soaking fuck tunnel.

The girls shuddered and gasped, sprawling out, backs arched and groins working spasmodically together. They hovered at the crest, their mutual climax sustained. Waves of joy shot through Belinda’s loins and ran up her trembling thighs. Rippling spasms racked Maryanne’s clit and cunthole. It seemed as if they were sharing the same thrill. It ran through both of their hot bodies, passing back and forth through the channels of their cunts, like an electric current from pussy to pussy. Their foaming cum slime flooded together. Belinda’s cunt melted again, overflowing heavily. Maryanne’s pussy dissolved in a tide of cum juice. Both of their crotches were lathered with cream and a dark patch spread out on the bed, under their churning, jerking asses.

And Bruno was driven wild.

The scent of their hot pussies had been thrilling to begin with but now, as that fragrance got hotter and spicier as they creamed, the doggy whimpered and yelped. His haunches heaved as he stabbed his rock hard prick in and out. His nostrils flared as he sniffed, and the naked knob of his cockhead expanded, pulsing with urgency. The brute moved towards the bed, stiff legged, stepping along his cock just as if he were striding over the top rail of a fence.

But the girls, abandoned to the joy of their distaff dalliance, hadn’t noticed the doggy yet. They clung at the crest, cunts clamped together like sucking, salivating mouths. Belinda shuddered as another spasm shook her. Maryanne moaned and jerked as another wave of joy rippled through her loins.

Then, drained, they slowed down. They lay back, both smiling with satiation, cunts still clamped together, as if they had been glued on each other by sticky cum cream. Maryanne’s eyelashes fluttered. The girl was astounded that she had creamed so wonderfully in such a bizarre fashion.

“Gee–that was naughty,” Maryanne whispered.

“Yeah! But awfully nice, huh?” Belinda giggled.

“Ummmmmmmmm. I guess I can sort of see why lesbians have lots of fun together,” Maryanne said.

Belinda rose up on her elbows, staring down the flat plan of her belly at the other girl. A speculative look came into her pretty face.

“You wanna fool around some more?” she asked.

“I guess so,” Maryanne responded.

“Wanna do what real dykes do?” Belinda suggested.

“W… what’s that?” Maryanne asked, her voice quavering, having a pretty good idea what Belinda meant but not wanting to admit it. She was a bit alarmed by her own desire.

“You know–” Belinda said, hesitated. Belinda, too, felt a bit timid and shy about coming right out with it.

Belinda’s tongue slid across her lower lip as she looked at Maryanne’s creamy crotch. She was eager to suggest some cunt-lapping, but she knew it would be embarrassing if her friend declined. Starting to blush slightly, she turned away, and, in turning, her gaze shifted to the doggy. Her eyes opened wide.

“Holy shit,” Belinda gasped.

The pleasant prospect of pussy-lapping faded from her thought, as naughty Belinda stared as the Alsatian’s enormous hard-on.



Maryanne turned, following her friend’s gaze, and gulped when she saw her dog’s thundering prick. Both girls stared at the brute, and he yelped and wriggled, his bushy tail swishing behind his ass and his tongue hanging out, dripping–and that incredible hard-on pounding under him. The naked meat of his cockhead flared out like the head of a cobra, pulsing at the end of his long, thick prick. His pisshole was parted and a sticky drop of preliminary spunk oozed out, running sluggishly down the slick red meat of his prickknob. His cockhead was smoking hot.

“Boy, is he ever horny!” Belinda giggled.

“He sure is. He must have smelled our cunts when we were getting our rocks off,” Maryanne said.

Belinda glanced at her friend, grinning impishly. “Let’s fool around with him, huh?” she asked.

“Oh, wow! I don’t know–“

“C’mon–let’s play with his prick!” Belinda urged, her eyes glowing with excitement. She looked at the doggy again. “Christ, look how swollen his scumbags are, Maryanne. The poor thing really needs his balls emptied.”

Bruno, as if realizing what was under consideration, cocked his head and gazed at Belinda with a hopeful look.

“That’s real naughty,” Maryanne whispered.

“Oh, shit, don’t be a killjoy,” Belinda said. “You pet his head and rub his back, right? Well, his cock is only another part of the doggy.” Then she frowned slightly, realizing that that massive slab of meat was a lot more than just another part of his anatomy, that it was by far the most interesting part. “You jerk boys off, right? Well, your doggy needs it just as much as any guy.”

That was obvious. His balls were bloated with cum and his prickknob was dripping with slime. Belinda’s hands were tingling with the desire to fondle that meat. She rolled onto her flank and then to the edge of the bed. Bruno stepped closer.

“You gonna help me frig him off?” Belinda asked.

“I… I guess so,” Maryanne murmured. In fact, she wanted to every bit as much as Belinda did, but she wasn’t quite as bold about her depraved desires. She twisted around and joined Belinda on the edge of the bed.

Belinda leaned down, her saucy tits bobbling, sliding her hand along the Alsatian’s quivering flank as she started to reach for his cock.

But then Bruno followed his bestial instincts, temporarily depriving himself of a handjob.

As Belinda leaned down, her thighs parted. With her ass perched on the edge of the bed, her crotch was level with the dog’s head. Bruno’s nostrils flared, as sensitive as his prick, registering the aroma of that soaking pussy. The doggy whined and thrust his head out, licking at the inside of Belinda’s smooth thigh, where a ribbon of cuntjuice had trickled down. His long, wet tongue slurped higher. Belinda gasped and her legs parted wider. The dog jammed his muzzle tight into her groin, and she jerked as she felt his cold black nose bump against her hot, pink clit.

The dog’s nose flared in her fuckslot, and he began to slap his tongue into her hairy bowl, panting and whimpering with doggy desire. Belinda leaned back, arching sinuously and smiling. Her pussylips opened in a wide oval while the dumb brute’s tongue slithered in.

“Ooooo–he’s lapping your pussy!” Maryanne squealed, as she watched the dog’s fat red tongue stir around in Belinda’s creamy hairy pussy.

“Ahhhh, his tongue’s as big as a cock,” Belinda moaned, as Bruno slid his tongue deep up her pussy slot. Her ass churned and her hips jerked as she worked her snatch against the dog’s tongue. His big head ducked up and down as he greedily slurped on her fragrant cunt. His neglected prick swung in and out under his shaggy belly, his balls swinging like the meaty clappers of a bell.

Watching the dog’s nimble tongue slurp up her friend’s soaking fuckslot, Maryanne moaned. It wasn’t fair! It was her doggy and by rights it should be her pussy getting lapped! Still, while she envied Belinda that tonguing, Maryanne was enjoying the sight and sounds greatly.

“Yeah! Lap my cunt, you son of a bitch!” Belinda wailed, corkscrewing her trim little ass on the bed. She reached down and spread her cunt open even wider with her fingers. The brute’s tongue shot up her. “Ooooh–he’s tongue fucking me so deep!”

Bruno was slobbering heavily into her pussy gash. His frothy saliva slid into her cuntjuice, streaking the folds of her open cunt. Sodden slurping sounds drifted up from Belinda’s crotch.

She arched, then bowed. She grasped the dog’s head between her hands, holding him there, but there was nowhere the cunt-hungry hound would have rather been than feasting on her pussy.

He tongued into her cunt with gusto. Pussy juice slathered his muzzle and dripped from his jaws. The stuff coated his tastebuds creamily. He woofed and yelped, plunging in as if he was trying to get his whole hairy snout jammed up her fuckhole. As his tongue flailed her slot, cunt nectar gushed out and ran down her crotch, soaking into the crack of her ass.

Belinda hiked up and Bruno began to stroke all the way up her lathered crotch. His tongue slid into the crack of her ass and dragged on up through her cuntslot, across her love button, then flipped out into her cunt bush. His head went up and down like a rocking horse and his busy tail lashed behind his haunches like a propeller. He slapped his tongue into her with long, rippling strokes, then shot it straight up her cunt tunnel again. The long red lapper slithered deep into her fuckhole.

Belinda wailed and jerked against his snout. Her head switched from side to side, blonde hair tumbling, her face a mask of pure lust. Her eyes were narrowed to slit, and her sensual lips were parted and panting.

Maryanne leaned over Belinda’s loins, fascinated as she watched her dog’s tongue delve up that smoldering cunt. He slurped and slobbered, whimpered and whined. His shaggy throat pulsed as he swallowed a mouthful of delicious pussy cream. Maryanne reached in and began to finger Belinda’s clit as the doggy tongued away. Then she leaned down and slid her hand under the dog, timidly touching his prick. She moaned as the iron-hard meat throbbed against her hands. She folded her fist around the prick and gave him a slow push-pull.

It felt lovely to have a handful of pulsating dog cock and Maryanne pumped him again. But then she drew back. It was too distracting, too difficult to concentrate on two things at the same time, and she figured it would be better to watch while the doggy lapped Belinda to the peak and she creamed his tongue, then jerk him off with total concentration and attention. The doggy whined, still humping, wanting his prick stroked but wanting his tongue soaked just as much.

Belinda clamped her thighs around the brute’s head, muscles rippling in the smooth, sleek flesh. Then she threw them wide open again, giving his head free access to her groin. Her cuntwalls pulled and sucked on his probing tongue, dragging him deeper. Her cuntlips rippled. Her pussy was like a suction cup, threatening to drag the dog’s tongue right out by the roots. She moved against his muzzle in a fucking motion, taking his tongue up her just as if it were a prick.

“Gonna fucking come,” she groaned.

“Ohhhh–cream his tongue, Belinda!” Maryanne cried, leaning right down into Belinda’s crotch as she observed all the juicy details. Maryanne was drooling almost as much as the doggy. Belinda’s cunt looked so fucking delicious that the girl envied her dog the slimy snack. Not being lesbian, Maryanne never expected to be hungry for pussy, but now her tongue was sparkling wildly, throbbing as much as her slit. She blushed at her own wicked yearnings as she drooled over Belinda’s pussy. She was beginning to understand what Belinda already knew–that a girl didn’t have to be a dyke to be a cunt-sucker.

Belinda jolted down, forcing her gaping fuckslot right into the dog’s muzzle. His nose vanished in her creamy crater and she fucked herself on his snout with wild abandon as his tongue probed ever deeper up her pussy tunnel. Her coral pink pussylips flowed with cream and doggy saliva and her fiery clit felt like a stick of dynamite on a smoldering fuse. She wailed and fell back along the bed, her legs rising high in the air and her feet pumping with a bicycling motion over the brute’s brawny back. Her whole body began to shake violently.

“Oh! Ohhhhhh!” Belinda cried as waves of joy swirled in her belly and her cunt creamed. Bruno growled and yelped as her overflowing pussy juice got spicier and tangier, her cum cream even more succulent than before. His tongue was fairly floating up her fuckhole now, submerged in the swamp of her creamy deluge. Her cunt was rippling and pulsing as he tongued her to jelly, slapping his lapper into the foaming folds.

“Come-come-come–” Maryanne panted, adoring the sight of her sexy friend in the throes of an orgasm. She cupped her hand over her own steaming cunt, not frigging herself but simply holding her pussy, as if she was trying to contain her lust until it was her turn to get licked off.

“I’m fucking coming!” cried Belinda, her ass and hips dancing a wild horizontal gavotte. Her pussy creamed, ebbed for an instant, then creamed again as the obedient doggy whipped her through a shattering sequence of peaks, tonguing her through a multiple orgasm that had her cunt going off. A thick streamer of cunt cream ran down his muzzle, thick and milky on the dark, bristly hair. A spasm jolted her and another pearly ribbon coated his snout.

He lapped up the delectable cum juice greedily, his whole muscular body squirming and writhing with the joy of the feast. Each time he slapped his tongue into her cunthole, his prick lurched, as if the two were connected by some mysterious clockwork inside his body.

Belinda reached down and gasped his head, holding his muzzle steady as she ground her pussy against it, shuddering through another explosive peak. Then, moaning and gasping, she flopped back onto the bed, spread-eagled and spent.

Bruno kept on lapping merrily away, making sure that he had tongued off every sweet spasm and slurped up every last precious drop of her cunt cream. His slobber bubbled in her slot, replacing the cum juice he was lapping out.

Then the doggy raised his head, his jowl dripping and his amber eyes glowing. He yelped and half turned away, showing the girls his huge cock and balls in impressive profile, his haunches stirring and heaving.

Maryanne, wild with desire, stared down into Belinda’s open, slobber-filled gash, then turned to gaze at the dog’s thundering cock. She looked at his tongue, in turn. She was so hot that she didn’t know what she wanted most–or first. Her pussy yearned for the dog’s tongue and her own tongue was drooling for Belinda’s gash and her hands were itching for the dog’s throbbing prick and bloated scumbags.

But before Maryanne could make up her mind, Belinda slid from the edge of the bed, grinning with anticipation. Poor Maryanne had to wait awhile longer.

Now it was the dog’s turn to cum.



“C’mom,” Belinda urged. “His prick needs to be played with, and it’s big enough for both of us!”

She was kneeling beside the Alsatian, one hand on his hindquarters. Tilting at the hips, she leaned down, tits bobbling, so she could look under the dog’s haunches. Without waiting for Maryanne to join her, she reached under the beast, palm up, cupping his scumbags and lifting them in her hand, as if she were judging the weight of the cum load they contained.

His hard balls shifted inside the hairy bags, and she thought she could feel his thick fuck-juice sloshing and swirling around.

Maryanne lingered on the bed for a moment thinking that maybe the doggy would like to lap her cunt while Belinda frigged his meat. But she envied the blonde that handful of cock and balls, too, not wanting to be left out of any aspect of the scene. Her pussy would just have to simmer a bit longer, she figured.

Maryanne slid down and knelt beside Belinda. Belinda fondled Bruno’s balls a bit longer, then slowly ran her open hand up his thick cockshaft. His prick felt like a heated crowbar and his knob was glowing like a lump of molten iron. Rubbing up to his cockhead, she used her thumb to massage his preliminary seepage into the fiery red meat. His pisshole fluttered open and more initial slime oozed out. As Belinda rubbed it into his cockknob, the swollen wedge flared, polished and slippery. She tickled the sensitive underside of his cockhead and the big dog whined and humped his cock in and out along her palm.

Maryanne gasped his balls and, like Belinda, murmured happily, impressed by his load. As she caressed those swollen scumbags, Belinda folded her fist around his thick stalk and began to push-pull on the cock. The thick prick bucked and expanded. What a lovely handful, thought the lewd blonde. It was like trying to strangle a boa constrictor!

Her fist skimmed up his knob, and his shaggy sheath folded over the flaring slab. Then she pulled back towards his scumbags, and the smoking hot meat of his naked cockhead stood out, throbbing and pounding. Her fist skimmed lightly, then closed tighter and gave him a hard jerk. He humped. Maryanne was still holding his balls, and they distended as his prick jumped away from them.

His hindpaws clawed at the carpet. His brawny haunches heaved and quivered as he fucked through that double handful. His head was swinging from side to side, a bemused and bewildered look in his amber eyes. Bruno wasn’t sure what was happening to him. The cunt-lapping had been perfectly natural and in accord with his doggy nature, because when a doggy finds his muzzle jammed in a steaming cunt, he automatically laps it out, but he had never had a handjob before and couldn’t quite comprehend why a human hand should feel so much like a cunt, nor why his instincts told him to hump even though he wasn’t mounted and coupled on a bitch. It was mystery to the dumb brute–and a sweet one.

Belinda frigged him faster for a few strokes, then slowed down and pumped gently. She was keen to see the jism squirt from his cockhead, but in no hurry for that treat, enjoying herself tremendously along the way. She had always liked to jerk boys off and the dog’s huge prick was even more exciting. She felt deliciously degenerate.

Maryanne’s hand slid up onto the root of his prick. Grasping that thick cock, she began to frig the dog, along with Belinda. He yelped at this added dimension, humping harder. As Belinda pulled up to his cockhead, Maryanne stroked back to his balls. Then the girls reversed the pumping movement, their fists bumping together in the middle of his long cock. His prick was pounding like a jackhammer, bucking so hard it seemed as if it might suddenly fly apart, like some engine revved too fast. His balls, freed now, whacked against the heel of Maryanne’s hand, then swung back between his legs, heavy and full and solid.

Like two dogs fighting over a bone, the girls jerked his prick between them. Cum was bubbling steadily from his pisshole now, lathering his angry red cockknob. His cockhead looked like a huge plum coated with whipped cream. Belinda lowered herself onto her hip and elbow, pushing her blonde head right under the dog. As his cockhead came looming out from her fist, it flared right in front of her radiant face. Her blue eyes turned inward, crossing, as she stared at that hunk of naked doggy meat. The musky, gamey aroma wafted to her.

“Holy shit, Belinda–if you stay there, the fucking dog is gonna shoot right in your face!” Maryanne gasped.

Belinda giggled, eyelashes fluttering. She gave Maryanne a slow, lascivious wink. Then her sensual lips parted slightly and the tip of her tongue slid across.

“His cock looks yummy,” Belinda whispered.

“Oh, wow, you gonna lick it?” Maryanne asked, her voice quavering with excitement. Tonguing a dog’s prick was just about the naughtiest thing she could imagine, and one of the most wildly exciting, too. Maryanne didn’t know if she would have the nerve to do such a depraved thing, herself, but she sure as hell wanted to see Belinda do it!

Belinda was licking her lips and tossing her blonde head playfully, teasingly. “Think I should?” Belinda asked, giving Maryanne a smoldering glance.

“Do you wanna?” Maryanne squealed.

“Why not? His prick looks fucking delicious,” said the wanton blonde. “But he’s your doggy.”

“Ooooh! Yeah–lick his cock!” Maryanne squealed.

Belinda’s tongue pushed out, flicking slowly at the air, inches from Bruno’s cockhead. She looked from the swollen slab to Maryanne’s fascinated face. The thought of licking a dog’s prick was turning Belinda on–and the fact the Maryanne was watching her only enhanced the thrill. She pumped back on his cockshaft, her fist bumping against Maryanne’s back toward his balls. She held him there, skinning his cockhead into a naked wedge of throbbing meat.

Bruno humped frantically, shoving the head of his cock out toward Belinda’s face. Her head bobbed forward an inch, and she flicked the tip of her tongue against the slippery tip of the brute’s cockhead.

“Ooooh.” Belinda moaned, as first ever taste of dog meat tingled on her tongue. She drew back slightly, savoring the hot, tangy flavor. Then she leaned in again and began to lave all over the wedge of his cockknob, her tongue darting and flashing and slurping.

She pumped his stalk in her fist, causing the crown to flare against her seeping tongue. Jism squeezed from his pisshole and trickled in sticky ribbons onto her tastebuds. She drew back again, letting the slimy stuff slide around on her tingling tongue. Her throat pulsed as she swallowed.

“Ummmm, doggy cum is scrumptious,” she rasped.

She began tonguing his cockhead thoroughly again, slowly frigging his stalk as she did so. That cock was taut, humming like a tuning fork in her hand. Maryanne held his prick back at the roots and leaned closer, watching her girlfriend’s nimble tongue slide all over the huge angry red slab of the beast’s smoking hot cockknob.

“Holy shit–holy shit–” Maryanne moaned, becoming so horny she felt faint.

“Yum, yum, yum,” Belinda murmured, lapping hungrily at the succulent meat and slurping up the preliminary fuckjuice as it seeped from his cleft. Slimy globs of doggy spunk flowed onto his meat and Belinda licked it up, her frothy saliva replacing it on the glossy red slab.

Belinda laid her extended tongue against the underside of his cockhead, sliding it gently around. Her lips were brushing the slippery tip so that when she spoke, she seemed to be talking into a meaty microphone.

“I wanna drink his load,” Belinda whimpered. “I want the fucker to shoot in my mouth!”

“Yeah! Suck him off, Belinda. Milk the fucker’s cock and balls and drink his slime!”

More cum bubbled out, running right onto Belinda’s panting lips. The stuff she felt was thick and as hot as melted lead. She swept her tongue across, gathering it up. Then her lips parted more and she fed the dog’s cockhead into her mouth.

Bruno went stiff all over for an instant as, for the first time, he discovered the pleasure of a hot, wet mouth on his frenzied prick.

Belinda nursed on his cockknob, her cheeks hollowing inward as she sucked. Her lips collared him around his hairy cockshaft, just behind the buried slab of naked meat. She gurgled and gasped, amazed at how thrilling that hot mouthful of dripping dog prick was. She loved the taste and the texture and the temperature. She adored the way his meat throbbed and the way his spunk was dribbling steadily onto her tongue.

She pulled his cockhead out of her lips for a moment, so she could look, to see his prick all coated with her saliva and his cockjuice, thrilling herself by the knowledge that that delicious slab had just been in her mouth and would soon be there again. She lapped, looked, lapped some more. Then she slipped her lips around again, sucking, making little hungry whimpering sounds.

Bruno, stunned, was still standing stiff as a statue as she worked her mouth-magic on his meat. Bur now he began to get the idea. His haunches stirred, then leaped forward, fucking his prick into her mouth.

His naked knob jammed in the entrance to her throat and his hairy sheath slid through the O-shaped lips. She knew she was going to get hair stuck between her teeth, but it was a small price to pay for the joy of that savory mouthful. Bruno yanked back until only his cockknob was in her maw, then pumped deeply back into the girl’s throat again. His hairy stalk pulled out, slathered with her saliva, vibrating. Streaks of cum ram into her slobber. Then he fucked in again, yelping, his spine twisting and contorting as he fed his meat to her head.

“Unnnggghhhh,” Belinda gagged as his cockhead clogged her gullet and her blonde head was tilted back on his thrust. Then she purred as the brute pulled out and she sucked through every heavenly inch.

He was pouring the prick to her so frantically now that his cock would have slipped out of her mouth, if her lips hadn’t been clamped tightly behind the flaring wedge, greedily holding that sweet mouthful in.

“Jeez–he’s fucking your mouth just like it was a cunt!” cried Maryanne.

“Yeah!” wailed Belinda, with enthusiasm. Her mouth felt like a cunt, too. Her tongue was as explosive as her clit, her lips were like pussylips, her throat awaited his load like a slime bucket. Then she gurgled and gulped as his fiery knob wedged itself into her gullet again.

Maryanne drew her hand away from the dog’s balls, more intrigued by the sight of her friend taking dog cock in the mouth than by the feel of his balls. With his prick freed from her grasp, Bruno plowed in even deeper. His balls swung out and slapped Belinda under the chin as he fucked his prick into her mouth to the hilt.

“Ummmpfff!” she gulped, deep-throating his cockhead and sucking on his cockrod.

The doggy heaved back again. This time his cockhead pulled out of her mouth, dragging her lips open. The dripping slab swung up and down like a pendulum, whacking her on her tits, then swaying back to her face. She squirmed against him, letting his prick slide up through her tit cleavage for a few strokes. The cockknob nestled into the hollow of her throat, dribbling slime in its wake. The stuff glistened up her breastbone like the track of a snail.

He humped up between her tits again and Belinda turned her face down, meeting his cockhead with her tongue as it came squeezing from her cleavage, then slurping the tasty wedge back into her voracious mouth.

Belinda was yearning for the dog to cream, longing for a bellyful of doggy jism, yet she was in no hurry for that creamy conclusion. His cum was the delicious dessert and she wanted to enjoy a long, lingering feast on the main course of his cockmeat before she drained him dry.

She turned her head from side to side, blonde curls tumbling, winding her lips onto his cockshaft like a nut onto a meaty bolt. Her tongue bridged under his cockknob, fluttering and flashing, a red carpet over which his prick was riding as it plunged back into her throat.

Maryanne could hear the dog’s cockmeat hiss as it plowed into Belinda’s wet mouth, like a heated crowbar dipped into a blacksmith’s tub. She heard Belinda gurgle and gulp as she slobbered on dog prick. In and out he plunged, his balls sloshing with his load as they slapped against her chin, then dragging down onto her tits as he hauled his rod out–only to slam it in again.

Belinda had gone suck-crazy on that tangy mouthful and Bruno was abandoned to bestial lust, fucking his prick into her mouth violently, furiously, frantically. He howled and rumbled, panted and whined. His balls were ballooning massively and his cock was expanding, filling Belinda’s mouth. She knew he was going to shoot his wad soon. She turned her head, taking his cockhead into her cheek, then turned back and took that slab down her throat again. He jerked back. His naked cockhead appeared in the oval collar of her lips and Maryanne saw that cum was pouring heavily from his pisshole.

“He’s gonna shoot!” she wailed, leaning close, her cheek pressed to Belinda’s cheek and her mouth working just as if she, too, were sucking on a doggy prick, tongue and lips moving by sympathetic vibration–and envy.

“Ummm-ummmm-ummm–” whimpered Belinda, starving for the dog’s jizz.

Bruno snarled and whipped his prick into her mouth as his balls erupted. His fuckjuice came rushing up his prick in a deluge, spurting from his gaping pisshole and hosing the cum-hungry teenager’s throat. She gulped it down. The first huge, foaming hot jet of jizz flooded straight down her gullet and she didn’t even taste it, although it warmed her belly like a fine cognac as she swallowed it. His second spurt shot out on the backstroke, splashing onto her flashing tongue. Her tastebuds sparked as if electrified as they registered that succulent dose of dog cum.

Bruno plunged merrily away, pumping the cum out in spurt after spurt. Her mouth was full of the stuff. It swirled in her cheeks and sloshed through her teeth, dripped from the roof of her mouth and foamed down her gullet. Her tongue was floating in a slimy torrent of dog cum.

Belinda sucked and swallowed, milking the brute’s cock voraciously. She was gulping his cum down as fast as she could, but his load was too much for her to swallow it all. Jism overflowed her sucking lips and ran down both sides of her mouth, dripping from her chin and splashing on her thrusting tits.

Maryanne, trembling, ducked her face down and began to tongue the doggy cum off Belinda’s tits and nipples, whimpering hungrily. Her tongue slipped up through the blonde girl’s deep cleavage, lapping cum out. Even slurped up second-hand, dog jism was delicious and Maryanne knew it must be even better when a girl swallowed it straight out of a creaming cockhead, like Belinda was doing–and like Maryanne was determined to do, soon.

Yelping, Bruno emptied his balls. The last foaming spurt skimmed over Belinda’s tongue and the doggy slowed, his humping becoming jerky and erratic. Belinda kept on sucking, coaxing a few last sweet trickles out of his cockhead. Then she folded her fist around his cockshaft and pumped up and down, frigging a few last slimy globs from his balls.

Bruno stood steady, flanks quivering, his tongue hanging out and his eyes glazed. His cockmeat was beginning to soften and shrink in Belinda’s mouth. The texture of his cockhead became rubbery and the stalk began to droop. Greedy Belinda continued to suck on his diminishing prick, whimpering, wanting more. She adored to take a soft cock into her mouth and feel it swell and harden as she sucked on it. And now, in a strange, reverse way, it was a thrill to feel his cockmeat soften, after she had milked him to the bone and swallowed the very dregs.

When she drew her cum-drenched lips off his prickknob, his prick swayed up and down. Then the soaking cockknob sagged towards the floor.

Maryanne crawled after the dog, her head down on the floor and her ass hiked up, like a doggy stalking a bunny. Her ass switched from side to side. If she’d had a tail, she would have been wagging it.

Bruno’s prick was hanging straight down under his belly now. A shimmering strand of jism, like the wed of a spider, stretched between his pisshole and the carpet. Maryanne rested her chin on the floor and slid her tongue out, curling it over her trembling lower lip. She licked that single strand of spunk from the carpet, her tongue flashing. The thread of doggy fuckjuice was still intact and unbroken, but now it was connecting his cockhead with Maryanne’s tongue. The dog whimpered, as if he could feel that contact running up his stream, as if that strand of gossamer slime were carrying a charged current from her mouth to his cock meat.

Maryanne turned her head to the side, then lithely rolled onto her back, facing upwards under the dog. His limp but still fat prick hung right over her face and she gazed up, her lips parted like a baby bird waiting to be fed a succulent worm. She raised her head an inch. The strand of unbroken dog cum slid farther back on her tongue, while the segment still unswallowed shimmered between them.

Winding that cum thread into her mouth inch by inch, the hungry, horny teenager lifted her head higher. Her face seemed to be suspended on the spidery strand, her head hanging from the end. The jism curled and coiled on her parted lips, then slipped deeper into her mouth. The end of that was oozing into her throat now and her parted lips were only two inches from the dog’s cockhead, still connected to his cockmeat by the cum strand.

She swallowed. As the end of the slimy string slid down her gullet, another unbroken inch or so was pulled out of the dog’s pisshole. That slender strand dangled from his cocktip.

Moaning, she craned her neck up and took the slippery slab of Bruno’s cockhead into her lips. She sucked adoringly, pulling his jism out from his balls in a string. The dog whined and his prick twitched promisingly. Maryanne nursed on the cockmeat that Belinda had mouth-polished to a luster, swallowing after every suck.

Then Bruno growled as, at last, the end of that cum snapped off. Maryanne slurped it down voraciously and continued to suck on his cockknob, desperate for prick and hoping to suck him up hard again. But his cockhead stayed rubbery in her lips. The meaty taste was pleasing, yet the situation was frustrating. She took his prick in her hand and began to pump it vigorously into her mouth, but manual assistance proved futile. Bruno’s balls were drained and his cock refused to stiffen again–yet. His prick hung lifeless in her mouth and his balls had already spun out the last of his jism. Maryanne gave his cockknob a last slurp and pulled her lips away, giving up on his prick for the moment. She reached out for his collar, intending to haul his head down into her smoldering pussy and settle for some tongue.

But Bruno sidestepped away, yelping nervously, knowing nothing about afterplay now that he had gotten his rocks off.

Maryanne wailed in frustration, turning towards Belinda with a scowl.

“You greedy girl–you sucked him dry!” she cried.

Belinda, who had gotten turned on again by watching her girlfriend sucking the cum out of the dog’s cockhead, inch by slimy inch, smiled tauntingly.

“I saved some for you, Maryanne,” she whispered, parting her creamy lips and pushing the tip of her cum-drenched tongue out.

Her back arched and she thrust her tits out. Doggy cum glistened on the slopes and dripped from the pink tips. A creamy ribbon had run down her belly and seeped into her belly button and a few drops glistened in her curly cunt bush.

“Come and get it, honey,” she urged.

Maryanne gasped and crawled over to the blonde girl. Her cunt was streaming like a waterfall, and her mouth was drooling almost as heavily. Belinda waited with parted lips. They kissed, letting dog cum slide back and forth between their mouths, watered down by saliva but still delicious. Maryanne licked jism from Belinda’s chin and cheeks. Then her dark head ducked down and she began tonguing the spunk up from the blonde’s girl’s tits and sucking it from her nipples.

“It’s on my belly, too,” Belinda whispered.

Maryanne moved lower, her tongue tracing the cum trail down into Belinda’s belly button.

Bruno had curled on his flank in the corner. He was watching the girls in doggy fascination, not understanding why two bitches were cavorting together, yet aware of the fragrance of their mutual arousal. The Alsatian was a potent fucker. Belinda’s magic mouth had really milked him to the dregs, but now, as his nostrils dragged in the aroma of hot pussy, his balls began to swell again, slowly but surely. His cock twitched. The naked red cocktip had drawn back inside the shaggy sheath, but now it came sliding out again, still wet with Maryanne’s saliva. The dog twisted his head down and gave the head of his prick a slurp with his tongue. Then he raised up and peered at the girls again. His head turned back and forth as he alternately lapped at his cockhead, then gazed at the girls whose sweet scent was getting him horny again.

Maryanne was pushing her tongue into Belinda’s belly button, licking the dog cum out. Belinda placed her hand behind the dark-haired girl’s head, stroking her, holding her against her belly. Belinda was sitting on her ass, her knees raised and her thighs parted. She gave Maryanne’s head a gentle nudge, pushing her lower.

“Some of the doggy’s cum dipped down there, too,” she whispered, her voice quavering.

Maryanne gasped at the prospect. Belinda gave her head another gentle push and Maryanne’s mouth slid lower, her parted lips brushing on Belinda’s bushy cunt mound. Her tongue slid through the golden curls like a moist, pink rodent scurrying through a sunlit forest.

Belinda jerked her hips, tilting her crotch a bit higher. Maryanne turned her head, her mouth still open at Belinda’s pussy mound. With her lips moving in that curly tangle, Maryanne gazed lower, her eyes narrowed. Belinda’s open cunt gash was flowing like a waterfall just below her chin.

“I-I think a few drops of dog jizz ran down into my cunt, too,” Belinda whimpered.

Maryanne hesitated, torn between raging desire and the last of her inhibitions. Her tongue continued to lap at Belinda’s blonde pussy triangle as she stared at the juicy snack streaming through the dog blower’s crotch.

I’m not a lesbian, Maryanne told herself. I don’t want to suck a pussy–I just want to lick up some more doggy jism, is all. And if that doggy jism just happens to be served up in Belinda’s cunt bowl, it isn’t my fault. Her face moved lower. She could feel the intense heat radiating out of Belinda’s gaping fuck crater.

She looked up at Belinda’s face, her gaze searching. Belinda nodded and smiled encouragingly.

“Suck me off, Maryanne,” she breathed. “And then I’ll do it for you.”

And with that happy prospect, the last of Maryanne’s faint reluctance ebbed away. It was a lovely situation. She could satisfy her tongue first, knowing that her cunt was going to be dealt with, soon. How could any hungry, horny teenaged girl resist?

Maryanne buried her face in Belinda’s smoldering crotch…



Across the room, Bruno whined as, inch by inch and jolt by jolt, his prick lengthened and hardened. He was aroused by the antics of the naughty nymphettes, inspired by the sight and the sound and the scent. The doggy knew, instinctively, that a hard prick was going to be required very soon.

And, as fate would have it, another hard prick was headed, like a heat-seeking missile towards Maryanne’s bedroom at that very moment. Maryanne’s brother Jimmy was bringing his hard-on home. Jimmy was not expected. He normally stayed for baseball practice after school, which is why Maryanne wasn’t worried about being caught at her naughty games. With both her parents at work and her teenaged brother presumably at practice, she thought that she had the house to herself.

But today, Jimmy had been kicked off the baseball team. The coach had caught the horny youth jacking off in the showers. That was common practice for Jimmy, in fact, although the coach didn’t know it. Jimmy always jerked off before a game, or a practice session. He was the shortstop on the school team and it made sense to him. How in hell could a guy bend down for a ground ball when his stiff prick was towering up like a lever in front of his belly? A guy with a hard-on was more like a pole-vaulter than a shortstop. And Jimmy almost always had a hard-on after school, where he’d been eyeing the girls and wondering which of them fucked and which would go down on a fellow. So he usually went straight to the shower room and emptied his balls before taking to the field, which seemed only logical to him.

But the coach didn’t see it that way. The man firmly believed that self-abuse sapped a young man’s energy. Scandalized at finding his shortstop pumping his prick, he had sent the boy home.

Now Jimmy was en route, glum at being kicked off the team and frustrated because the coach had interrupted him before he had shot his wad.

His hard-on was tenting the front of his jeans, jutting out before his loins like the prow of a ship, or a torpedo launched from the ship and dragging the vessel in its wake. Jimmy felt light headed. He had a huge cock and so much blood had rushed into the building of its hard-on that his brain was starved of oxygen. Now he was rushing home, eager to beat his meat in the privacy of his bedroom, to relieve that throbbing tension.

But there would be no privacy for Jimmy today.

Nor any need for a hand-job…

But, meanwhile, Maryanne was totally unaware of the fact that a dog cock was stiffening across the room, and that her brother’s heavy cock was hastening home, as she savored her first ever snack of creamy cunt. She was concentrating totally on the juicy task at tongue.

Belly down on the floor, she slid her head between Belinda’s open thighs, blowing onto the blonde’s fiery pussy. Belinda’s clit swayed and flittered as Maryanne panted on it. Her open gash flooded with cuntjuice. Ribbons of pearly pussy nectar seeped down into the crack of her trim little ass. Maryanne had never seen anything as delicious as that soaking cunt slot–except, maybe, her dog’s prick–and for a long moment she merely gazed at Belinda’s groin, like a gourmet admiring a banquet before he dined. Belinda’s cuntlips were folded open, exposing the darker, inner folds, and those fascinating, intricate pussy folds were streaked with cream.

Maryanne’s tongue pushed out and she licked very lightly at Belinda’s vibrant clit. Belinda shuddered. Maryanne drew back slightly, letting that initial taste tingle on her taste buds. She took another lick at the stiff nugget, curling her nimble tongue around it this time.

“Oooooh,” she murmured, discovering that pussy was even more delicious than she’d expected.

With that very first lick, Maryanne had become a confirmed cunt-lapper, all doubts and inhibitions instantly melted away. Hot cum was so fucking scrumptious that a girl just had to suck it, every chance she got. Maryanne knew, now, that cunt-sucking was a joy that had nothing to do with being a lesbian. It wasn’t perverted–it was simply delicious! Belinda squirmed and shifted her ass on the floor, her tits heaving as she panted. She stared down past the rise of her tits and the plane of her belly, seeing Maryanne’s dark head framed between her smooth thighs. Maryanne’s raven hair swept in an inky curtain over Belinda’s belly, dark tresses brushing into the blonde curls of her cunt bush. She stroked Maryanne’s head. Maryanne tongued her taut clit with flicking strokes, finding that a girl needed no previous experience or practice or training–that she knew instinctively, just like a doggy, how to tongue out a steaming fuckhole.

She dipped her tongue up Belinda’s wet cunt slot, licking at the inner walls of the blonde girl’s pussy. She lapped up each cuntlip in turn, fluttering against her clit at the top of the stroke. Her head tilted from side to side, framed in the sleek arch of Belinda’s thighs, as she worked on the girl’s sweet-tasting cunt from all angles.

She used her fingertip to spread Belinda’s cunt slot open even wider, and tongue fucked as deeply up the girl’s fuckhole as she could reach. Her probing tongue slipped and slithered into a swamp of cunt cream. The succulent slime flowed past her panting lips, seeping into her hungry maw, trickling down her throat as she gulped. Maryanne was slobbering heavily into Belinda’s open pussy gash, her saliva foaming in and blending with Belinda’s cunt juice, then being sucked back into Maryanne’s voracious mouth again.

Maryanne had been using only her tongue, to begin with, but now she clamped her lips against Belinda’s cuntlips, kissing the blonde’s hairy fuck slot as if it were a bearded mouth. She blew up Belinda’s cunthole, then sucked. Her lips were stuck on Belinda’s gash like a suction cup on a clogged drain, mouthing the succulent cunt slot while her tongue slid steadily in and out. She blew and sucked, seeming as if she were trying to inhale that fragrant pussy right down into her panting lungs. Her mouth opened wider, clamped over Belinda’s pussy mound, sucking clit and cuntlips in. Belinda moaned, jerking wildly against her friend’s eager mouth and flashing tongue.

Belinda was trying to hold back, to enjoy this wonderful head-job as long as possible before she creamed, but Maryanne’s untrained but enthusiastic sucking was bringing the blonde girl surging towards the crest.

Belinda tried to pull away, to break the contact for a moment, giving herself a chance to subside from the peak. But Maryanne’s mouth was plastered to her pussy so firmly that as she jerked back, her cuntlips stayed stuck on the dark girl’s suction cup of a maw.

“You’re making me cream,” she whimpered.

“Oooooh! Yeah!” Maryanne cried, the words muffled on a mouthful of streaming cunt. “Cream my fucking tongue, Belinda! Feed me your cum juice!”

Tides of ecstasy rippled through Belinda’s belly, swirled deep in her loins, raced up her trembling thighs. The flow from her fuckhole got thicker and creamier–and more fragrant, as Bruno was well aware, waiting his turn, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the sweet aroma.

Maryanne slid her hands under Belinda’s churning ass, cupping the heart-shaped asscheeks and lifting the blonde girl’s loins higher, as if her cunt were a foaming goblet she was draining to the creamy dregs.

Belinda’s thighs clamped around Maryanne’s radiant face, then opened wide again. She arched deeply, jamming her groin up into Maryanne’s flushed face as her ass swung frantically from side to side.

Her fuckhole melted around Maryanne’s stabbing tongue and her cunt bubbled into Maryanne’s sucking lips. Maryanne gurgled with sheer bliss as her mouth filled up with Belinda’s hot, thick cum cream. She felt the blonde girl’s clit explode in her lips, felt her cunthole ripple and dissolve. She sucked with a slurping sound and Belinda’s pussy squished and foamed. At the very peak, Belinda fell back onto her elbows and hiked her ass and hips up high, letting her cum nectar gush out in a creamy wash into Maryanne’s open mouth. Maryanne gulped and gobbled, drinking the succulent pussy seepage.

Drained, Belinda sank to the floor.

Maryanne’s dark head went down with the blonde’s loins, her face buried, her tongue and lips still working, sucking up the last of Belinda’s cunt juice and working off the final ebbing spasms. Her head turned from side to side, like a terrier shaking a rat–or like an Alsatian with a hard-on, shaking her head in wonderment as he eyed the scene.

Bruno was ready for service again.

And Jimmy was only a block away.

But, still unaware of the hard cockmeat available, the girls stayed coupled, mouth to cunt. Maryanne sucked softly and lovingly, swallowing the last precious drops. Belinda smiled dreamily. Her cunt was satiated, for the moment.

But now her tongue was tingling.

She licked her lips tentatively, imagining what it would be like to be licking Maryanne’s pussy, and making a discovery common to girls who suck cunt–that the tongue and clit are related by some carnal chemistry, that getting her cunt creamed made her mouth hungry, and vice versa.

And it was a happy discovery, for now there was a steaming cunt to be sucked.

Eating out Belinda with such relish, Maryanne had been ignoring the smoldering demands of her pussy, but now that the fast was ended, she began to whimper with awareness of that fiery need. She took a last slurp on Belinda’s pussy and raised her head, jaws dripping, lathered with cuntjuice from her chin to her forehead. She gave Belinda a questioning look, hoping that the blonde had not forgotten her promise.

“You sure suck pussy good,” Belinda murmured. “You got a swell tongue, Maryanne.”

“I-I’m glad,” Maryanne whispered, her eyelashes fluttering. “I wanna suck you a lot, Belinda. Cunt is lovely. I’ll go down on you every day, if you want. And–” She left the sentence unfinished, her gaze expectant.

“And I’ll suck you, too,” Belinda finished the sentence for her. The blonde slid her tongue across her moist lips, as if giving a hint of the pleasure that Maryanne was about to be rewarded with.

“Oh, yeah–suck me off now!” Maryanne moaned, rolling onto her back and opening her legs wide. Her fuckhole was like a volcanic crater, lava erupting down her crotch.

Belinda turned, twisting onto her hands and knees, crawling tongue first toward Maryanne’s smoldering pussy. Intent on cunt-sucking, Belinda didn’t realize that she had thereby assumed the doggy fucking position.

Bur Bruno knew it…



The big Alsatian rose to his feet, his movements awkward and jerky–because he practically had to step around the swollen length of his massive prick and his hindlegs were bowed around his bloated balls. Standing astride his cock, he shook himself. Then, tongue hanging out and prick hammering, the doggy began to slink across the bedroom.

Belinda had crawled up between Maryanne’s legs, her ass turned towards the doggy. Her curly blonde head was down and her ass was tilted up and her cunt was steaming with juice and saliva under those upthrust asscheeks–a tantalizing sight for a horny dog.

Belinda began licking up the insides of Maryanne’s legs. She tongued her calves and the backs of her knees, then slurped up her thighs. Maryanne jerked and jolted, waiting for that hot tongue to make contact with her cunt, but Belinda was teasing her–and herself–by delaying the crucial coupling. Lapping up the junction of Maryanne’s thigh and crotch, she tongued up the crease, licking parallel with Maryanne’s flooded fuck slot but not touching it yet.

“Do my cunt,” Maryanne pleaded.

She jolted down, trying to plaster her pussy against Belinda’s face, but Belinda turned away, giggling playfully and teasingly. Moving higher, she lapped at Maryanne’s cunt mound. Maryanne was vibrating with lust, her whole nubile body shaking and shuddering. Belinda moved higher, slurping a stiff nipple into her lips and moaning softly when she felt that hard nugget explode against her tongue. Her blonde head turned as she mouthed each tit tip in turn. Then she slid lower again. Maryanne arched, tilting her pussy up invitingly, but still the mischievous blonde teased her, lingering over the preliminaries. She held Maryanne by the hips and gently turned her over. Maryanne twitched like a puppet on a broken string, flopping belly down on the floor. She hiked her ass up, urging Belinda to bury her face under it.

Belinda placed her open hands on the firm cheeks of Maryanne’s ass. She spread them apart, widening the ass crack and exposing the taut brown bud of Maryanne’s asshole.

Smiling wickedly, delighted, delighted by her own depravity, Belinda ran her wet tongue up the crack of Maryanne’s ass and dipped it into her asshole.

Maryanne jerked spasmodically, flopping about like a fish on a hook–hooked up the shit chute by Belinda’s tongue. Her trim ass ground into Belinda’s face as the blonde hungrily rimmed out her shit tunnel, probing as far up the tight, tangy slot as her tongue could reach.

“Ummmmm,” Belinda purred.

She had never tongue-fucked an asshole before and, finding it a taste treat, she sucked on the brown bud with gusto, slobbering up the shit passage. Cuntjuice had trickled down from Maryanne’s pussy, seeping into the crack of her ass, and Belinda tongued it up, whetting her appetite for the main course to follow.

Belinda might have continued teasing Maryanne by lingering over the appetizer of her asshole, nibbling at the edges of the banquet before she devoured the creamy main course. But a sudden spasm shook Maryanne violently. She began to cry out and gasp. Belinda stabbed her tongue up Maryanne’s spicy shit chute and Maryanne jerked again.

Belinda was afraid that Maryanne was going to cream before she got her tongue up her cunthole. As much as she was savoring her snack of shithole, the hot-tongued blonde didn’t want to have Maryanne’s pussy melt before she was mouthing the delicious feast.

She gave Maryanne’s as a last slurp, then turned her over onto her back again. Maryanne’s cunt was gaping open wide, juice gushing out. Her clit stood out like a missile from the creamy folds. Belinda hovered over Maryanne’s crotch, drooling at the sight. A drop of saliva fell from her lips and splashed in Maryanne’s open cunt slot, steaming and evaporating from the fiery cuntmeat.

Then Belinda opened her mouth wide and clamped her lips over Maryanne’s cunt bowl, whimpering as her mouth filled up immediately with a load of delicious pussy juice.

Maryanne was so hot that she didn’t know if she was at the crest or not. Her pussy was flowing heavily, yet as Belinda sucked expertly away at the cunt slot, Maryanne just got hotter and the waves of her joy sped faster and higher, a torrent of sensation swirling in her loins.

“Suck-suck-suck,” she whimpered, her hips working like pistons as she ground her pussy into her friend’s eager face and filled her mouth with a foaming flood. There was a rushing in Maryanne’s ears and she was panting like a steam engine. Her thighs closed around Belinda’s head, clamping her in a velvet vise and blocking off the blonde girl’s ears. Abandoned to cunt-lapping delights, neither girl heard the dog come panting up behind Belinda’s upthrust, churning ass–nor did they hear the front door open and close as horny Jimmy came into the house.

But Jimmy heard them.

The lusty youth stepped into the hallway and as soon as he pushed the door closed behind him, he cupped a hand over his bulging crotch, massaging his cock and balls, and jerking his hips against his hand. His fucker throbbed savagely. Jimmy was wondering if he should bother to go to his room, or simply whip his prick out and jerk off right there in the hallway. It would be easier to mount the staircase after his cock had been softened by a hand-job–and then he could enjoy a longer, less desperate frigging in comfort, on his bed.

He grasped his zipper, about to haul it down. But then he cocked his head, listening. If his sister was home, he didn’t want to take a chance on having her suddenly appear and catch him beating his meat. Jimmy wouldn’t have minded at all if his sexy kid sister wanted to watch him jerk off–or even help him do it–but he was afraid that Maryanne might laugh at him or tease him by threatening to tell their parents. So he listened for signs of the girl’s presence–and heard them.

Jimmy frowned.

What the hell was that sound? He was puzzled. He could hear slurping and panting and moaning coming distinctively from above. It sounded suspiciously like a suck in progress! Jeez–did his kid sister have a guy in her bedroom? Whatever was happening upstairs, it just had to be interesting. He heard a whimper, followed by a juicy, squishing sound. Jimmy grinned fiendishly. His sister was doing something that she shouldn’t, he felt sure. It was hard to believe that she had actually sneaked a guy into her bedroom, but even if she was only finger-fucking herself, it was fascinating. Jimmy had often tried to sneak a look at Maryanne in the bathroom, or while she was getting dressed, and the idea of catching her in the midst of a hand-job was a wild turn-on. He heard another slurp.

Wow, he thought–her pussy must really be pulling on her fingers. Or maybe she’s frigging herself with a carrot or a salami or something! His eyes closed as such juicy visions paraded through his imagination. Jimmy had often thought about Maryanne as stimulant, while he was beating his meat. He’d pretend that his pumping fist was her sexy mouth or her creamy cunt, and the depravity of such incestuous fantasies had added to the thrill. Some of his most dynamic cum loads had spurted out over visions of the nubile girl, especially when his prick was aimed at the dirty clothes hamper, where her soiled panties lay, crotch upwards. Jeez–if he caught her in a compromising situation, maybe he could blackmail her into jacking him off. He didn’t dare hope he could get more than a hand-job out of her, and maybe a feel of her tits–not aware that his kid sister was every bit as horny as he was, and had frequently thought about her brother as she frigged her pussy to a frazzle.

As he listened, head cocked, to the moist sounds from above, his prick was on a rampage. Grimacing, rolling his eyes and baring his teeth, his face contorted by dark desire, Jimmy opened his fly. His cock shot out like a rocket, the warhead armed and glowing and the stalk humming with tension. That huge prick was a welcome addition to any sexy situation. His cockmeat was pounding like a drum. Jimmy was afraid of his hammering cockhead. He wrapped his fist around his prick. Then, intrigued, cock in hand, Jimmy began to tiptoe up the staircase to investigate those mysterious, exotic sounds.

But Bruno got to the girls first…

Slinking up behind the kneeling blonde, Bruno was flipping his tongue up and down, in anticipation of another juicy doggy yummy. He thrust his head out and slurped his tongue up her flooded crotch. Belinda squealed right up Maryanne’s cunthole when she felt that long hot tongue lapping at her cunt. She jerked, her blonde head rising slightly, but held firmly between Maryanne’s locked thighs. She squealed again, the sound echoing up Maryanne’s pussy. Maryanne’s clit fluttered like a reed in some meaty musical instrument on which Belinda was blowing. Belinda continued to tongue-fuck and suck, alternating the action with little squeals of delight.

The dog’s head went up and down as he tongued her with long slurps that started in her cunt bush, dragged up through her open gash and against her clit, then whipped on into the crack of her ass.

Belinda wriggled about, her nubile, curvaceous body squirming deliciously as she enjoyed a treat at both ends, relishing a mouthful of steaming cunt and cuntful of doggy tongue. She ground her cunt against the Alsatian’s snout without missing a slurp on Maryanne’s flooding fuckhole.

Maryanne was at the peak, wailing and shuddering as she started to cream.

Belinda fucked her tongue up into that foaming pussy, and her clit shot out against the dog’s drooling tongue, the joy equal at both ends. She felt as if her mouth were coming like a cunt. She salivated and Maryanne’s cuntjuice gushed in, creaming her slobber, adding to the sensation that her mouth was actually coming as it filled with cum cream.

“Come–come, baby–cream, darling–” Belinda urged, her tongue whipping in that foaming slot like a ladle in a churn, stabbing, whisking, stirring. She gurgled and gulped. Her tongue floated up Maryanne’s cunthole on a tide of cream and that cream poured out, flooding her maw.

Suddenly Bruno’s tongue was gone.

Sucking ravenously, Belinda switched her ass about, urging the doggy to continue feeding, wanting the thrill to continue at both ends. But then her haunches were pressed down under the dog’s weight as he sprang upon her.

Belinda cried out in surprise, but her mouth was so full of pussyjuice that only an indistinct bubbling sound emerged, and that sound was further muffled up Maryanne’s cunt. She tried to raise her head, but Maryanne’s clamped thighs held her securely in her crotch.

Bruno was mounted on Belinda’s ass like a trophy on a curved wall, his forepaws wrapped tightly around her hipbones, hauling her haunches back. His hindpaws scrambled on the carpet and his spine twisted as he shoved his prick out.

Belinda felt his hot cockhead bump against the back of her thigh like a battering ram. Her lips, clamped on Maryanne’s flowing pussy, turned up in a trembling smile. She had been startled when the brute first sprang on her ass–but now the naughty nymphette was pleased. Her cunt was seething again, lust inspired by the dog’s lapping and by the sweet, succulent pussy that was melting on her tongue. She had already savored a kinky session with the dog, enjoying a mouthful of dog cock and cum–and why shouldn’t she have a cuntful, as well?

Still mouthing Maryanne’s cunt, Belinda shifted and squirmed, trying to get her cunt angled so that the frantic dog could fuck his prick up her. But Bruno was missing the mark in his haste and urgency. He humped with vigor, but his cockhead either bounced from her thigh or rebounded from the cheek of her ass, or skimmed up through the ass crack. Bruno needed assistance, Belinda realized. The doggy was enthusiastic and more than willing, but this was virgin territory to him, alien soil he didn’t quite know how to plow. His powerful body rippled with muscle as he tried again and again to sink his cockshaft in her bubbling well, to drill for oil in her randy reservoir. His cock hit her ass like a bludgeon, beating and pounding. His balls swung in like scum-filled blackjacks, whacking into her crotch.

Feeling his bloated balls slap against her cunt slot, Belinda realized the problem. Bruno was mounted too high. His balls were swinging in at the angle that his cockhead should be following.

Thighs rippling, she hiked her ass higher, to help the brute get aimed right. But Bruno was clinging so tenaciously to her hips that when her ass heaved up, he went up with her. His prick missed the hairy target again, stirring up through the taut crack of her ass and dribbling a few globs of cum into the tight, puckered bud of her asshole.

The blonde reached back between her knees and got a handful of doggy balls. She started to drag him down by the balls, into position. But then Maryanne began to wail as she shuddered at the final crest and Belinda, still savoring that creamy feast, decided it would be better to get Maryanne sucked off to the dregs first, so that she would be able to concentrate without any distractions on getting her cunthole properly stuffed full of doggy prick.

Holding his balls and fondling them, Belinda worked Maryanne’s orgasm off with tongue and lips, swallowing the creamy juices as they poured into her mouth.

Maryanne sighed as another hot surge rippled across her belly and her fuckhole spilled the cream out in a foaming flood. Her cumming began to fade. She trembled all over, relishing the last twinges, feeling the last cum drops slide down her fuckhole and spill into Belinda’s lips. Her thighs parted, relaxing their grip on Belinda’s blonde head, but Belinda stayed buried in Maryanne’s crotch, her parted lips glued to the girl’s pussy, tongue stirring up the fuckhole and probing for another spasm.

Maryanne flipped her hip up, signifying that she was finished coming. In fact, as Belinda had before, Maryanne had discovered that having a tongue cream her cunt made her own tongue hot to do some pussy-lapping and, her own orgasm completed, she was eager to go down on Belinda again.

But there was a prior claim on the sexy blonde girl’s smoldering cunt now.

Raising her dark head, smiling and running her tongue across her lower lip suggestively, Maryanne saw that the Alsatian was mounted on Belinda as if she were a bitch in heat. Maryanne blinked and gasped. Belinda had raised her head, too, jaw dripping as her face came out of Maryanne’s crotch. The blonde girl grinned at her friend’s astonished expression.

“Fucking hell–Bruno wants to screw you!” Maryanne cried.

She twisted around to see if the dog had actually got stuck up Belinda’s cunt, and saw that he hadn’t. Belinda was holding his bloated balls, fondling then and rubbing then around in her creamy cunt gash, while his long thick cock was angled up the curve of her ass. His slick red cockhead was gleaming and slime bubbled down onto the cockshaft.

“Yeah–and I want him to!” Belinda groaned. “Help us, Maryanne–put his prick up my cunthole–” Maryanne hesitated, but not through any inhibitions about bestiality, now. Those were long gone. She hesitated through jealousy and envy. She would have loved a cuntful of that dynamic dog cock, herself. He was, after all, her doggy. But greedy Belinda had already sucked him off, and now she was going to fuck with him, and it didn’t seem fair. Yet what could Maryanne do? The dog was already mounted and clinging fast. She doubted that she could have dragged the powerful brute off her friend’s ass if she tried. The only way to get Bruno off Belinda, at this stage, was to get his balls emptied and his cock softened. Then Maryanne smiled wryly. As she’d been thinking, Bruno was her doggy–and she could have him whenever she wanted to, now that she knew the joy of dog cock. She simply had to wait for her turn.

Maryanne crawled down and knelt beside Belinda’s flank. She bent over and licked at the dog’s slimy cockhead, flicking her tongue against the bubbling tip and then, just for the hell of it, dipped down and stuck her tongue into Belinda’s asshole for a fleeting snack.

A glob of dog spunk had soaked into that tight little bud. Maryanne tongued it out, the slimy stuff flavored delicately by the tangy taste of Belinda’s shithole. Maryanne murmured as she slipped her tongue into the narrow crack. Belinda’s asshole was succulent, even after she had lapped all the dog cum out, and Maryanne was looking forward to giving that ass a thorough rimming out in the near future.

But at the moment there was a different task at hand, a dog cock to be guided into position.

Maryanne turned her face from side to side, taking a lick of asshole followed by a slurp on dog prick, wetting them both with her drool. Then she sighed, feeling deprived, and moved back. At the very least, she knew she would get to suck a load of dog jism out of Belinda’s cunthole, even if she couldn’t get her own cunt hosed by a hot cum load.

She moved her hand onto the dog’s balls, over Belinda’s fondling hand, then slid higher and folded her fist around the foot of his thundering prick, holding the long fucker as if it were a sword she gripped by the hilt, ready to thrust the blade into a wound already open and oozing.

She slowly dragged Bruno’s prick down through the crack of Belinda’s ass, pulling the weeping cockknob into the blonde girl’s sodden crotch. His cockhead flared and his mighty cockrod throbbed in Maryanne’s hand, driving her wild with desire. Her cunt felt hollow, yearning for a load of hard, hot, pounding cockmeat. Maryanne whimpered, wishing that there was another stiff prick available for her own neglected pussy.

She would have been astounded had she known how close a stiff prick was, and to whom that prick was attached.

Down the hallway tiptoed Jimmy, a grimace on his face and a cock in his hand and his brotherly balls bloated with cum. He was in for a shock… and a treat…



“Put the fucker in my cunt!” wailed Belinda, jerking her ass and pumping her hips wildly in her impatience to get her pussy stuffed full of dog cock.

Maryanne held his prick by the root and tilted her wrist up and down, running his dripping cockhead up through Belinda’s gaping cuntslot like a spoon stirring a cream bowl. She was leaning over them, her cheek resting on the cheek of Belinda’s jolting ass, fascinated by the sight of that flaring slab of naked red cockmeat running up and down in Belinda’s pink cuntlips. She brushed the tip of the dog’s cock against Belinda’s clit and Belinda squealed. She slipped the bubbling cockknob into Belinda’s cuntslot and watched jism run into cuntjuice, like an alchemist blending two arcane fluids. The cunt juice was creamy and oily and the dog cum streaked it in thick lashings. The combined fuck fluids streamed down Belinda’s pussy gash.

“Please–please shove it up me!” wailed Belinda, so hot that she half expected her cunt to ignite.

Maryanne moved his bubbling cockknob up her cuntslot again, turned on by the sight and lingering over the foreplay before she slipped the cock into Belinda’s steaming cunt–but not as turned on as her brother, maybe…

Jimmy stood in the doorway with his eyes bulging out like two hard-boiled eggs and his jaw hanging open so wide it was almost resting on his breastbone and his massive prick leaping like a thunderbolt on his fist.

Sexy little Belinda Grey fucked dogs!

And his sister was assisting with the coupling!

He had often jerked off over thoughts of both of these wanton teenagers, turning on to fantasy. And now reality struck him so hard he staggered, almost fainting. His eyes darted back and forth. He saw the huge slab of dog cock stir up Belinda’s soaking cuntslot and he saw that his sister’s pussyjuice was overflowing down her thighs. Maryanne was leaning close over Belinda’s groin, her expression fascinated and–Jimmy gasped–her lips were all frothy with cum or cuntjuice–or both!

Still amazed, but with his shock fading away as he realized that this was not some wonderful dream, that it was the stuff of dreams made real, Jimmy grinned like a demon. His cock banged in his hand, demanding to be drained. But Jimmy held his prick firmly, not pumping it. Damned if he would milk off his own cum load when such better things awaited his cock. Nor would he settle for a sisterly hand-job, either. Not now. He had the goods on Maryanne and he was not adverse to blackmail if need be. But from the way her pussy was steaming and flooding, Jimmy had a pretty good idea that blackmail wouldn’t be necessary. She obviously needed some cock–and his cock hammered at the prospect.

But he struggled against the impulse to rush into the room, waiting, fascinated, for that bestial coupling to be completed up Belinda’s smoldering fuckhole…

“Please–please–put the fucker in me–I want his cock–give me all of it,” Belinda pleaded, as her cuntlips rippled as if trying to suck the dog’s prick into her pussy by their own suction.

Maryanne moaned, dragging his cockknob up that gash again, then took pity on her friend. She shifted her grip and pulled an inch of dog cock into Belinda’s cunt gash. Bruno yelped with doggy joy as he felt his cock fuck in. Half of his prick had vanished and the rest of the swollen red cockshaft throbbed in her pussyslot. Belinda shoved her ass back, whining like a dog herself, and all of Bruno’s cock fucked into her.

Bruno was angled right–and knew what to do next. He braced his haunches and clung to Belinda’s hips, his flanks quivering. Maryanne drew her hand away and cupped his balls for a moment, caressing the bloated bags wistfully, envying her blonde friend the steaming hot cum load that they contained. Then she moved her hand away, releasing the brute so he could go to work on Belinda’s cunt unhindered. The doggy tensed, panting and heaving. His cock was buried in her fuck slot. Her wet cuntlips pulled on that fat plunger, foamy juices soaking his balls.

Belinda wailed and squirmed her ass, churning that dog cock up her cunt.

Bruno threw his head up, as if about to bay at the moon, holding rigid as the girl squirmed before him. His tongue was hanging out, drooling onto Belinda’s back, and his eyes were glowing with animal lust, with the thrill of having a hot, wet, tight, human cunthole working on his doggy prick.

Belinda’s thighs tensed and she hiked her ass higher under the dog, lifting him on his hindlegs, his buried cock angling into her fuckhole like a lever across the fulcrum of her fiery clit. Holding her ass hiked up under his loins, she swayed from side to side, hips flashing, working his cockrod around in her pussy. She sank down again, her heart-shaped ass sinking onto her kneeling calves, pulling the dog’s prick down with her, and still corkscrewing her ass about, grinding her fuckhole around on the brute’s cockmeat.

Neither girl nor doggy were actually humping yet. The beast was holding steady, his prick buried up her pussy, and the girl was shifting from side to side, instead of shoving in and out on his cockrod.

Maryanne, observing in fascination, realized that Belinda’s suction cup of a cunt was holding the dog’s cock in by its own rippling action. Her pussy walls had clamped around his prick, molding pliable to the throbbing contours, while her cunt muscles began to work in a series of concentric rings, running up his cockshaft as if some secret fist inside her loins were jerking the brute off.

His fat prick was stuffing her pussy full, pumping pearly globs of cuntjuice out. The slime seeped down onto his balls. The flow lubricated her tight, clinging cunt. Then Bruno yelped and his powerful body leaped back. His haunches plunged forwards, again, fucking his prick in. At the same instant, Belinda moaned and slammed her cunthole back to meet his fuck-thrust, longing for every inch of that pounding prick.

The Alsatian’s cock sank in to the root. His swollen balls swung in and slapped against her crotch, hanging down into her cunt bush as, kneeling, she hiked her ass up and tilted her crotch at a higher angle. Belinda was filled to the core. Gasping with joy, she reached back and grabbed the dog’s balls, holding them in her golden triangle and, thereby, holding his prick buried to the hilt in her fuckhole. The dog was trying to commence humping in and out but, with his balls firmly grasped, he was unable to withdraw.

Gurgling with ecstasy, Belinda squirmed around on that full cuntload, thrilling to the joy of having her fuckhole stuffed to the depths and spread wide on his fat prick. Her face glowed radiantly. She was panting and gasping, jerking and writhing, impaled on the dog’s long cockshaft. She had never been so full of cock before. The dog’s cockhead felt like a lump of molten iron, throbbing deep in her belly, and his long, thick cockshaft was like a hairy crowbar, prying at her pussy walls, levering against her frenzied clit.

She turned to stare at Maryanne in wonderment. “He’s so fucking deep!” she wailed. “My God, Maryanne, I think his cockhead is gonna come out my mouth!”

Bruno whimpered unable to hump but grinding his buried prick around inside her, slobbering and panting with the thrill of having every inch of his hammering cockmeat buried in a soaking, sucking cunthole.

Belinda released her grip on his balls slightly. She pulled forwards, dragging her fuckhole off an inch of cockshaft. That inch came out sodden with lashing of pussy nectar. Belinda shoved her ass back, taking all of his cockmeat in again. Jerking spasmodically, she began to fuck her cunt up and down through half of his cockrod.

Wailing, the blonde dog lover released his balls then, arching under his weight. Bruno paused for a second and then, finding his cock unleashed, the brute began to fuck in and out of her cunt with savage energy.

His haunches humped, driving his prick in, and Belinda met him with equal vigor, shoving her fuckhole back to envelop his plunging prick, then twisting her hips as he withdrew so that her soaking cunt was wringing his cock.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!” she cried, totally abandoned to the thrill of getting fucked by a dog.

“Ooooh!” Maryanne echoed, sharing that thrill vicariously–and yearning to get her own pussy stuffed full of that massive hunk of canine cock.

Belinda threw her head back, tossing her blonde curls and turning her face from side to side. She heaved her trim little ass up higher and the dog danced frantically on his haunches. His spine twisted as he fucked in to the hilt, his balls swinging back between his hindlegs, then out into her crotch. As his plug filled her hairy socket, he sprayed pussy juice from her fuckslot. Belinda was drenched from asshole to belly with her own overflow as Bruno pumped it from her pussy steadily. He was fucking so fast that his ass was a dark blur and his cock soared into her like a high-velocity missile. His tail swished wildly behind his driving ass and he dragged her back with his front paws as he fucked her.

As he neared the crest, his cock was expanding, getting hotter and thicker and spreading her cunt tunnel out around the swollen contours. He was fitted so tightly up her pussy now that when he pulled his prick out, he was dragging her with him, the pink cuntlips distending, almost turning her fuckhole inside out. His cockmeat hissed up her slit, tilting her pelvis on the powerful lunges. Her thighs tensed and relaxed as she rode under the brute, matching the intensity of his bestial fuck-lust.

“He’s fucking my cunt to jelly!” she wailed. “He’s fucking my brains out!”

Her white ass churned under his dark loins as he plunged in, pouring the prick to her fiercely, shoveling the phallic fuel to her fiery furnace. His balls were so bloated now that the doggy was snarling and growling in his desperation to unload his cum. Her tight, talented cunt was sweetly torturing his cock, pulling and dragging and sucking on the hard, hot cockmeat.

“Coming–oh, shit–coming!” the naught blonde wailed, as her clit sparked and detonated, setting off a massive blast up her cunthole. Her juices poured out thicker and hotter, streams of cum cream cascading from her cuntslot.

Belinda jerked wildly, tits swinging, ass jolting, her hips pumping spasmodically. Bruno fed the cockmeat to her faster than ever now, his fucker sliding in on the lubrication of her climax as he soared towards his own.

A spasm shook the dog so violently it seemed as if he might suddenly fly apart. His ass heaved in, tail lowered and dragging behind, balls swinging under. As he slammed his prick all the way up her foaming, creaming fuckhole, he howled. His balls burst and his hot fuckjuice splashed into the very depths of Belinda’s loins. She cried out with bliss when she felt that streaming doggy jism hosing her cunthole. Her clit exploded again, her fuckhole melted in another creamy crest as those thick jism jets shot into her. His cum was blistering hot. She felt as if the molten load was melting her pussyhole.

Belinda was so full of doggy cum that she thought she could hear it sloshing around inside her belly, great creamy tides of the turgid stuff coursing through her loins. Bruno fucked in and poured more slime up her and more cunt cream flooded into her slot to blend with his fuckjuice.

Then, whimpering, he shot his last wad and held her fast, paws dragging her ass back, his drained prick jammed all the way up her cunt. Not humping now, he clung to her, panting while the last of his cum trickled out of his balls and up his cockstalk and bubbled from his piss hole.

Belinda’s cunt muscles and pussylips pulled and sucked, milking dry, dragging out the last gooey globs into her sodden cunt.

Then she sank down under him, a blissful smile on her lips, her blue eyes glazed by satiation, by the joy of having creamed and the thrill of knowing that a dog had shot his steaming jism into her human fuckhole.

They stayed coupled for a few moments, both panting, a bizarre tableau of smooth white flesh and hairy dark flesh linked together by his buried prick and glued together by their sticky cum paste. Belinda wriggled her ass a little, making sure she had milked out every sweet drop, that no cum lurked in his cockhead.

Then the doggy, drained to the dregs, woofed and began to pull out. Her cunt clung to his cock so tightly that, for a moment, Belinda thought that they might be tied, stuck fast like a dog and a bitch–and that Maryanne might have to throw a bucket of cold water over them. But it wasn’t a worrying thought at all. It was lovely to have a cuntful of doggy cock, even now that the fucking and coming was completed. And horny Belinda would have been content to kneel there for hours, enjoying that fuckhole full–and maybe fucking again, in due course, without ever having uncoupled. But then his prick slid out, inch by inch, dragging her cunt folds out with his retreating cockstalk, pulling the folds of her pink pussylips out from her fuckhole. Those pliable folds dragged out like elastic, clinging to his withdrawing cockrod as long as they could. Then, with a slurp, his big red cockhead popped out of her cunt and the doggy hopped off her ass.

He stood stiff-legged, shaking his shaggy head. His cock lurched once, standing out under his belly, parallel with the floor. Maryanne whimpered as she gazed at that hard cock, hoping that her doggy would be good for another fuck–a fuck she so desperately needed!

Her cheek was still resting on the trembling curve of Belinda’s ass. Without taking her eyes off the dog’s cock, Maryanne tilted her face down and clamped her parted lips over Belinda’s drenched cunt slot. She slid her tongue up the slimy fuckhole and greedily sucked the juices from the blonde’s sodden pussy. Maryanne moaned as her mouth filled up with the succulent sauce, floating her tongue and tantalizing her taste buds. Both cum and cuntjuice were delicious and the two, blended together, were a gourmet’s delight.

Then, giving Belinda’s pussy a last loving slurp, Maryanne crawled over to Bruno, on all fours, plump tits swaying under her. Her tongue was sticking out and her cunt was flooding under her ass. Bruno eyed her, skittering sideways. His cock began to droop down. Maryanne wailed in dismay as she watched his cockmeat shrink and retract. Desperate with need, she shoved her head under him and, without using her hands, slurped his cockhead into her wide-open mouth.

She nursed on the slimy cockmeat, lips gently pulling, tongue sliding around against the underside of the rubbery wedge, savoring again the delicacy of cum and cuntjuice, spiced this time by the gamy flavor of cockmeat.

But suck as she would, the dog’s prick continued to shrink and soften.

Greedy Belinda had drained him again!

Desperate, Maryanne slid down, taking all of the brute’s cock balls-deep into her mouth, kissing his balls at the end of that mouthful. She slid the collar of her lips up and down the limp prick. She sucked on his collapsed balls, willing them to swell again. She was gasping with bitter frustration, whining with desire, desperate with deprivation. Her tongue flew all over his cock and, willing to try anything that might get the dumb brute excited again, she slid around behind him, lifted his bushy tail, and began to lick out his asshole. But to no avail.

Bruno hung his head and stood there, his whole body stiff–except for his cock. That sorry object was withdrawing back into his loins. The red cockknob, polished to a gleam in Maryanne’s mouth, vanished inside the hairy sheath, and then that limp sheath tucked back into his belly, so that only a useless nubbin lolled out in front of his spent balls.

With a cry of despair, Maryanne plucked her tongue out of the Alsatian’s shithole and sat on her ass, sobbing in her pitiful, unsatisfied urgency.

Belinda felt a bit guilty as she saw her friend’s grief. She knew that she had been selfish, milking two loads out of Maryanne’s doggy and having none for Maryanne.

“Sorry, honey.” she whispered.

“You greedy, greedy pig!” Maryanne wailed.

“Want me to suck you off?” Belinda offered.

Maryanne smiled sadly. It was a kind offer, and a lot better than nothing. But she’d already had plenty of sucking and now she yearned for a fuck.

“I need stiff prick!” she moaned.

And, stepping into the room with his huge cock looming before him, her brother said: “Will this one do?”



Maryanne’s head snapped around and gasped in shock when she saw her brother and realized that the boy had been watching while she lapped out Belinda’s drenched cunt and sucked on the dog’s prick. Naturally, the girl was mortified. She blushed deeply and lowered her eyes–and found herself staring at her brother’s gigantic cock and balls. She glanced up at his face again, timidly, and saw that the youth was not disgusted or scandalized or outrage.

Far from it. Jimmy was showing his teeth in a wicked grin.

Belinda giggled nervously, not sure how this sibling confrontation was going to work out and a bit embarrassed, too, at knowing Maryanne’s brother had seen her getting fucked by the doggy. If Jimmy were to blab that news around school, it wouldn’t do her reputation any good at all–although it might make her popular with dog owners.

Jimmy advanced behind his jutting hard-on. The horny youth was hotter than he’d ever been before after witnessing the sexy blonde and the dog fucking, followed by the tantalizing sight of his nubile kid sister lapping up the creamy results. If incest was wicked, it was all the more thrilling because of it. Now that cock and balls that he had so often emptied by hand, while thinking about his sister, moved towards that seductive sister, drawn to her naked flesh like an iron filing to a magnet.

And Maryanne watched her brother approach with similar emotions. Like Jimmy, the naughty girl had frequently savored incestuous fantasies while she was frigging her cunt, and now the object of those dark desires was bared to her gaze, more thrilling in the flesh than in her wildest dreams. She stared at Jimmy’s prick as if hypnotized. His cockhead was gleaming and the thick, dark vein that ran down his cockstalk was pulsating and his balls were enormous with his cum load. He worked his cock muscles. The huge cockrod swayed and Maryanne’s head moved, swaying like a cobra entranced by the fakir’s weaving flute.

Bruno, his balls drained and having no concept of incest in his doggy awareness, looked on with mild interest. And Belinda, who knew that incest was really naughty, stared from brother to sister in fascination. She hoped that they would do something bad, so that Jimmy couldn’t blow the whistle on her about dog fucking without retaliation–but mainly she hoped they would misbehave because it would be so much fun.

Jimmy stepped right up before his kneeling sister, his groin level with her face. She tore her eyes off his prick and looked up into his eyes questioningly. She was no longer blushing.

“Kiss my prick, Sis,” Jimmy rasped.

Maryanne hesitated for a moment, some last doubts and misgiving lingering, then fading away. She needed cock–and Jimmy had a superb cock and there it was, right in her face, and if it was taboo to suck sibling prick, so fucking what? Fate had brought them together, so let fate take the blame.

Her raven head bobbed forwards and she kissed the underside of his cockhead, where that fat wedge flared out from his thick cockstalk and the dark ventral vein spread out into a meaty delta. Her lips brushed under his prickknob and she pressed her nose to the tip, sniffing his musky arousal. She flickered her tongue against the swollen slab. Jimmy groaned and his pisshole gaped open wide. A frothy cascade of cum bubbled out and slid down his cockshaft. Maryanne blew on his cockmeat and more cum oozed out, sliming the crown.

He humped, sliding his cock up along her pursed lips and cute little upturned nose. She sniffed his cockmeat like a truffle pig seeking buried delicacies. She tossed her head, dark hair swaying, rubbing her nose and lips against his prick. He humped again, sliding his prickknob along her cheek. The purple slab loomed out, netted in strands of ebony hair.

“Suck my cock, Sis,” Jimmy groaned, grating his teeth, his eyes narrowed to glowing slits.

He was confident. His sister sucked dog cock, and it seemed only logical that she would not balk at his big cock. His cockshaft throbbed, and his balls swelled more. Cock slime squeezed out of his open pisshole, running like quicksilver down his cockshaft. Maryanne whimpered. Her pink tongue pushed out and fluttered against his fucker. Her head bobbed down and she ran her flattened tongue up his cockstalk from the hilt to the knob with a slow, slurping stroke. She lapped up his cum from his cock and her slobber poured down to his balls.

Maryanne whimpered and trembled as she tasted her brother’s succulent slime, licking it from his prickmeat. She tongued up and down his cock and against the underside of his cockknob. His jism was pouring out in a flood now, coating her tongue and streaking her lips. She arched her slender back and thrust her pert tits out, holding his cock and balls against them. She brushed his cockknob against her stiff nipples, then edged it into her deep cleavage. Jimmy lurched, fucking up between her tits. And as the head of his prick came squeezing out, Maryanne tongued it with enthusiasm. Then she kissed the slimy tip of his cockhead and her mouth opened slowly around the huge wedge.

“Yeah! Take it in your mouth, Sis,” Jimmy croaked. “Let me shoot my jizz in your fucking mouth!”

She purred, sucking adoringly on his cockknob, her lips collaring his fat, veined prick and her tongue sliding against the underside. She worked on his cockhead for a few juicy moments, then began to bob her head up and down, feeding more of his cock in.

His pre-cum flow was already as abundant as the average guy’s cum load, the savory cock slime seeping onto her tongue and lips, whetting the horny girl’s appetite, causing her to whimper for his full load. She ducked down and took his cockknob into her cheek, then went down again and let the bloated wedge run back to her gullet. Cum poured down her throat. She gurgled and gulped, mouthing his sweet cockmeat ravenously, adoring the seepage from his pisshole and yearning for the magic moment when those big brotherly balls blew.

Cupping his balls in her hand, she fondled them, squeezing gently, as if trying to coax his cum load out by pressure. He humped, fucking into her mouth. She ducked her head down to meet his thrusts, taking all of his cock into her greedy maw now. Her chin brushed against his balls and her nose nestled in his wiry crotch hair.

Jimmy shifted his weight from foot to foot, heaving as he pumped the prick into her open mouth, plunging balls-deep in that hot mouth. Maryanne had gone suck crazy, slobbering like a dog down his cockstalk, gulping on his prick as if she were trying to swallow it.

He fucked into the O of her lips, skimmed over her flaring tongue, jamming back to her throat and tilting her dark head back on her neck. Maryanne was gorging herself on her brother’s giant fucker and drinking his slime as it oozed out. Soft, moist sounds came muffled from her mouth, punctuated by little gasps and moans and whimpers. Jimmy was panting like a dog, and his cock was as delicious as the dog’s, the hot succulence driving her wild.

Maryanne drew her mouth off his prick for a moment, so she could look at what she was eating. More jism foamed from his pisshole, as thick as cream as it lathered the pulpy slab and oozed down his cockshaft. She moaned with lust and slipped the collar of her lips over his creamy prickknob again, nursing voraciously.

Jimmy groaned, swaying back and forth as he fucked in and out. He placed an open hand behind her dark head, holding her on his prick as he fucked between her hot lips. He groaned again, a strangled sound, and his whole body shuddered.

“Here it comes, Sis!” he gasped.

Maryanne whimpered in hungry expectation.

Suddenly her mouth was full of cum.

His first spurt of jism came out with such force and speed that Maryanne had a mouthful before she realized his pisshole was squirting cum. The stuff was molten hot and thick as molasses. She gulped frantically, swallowing just in time to make room for his second gooey geyser. Cock spume hit the roof of her mouth and flooded her tongue. She drank his cum down and he fed her more of the wonderful stuff.

She moaned with the joy of swallowing her brother’s cum. Her cheeks drew in, her lips curled outwards on his cockshaft and her tongue was going crazy, her taste buds exploding like her clit. Her mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner as she sucked him dry.

Jimmy cried out, staggering, feeling as if his sister were pulling his cum out from his heels, great rivers of slime that shot up his legs and into his asshole and then came foaming from his throbbing cockhead. He thought that she must be sucking more than cum out through his prick, that his blood and bones and brains must be melting and spilling into her maw. He hosed her with a spurt, shot a jet of jizz onto her tongue and then creamed a gooey wad into her cheek. Maryanne took it all, gurgling as she swallowed, and sucked for more.

At last his prick stopped squirting and Jimmy stood, weak-legged and panting. Maryanne nursed a last nugget of fuckjuice out of his pisshole, then drew her drenched lips away, gazing at the prick she had emptied so thoroughly and gorged herself so deliciously upon. That massive cocklance still stood, rock hard and rampant. His pisshole was no longer dripping, because she had sucked out every drop, but his cockknob was polished and glossy from her saliva and his prickshaft glistened with slobber, running down to his balls–and those balls were already starting to swell again!

Maryanne smiled with her slimy lips.

That bellyful of cum had been a joy–and now it was time for a cunthole full of incestuous cockmeat!



Belinda was eyeing Jimmy’s mighty cock wistfully, her cunt hot and her mouth hungry again. But now it was her turn to feel envious and deprived. She had been selfish with the dog, and now Maryanne was not about to share her brother’s prick with the greedy blonde.

She shot a glance at Bruno, thinking that another load of doggy jism would be welcome, but the well-emptied brute showed no signs of renewed vigor.

Maryanne had leaned in and given Jimmy’s cock and balls a few more tongue swipes, just to make sure that he was as hard and hot as possible. Then the insatiable teenager sat back on her ass, her knees uplifted. A puddle of pussyjuice seeped out under her crotch. She smiled invitingly up at her brother, then sank down on her back, legs apart, her slim body arched and her groin tilted up.

Jimmy stared at her cunt, looking past the head of his towering prick as if it were a gun-sight. Her open cuntslot split her raven cunt bush, streaming like a river. Now that his balls had been drained once, Jimmy hesitated for a moment. Getting a blow-job from his sister had been naughty enough, but actually fucking her cunt was a pretty serious matter–but pretty damned inviting, as well. As he stared at her, Maryanne squirmed and made her cunt muscles pulse and ripple. Her juicy slot opened wider, awash with cunt cream. Jimmy groaned. His cock seemed to have taken control, dragging the rest of him in its wake!

He sank to her knees between her thighs. His prick loomed out over her flat belly, casting an elongated shadow up her smooth flesh. Maryanne looked down, seeing how high up her torso that shadow stretched, and she shuddered, thinking of how deep up her fuckhole his cockmeat would reach.

“Fuck me, Jimmy–shove your big prick up my cunt and fuck my ass off,” she whimpered.

Jimmy hiked his ass up and aimed his prick down at her steaming cunt, Very slowly, he pushed the flaring cockknob towards her open pink pussyslot. He knew that was no need to fit it in her by hand. His cock seemed to know the right angle and trajectory, like a heat seeking rocket locked on her fiery fuckhole. Taking his weight on his hands and knees so that no portion of their bodies touched except his cockhead and her cunthole, Jimmy nudged the tip of his prick into her pussy.

Maryanne jerked and her cuntlips sucked on his cockhead. She hiked up, brushing her explosive clit against his cockshaft. Her pussy was dragging him in, by suction, pulling his prick up her cunthole inch by precious inch. He knelt over her, not moving except for the trembling that shook him, feeling her pussy suck his cock steadily deeper. Her wet cunt walls molded around the contours of his cock, pulling and dragging like a Chinese finger trap. Then her ass heaved and she slammed her cunt down and Jimmy gasped as he felt his huge cock fuck in to the balls.

They were still not touching at any point except for their coupled cock and cunt. He stared down at her radiant face and she smiled up at him. There was still jism on her lips. Her tongue slid across her lips, lapping at the congealing slime. A lock of damp hair fell over his forehead as he tossed over her, feeling her fuckhole working on his buried cockmeat, massaging his cock inside her belly.

He pulled out until only his cockknob was in her cuntslot, paused, then fed her a long, rippling, underslung fuck-stroke that buried his cockshaft to the hilt again. His balls bumped against her upthrust ass and her cuntlips were plastered around the hairy hilt of his prick.

When he tried to pull out for another stroke, her cunt sucked on his fucker so firmly that he was unable to retract it. Maryanne giggled as he grimaced. She had him stuck fast up her fuckhole, trapped in her suction box. Jimmy tried to hump again and her cunt gripped him fast. With every inch of his long prick buried, she used her cunt muscles to make her pussy ripple up and down his cock. He moaned when he felt her fuckhole frigging him.

But now Maryanne wanted to feel the friction of his cock as it fucked in and out, as much as Jimmy wanted to fuck it to her. She let her cunt walls relax and slacken slightly, still clinging to his prick but no longer holding him in a tight clamp. When he pulled back again, his thick prick came pulsing from her slot. Her cuntlips snapped shut around his cockstalk, preventing his cockhead from slipping out. With his cockknob buried, his cream-soaked cockshaft bolted them together. He grunted and fucked in again. Maryanne met him, grinding her hips and slamming her pussy down as he plowed up her fuckhole. His ass began to weave a wild pattern as it propelled his prick in and out. Still touching only at that vital point where they were linked, Jimmy changed the angle. His ass lowered and he fed her an upwards fuck-thrust, then hiked up and he fucked down into her, driving her ass against the floor. His hips switched and he poured the prick in from one side, then the other. His long, slippery prickshaft was running across her frenzied clit with every stroke, driving Maryanne crazy.

Maryanne had been so hot from all the sucking she had done that her pussy began to melt almost with the first fuck-stroke. As her cunthole welled up with cum cream, Jimmy’s cock slid in and out faster, He was fucking her furiously, as if trying to fuck her right through the floor.

She felt his cockmeat throb far up in her belly, so deep it was making her eyes water and her mouth drool. She met his vigor, jerking and jolting and fairly screaming as wave after wave of joy ripped through her, racking her with the sweet spasms of a multiple coming.

“Cream my cunt, Jimmy!” she cried, yearning for a load of brotherly jism hosing her down, adding his thick slime to her own creamy flow.

The magic action of her pussy, enhanced by the dark knowledge that he was fucking his sister, drove Jimmy towards the peak again. Looking down at her face, at that mouth that has milked him off and swallowed his cock slime, the boy began to grasp and shudder. He could feel his balls swell more with every thrust up her pussy. As they swung in and slapped against her jerking ass, he could almost hear his cum load swirl and slosh. He stared down, watching his thick prickrod pull out from her cunt, dripping and streaming, then vanish to the hilt up that fuckhole.

Jimmy was not conscious of willing the movement at all. He felt as if he were simply being dragged along after his cock and balls, towed in the wake of that meaty missile, unnecessary baggage hauled by his mighty fucking engine as it flew up her sodden cunt tunnel.

“Oh!” he gasped, as his balls began to burst, ignited by the long fuse of his smoldering prick. His mouth dropped open and his eyes misted. His body jerked convulsively. “Oh, shit–here it come, Sis–take it!”

“Yeah–yeah–pour it to me, Jimmy!” cried wanton Maryanne. “Hose my cunt–flood my fuckhole–fill me with all your hot, thick slime!”

His jism went into her like a stream from a fire hose, thick spurts hitting her with such force that he almost blew her off the end of his cock. Maryanne wailed, creaming each time she felt a jizz jet shoot into her pussy. Jimmy’s ass jolted back on the recoil as cum sped from his cockhead. He pumped the prickmeat to her pussy, coming as he plunged in and coming again as he pulled out. His fuckjuice was pouring out of his cock in a steady string, a slimy rope of thick cum unwinding from his balls. Maryanne danced and jerked on the end of that cum stream, her own steaming pussy cream gushing out to mix with his cum in her cunt.

Jimmy groaned as he pumped the last squirt up her, slumping on hands and knees, head hanging down. Maryanne kept on squirming on his stationary fuckstick, working off the last dregs of her creamy coming. Then she sank back, sprawled out on the floor, smiling dreamily. She had really and truly enjoyed that fuck, with no part of their bodies touching except for the iron-hard lever of his prick as it wedged and churned up her foaming fuckhole and hosed her with cum. She was delighted that she and her handsome brother had started fucking and sucking. It made the future look rosy. With a horny brother and a randy doggy and a hot-tongued girlfriend, Maryanne knew she would never have to look very far for fun and frolic again. She could get all she wanted without even leaving her own bedroom.

Then, across that bedroom, she heard Belinda cursing and whimpering.

Maryanne and Jimmy, still stick together, both turned to look at the lascivious blonde whose suggestions had started this whole wonderful scene.

Belinda, with her cunt turned into a raging inferno again–from having played the audience while Maryanne got fucked in mouth and cunt by her brother–had crawled over to the Alsatian and was desperately trying to get his cock hard. Kneeling over the brute as he lay on his flank, she was frigging his limp cock furiously, bending down and holding it to her mouth, tongue flashing, doing all she knew how to stiffen his fucker. But to no avail. Being only a dumb brute, Bruno was not turned on by vicarious thrills. He didn’t even know that it was wrong for a brother to fuck his sister, dumb dog that he was. His balls had been well and truly drained already, his doggy imagination was limited and, try as she would, Belinda could not arouse him.

“You son of a bitch!” she wailed, in her abject frustration, jerking his prick so hard that she would have snapped it off, had it not been limp.

Then she realized that the loud and frantic action across the room had ceased, that a fuck was no longer in progress. She twisted away from the useless mutt and crawled over to Jimmy and Maryanne, a hopeful look in her eyes. Grasping Jimmy by the balls, she pulled his prick gently out of Maryanne’s cunthole. That cream-filled slot overflowed as it emptied, cum and cunt slime flooding down her crotch.

Jimmy’s prick stood straight out as it drew from his sister’s pussy. Belinda gurgled joyfully and switched her grip from his balls to his cock. But then she wailed in dismay as that splendid cock twitched, jerked, and began to wilt. She frigged his cockshaft frantically, but instead of getting stiff again, the long fucker only flopped about in a meaty coil, the cockknob whipping from side to side, dripping with cum. Belinda crammed his prick into her open mouth. Limp now, the cockrod bent, winding in a slippery curl in her cheeks. She opened her mouth wider and sucked his balls in, as well, nursing on his whole meatrack. His cock was delicious, even soft, and spiced by the familiar flavor of his sister’s tangy cunt cream, but it refused to stiffen.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned, spitting his limp prick out in disgust.

Jimmy smiled sheepishly and gave a little diffident shrug. He would very much like to fuck the sexy blonde–and knew that soon he would–but for the moment he was finished. Just as greedy Belinda had drained the doggy dry, so had Maryanne milked her brother to the dregs, sapping his potency with her mouth and pussy.

The girls stared at each other, sharing the feeling of frustration. Belinda was smoking hot but Maryanne, although she’d just creamed, was still horny, as well. Incest was such a thrilling thing that coming on her brother’s prick and feeling his jism foaming in her cunt only made the oversexed teenager yearn for more.

“I need some cock!” Belinda wailed.

“Me, too,” Maryanne agreed, causing her brother to blink in amazement at her insatiability. “I haven’t had any animal cock at all, yet.”

Suddenly a strange look came into Belinda’s eyes. She grinned lewdly.

“Didn’t you say that your uncle had a billy goat!” she asked, her voice husky with excitement.

“Oh, wow–you wanna?” Maryanne cried, obviously thrilled by the idea.

Jimmy looked back and forth between the two girls, astounded by such depravity–and delighted, as well…



Because the girls were both in such a naughty mood, they decided to sneak down to Uncle Henry’s house just as they were–stark naked. It wasn’t really very risky, because there was a line of trees that would conceal them and the area was rather secluded, but still there was a slight danger of being seen, and that added to the thrill of the adventure.

Jimmy went out the back door first, looking around. He was still dressed but his prick, soft now but still impressive, hung in a meaty curve down his thigh. It was quivering a bit now, starting to regain vitality. Seeing no one around, he signaled to the eagerly waiting girls.

Belinda and Maryanne came out, giggling like little wood nymphs. Jimmy eyed their bouncy tits and nubile loins and trim little asses. His exposed prick gave another promising lurch.

The girls darted to the shelter of the trees. Jimmy lingered behind for a moment, admiring their bare asses as they ran, then followed. A moment later, Bruno pushed the screen door open with his nose and started trotting after the adventurous teenagers. Like Jimmy, he didn’t have a hard-on, but his heavy prick was starting to expand again. He ran on past Jimmy and pranced at the girls’ heels, sniffing at their asses as they ran along towards Uncle Henry’s. Naturally, they thought that Uncle Henry would be at work, and that only the horny goat would be there for their amusement.

But Uncle Henry wasn’t at work at all…

Uncle Henry was lazy. That was why he had a goat, for one thing. The hairy eating machine kept the grass and the weeds cropped, saving Henry from having to mow the lawn. And Henry was so lazy, too, that he only worked when he had to. Since he was too lazy to spend much money, that was seldom. And today was not one of those days.

So Uncle Henry was at home, doing nothing and, incidentally, feeling a bit horny. He had taken his cock and balls out and was regarding them, frowning as he tried to make up his mind whether it was worth the effort needed to give himself a hand-job. His cock stood straight up, big and hard and throbbing, and his balls really did need to be drained off, bloated as they were. This was a troublesome decision for Uncle Henry. He simply hated to expend any more energy than was absolutely necessary to live–like eating and breathing and shitting–and yet it was very unpleasant to have such a hard prick and swollen balls. Grimacing distastefully at the very idea of rigorous activity, Uncle Henry reached down and handled his prick, folding his fingers around the cockshaft. And he slowly began to jack off. His grimace changed to one of lust.

It felt damned good to be stroking his thundering prick. But it was a vicious circle because as it began to feel great he naturally stroked his prick faster and stroking faster, began to expend a lot of precious energy both in the hand action and the heavy breathing that accompanied it. He groaned and his prick gave such a mighty lurch, bucking like a bronco, that it threw his fist right off it. His hand fell away and his cock stood rampant and defiant and Henry sighed, starting to reach for the fucker again, then paused, tilting his head and listening.

He heard the excited giggling of the girls coming from somewhere close. It sounded as if they were in his own back yard, in fact. Henry didn’t give a shit about trespassers, being far too indolent to chase then away or even shout at them. But today, being horny, he thought the presence of nubile young ladies might be helpful. If he could look at sexy girls while he jacked off, he would undoubtedly came faster, thereby wasting less energy in the process of emptying his balls.

Henry got up and moved to the window and saw such a remarkable sight that he began to hop up and down with enthusiasm, which was rare for Henry. But it was a rare sight.

Uncle Henry’s goat was tethered to a post on a long lead, so that it could eat its way through a wide circle, cropping the grass close, before Henry had to move the post. It was a brawny sturdy beast with coarse, grayish-white hair and a classic billy goat beard. It had big, wickedly curved horns on its head and its cock hung heavily under its loins.

Munching on a rusty tin can, the goat suddenly looked up, its big yellow eyes alert for danger, ready to defend itself with horn and hoof against any intruders. But then the brute sniffed, and the alarm in its eyes changed to interest.

Out of the trees came two naked teenagers followed by a big black Alsatian, lapping at their cute little asses. A young man followed, his prick exposed. The goat was fascinated. He gazed at the dog and dismissed the beast. No silly dog would dare to challenge his horns. Then he gazed at the young man, and dismissed him, too, with a sort of goatish shrug.

Then the animal turned his attention on the bouncy, nubile girls. He chomped on the tin can, then let it drop from his jaws. His lips rolled back from his big, blunt teeth. His black nose rippled and flared as the spicy scent of hot pussy drifted to him. The girls were equally hot, their crotches steaming fragrantly and slick ribbons of pearly cuntjuice rolling down their sleek thighs.

The goat’s proud prick began to swell immediately, much to the delight of the girls–and the total fascination of Uncle Henry who, hopping up and down at the window, even forgot to be lazy.

“Ooooh–look at his fucking cock!” Belinda squealed, her blue eyes wide with enthusiasm as she stared at the goat’s swelling fucker.

“Yeah! And look at his fucking tongue, too,” Maryanne added, grinning lasciviously. She had ulterior motives in calling Belinda’s attention to the goat’s lapper–Maryanne, deprived of her own doggy’s cock, was determined to have the goat’s huge cock. “They say that a goat will eat anything, right?”

Both girls giggled again. They moved closer side by side, hips brushing. A double dose of tangy pussy fragrance steamed from between their legs. The goat tossed his head, beard swinging and his big horns sweeping upwards. His prick jerked under him, as if connected by some mysterious linkage to the horns on his head, tossing when they did. His balls swung at the root of his cockshaft and his cockhead came sliding out from the hairy gray sheath. That huge slab of naked cockmeat was glossy black and slick like a lump of obsidian. He side-stepped, on the end of his lead, his cloven hooves prancing, his whole muscular body quivering excitedly. The girls moved to the circumference of his tethered circle and the goat strained at his lead, circling towards them, Bruno had halted, eyeing the goat’s hooves and horns worriedly. The dog’s own cock was partially stiff now, slowly rising to another hard-on. It wasn’t nearly as enormous as the goat’s prick but, being only a dumb animal, Bruno didn’t feel at all envious.

Jimmy did, a little. He, too, was starting to get hard again, his naked cock slowly stirring out from his thigh and stretching out parallel with the ground, then snapping up towards the angle of total erection. Jimmy felt a little sheepish about having his hard-on dwarfed by the goat’s gigantic cock, but he shrugged it off. It was silly to be jealous of a goat’s prick, the boy reasoned.

Jimmy halted beside the doggy, both of their cocks sprouting steadily, but unnoticed by the mischievous girls, who were enchanted by the goat.

Belinda stepped up in front of the beast, rising onto her toes and bringing her groin level with his bearded jaw. His soft, dark nostrils glistened moistly as they rippled, inhaling her sweet aroma. Belinda was being charitable now. Well aware of how greedy she had been with the dog’s cock, she was willing to give Maryanne first crack at the goat’s prick, but she intended to make use of the beast’s tongue, at least.

She reached out and gasped him by the horns, feeling the power in the mighty brute as his head jerked upwards. His long flowing beard swept against her blonde cunt bush. Her thighs parted and she dragged the goat’s muzzle into her cunt. His wet nostrils flared in her hot pussy and she squealed. His lips rolled back and he nibbled gently in her succulent pasture, grazing with goatish gluttony. Holding fast to both horns, like a pilot guiding an airplane, she dragged his snout around in her grinding crotch. The goat snorted and his tongue lashed out, whipping into her creamy cuntslot and slurping over her fiery clit. Belinda moaned at the sweet sensation. The goat slapped his tongue in again, rumbling. He had eaten many things in his lifetime, but nothing as scrumptious as this. Horns tossing in her hands and beard sweeping against her thighs, the brute tongued out her fuckhole.

Maryanne had knelt down beside the goat’s hairy flank. She watched her blonde girlfriend fuck his muzzle for a moment, envious of his tongue but knowing she had something even better in front of her. Belinda jerked, rising up and down on trembling thighs. Cunt cream lathered the goat’s nose and ran back along her steaming pussyslot in a lather.

Watching Belinda, Maryanne reached out without looking and cupped the goat’s balls in her open hand. Those massive balls ballooned and she gasped, tearing her eyes away from Belinda and staring at the handful. It felt as if she was palming a basketball!

She squeezed gently and felt his cum load shift inside the hairy ball-sac. She slid her hand up onto his cockshaft and closed her fingers around the hilt. That mighty goat cock was so thick she could barely span it. Her fingers just touched and then, when his cockstalk throbbed, drew apart. She skimmed up his cockshaft and fingered his glossy back cockhead. It pulsed and flared, spreading out in a wider wedge.

The goat had never taken part in a threesome before. The animal was confused, not knowing which end to concentrate on. He grazed voraciously on Belinda’s drooling pussy and his hairy haunches heaved as he began to fuck through Maryanne’s skimming fist. She began using both hands on his cockmeat now, pulling up and pushing down, then bringing her fists together halfway up his elongated cockrod.

The cleft opened wide in the tip of his prickknob and globs of gooey goat pre-cum oozed out.

Maryanne whimpered at the sight. His cum was yellowish and thick as glue. It streaked the slippery black meat of his cockhead and trickled back onto his hairy cockstalk. Her hands skimmed fluidly up and down the lubricated cock. Maryanne was trembling with lust. She forced her hands to slow down on his pounding prick, afraid that she might accidentally spill his rocks by hand–and knowing there were far better places for the beast to squirt his fuckjuice.

Maryanne was eager to feel that mighty goat cock slamming into her cunthole, but that posed a problem at the moment. With Belinda astride his head, Maryanne couldn’t figure out how to assume a fucking position.

But her mouth was watering, too.

She skimmed back to his balls and squeezed them, feeling the abundance of his spunk load.

“I hope you can come twice, you hairy bastard,” Maryanne whispered.

She slid her head under the beast, her lust-contorted face right in front of his cockhead. She stared at the black slab, seeing the pre-cum ooze from his pisshole. She pressed her nose against his meat and snuffled, inhaling the gamy animal musk. Her tongue slid out and she lapped a glob of thick jism from his pisshole, gasping with the joy as that slimy blob flowed on her taste buds. She swallowed it and licked another creamy glob out of his bubbling cleft.

Goat cum was like ambrosia and nectar to the cock-hungry girl, driving her wild, whetting her depraved appetite and sending her into a cock-sucker’s frenzy.

She slid her tongue around all over his dark cockknob, slobbering on his prick as she lapped up pre-cum. Holding his cock between both cupped hands, she pushed back, skinning his prickknob out in a throbbing wedge against her mouth. Her lips parted and she pushed her head down, letting the goat’s massive cockhead slide into her mouth. Her lips turned outwards around his prick as she sucked voraciously on his flowing cockknob, pulling more slime out of his pisshole and onto her tongue. Thick ribbons of the stuff unwound down her gullet. Maryanne gurgled and gulped. Her tits heaved as she inhaled on his cockhead and she jammed her mouth down farther, taking as much of his wondrous cockmeat in as she could.

Her eyes misted and she moaned in her frenzy. Her tongue bathed the underside of his cockhead as her lips pulled slowly up and down. Cum kept pouring out of the beast’s open pisshole. Maryanne thought that she had already swallowed as much fuckjuice as she could out of a human cock, when a guy creamed–and that was only for starters!

The goat humped, fucking his iron-hard prick deep into her gullet and tilting her head back. His balls swung in against her thrusting tits. She began to pump his cockrod up and down between her hands, adding manual stimulation to her oral efforts, wanting the goat to cream her mouth with his full load.

But the goat, who would normally have shot his wad by this time, was still lapping Belinda’s delicious cunt, his concentration divided between tongue and prick so that his creamy coming was delayed. His tongue shot up Belinda’s cunthole, slurping at the inner folds, stabbing up the soaking passage as far as he could reach. Her cuntlips pulled on his lapper and her pussy tunnel rippled on his meaty slurper.

Belinda groaned, staggering. The goat’s tongue felt as big as a cock as delved up her pussy. Her ass and hips pumped in a fucking motion as she hauled his head around by the horns, fucking his muzzle lasciviously.

Belinda was so hot she almost was numb. Her coming sneaked up on her, hitting her before she realized that she was going to cream. Then, as the spasm shook her, the girl cried out with the joy of it. Wave after blissful wave swept through her loins as her fuckhole creamed the goat’s tongue. The goat was going wild now, tonguing her furiously, as her cum cream drove him to a goatish frenzy. His haunches humped, feeding prick to Maryanne as his tongue stabbed in and slurped more cum juice out of Belinda’s pussy.

Belinda squirmed, her thighs trembling, as her loins drained onto the beast’s tongue. The cunt-hungry brute was lapping the cum cream out of her from the depths, not even giving the succulent slime a chance to run down her fuck slot. The blonde girl wailed as the highest crest ripped through her, feeling as if her loins were dissolving in the inferno of her coming.

Drained, her pelvis feeling shattered by her explosive climax, Belinda staggered away. The goat’s tongue shot out after her, taking a last slurp at her cunt. He started to step forwards, in pursuit of the feast, wanting more of her cream in his goatish gluttony.

But as he stepped forwards his prick jolted into Maryanne’s throat, bringing him up smartly. The goat shook his head. His beard swung from side to side, streaming with the overflow of Belinda’s cum juice. Banners of pearly pussy cream glistened on his dark lips and gray muzzle. His yellow eyes gleamed. He fucked into Maryanne’s mouth again, snorting as her hot mouth enveloped his rampaging prick.

Now the goat could concentrate on bringing his very first blow-job to a creamy conclusion…

Belinda staggered away on weak legs and out of the circle that confined the tethered goat, sank slowly down to the ground, panting heavily. Her legs were apart and goat slobber frothed all over her crotch and thighs, but not a single drop of cunt juice remained–the ravenous creature had tongued her to the dregs, lapping her fuckhole dry.

But Belinda, by her very nature, never had a dry cunt for very long. As she watched through glazed eyes, smiling with satisfaction, Maryanne continued to blow the goat with enthusiasm. The sight caused Belinda’s well-tongued pussy to ripple and the cuntlips to open again. Her clit began to swell and tingle, poking out in a vibrant nugget of taut flesh. A few slippery drops of cuntjuice slid into her cuntslot, streaking the goatish slobber. Belinda glanced down at her crotch and saw a wisp of steam waft up as the beast’s frothy saliva evaporated from her heated cuntmeat.

Belinda knew, happily, that she was going to be ready to get fucked again, very soon.

Nor did she have to worry about the availability of hard prick, either. Maryanne might be hogging the goat’s cock for herself–but now Bruno and Jimmy had both come over to stand beside Belinda, one on each side of her as she sprawled there on the ground.

Belinda looked from one to the other. Both pricks were rock hard again. Both sets of balls were bloated. What a happy sight it was, what a pleasing prospect for an insatiable teenager!

Belinda reached out and took the Alsatian’s prick in her hand, holding the thick cockrod lightly and frigging very gently up and down. Jimmy sank to his knees on the other side, grinning at her, and Belinda took his big prick in her other hand, feeling it pulse delightfully. With both of those huge, hard cocks available some girls might have had trouble deciding which to have first.

But not Belinda.

It wouldn’t be the first time that she had taken two pricks at the same time–although it would be the first time that one of those pricks was attached to a dog.

Belinda had two hot fuckholes all ready for them–but she had two hot eyes, as well, and as her mouth began to water and her cunt began to simmer, those eyes were fixed in fascination on her goat-sucking girlfriend.

She skinned back on Bruno’s prick and his naked red cockhead loomed out, nicely contrasting with the goat’s ebony cockknob. She frigged down to Jimmy’s balls and his purple cockhead flared and throbbed. Enjoying that double handful–and the anticipation of a mouthful and a cuntful–Belinda stroked the cocks slowly.

With his tongue no longer in service, the horny goat was concentrating totally on fucking Maryanne in the mouth. He stood with his cloven hooves widespread, his flanks heaving as he fed her his prick with lusty lunges, tilting her head back and forth on his prick.

His grey haunches blurred as he humped vigorously. His thick cock slid into her mouth, then pulled back out, dripping with saliva. Maryanne was gurgling as she sucked through every sweet inch, enjoying that mouthful of goat cock as much as she had enjoyed anything before. The cock-hungry teenager was gorging herself greedily, swallowing the seepage out of his pisshole and sucking for more.

She whimpered joyfully as the goat’s thick cock fucked in and out through the oval collar of her compressed lips.

Her hand jerked back, skinning his naked cockknob in her mouth. It flared in her cheeks, pressing them out, then nudged back to her throat. The beast jerked back and the ledge of his glistening black cockhead appeared in her lips. A trickle of saliva curled over that slick cockmeat. A glob of goat cum ran down from the corner of her mouth.

He paused, missing a stroke, only the head of his prick in her lips and the long cockstalk vibrating and humming between her face and his balls. Then he humped hard and fucked his prick back into her gullet, skinning over her flashing tongue and filling her cock-hungry mouth to the very brim with his succulent, dripping prick.

Maryanne, gone suck-crazy on his cock, frigged back on his cockshaft again, and this time she grasped his balls in both hands. She began to tug the bloated balls up and down, as is she were milking a nanny goat–but cum-starved Maryanne was yearning for a far creamier load than had ever been milked from an udder, a thicker cream than had ever been nursed from a tit or sucked from a nipple.

The goat tossed his head up, beard flowing, horns sweeping, nostrils flaring as he snorted and bellowed. Maryanne, tugging on his balls as if they were udders, felt that double handful explode in her grip.

Knowing it was coming, she jammed her mouth far down on his cockshaft. His cockknob ballooned, his prick jolted and a torrent of steaming goat jism poured down her throat. Maryanne gulped and gurgled with ecstasy. She was sucking for all she was worth as the powerful beast spilled his cum load into her greedy maw in spurt after spurt. His balls seemed bottomless, his cum load endless. The succulent stuff gushed into her mouth in a swampy river that cascaded down her gullet like a creamy waterfall. Thick globs of cum overflowed her lips. Her tongue bobbed like a pink raft in a creamy whirlpool.

Gulping and gasping, swallowing and salivating, Maryanne milked the goat’s cock and balls to the dregs, drinking his gamey cock spume greedily. Her head flew up and down his cock as her lips pulled more jism from his pisshole.

The goat poured the prick to her savagely, bellowing with goatish glee as his foaming fuckjuice gushed into her mouth and his balls began to deflate. He shot a last steaming jet of jism out and quivered, his haunches slowing. He pawed at the earth and dropped his horned head, panting like a locomotive. His huge cum load was spent. Maryanne continued to nurse on his cockhead for a while, sucking up the dregs. She pulled his balls up and down to make sure she had drained them dry. Then she drew her cum-soaked lips away and gazed as his cockknob and, to her utter joy, saw that his prick was still hard as stone.

It was a welcome sight for a teenaged girl who had just swallowed a load of fuckjuice and whose cunt was smoldering for a similar creamy dose.

Clinging possessively to the goat’s cock, Maryanne shot a glance at Belinda, afraid that her greedy blonde girlfriend might demand a crack at the goat.

But Belinda was busy…



Watching Maryanne milking the goat’s big prick and swallowing his cum with such rapture, Belinda had gotten really turned on again. So had Bruno and Jimmy, if the way that their pricks were throbbing in her hands was any evidence. Belinda waited until her friend had drained the goat dry, watching her throat pulse as she gulped the thick cock slime down and seeing a creamy trickle of cum run down her chin. Then the oversexed blonde had twisted up and turned onto her hands and knees, assuming the doggy-fucking position. She figured that Bruno would mount her and that Jimmy would kneel in front of her for a blow-job.

But Bruno was standing closer to her head than her ass and, perhaps remembering how sweet her wet mouth was, the dog yelped and sprang up, mounting her at the wrong end. His front paws wrapped tightly around her shoulders and his huge cock loomed out in front of her face. Belinda giggled, thinking it amusing that the dog should have sprung upon her from the front, while her ass was wriggling about in a position more normal for doggy-fucking. But then her giggle broke off in a gurgle of lust as she gazed at that hard, hot, succulent dog-cock before her eyes. She loved the way the angry red knob loomed from his cockshaft, the whole rod towering up from his cum-filled balls.

Bruno yelped excitedly and dragged her head and shoulders towards him, as he shoved his loins out. His cockhead brushed her lips, Belinda pushed her tongue out, lapping at it, then sucked the meaty slab into her lips.

The enthusiastic doggy began to hump vigorously, fucking her mouth just as if it were a cunt. Belinda took him balls-deep into her drooling maw, relishing that savory mouthful, sucking and slobbering hungrily.

Jimmy looked bemused for a moment finding his position taken by the Alsatian. But then he grinned and shrugged.

He moved behind Belinda’s trim, jerking ass and knelt down. Folding his fist around the root of his prick, he guided the hot cockknob into her fuck slot. Belinda shoved her ass back the moment she felt the boy’s cock start to probe her pussy. Jimmy’s iron-hard cock slid up her soaking cunthole to the hilt, his belly slapping against the curve of her ass and his balls swinging into her cunt mound.

Boy and dog, they fucked her between them.

As Bruno rammed his prick down her gullet, Jimmy whipped his cockmeat into her fuckhole with long, thundering fuck-strokes. Belinda gurgled and moaned between them, full of cock at both ends and loving it. The randy blonde was in seventh heaven. Full of joy and full of prick. She felt like a bone over which they were fighting. Her slim, nubile body contracted as they both stuffed her, then stretched out sinuously as their big cocks pulled out at both ends. Her cunt flowed with hot cream and her mouth drooled heavily on the delicious meat of the dog’s huge prick.

Jimmy grasped her by the hips, hauling her ass in and out and twisting her pelvis from side to side, as he poured the prick up her cunthole. And Bruno was dragging her head and shoulders toward his loins as he fucked his prick steadily into her mouth. She felt like a sword-swallower as his cockhead slid down her gullet. But although that doggy prick was as hard as a sword, no sword had ever been as delicious.

When Maryanne looked to make sure that Belinda was not after some goat cock, she saw that her blonde friend had all the cock she could handle. Maryanne smiled, happy to know she still had the goat to herself–but still a bit jealous of her greedy girlfriend for having two pricks in her at the same time. Granted, the goat’s mighty prick was by far the biggest of the three, and his bestial slime was hottest, thickest and sweetest. But still Maryanne had to wonder if quality was better than quantity in such things.

But she didn’t think about it for long, because by this time her fuckhole was on fire and she really needed a huge quantity of quality cock pounding away–and there, under the goat, was just what she wanted.

Maryanne dropped down onto the ground under the brute, arching her curvaceous body. Her head and shoulders were braced on the earth and her feet were firmly planted, while her knees were upraised, her thighs parted and her creamy cunt thrust up on a level with the goat’s prick.

The goat stood over her, slightly puzzled, not knowing how to fuck face to face. His prick loomed over her belly, swaying up and down, the sticky cockknob humping against her cunt mound, than snapping upright again. Scenting her arousal, he was getting desperate, humping away before they were joined. His black cockhead slid up and nudged against the underside of her fat tits, then dragged back down and lay throbbing in her blonde cunt bush. A slimy trail of goatish jism glistened from her cleavage to her golden pussy triangle, one fat drop pooled in her belly button.

Realizing that the goat needed guidance, Maryanne clamped her knees around his cockshaft, halfway between his balls and his cockknob. She began to run the inside of her thighs along his cockrod, then eased the tip down into her frothy crotch, hooking one knee over the top of his prick. The big plug crown pulsed in her open slot. Maryanne’s cuntlips pulled and sucked on his cockknob, washing it with a film of cuntjuice, sticky and glistening on the black slab. A blob of jism slid from his pisshole and tickled into her cunt gash. His cock wasn’t in her yet. The tip was fitted to her slot and flaring at the entrance but there wasn’t any penetration up to now. Maryanne purred as she felt his cockknob swell, deflate, swell even larger.

Reaching up, she grasped the goat by his long, trailing beard, pulling his head down. His tongue flicked at her lips. Her own tongue flicked out, licking his meaty lapper. She could taste the familiar flavor of Belinda’s cum cream on the animal’s drooling tongue. She sucked that fat, dripping licker into her mouth and sucked out in a bizarre French kiss. Kissing the goat like this was, in a strange was, as depraved as sucking or fucking with him. It was as if they were lovers, caressing each other romantically as a prelude to sex. And the weird idea of having a goat as a lover, instead of purely as a fucking instrument, was causing imaginative little Maryanne to tremble. Really strange ideas began to flirt through her mind. She thought of the goat as her amorous suitor.

Then his cockhead rippled violently in her pussy slot and the girl forgot all such fanciful images, overwhelmed by the need to be stuffed full of prick.

She began to wriggle down, her hips jerking up and down and her belly pumping and grinding, while her ass heaved higher off the ground. The goat, still uncertain and confused by a frontal fuck, stood rigidly and Maryanne worked her cunthole down over his cockhead slowly. She moaned as she felt her slot fill up, then her cunthole start to spread, like some tubular sausage skin being stuffed full of goat meat.

His cockknob suddenly slipped all the way in past her pulling pussylips. The beast snorted and tossed his head, his yellow eyes smoldering sulfurously as he began to get the idea that a goat could fuck a girl while he looked her straight in the eyes. His haunches rippled with sinew. Now Maryanne stopped pushing down and held steady and the big goat began to inch his cock deeper into her fuckhole. The tight, slippery, pliable tunnel spread to accommodate the bulk of his prick. The fattest portion of his prick, that throbbing slab of cockhead, forged a passage and his long, thick cockstalk followed. Deeper and deeper he plunged as Maryanne gasped and gurgled with the joy of it. Inch by inch, the beast filled her fuckhole. His cock was already farther up her cunthole than any cock had been before, and it was still fucking in. Her cunt walls had never been spread out so wide.

With a lurch, the goat bottomed out in her pussy. His cockhead was as deep as it could go and still a couple inches of cockshaft stood out between them. His huge balls jammed against her quivering ass and his cock muscles pulsed, lifting Maryanne up and down on his cockrod, like a horizontal flagpole sitter. She swayed under him, riding his prick. His cockhead was fucking so deep it felt as if she had swallowed it into her belly. His huge, hard fucker worked like a crowbar in her pussy.

The beast held his cock all the way up her for a moment, then he began to hump. His plug fitted her socket so tightly that, when he drew back, instead of sliding in and out of her slot, he dragged her along with him. But then her fuckhole juiced and rippled, opening a bit wider. The goat began to ram in and out, moving faster now that he was into the fucking rhythm.

Maryanne was tossed and buffeted on his prick, her whole body heaving on his cock-thrusts. The goat was a true fucking machine, grinding away. Uncle Henry had bought the beast as a gardener, a lawn mower, but now the goat had become a plow, a harvester, a threshing machine. He plowed into her fertile fuckhole, plunging and bucking, snorting and panting. Maryanne, abandoned to lust, slammed her cunt down to meet his prick as he fucked it in, then twisted her hips and wound her cunthole around on his cockmeat as he drew the long rod back out.

Maryanne lost all track of time. The fuck seemed to be lasting forever. She wanted it to last forever, too–what could a girl possibly want to be doing more than getting stuffed full of gigantic goat cock?

Well–maybe another cock for her mouth.

Maryanne glanced to the side and saw that Jimmy and Bruno were still fucking Belinda from both ends. She heard a muffled cry escape the blonde girl’s lips. Then that cry turned into gurgle, a bubbling sound. A great foaming dose of dog cum poured out of Belinda’s lips as the Alsatian’s cock erupted. Belinda sucked and swallowed. The dog kept pouring the slime to her, filling her mouth again each time she gulped down a load. Then Jimmy wailed at the other end and, ramming his cockmeat into her, doggy fashion, he spilled his spunk up her cunthole. Belinda fairly screamed with the ecstasy of it. She was getting hosed full of cum in both hot holes, jerking spasmodically as the double dose jetted into her.

Maryanne wondered if dog cum and human cum were rushing together someplace in the middle of Belinda’s belly, two creamy tides breaking upon each other. With the goat’s mighty prick filling her fuckhole to the brim, Maryanne’s empty mouth worked, envying her greedy blonde girlfriend that slimy, meaty mouthful. She slammed her cunt down on the goat’s cock so hard that she seemed to be trying to take his cockhead into her mouth–from out of her throat!

Suddenly a shadow fell over Maryanne’s face. She looked up–and gasped.

“Uncle Henry!” she wailed in horror.

Uncle Henry stood over her. Maryanne trembled. Her hips were still pumping, automatically fucking her pussy up and down on the goat’s prick. She had fallen into the rhythm and even her shock and horror at being discovered could not break that grinding rhythm. The girl continued to gorge her pussy on goat prick. The goat was whipping his cockmeat and not realizing that bestiality was something of which he should be ashamed.

Then Maryanne saw that Uncle Henry was smiling.

She stared up and saw, too, that something was blocking her view, that she was looking at his face past some large, elongated object. For a moment she thought her uncle had a big club in his hand, ready to beat the goat off her. Then, with a gasp, Maryanne realized that the large object was looming out of his fly and that it was in fact, Uncle Henry’s enormous prick!

“Ooooh–Uncle Henry!” she cried again, a dazzling smile lighting her pretty face.

Henry knelt beside her, moving awkwardly, nearly thrown off balance by the great cantilever of his cock. Maryanne turned her face toward him and, without a word, the horny fellow slipped his thundering prick into her eager mouth.

Now Maryanne no longer had to envy Belinda–or any girl on earth. Her ass and hips flew wildly and her mouth worked like a suction pump on her uncle’s pounding prick. Groaning, Henry fucked in and out of her magic maw, grimacing with lust. He croaked and grated his teeth, rolling his eyes and throwing his head back. Then he howled and his cum load came flowing into Maryanne’s mouth.

Maryanne swallowed that hot, thick jism hungrily. As his cum flooded her belly, her fuckhole creamed. The goat fucked his mighty prick in through that melting tunnel and, with a bellow, shot his steaming cum into her creaming cunthole in a swirling deluge.

Milking her uncle dry with her mouth, Maryanne churned her pussy on the goat’s prick, draining his huge balls as she worked her own blissful coming off to the dregs.

It turned out to be quite a day.

And there were many more such days to come.

And only Uncle Henry had any regrets at all–because he had to cut the lawn himself, now, lazy as he was.

The goat was grazing in tastier fields…


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