Mandy’s Great Dane

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LB-1156 Mandy’s Great Dane by David Crane


The word “normal” is a frequently used term, but it is a word that has an extremely elusive meaning. The same can be said for the word “perverse.” What those two words imply seems to vary from country to country, from community to community, from person to person.

In one African tribe it is considered obscene to expose one’s back to others. In certain Eskimo cultures it is the height of hospitality for a man to offer his wife to a respected guest.

Mandy Obrien appears, outwardly, at least, to be an average American teenager. Yet, behind closed doors, Mandy behaves in ways that many others would consider abnormal and perverse, for her strong sex drive leads her to choose many partners which our society considers taboo. But at the same time, this young girl demonstrates a strength and confidence, and a love for her fellow human beings, which many of us could envy.

MANDY’S GREAT DANE-a story of interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of one girl’s search for personal happiness.

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When Linda Jefferson was younger, her daddy gave her a pony for her birthday. The pony was sturdy and lively and bright. It was also a stallion. Linda was delighted with her birthday present… and even more delighted when she discovered that a girl could do more with a stallion than simply ride him.

The first time that Linda rode the pony bareback, she creamed her panties.

Linda knew what an orgasm was-she had been fingerfucking herself for some time and with a certain regularity-but her climax on the pony’s back had crept up on her so subtly that the girl had not realized what was happening at first. There had been a tingling in her crotch, then a gently pleasant glow, then a rising thrill. The girl had shifted her groin back and forth, enjoying it. Then she had suddenly realized that the thrill was sexual and she had gasped and ground her cunt on the pony’s sturdy back and felt her clit explode like a stick of dynamite. Cunt juice had soaked through her jeans and lathered the pony’s back.

Linda was a fairly innocent young lady, whose previous sexual experience had been limited to her own fondlings. But she was also a horny little girl who was naughty by her nature, if not yet by her behavior. She was thrilled at having creamed on an animal’s back. It was sort of depraved, she thought… and all the more exciting because of that fact. She always rode bareback after that first experience, and usually managed to get her rocks off.

It didn’t occur to her that her enjoyment might be disturbing to the pony, not until one day she realized that the animal was prancing and snorting about as she rubbed her crotch up and down on his back. She tilted over and looked down… and saw that the pony was starting to get a hard-on.

It fascinated the teenager. The pony was only some thirteen hands high, but his prick was massive as it swelled and elongated under his belly. Just looking at it, without moving at all, Linda shuddered to a creamy climax.

But what about the pony? It posed a problem. The girl did not dare ride him home while his cock was big and hard, for fear that her daddy might suspect why the animal was horny. It didn’t occur to her-yet-that there were ways to take care of the pony’s stiff prick and to reduce his erection.

She dismounted and waited and, after awhile, the animal’s cock softened and shrank, although his big balls, unemptied, remained bloated with a load of cum.

That night, playing with her pussy in bed, Linda thought about the pony’s prick. Linda was fascinated by cocks of any sort and of any species. The only encounter she had ever had with a stiff prick was on a hayride. She had allowed her date to place her hand on his swollen cock and rub him while he played with her tits. The boy had begun to pant and jerk about, and suddenly she had felt a sticky damp patch spread out in his jeans. It had really turned the girl on to realize that she had made the guy come… so much so that, a moment later, she had creamed her own panties. That had been nice and it had made the girl wonder what a real sexual encounter would be like.

Linda was looking forward to the next time she got a chance to play with a cock. She wanted to take it out and feel it naked in her hand, instead of simply rubbing it through the guy’s pants. She wanted to see the cum spurt out, instead of just feeling that stickiness. She even thought that she might like to take it in her mouth. One of the girls at her school had admitted to Linda that she gave blowjobs, and that she just loved to suck cocks and drink jism.

“Gee! Do you swallow the stuff?” Linda had asked the girl, whose name was Mandy.

Mandy had grinned impishly and replied, “Fuck, yes! That’s the best part!”

Linda had been intrigued. The very thought of it made her mouth water.

But she had not yet had a chance to suck a guy off or even to jerk off a naked cock.

She thought about such things when she played with her pussy. She imagined pricks in general, rather than fantasizing about any particular man or boy. Linda was the sort of girl who would have preferred an ugly guy with a big prick to a handsome guy with a small one.

On the night of the day when the pony got the hard-on, Linda had started by thinking her usual thoughts. She had stroked her plump tits first, and pulled at her stiff, pink nipples. She had rubbed up the insides of her thighs and massaged her curly pussymound. Then she ran her fingertips up her juicy cunt slot.

“Ummm,” she purred.

Her pink cuntlips unfurled like the petals of a fleshy blossom, streaked with the dew of desire. Her fuckhole opened into an oval and flooded with cuntjuice. The horny teenager dipped her fingers into her pussy and turned them about, grinding her nubile hips and heart-shaped ass about, squirming and writhing. Then she had brought her fingers up to her lips and, bunching them together into a cock-like shape, pushed them into her mouth and sucked on them, pretending that she was sucking on a prick.

“Yummy,” she sighed. Then it dawned on her that it was cuntjuice, not jism, that she found so tasty. She giggled, amused by it, but a bit excited, as well. Linda was not a lesbian. She was sure of that because she loved the idea of cocks and balls so much. Yet she could not help but think that if cuntjuice tasted so delicious, even off of her own hand, what would the stuff be like if she were to suck it out, all hot and foamy, from a creaming pussy?

That made the little teenager hotter than ever. She began to switch hands, fingerfucking herself with one while she sucked on the bunched fingers of the other.

She shoved all four fingers up her fuckhole and rubbed her thumb against her clit.

Cuntjuice poured out and ran down her crotch, seeping into the crack of her taut little ass. As the thrill built up, the horny teenager thought of cocks and of cunts.

And then she thought about the pony’s massive hunk of prick!

Oh, shit, she thought. What would it feel like to have that big fucker throbbing in my hands? Just think how the fucking pony would nicker and snort if I jacked his prick up and down! Imagine what it would be like to watch all that pony jizz spurt out of his fucking cock-head! I bet he’d shoot a bucketful of the fucking stuff! Fucking hell! He’d drown me in the damned stuff!

Linda stopped thinking about human cocks and cunts, and she concentrated on the pony’s prick. She began to frig her cunt with both hands, fingerfucking in and out of her cunt-hole with one while she rubbed and pulled at her clit with the other.

The vision of the pony’s prick danced in her head like a sugar plum fairy. She imagined the big dark slab of his cockhead suddenly blossoming with a flower of jism, creamy and thick and steaming hot. The thrills began to run across her belly and loins and to course in electric currents up her slim thighs.

The waves came faster, each one higher than the one before and following faster upon it, until they all blended into one dynamic peak and the girl gasped and shuddered through a juicy climax.

She lay panting, a dreamy smile on her lips.

She figured that it had been the best orgasm that she had ever had. Yet she had done nothing different.

Well, yes, she had.

She had been thinking about the pony’s prick!

And no sooner did she realize that than, despite her coming, Linda’s pussy began to simmer again. Then it began to smolder. She clamped both hands over her hairy, steaming cunt, fingerfucked herself furiously and she came again.

Fucking hell! What’s got into me tonight? she wondered. I mean, shit, the pony has got a nice big prick and all, but it’s not as if I’d ever do anything with it. Shit, he’s only a fucking horse. A girl can’t have sex with a pony, for crissake!

Could she?

Linda trembled at the possibility. It was awfully naughty, she knew, but it was fascinating and thrilling despite that… or maybe even because of it. She thought about riding the pony out to some secluded spot in the country-bareback, to be sure-dismounting, taking his big cock in both hands and jacking it up and down until the fucking animal shot his load.

No! I’d never do that, she told herself. It’s okay to imagine it while I’m fingerfucking, but I’d never really do such a terrible thing in real life!

But then she thought, maybe I owe the pony a come, though. After all, I’m always creaming on his back and the poor pony got a hard-on and he hasn’t got any hands to jerk off with. Maybe it would be a case of kindness to dumb animals, instead of depravity.

With that speculative thought, Linda fell asleep.

When she awoke the next morning, the first thought that came into her head was of the pony’s prick.

Linda gave herself her usual morning hand-job, creaming juicily as her cunt spasmed. But even after she had cooled her pussy down after coming; she still thought about the pony.

She frowned. Then she grinned impishly.

Why the fuck not? she thought.

That was when Linda decided to jerk off her pony.



Linda loved to feel her creamy crotch sliding around on the pony’s back. She was riding down the country lane that led away from her house, heading toward a nearby secluded glade.

She was wearing very short shorts, which creased up into her crotch. A tendril of silky pubic hair curled out from the leghole and the crotch-piece, already soaking with her pussy-juices, squished on the pony’s bare back.

She leaned over sideways and gazed in at the pony’s belly. Just like before, his cock was starting to stiffen. Linda smiled wickedly. She loved the idea of turning the pony on, and the sight of his big prick swelling and growing inspired the horny teen. She squirmed around on the pony’s back, her slick thighs tightening around his flanks as she worked her crotch up and down on his spine.

The pony tossed his head and snorted. He was quivering between Linda’s thighs. She could feel the tension of his body against her crotch, causing her to tingle all over. Her nipples stuck out like bullets and her fuckbud vibrated. She thought about the naughty thing she was about to do and a current of pure lust surged in the depths of her loins.

When they reached the glade, she reined the pony, guiding him in among the trees.

“Whoa, boy,” she said and sprang nimbly from his back, her plump little tits bouncing merrily.

She stepped back and looked at the pony’s prick and balls in profile. She gasped at the sight of his massive slab of cockmeat stretching out under his belly. His cock had grown longer and fatter and his huge prickhead was slowly squeezing out of its hairy sheath.

“Oooh,” she sighed. A ribbon of cuntjuice was running slowly down her thigh as the creamy stuff filled her crotch and seeped from the sides of her tight-fitting shorts. The very sight of the pony’s monstrous cock was making her dizzy with desire.

The pony tossed his head, mane rippling in the sunlight shafting through the trees. Some instinctive horse sense told him that something very interesting and exciting was afoot. His heavy prick lurched with a powerful surge of energy, lengthening more.

Linda caressed his silken rump and pressed her tits against the warm horseflesh of his flanks.

The pony looked back at her, his ears cocked and nostrils flaring slightly.

“Want me to do some nice things to you, eh, boy?” Linda whispered. “A special treat for a good pony.”

The pony rolled his eyes and nickered.

Linda sank to her knees beside the pony’s flank. For a moment she stared at his cock. His prick knob flared and his cockshaft throbbed. His mighty balls, like over-inflated balloons, vibrated.

She reached under him, palm upward, and folded her hand around the root of his fuck- rod. She held the pony’s massive cock by the hilt, not stroking him yet, enjoying the thrill of anticipation. He stood still, his haunches quivering, awaiting the pleasure he was about to enjoy. Linda gazed at his swollen cockhead, thinking what a real turn on it would be when she saw his jism shoot from it.

His fat fuckrod throbbed in her hand. She began to skim her hand up and down on his meaty prickshaft from bloated balls to flaring cockhead. The pony’s prick was so stiff that it was vibrating like a tuning fork, and that vibration ran up Linda’s arm, setting her body to trembling in the same tempo. She tightened her grip, pumping him. As her fist drew back to the root of his fuckrod, his cockhead flared and throbbed. His prick was thundering in her clenched fist, and she could barely span the fat width in her hand. It felt like a bar of heated iron.

The great wedge of his cockhead flared out wildly. A thick drop of creamy jism bubbled from his gaping piss-slit and ran down the dark meat of his prick knob.

Linda whimpered when she saw that. She stared in fascination at the slimy trickle. She licked her lips without realizing what she was doing. It was as though her tongue knew what her mind wanted before she did. She cupped his swollen balls with her free hand, squeezing gently, as if trying to determine how much jism his bloated ball-sac contained.

The pony heaved his hindquarters in a tentative fucking motion, driving his prick through her fist. Linda pumped up and down his cockshaft slowly and steadily.

The pony’s apparent enjoyment and participation in her naughtiness thrilled Linda anew. He was plunging forward as her hand pressed back, loving the brand-new sensation of manual stimulation.

“Are you going to shoot for me, boy?” she whispered.

But although she yearned to see her pony come, to see all that creamy cum load squirt from his cockhead, she was in no hurry for it. She was really enjoying jerking his mighty prick.

His cockhead was oozing slime how, running down his knob in a slippery trail.

Linda suddenly realized that she was licking her lips, her tongue running back and forth across her lips and, with that realization came another. Her mouth was watering… watering for a taste of pony cum.

“Dare I?” she whispered to herself. “Shall I? Shall I suck him off?”

Jism glistened on the pony’s cockhead. Linda’s tongue was pushed out now, curled over her lower lip. Her tastebuds were tingling. Yes, I want to, she thought. And damn it, I will!

She leaned in and pushed her tongue out, flicking it against his pricktip. She gathered up a glob of his hot jism on the tip of her tongue, and then let it roll around on her tastebuds for a moment. She drew back, the taste of pony cum tingling on her tongue.

“Ooooh, it’s delicious,” she murmured.

The pony gave a little startled nicker as he felt her hot tongue flutter over his cockhead. He didn’t know what was going on and he didn’t care because the girl’s tongue felt wonderful on his prick.

That first taste of pony jizz had made Linda ravenous for more. She licked all over his slippery cockhead and rubbed her hand up and down, milking another nugget from his cock knob. She tongued it up greedily and swallowed it down.

The pony was humping through her hand, his prickshaft vibrating like a tuning fork, so stiff that it was aching. Jism was bubbling from his piss-slit now.

Linda was worried that he might suddenly shoot his load while she was in the wrong position to catch it all in her mouth. She wriggled underneath him, sitting on the grass in front of his prick so that his cockhead was aimed directly at her parted lips. She could see right down his pisshole to where more cum was bubbling in his cockhead, and she was thrilled to the core at the sight.

Reaching up, Linda began to slowly jack his prick up and down with both hands, her fingertips barely meeting around the width of his fat cockshaft.

As her hands pulled back from behind his meaty knob, his cockhead flared. Linda leaned in and tapped her tongue on the tip of his knob. She began to lick at his big slab of prick-meat, lightly at first, then with great long tongue-strokes, she slurped all over it.

Linda pushed her tongue right up inside his piss-slit and gathered up his hot cum. She swallowed it down. More of the stuff oozed from his cockhead and she licked it up hungrily. Those pre-cum globs were making her ravenous for more. Linda wanted all of it. She wanted to milk his cock and balls dry, and drink every precious drop.

The pony humped, pushing his cockhead at her face.

Very slowly, Linda let her mouth open as wide as she could and let the dark meat of his prickhead slide into her mouth. She could not quite manage to fit all of that massive bulk into her mouth, but she was able to get most of his cockhead in, her lips clamped tightly to the meaty knob.

Purring with the pleasure of having a mouthful of pony prick, Linda began to suck. Her cheeks hollowed in and her lips peeled back as she pulled at his prickmeat. Her tongue flashed back and forth along the underside of his cockhead. Her lips slurped on his knob and her saliva began to run down his prickshaft toward his mighty balls.

Her hands skimmed up and down his fuckrod, faster now with the lubrication of her saliva. More jism bubbled from the pony’s cockhead. Linda swallowed it down, loving it and knowing that it was only the preliminary taste, that there was a whole heavy load of jism waiting to be savored at the finish. She sighed ecstatically, yearning for a bellyful of that hot, thick pony cum.

Her tastebuds tingled with the flavor as more cream spurted from his cock knob and trickled over her tongue. The pony humped joyfully, and Linda was gurgling with the ecstasy of having her mouth stuffed to the brim with hot and succulent prickmeat. She began to twist her head from side to side, winding her mouth onto his cockhead like a nut onto a bolt. Her lips dragged and pulled on him as the pony drew back until only his cock-tip remained between them. He thrust back in, stretching her lips to the limit. His cockhead slid into her mouth, slimy with cum and came back out slippery with saliva and steaming in the air.

Linda was suck crazy now. She nursed on the naked meat of his cockhead, taking the whole of his bloated prick knob into her mouth as he plowed in, then sucking joyfully as he drew back out. Although the pony hadn’t come yet, her mouth was filling up with his pre-cum juices and she was desperate to drink the full hot load.

Little jets of jism were spurting into her throat now, and Linda gulped the hot slime down hungrily. Linda knew that it would not be long before he blew his wad, and she sucked for all she was worth, yearning for his full ejaculation.

“Come,” she panted, right on the tip of his knob, the words muffled on his meat. “Oh, shoot it all in my mouth!”

The pony’s powerful hindquarters slammed in, feeding his prickhead to her hungry mouth, tilting her head back on his thrusts. More cum trickled down her gullet. She gurgled and moaned, sucking so hard that she fairly inhaled his prickmeat. She cupped his balls in both hands and squeezed, as if to pump the jizz out of them by pressure. His bloated ball-sac expanded mightily in her kneading hands and his cockhead swelled in her mouth, spreading her lips out wide around his massive hunk of prickmeat. Her tongue slithered around on his fat cock knob, fluttering and flaring, and as the pony’s tightly encased cockhead forged its way through her lips, she yearned with all her heart for his jism.

The pony was snorting and nickering as he neared the peak.

Linda gasped, knowing that he was about to come, to fill her mouth and throat with his cum. He fucked in, driving his cockhead into the back of her throat, and hosed her gullet with hot jism. He drew back, then fucked in fast, and the head of his cock exploded in a mighty cascade of thick cum. Linda gasped and gagged. She squeezed his balls with one hand and pumped up and down on his thick fuckrod with the other, milking the pony’s prick into her mouth. Her cheeks were filled with hot cum and her tongue was floating in the thick jizz. She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, and the pony kept pouring his cum into her greedy mouth. Linda was gulping it down as fast as she could in a frenzy of cum-drinking lust, but there was too much for her to drink, hungry for it as she was. It overflowed her stretched lips and poured down her chin. Ribbons of foaming cum ran down the pony’s leathery cockshaft, cascading over her frigging hand and washing across his balls.

More and more of the thick cum poured into her mouth in a seemingly never-ending stream, and Linda gurgled with the joy of it. She just couldn’t get enough of the succulent stuff.

The pony whinnied and nickered, turned frantic by the thrill of emptying his cock and balls into her eager mouth.

But at last he slowed and his cockhead stopped spurting jism. He stopped humping and stood rigid.

Linda kept right on sucking until she was certain there was not another drop of cum left in his balls, swallowing down the last trickle greedily. Then she slowly drew her creamy lips from his cock knob and kissed his pricktip fondly, grateful to the slab of pony prick that had fed her such a lovely load of savory jizz.

She ran her tongue over his cockhead and up and down his prickshaft, gathering up the cum drops that had escaped her lips. She tongued up fat nuggets of the stuff from his balls. She licked his cock until not a single drop of jizz remained on his prickmeat and balls.

His dark cockhead glistened with her saliva and her belly glowed with a load of cum that warmed her. The girl sat back, smiling dreamily, amazed at how wonderful it had been to suck the pony’s prick and swallow his jizz, amazed at herself for having done such a naughty thing. At the same time, she knew that she was going to be sucking that pony off a whole lot in the future. It might be depraved… but it was too fucking good to resist!

The pony’s cock was starting to soften and droop.

The girl eyed it, wondering how long it would be before the animal had another load of cum stored up. She was so full that she couldn’t have drunk another drop, at the moment, and yet she was already looking forward to sucking him off again.

Maybe she would blow her pony again tomorrow.

Maybe she would blow him every day!

Now it was time to ride him home, she figured. Linda wanted to get her cunt frigged off now, as she recalled sucking the animal’s cock, with the taste of his scum still lingering in her mouth.

But as it turned out, Linda didn’t have to satisfy her pussy with a handjob, after all.



Linda was thrilled by what she had done, and glad that she had done it, but it did pose a bit of a problem. Sucking off the pony had made the horny little teenager really hot and hornier. She was flushed with lust and excitement as she rode the satisfied animal back to her house, sliding up and down on his back again. She walked the pony into the barn, dismounted and led him into his stall. She stroked his neck and kissed him on the muzzle.

Then, grinning, she ducked down and gave the head of his prick a kiss.

She felt truly affectionate toward his big Cock, as well as passionate. She appreciated the pleasure it had given her-and the delicious drink-and the horny teenager knew that she was going to be licking and sucking and milking the pony’s cock again in the near future.

At the moment she had her pussy to attend to.

Linda left the barn and she headed toward the house, thinking that she would go to her room and give herself a good old-fashioned fingerfucking. Or maybe she would take a bath and rub her cunt to a creamy orgasm under the water.

But the idea was not really appealing. Linda always enjoyed a handjob, but she was so worked up today that she felt like doing something a lot more exciting.

She considered telephoning one of the boys she knew and asking him if he would like to fool around. But she was a bit shy and didn’t have the nerve to suggest it or take the initiative. If a guy, any guy, had made a play for her right then, he would have struck it plenty lucky, but the boys, of course, had no way of knowing that luscious Linda was feeling horny.

She wished that she had a vibrator or a dildo so that she could stuff her cunt full. It wouldn’t be as good as a real prick, of course, but it would be better than just her fingers.

Linda wondered if her mother had a dildo hidden away somewhere. It might be worth searching for. Then she wondered if any of her girlfriends might have one that she could borrow.

Naturally, she thought of Mandy!

Mandy O’brien was the girl who had admitted quite honestly that she sucked boys’ cocks and swallowed their jizz. If any of Linda’s acquaintances was likely to have a vibrator or a rubber prick, it was naughty little cocksuck-ing Mandy.

No sooner had Linda thought about her promiscuous friend than she had the desire to tell Mandy what she had done! It was really naughty to give her pony a blowjob, and Linda was so thrilled at having done it that she was dying to share the secret with someone, someone like Mandy, who would understand.

If Mandy did have a dildo she could borrow, so much the better. If not, Linda could enjoy her confession, at least.

Grinning, her pussy steaming and glowing, she turned away from the house and headed down the road to Mandy’s.

Mandy was sitting on the front porch, drinking a Coke and hoping that some boy would come by, preferably in a car, but not necessarily. Mandy was willing to blow a pedestrian. She was wearing a short mini skirt and a tight black top that outlined her plump tits.

Mandy was a redhead with freckles and green eyes and a mouth shaped just like a socket into which cocks could be neatly plugged. Her body was slim and taut and vibrant. Her tits weren’t huge but they were firm and thrusting and her nipples were big and taut. Her legs were shapely… and between those legs the crater of her cunt constantly smoldered. Her pussy was extraordinarily hot and juicy, even hotter and juicier when her mouth was full of prick. The horny girl loved to fuck as well as suck and had never decided which she liked best, nor did she have to decide, since she got plenty of both.

She smiled and waved as Linda approached.

“Hi, Mandy,” the blonde said. “Whatcha doing?”

“Sweet fuck all,” Mandy said, sounding disgusted. “I ain’t even had a phone call all day. I was hoping some guys might ride by or something. It’s a bitch, Linda. My mom and dad are in town for the whole day and I got the house to myself… so what the fuck happens? Nothing fucking happens. The goddamn house to myself and I don’t even get a phone call, let alone some prick!”

Linda giggled. Linda was always impressed by the way her friend expressed herself. Mandy had a terrible reputation because of the way she talked, as well as the things that she did, but it didn’t seem to bother the girl in the slightest. If anything, Mandy enjoyed her naughty reputation. It meant that she got a lot of dates from guys who wouldn’t have bothered with a virgin.

“Want a Coke?” she asked.


Mandy went into the house. Linda watched her pert ass swing, and she thought, shit, if that skirt was one inch shorter, her fucking cunt wouldn’t even be covered!

Thinking of how naughty Mandy was, Linda felt even naughtier herself… and more eager to tell the redhead about her depravity. She knew that Mandy would be impressed… and maybe envious, too.

Mandy came back out and gave Linda a Coke. They sat side by side on the swing, rocking gently. Mandy kept looking up and down the street with a hopeful eye. “You still cherry, Linda?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Linda said, not sounding at all proud or enthusiastic about her virginal state.

“Listen-in case a couple guys stop by, you want to fool around with one of ’em? I mean, I don’t give a shit. I can handle any two or three fellas, on my own… but if you want to-“

“I don’t mind,” Linda said, giggling.

“You don’t have to fuck ’em, if you don’t want to, but you can sort of jerk ’em off or something.” Then she gave Linda a sly sideways glance and said, “I guess your mouth is still cherry, too, huh? I know you were interested when I told you about blowing but-“

“Funny you should say that, Mandy,” Linda said.

“How come?” asked Mandy, looking interested.

“I gave my first blowjob just an hour ago!” Linda confessed, blushing with excitement. “Yeah? That’s great. You like it?”

“Ummm… loved it.”

“You swallow the fuck juice?”

“I sure as hell did. It was delicious!”

“Yeah! Don’t I know it! You gonna tell me who the guy you sucked off is?”

“I can’t,” said Linda, and she giggled. “How come?”

Linda took a deep breath, really blushing now, but determined to share her dark secret with Mandy.

“Because it wasn’t a guy,” she whispered.

Mandy blinked, puzzled. She cocked one eyebrow. “Shit! Don’t tell me you went down on a girl?”


“What the fuck are you saying?”

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” Linda asked.

“Yeah… yeah, I promise!”

“I… I sucked my pony’s prick!” Linda blurted out.

“Your pony!” Mandy squealed.

“Yeah. He’s got a real big cock. It’s delicious. And when he came, he damned near blew my head off!”

“Holy shit! That’s real nasty!”

“I hope you aren’t shocked, Mandy.”

“Shocked, shit! I’m fucking horny!”

“Yeah, so am I. I was wondering if maybe you had a vibrator or something I could borrow?”

“Naw, I get plenty of prick so I never bothered to buy a vibrator, Linda. Christ! Imagine blowing a fucking pony! Girl, you really do surprise me!”

“I guess I’ll have to fingerfuck myself, then,” Linda said. “I was hoping you’d have a dildo or something.”

Mandy shot another desperate glance down the street and sighed. She said, “I’m gonna have to frig my cunt, too, damn it all. A hand-job is fucking boring, after you’ve had prick.” Then she brightened with a sudden thought. She gave Linda a speculative look. “Hey, I got an idea, Linda!”

“What’s that?”

“Why don’t we fingerfuck each other?”

“Oh, wow! Like lesbians, you mean?”

“Sure. Only we ain’t lesbians, that’s the difference. We’re just two normal, horny girls, fooling around.”

Linda thought about it, then grinned.

“I don’t mind,” she said.

“Oh, shit! This is gonna be fun! You ever fooled around with a girl before?”

“No, never… but it does sound like a lot of fun.”

“Me, neither. I’ve thought about it, though. You know… wondered what it would be like?”

Linda nodded. “Me, too.”

Now Mandy gazed at Linda thoughtfully. She said, “I’ve wondered what it would be like to eat pussy, too.”

“Ooooh!” Linda squealed.

“I’ve had guys gobble my cunt, and they always enjoy it so much, it makes me think it might be fun. What do you think?”

“Gee, it’s really naughty… “

“It ain’t no fucking naughtier than blowing a pony!”

Linda smiled, her face flushed with excitement and expectation. She lowered her eyes and looked at Mandy through long, silken, fluttering lashes, looking demure as she said something that could never in a million years be thought of as demure.

“I’ll suck your cunt if you’ll suck mine.”

“Ooooh! Let’s go inside!”

The eager cuntlappers went into the house and up the stairs to Mandy’s bedroom, both their cunts steaming and creaming in anticipation of the delights in store for them. In her room, Mandy went to the window and she raised the shade.

“We might as well see what we’re eating, huh?” she said.

She started to turn away, then paused, looking out. When she turned back toward Linda, there was a fierce glow in her eyes.

“I ain’t got a pony,” she said.

“Yeah, I know,” Linda said.

Linda wondered if Mandy was going to ask her if she could suck her pony’s prick. It was all right with Linda. The girl couldn’t be jealous of a fucking horse.

Then Mandy said, “But I got a dog!”

“Oh, shit!” Linda gasped. She had seen Mandy’s dog lots of times. It was a huge Great Dane. Linda had never thought of it as a sexual partner before… but that was before she had discovered the joys of sucking animal cock.

“You wanna fool around with Rex after we’re done?” Mandy asked. “He’s got a real big cock.”

“Okay,” Linda said. Dog prick might not be too impressive after pony prick, but she guessed it would be a lot of fun to share the doggy with Mandy. And since it wasn’t so fucking huge, the girls could do more with the dog’s cock than with the pony’s. A girl could get more of it into her mouth. Or-oh, shit- she could even take it up her cunt, if she wanted to! Linda wondered if she wanted to lose her cherry to a fucking dog. It seemed an awful thing to do. But then she thought that maybe getting fucked by an animal didn’t deflower a virgin. Maybe a human cock had to go up her cunt before she lost her maidenhood. That was an interesting thought… and an interesting prospect. She nodded enthusiastically.

“You gonna bring the doggy in?” she asked.

“Yeah. Later. First we got some cuntsuck-ing to take care of, okay? That idea has got me really excited!”

“Yeah! Me, too,” Linda said, starting to unfasten her shorts. “Sometimes when I fingerfuck myself, I lick my fingers, Mandy. It tastes real good… and I bet your pussy will be yummy.”

“Shit, my mouth is watering!” Mandy said as she unzipped the side of her mini skirt.

The two naughty teenagers watched each other undress. Both of them were drooling and their cunts were smoldering. Linda, who had never had her cunt sucked, was eager for both halves of the mutual feast. Mandy, who had had men go down on her and knew what it was like, was more eager to suck than be sucked, although she knew it would be wonderful to have her friend’s pretty blonde head wallowing in her pussy.

Linda squirmed as she tugged the tight shorts down over her hips and ass.

Mandy stepped out of her skirt. She was a real redhead and her pussy was a burning bush spreading out in a wide vee at the base of her torso. She parted her thighs and tilted her crotch up so that Linda could get a look at her pussy. Her cuntlips were unfurled and her fuck slot was full of tasty cream.

She loved the way that Linda was looking at her, making her feel all hot and wanted. Removing her blouse, Mandy turned slowly around so that the blonde could admire her from all sides, back and profile as well as full frontal. Her body was lean and supple and smooth. She faced Linda again. Linda had her skirt off by this time and her fat tits were a mouth-watering sight. Mandy moved across the room. Linda stepped back and stood beside the bed. They were both smiling and giggling, as if to prove that it was all just a game and that they were not really lesbians. And yet no true lesbian could have been any hungrier for a snack of cunt than they were.

Standing beside the bed, they kissed. They brushed their lips together lightly, to begin with, then more passionately. Mandy pushed her belly out, rubbing it against Linda’s. Their pubic hair rasped together, red and gold curls tangling. Linda switched her hips from side to side as Mandy humped her loins up and down. Their lips ground together and parted.

Mandy’s tongue slid into Linda’s mouth. Linda sucked on it, her own tongue twining with it like two serpents mating in a hot, moist cavern.

When Mandy withdrew her tongue, Linda’s tongue probed the redhead’s mouth, in turn.

They shared tongues and saliva, heads tilting, mouths clamped together. They were panting into each other’s mouth and drooling onto each other’s tongue. Kissing a girl was more exciting in a way than kissing a boy, thought Linda. She guessed that it was because it was naughtier.

Their plump tits pressed together, flattening, their stiff nipples brushing against each other’s.

“Let’s get on the bed,” Mandy whispered.

They sat down on the edge of the bed, moving without breaking off their passionate embrace. Seated side by side, their hips together, they both twisted from the waist, continuing to kiss. Mandy began to run her hands up and down Linda’s thighs. Linda was stroking Mandy’s long, sleek thighs.

“Ummm, this is fun,” Mandy moaned.

Her hand came up and cupped the firm globe of Linda’s tit. Linda’s nipple exploded in her palm. She kneaded the blonde’s tit-mounds and pulled at her stiff nipples.

Linda began to fondle Mandy’s tits, too. It was a real thrill to be feeling up another girl, she discovered.

Lesbian or not, Linda had a pretty good idea that she and Mandy were going to be doing a whole lot of fooling around together in the future, and that she was going to make it with other girls, as well. Linda was amazed at herself. That very morning she had been an innocent girl, and now she had sucked a pony’s prick, and very soon she was going to be lapping a pussy… and there was still the doggy!

“I wanna do some titty sucking,” Mandy whispered.

She figured that tit would make a real tasty appetizer, whetting her appetite for cunt.

Linda arched her back, pushing her tits out. Mandy lowered her head and she licked at a nipple, then slurped it between her lips and began to nurse on it. “Ooooh… ” Linda moaned.

“Ummmm,” Mandy purred, sucking steadily away. She switched back and forth from tit to tit. Then she leaned back, and Linda mouthed her tits, in turn. She tongued all over the girl’s fat titmounds, working up to her stiff nipples, then sucking them into her mouth. Mandy stroked the back of the blonde’s head, sighing and moaning with the pleasure of having her tits mouthed.

Her other hand crept up Linda’s thigh. Linda’s legs parted. Mandy cupped the blonde’s cunt in her hand.

“Shit-you’re on fire!” she whimpered as she felt Linda’s hairy pussy burning her hand. Cuntjuice pooled up in her palm.

Linda slid her own hand into Mandy’s crotch. She flicked her fingers over the redhead’s stiff fuck button and traced along her parted cuntlips. Pussyjuice poured down Mandy’s crotch and soaked into the crack of her tight little ass.

They began to fingerfuck each other while they took turns sucking on each other’s tits.

Linda’s cunt was pulling on Mandy’s fingers and she could feel Mandy’s cunt drag on her own fingers.

“Fuck, we’re gonna frig each other off!” she whimpered.

“Like hell we are,” Mandy said. “You ain’t gonna come in my hand, Linda. You’re gonna cream in my mouth!”

Her fingers shoved up Linda’s fuckhole, squishing in the blonde’s juicy fuck tunnel. As she slid her four fingers up Linda’s cunt slot, she rubbed her tongue over the girl’s clit.

Then she drew her hand away. Linda moaned, not wanting Mandy to stop fingerfucking her cunt… but not protesting because she knew that Mandy’s tongue would soon replace her hand.

Bringing her soaking hand up to her lips, Mandy began to lap Linda’s cuntjuice from her fingers.

“Yummy,” she purred. “You got a sweet pussy, honey… and I’m gonna gobble the fucker up!”

Linda was trembling all over. Mandy pushed her back onto the bed. The redhead began to kiss and lick her way down the blonde’s smooth belly. Linda’s thighs opened wide and she slightly raised one knee. Mandy’s tongue rustled through the thick curls of Linda’s golden pubic thicket like a pink insect in a sunlit forest.

“Oh, shit, lick my cunt, Mandy,” Linda urged.

But Mandy was enjoying the anticipation. She slid down lower, passing Linda’s aching crotch, and began to run her tongue up the insides of the blonde’s thighs. She lapped up the crease where Linda’s leg joined her torso, her tongue running parallel with Linda’s cunt but not yet making contact.

“Suck my fucking cunt!” wailed Linda.

Mandy drew back and stared at Linda’s pussy, licking her lips in happy expectation. Linda’s cuntlips were spread out in an oval and her fuckhole was running with juice. A look of radiant lust filled the redhead’s face as she peered at Linda’s succulent cunt and delicious cream. Her tongue switched back and forth. Her eyes blazed, burning into Linda’s pussy like laser beams.

Linda jabbed her crotch down, desperate to get her cunt coupled to the redhead’s mouth.

Mandy spread Linda’s cuntlips open even farther with her fingers, exposing her dark inner pussylips. They were streaked and lathered with cuntjuice. Mandy’s tongue pushed out, tingling and fluttering. She lowered her face and touched the tip of her tongue against Linda’s throbbing fuck button. “Ahhh,” Linda moaned. “Lap the fucking thing!”

Mandy began to slap her tongue up Linda’s cuntslot. She slurped all the way up the parted opening. Then she stabbed her tongue right up Linda’s pussy as far as it would go.

“Ohhh, it’s wonderful!” wailed Linda. Getting her pussy lapped was even better than she had imagined it would be. Her ass switched from side to side as her belly pumped up and down.

Mandy tongue-fucked her with abandon. Linda gasped and sobbed with the joy of it. Foaming cuntjuice poured onto Mandy’s tongue and bubbled past her lips. Her throat worked as she swallowed some of the delicious cream.

Mandy had been using only her tongue up until now. She tilted her head and fitted her lips to Linda’s cuntlips, then began to suck. Linda went wild, thrashing madly about, her ass churning. Mandy was sucking on her cunt and tongue-fucking up her pussy at the same time. The cream flooded out, soaking her lips and running down her chin. Her tongue stabbed and darted and her lips pulled and slurped.

“Ummm… ummm… ummm,” she purred, enjoying the feast, her tastebuds tingling as Linda’s fuck juice soaked into her tongue.

“Oh shit! You’re sucking my cunt!” Linda wailed.

“Come, honey,” murmured Mandy, the word muffled up Linda’s pussy. “Come for me, baby, cream in my fucking mouth! Oh, sweet shit, I wanna drink your cuntjuice when you come!”

Linda arched, grinding her cunt into Mandy’s eager mouth, working her hairy creamy fuckslot onto the redhead’s tongue and against her slurping lips, coating her whole face with cuntjuice. Mandy cupped her hands on the cheeks of Linda’s ass, tilting her up as if her cunt were a hairy goblet that she wished to drain to the last drop.

Linda clamped her smooth thighs around Mandy’s face as if trapping her in a velvet vise. But Mandy did not need a trap to hold her right where she was. She had discovered that cuntlapping was a truly wonderful thing to be doing. Her parted lips were stuck to Linda’s pussy like a suction cup to a drain. She sucked put mouthful after mouthful of thick foaming fuck juice.

Linda’s lips opened wide again and she thrust her belly up, her hips grinding from side to side.

Waves of joy darted across her belly and ran up her trembling thighs. The peak drew near. Linda clawed at the bedcovers, her whole nubile belly jolted by the thrill.

“Gonna fucking cream!” she wailed.

“Yeah! Feed it to me!” Mandy cried, enthusiastically. She began to stab her tongue up faster than ever and her lips were working like a suction pump.

In farther and farther went her tongue, spooning out cunt cream by the mouthful. She felt Linda shudder violently and knew that the blonde was ready to cream.

“Melt in my fucking mouth!” she wailed, panting hungrily, yearning for Linda’s come juice.

“Yeah… yeah… now!” cried Linda.

Her lithe body shook uncontrollably as the waves of joy reached the peak and her cunt began to spasm. She had been pouring cuntjuice steadily into Mandy’s greedy mouth, but now the creamy stuff was flooding out in a fucking deluge. Spasm after spasm jolted the girl. Mandy sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked.

The thrill peaked and held, the pleasure prolonged at the heights. Linda almost fainted with the ecstasy of it. Then she was past the crest and the thrill ebbed, still running through her but coming slower and less convulsively.

At long last she was drained. She stopped thrashing about and lay back, a dreamy smile on her lips and contented look in her blue eyes. Mandy continued to suck and tongue gently, to make sure that she had worked off every spasm and sucked out every drop of her blonde friend’s orgasm and cream.

She raised her head. Cuntjuice was running down from both sides of her mouth onto her chin.

“Nice?” she asked.

“Shit, it was wonderful!”

“Maybe now that you got your rocks off, you won’t want to go down on me,” Mandy said, looking a little worried about it.

Linda grinned. She said, “Guess what I just found out. Getting your cunt sucked off makes you hungry!”

Mandy lay back, her legs parted. Linda moved down. She gazed at the creamy folds of her friend’s pussy. Her mouth was watering, she was drooling for that succulent feast. Her own lust amazed her. With her pussy cooled down by coming, Linda felt as if her mouth had turned into a cunt. Her tongue was as hot as her clit had been and she was salivating as heavily as her cuntjuice had been flowing.

She let a few drops of spit drool out onto Mandy’s cunt. The saliva mixed with the cuntjuice. Mandy moaned and her cunt rippled, her pussylips spreading out.

“You gonna suck the fucker?” she urged.

“I’m gonna suck the shit out of it,” Linda whispered, her voice husky with desire.

Her head bobbed down and she clamped her lips over Mandy’s hairy pussy and began to suck. With the very first slurp, Linda knew that she was going to adore cuntsucking, that she was going to suck every cunt she got a chance to suck, from now on. She discovered that she was a natural cuntsucker, as well, that she needed no practice or training or previous experience, but knew just how to do it instinctively.

“Yummy,” she purred. “Ummm… ” Her tongue flashed and rippled and her lips pulled and sucked with gusto. She took Mandy’s fuck button in her lips, then nursed on it as if the taut nugget were a tiny prick. Mandy began to wail as her friend worked on her tingling clit.

Sucking Mandy’s clit, Linda began to fingerfuck her at the same time, slowly pushing all four fingers up the redhead’s soaking fuckslot and twisting them about, knuckle deep.

Mandy was turning from side to side as she worked her cunt around on Linda’s eager face. One hip shot up, then the other. Then she twisted so far that she turned right over onto her belly. She started to turn back but Linda’s mouth was still clamped on her pussy, from the back now, and it felt just as good. Mandy rose up onto her knees, pushing her ass back onto her friend’s face, so that she was getting sucked in the doggy fucking position.

Linda’s forehead rested on the smooth curve of Mandy’s ass and her mouth was stuck on her cunt. She held the redhead by the hipbones, as if they were handles, turning her loins from side to side. Her tongue flattened and glided up Mandy’s cuntcrack. She lapped higher. Mandy’s ass was right in her face and Linda was abandoned to her passion. She began to lick up the crack of the redhead’s taut ass. Mandy gasped as she felt her friend’s tongue slide up that tight cleavage.

“Ooooh, rim out my asshole!” she cried. Linda placed her hands on Mandy’s ass, spreading her asscheeks apart to expose the little brown bud of her shit chute. She licked at it, then stabbed her hot tongue right up into the redhead’s asshole. Mandy jerked and twitched, her tits swinging under her kneeling body like ripe fruit ready to be plucked.

“Ooooh, your asshole is delicious,” Linda sighed, tonguing and sucking with joy. She was fingerfucking Mandy’s cunt while she rimmed out her ass.

Mandy began to vibrate, her ass jerking and twisting. Cuntjuice poured down her crotch. Linda knew that the redhead was going to cream at any moment and, as much as she was enjoying having a snack of asshole, she wanted to have her mouth on the girl’s hairy pussy when it climaxed. She gave Mandy’s shitter a last slurp, then slid back down, her lips open wide, clamping her mouth onto the redhead’s juicy fuckhole like a limpet onto a mossy rock.

Her nimble tongue slithered deeply up the girl’s cunt. Mandy’s pussy muscles tightened, rippling on Linda’s buried tongue, pulling and dragging on it as if it were a prick, fucking her.

“Cream me, Mandy!” Linda wailed.

Mandy’s ass jolted back against Linda’s brow. Linda bobbed up and down, wallowing in the redhead’s groin. Mandy arched, her head coming up, her face a mask of lust.

“Fucking hell!” she cried.

“Give it to me!” Linda panted, desperate with the need to have Mandy climax on her tongue.

Mandy’s cunt rippled and spasmed… and came.

“I’m fucking creaming!” she gasped.

But Linda already knew that because she could feel the spasms that were rippling through Mandy’s cunt and her mouth was filling up with the girl’s pussyjuice.

She moaned with the pleasure of having a pussy climaxing in her mouth. Sucking steadily, she nursed happily away, swallowing the sweet, spicy cuntjuice as it poured into her hungry mouth.

Mandy’s ass went up and down as if she were getting fucked doggy fashion. She came, then came again. Linda’s talented tongue had started the horny redhead on a series of orgasms, a multiple coming. A wave rushed through her, ebbed… and then another wave followed, higher and more prolonged, and then another! Mandy was crying out and sobbing with almost unbearable joy. | “Coming-coming-coming!” she panted.

“Come! Come! Come!” Linda gasped, wanting her tasty friend to keep right on creaming, content to be draining the redhead’s succulent fuckhole for as long as Mandy’s orgasm could be sustained.

Mandy shuddered as the final spasm hit her.

She slid, belly down, onto the bed. Linda went right down with her, still sucking and lapping. She used her tongue to gather up the cuntjuice that had eluded her hps and run down Mandy’s crotch. Then she rose up and tongued out her friend’s asshole again. Mandy purred, moving slowly and lazily, enjoying this mopping-up operation.

“Shit, I love sucking pussy!” Linda exclaimed.

She slid up beside Mandy, and they lay in each other’s arms in a tender embrace.

“Me, too,” Mandy said. “I guess we can eat each other out all the time from now on, huh?”

“Want me to suck you off again now?” asked Mandy.

“Later, maybe,” Linda said. “First-didn’t you say something about your doggy?” She grinned impishly.

Mandy had forgotten about the dog as she got totally involved in cuntlapping. Now she grinned.

“Let’s get the fucking dog!” she said.



“You coming?” Mandy asked as she moved bouncily toward the bedroom door, her plump tits hobbling and her juicy ass switching from side to side.

“Gee… shouldn’t we get dressed?” Linda asked. “I mean, some of your neighbors might see us!”

“Fuck ’em, let ’em look,” Mandy said, brightly. “Give the old fuckers a thrill.” Linda giggled and followed the redhead out of the room, then down the stairs. They went out the back door, into the yard. Linda looked around, a bit nervous. No one seemed to be looking from the houses on either side. Mandy didn’t seem to give a shit. She walked right out. After a moment, Linda followed.

Rex was belly down in the grass beside his dog house, his big, blunt muzzle resting on his forepaws. He was sleeping and his body twitched as he dreamed his doggy dreams. The great Dane had been dreaming about biting a juicy bunny.

His nostrils flared.

That wasn’t juicy bunny that he was smelling. Still dreaming, the massive brute became aware of hot pussy. His eyelids flickered and his long, red tongue lolled out over his fangs. Under him, his balls began to swell and his prick started to stiffen. His long cockshaft hardened, pressing a furrow into the earth.

Mandy and Linda walked up, stark naked, giggling and flushed with excitement.

Rex opened one eye. He sniffed, then both eyes snapped open. He gazed up, puzzled. That was most definitely hot cunt that he smelled, but there was not a bitch in heat to be seen. Being only a dumb animal, it took the dog a few moments before it dawned on him that he was getting that delicious aroma from the two girls. He was perplexed. Why was his cock getting big and hard because of human scent?

Mandy knelt down on one side of the dog and Linda knelt down on the other. The dog’s head swung from side to side, sniffing each juicy pussy in turn. His cock was like a lever now, pressing down into the ground and lifting his haunches up.

Mandy reached under him.

“Shit, the fucker’s got a hard-on already!” she said. She ran her palm up his long prick. “Christ, it’s huge!”

Linda reached under the Great Dane from the other side. She cupped his bloated balls, lifting gently, as if she were weighing his cumload on a manual scale.

“Ain’t as big as a pony’s cock,” she said.

The girls shared a mischievous look.

Rex was bemused. No human had ever stroked his prick before and he couldn’t understand it, but he knew that it felt damn good. He gave a little yelp.

“C’mon, boy, get up,” Mandy urged.

The Great Dane got to his feet obediently, he stood stiff-legged between the kneeling girls. They looked under him. His cock was fully erect now. The bright red knob had come squeezing out from “his coCK&ra&t his prick was so long that his cockhead reached up across his smooth belly.

Linda fingered his prick knob. It felt like a lump of iron encased in firm rubber.

Mandy gave his cockshaft a. skimming stroke, causing his prickhead to flare in Linda’s hand. Then she tightened her grip and push-pulled, jacking his cock. As her fist came up, his pricksheath curled over the ledge behind his elongated cockhead, and as she pushed back down toward his balls, his cockhead stood out, naked and throbbing.

Rex turned his head, looking at Mandy, then at Linda. His tongue hung out, dripping, he was beginning to get the idea that he was in for some unusual fun. He wagged his tail.

Linda still felt nervous about being out in the yard, naked, in plain sight. The danger of being seen added to the thrill, in a way, but she wasn’t able to relax.

“Let’s take him into the house, okay?” she suggested.

“Okay. I guess we better,” Mandy agreed. She got to her feet. Her face was contorted by lust and she wondered why it had never before occurred to her to fool around with her doggy.

How handy it was going to be to have a big prick available to her at all times, especially on days like today when there were no boys around! It was sort of raunchy to do things with a doggy, of course, but the dog couldn’t blow the whistle on her. And Linda sure wasn’t going to, since she was involved, herself… and since she had admitted to blowing her pony.

Mandy parted her slim thighs and pushed her belly out. The Great Dane snorted and slid his snout into her groin. His cold, wet nose bumped against her taut fuck button and Mandy shuddered with the pleasure of that contact.

Rex took a tentative lick at her wet cunt.

“Shit, his tongue is better than yours,” Mandy giggled, pumping her belly up and down. Then, afraid that she might have insulted her friend, from whom she hoped to get lots of head in the future, she amended it, “Well, maybe not better… just longer.”

“C’mon-let’s get him inside,” Linda urged, eager to have his big prick in privacy.

“C’mon, Rex, you can lap my cunt inside,” Mandy said, drawing her crotch away. His tongue flipped in the air, then lolled down, dripping with saliva and cuntjuice. The two girls walked toward the house, and the big dog frolicked at her heels, sniffing at her naked asses, his cock bobbing up and down under his belly. His fuckrod was so long that he seemed to be stepping astride a horizontal pole. He was whining and yelping as he followed them into the house and on up the stairs. They led him into Mandy’s bedroom.

“What’ll we do with him first?” Linda asked.

“Shit, I don’t know. You wanna blow him?”

Linda looked shy but she said, “I bet he’d like a blowjob, huh? I guess he’s never had one.”

“Naw. Even French poodles don’t suck cock,” said Mandy.

Rex was nuzzling at her cunt again. The redhead sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide apart. “You can play with his prick while he laps my cunt, okay?” she suggested. “That’ll get him real worked up. Then we’ll suck his prick!”

“Ooooh, yeah! And drink his cum!” enthused the blonde.

Mandy grabbed the doggy by the collar and she hauled his snout into her crotch, holding him there, although that was not necessary, for the dog was intrigued by her delicious pussy. His head bobbed up and down as he slapped his long, wet, nimble tongue up her flooded cuntslit and over her throbbing clit.

“Oh, fuck! That’s good!” Mandy gasped.

Her ass was on the edge of the bed and she shifted her hips from side to side as Rex lapped merrily away on her cunt. She arched her back, thrusting her hairy pussy against his muzzle. Her pink cuntlips rippled and parted, and the dog’s tongue was slurping right up inside her creamy fuckhole.

Linda took his cock in her hand and she began to jack it up and down. But she was jacking him slowly, not getting into the rhythm that would make him come because she didn’t want to waste the doggy’s first load on a handjob. Cum was too delicious to taste. Pulling on his prick, she watched his tongue slide up her friend’s juicy cuntslot. Rex seemed to be really enjoying his snack. Linda didn’t blame him, either. She knew how delectable Mandy’s pussy tasted.

Her hand slid back onto his balls. They were swollen like an over-inflated balloon. She squeezed gently and felt his rock-hard balls shift inside the loose skin. He might not have as much cum stored up as a pony, but he obviously had an abundant load of the creamy stuff and Linda was looking forward to finding out if doggy jism tasted any different from horsey jism.

Mandy threw her knees up, hooking them around the dog’s brawny shoulders, working her cunt against his snout and tongue. Whimpering with joy, the brute slurped away. His tongue flipped up, running out from the crack of her ass, into her cunt. Cuntjuice flicked out, soaking her belly and matting her pussy hair.

Linda rather envied the dog that feast. Grinning impishly, she leaned up and began to lap the cuntjuice off the redhead’s belly and out of her curly cuntmound. The dog’s head bobbed up. Linda licked his black nose, which was streaked with pussyjuice. Then she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue into her lips in a bizarre French kiss, sucking doggy slobber and pussyjuice from that long, wet tongue. She slid her own tongue against it. Mandy was whimpering at finding her pussy neglected. Linda gave the doggy’s tongue a last suck, then drew her lips away.

The dog lapped at her mouth and chin, then ducked his head back into Mandy’s creamy cunt.

“You gonna come, Mandy?” Linda asked, her voice husky.

“Yeah! I wanna cream his fucking tongue!”

Rex rumbled deep in his throat, as if he comprehended her words and looked forward to her orgasm. He was panting heavily, his flanks heaving in and out. His haunches humped as he fucked through Linda’s fist. She stroked his prick slowly, rubbing her tongue against the underside of his cock knob as her fist pulled up. His hairy prickshaft was pulsating violently in her hand, throbbing and thundering. It felt so taut that she thought it might twang, were she to flick it. His fat fuckrod was vibrating like a tuning fork. She knew that the doggy was really inspired, both by her hand and by the cunt that he was lapping, and that it wouldn’t take much sucking to bring him off.

She hoped he could come more than once. Her mouth was watering and her cunt was foaming. He humped through her fist. She held his balls in one hand, rolling them around in her palm, weighing the amount of jism that they contained.

His tongue slapped up Mandy’s cunt. Cuntjuice and doggy slobber poured down her hairy crotch and soaked into the crack of her ass. The cunt-hungry dog dipped his muzzle lower, tonguing his own saliva back out of her asscrack, swallowing as his mouth filled. He was stabbing his snout against her now, as if trying to bury his whole head right up inside her pussy.

His tongue slurped, and her hot, juicy pussy squished as he lapped up her cuntslot. Her clit was swollen and sparking.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cream the motherfucker!” Mandy gasped. “Lap it up, boy! Lap it all up!”

She began to thrash about in frenzied convulsions, arching and bridging and bowing. Her whole lithe body was shaking as the thrill built up in her crotch. The doggy seemed to realize that his mistress was about to climax on his tongue. He lapped away faster than ever, frantically tonguing her pussy.

A spasm shook Mandy’s loins violently.

“I’m fucking creaming!” she wailed.

Linda saw a milky flood of cuntjuice slide onto the dog’s long red tongue, a river of cream pouring into his mouth. Rex whined and slurped at her flowing pussy. His tongue lapped her cuntjuice up, flipping up her open cuntslot, spraying it out. He gulped and swallowed. His big head wallowed around. As he tongued out her pussy, his cock got bigger than ever. It felt like a thunderbolt in Linda’s gently stroking hands. His prickhead pumped in and out like a lung and the tip of his naked cock knob had started to drip now. Frothy doggy cum lathered his hot red prickmeat, making Linda drool. She slid her hand up to his cock knob, gathering some of that pre-cum into her palm. Then she held her hand up to her face and lapped the doggy jizz from her palm, like a cat lapping cream from a bowl. It was as tasty as pony cum, she thought, getting more hungry than ever.

Then Mandy was wailing and sobbing as she reached the crest and the spasms of bliss filled her loins. Her pussy climaxed onto the doggy’s slurping tongue. She cried wildly as her cuntjuice pulsed out. It poured down in a creamy cascade, and Rex lapped merrily away, gathering the cunt honey up with his tongue.

Her fuck button went off like a volcano and the cuntjuice poured out even faster. She hovered at the peak, her whole body shaking. Then she sighed with contentment, slumping back. Rex cavorted away, lapping up the last delicious drops.

Then he raised his soaking muzzle, an inquisitive look in his big, soulful eyes, as if to ask: What now?

And now it was time for the doggy to have some fun.



“You want the dog to tongue your pussy now, Linda?” Mandy asked, sitting up on the bed.

“Not now,” the horny blonde said, shaking her head and grinning. The pink tip of her tongue showed. “I got all the sucking I needed from you, Mandy. I want to do some cock-sucking now.”

“You really gonna blow the fucker?” Mandy asked, impressed. She hadn’t been absolutely sure about that, nor that Linda had been telling the truth about sucking her pony’s prick. Mandy had had an idea that maybe Linda had only said that to get her turned on. Maybe Linda had come over to visit with cunt-lapping on her mind and made up that naughty story to make Mandy hot. But Mandy, who was every bit as horny as Linda, had hoped that it was true.

Now she could tell, by the hungry look on her friend’s face, that it was indeed true. Even though she had just climaxed very wildly on the Great Dane’s nimble tongue, the prospect was so exciting that the redhead began to get horny all over again.

“Sure, I am. Aren’t you?” Linda replied. Mandy hesitated for a moment. This was all new to her. Did she really want a mouthful of doggy prick? But then she looked under the big brute and saw how big and hard and hot his cock was… and how tasty it looked.

“Let’s do it together!” she said.

“Take turns sucking on his cock, you mean?”

“Yeah!” Mandy said enthusiastically. “But who gets to swallow his cum?” Linda asked.

Mandy shrugged and grinned.

“Whoever gets lucky,” she said. Then, looking at the animal’s huge, bloated balls, she added, “Anyhow, it looks as if there’s plenty of cum for both of us.”

“Ummm, yummy! C’mon, Mandy, let’s get the fucking doggy’s cock milked off!” Linda cried.

Rex cocked his head and the head of his cock flared. The dog was still uncertain and confused. He had loved lapping his mistress’ hot pussy but now his hard-on was on the rampage. He was in an agony of need and frustration and not at all sure if the girls were going to do anything about it. Linda’s hand had felt nice, pumping his prick, but now she , had stopped and, unattended, his massive cockshaft was throbbing desperately.

Mandy slid down from the bed and she curled onto her flank, beside the trembling Great Dane. Linda was sitting farther back.

“Want the first taste?” Mandy asked graciously.

“Um-hum!” Linda chirped.

She folded her fist around the root of the doggy’s prick, drawing the hairy sheath back taut so that his meaty cockhead was thrusting out, naked and flaring. She gazed at it for a moment. A creamy glob of jism was bubbling from his pisshole, frothy and white as it trickled down the red meat of his prickhead.

Linda stuck her tongue out.

“Watch,” she whispered. But Mandy was already watching, totally fascinated.

Linda ran her pink tongue over the head of the Great Dane’s prick, lapping up his jizz.

“Ummm,” she sighed.

“Holy shit!” Mandy gasped. Although Mandy was a horny little teenager who had sucked and fucked with lots of guys, and had also recently done some cuntlapping, she figured that this was the dirtiest thing she had ever been involved in. The very sight of it sent rockets of passion shooting through her loins.

Linda lapped the doggy’s prickhead with joy. His milky cum trickled over her pink tongue, dripping from the edges. That jism looked paler on her pink tongue than it did on his red cockmeat. It was frothy and creamy, thick and slippery. Mandy leaned closer, awe showing on her face, her eyes aglow with desire. Her own tongue was gliding back and forth across her lips as she anticipated licking that succulent lump of prickmeat when her turn came.

Rex growled and panted. Although the dog had often licked his own cock, as dogs do, there had been little pleasure involved, nothing compared to having his prickmeat licked by the girl! He couldn’t comprehend why she was doing this. Being a dumb animal, the Great Dane thought that tongues were only used to clean cocks, but no cleansing action had ever felt like this!

The horny blonde virgin was lapping all over the naked red meat of the dog’s cockhead, fluttering and slurping. She pushed the tip of her tongue into his pisshole. More cum bubbled out onto her lips. She greedily licked it up.

“Fuck! Tongue his prick, Linda!” Mandy squealed. She cupped a hand over her smoldering cunt and began to play with herself. But then she stopped. Mandy didn’t want to waste her next climax on her own hand. She had better ideas.

The dog’s cockhead was twitching now. As Linda slurped up his cum, replacing it with her saliva, that frothy saliva dripped from his fiery prickmeat.

Rex whined and his haunches rippled. He humped, thrusting the head of his prick into the blonde girl’s radiant face. His balls were as big as melons and his long, hairy cockshaft was pounding away like a meaty jackhammer.

Linda was still holding the hilt of his cock in her hand. She began to wipe his cockhead all over her face, her wrist tilting back and forth as if she were using a grease pencil to inscribe herself with slimy cosmetics or a tubular paintbrush to white wash her face. His weeping cockhead drew a slippery trail of jism along her cheek. She rubbed it in the hollow of her throat and cum pooled up in that delicate depression. She slid his pricktip across her pursed lips, soaking them with jizz, then using her tongue to lap it up.

She kissed the tip of the dog’s cock. Then, glancing to make sure that Mandy was watching, she slowly let her lips part and fed his cockhead into her mouth.

“Fucking shit!” Mandy moaned.

Linda’s cheeks hollowed in as she sucked hungrily on the aching head of the dog’s cock. Her hps pulled lovingly on his prickmeat and her tongue slid around against the underside of his big knob. She bobbed her head down, feeding more of his prick into her hungry mouth, taking some of the hairy shaft, as well as the huge wedge of his prickhead, into her mouth. She knew she might get some hair stuck between her teeth, but that was a small price to pay for this succulent mouthful of throbbing, juicing dog prick.

She began to bob up and down, taking a little more of his cock into her mouth with every slurp.

His cockhead slid right back into her throat.

“Unghhh!” she gagged as his fat prick knob clogged her gullet and cut off her air. But she held the depth of the penetration, her lips working on his hairy fuckrod as she felt his slippery, dripping cockhead slide into her throat. Thick drops of jism ran down into her belly. Then she drew back up.

“Ahhh,” she sighed, mouthing his cock knob again.

Her head descended once again. This time the ravenous dog lover took the animal’s, massive prick in to the roots, burying it balls-deep in her voracious mouth.

Linda’s eyes were glazed with pure lust. She loved sucking on the Great Dane’s cock. She bobbed down to the root again, her chin jamming against his balls.

The dog’s cock might not have been as big as the pony’s massive prick, but that was more than compensated for by the fact that she was able to get the whole fucking thing into her mouth!

Linda swallowed. Then she drew her lips back up. His hairy fuckrod came out of her mouth, matted with saliva. With just his prickhead between her lips, she sucked, her lips worked around his red cockmeat. “Ummm,” she purred, as she nursed on his savory cockhead.

“Give me a taste!” Mandy wailed. She was looking on like a hungry child at a candy store window. Her mouth was watering and her lips were glistening with spit.

Linda was reluctant to give up that lovely mouthful. But it was, after all, Mandy’s doggy and it was only fair that Mandy get a chance to suck his cock, as well. Linda gave his prick another slurp, then reluctantly drew her lips away.

Mandy leaned in and began to lick his glistening cockhead, lapping up Linda’s slobber along with the doggy jism.

“Oh!” the redhead gasped as she got her first-ever taste of dog meat, and she discovered how hot and hard and succulent his huge cockhead was.

“It’s fucking scrumptious!” she wailed.

Rex howled. His hind legs scrambled on the carpeted floor as he jabbed his prick out into Mandy’s face. She let his pricktip slide through her lips and into her mouth. She sucked adoringly on it. Linda had no basis of comparison, but Mandy sure as hell did, and the redhead had decided that dog prick was tastier than human prick, meatier and muskier and with a more pleasing texture. She nursed joyfully on his big, rubbery cockhead.

Cum trickled onto her tongue. She let the hot jism run over her tingling tastebuds, then drank it.

Envious of that mouthful, Linda pushed her face in and began to lick the doggy’s bloated balls. Her tongue flipped over them and they swelled even more. She kissed and sucked, taking his hairy ball-sac right into her wide-open mouth.

Linda was afraid that Mandy, now that she had found out how delicious the dog’s cock was, might keep right on sucking until she had greedily milked him off and swallowed it all.

But Mandy was not selfish.

She drew her lips away, smiling. Linda fitted her parted lips to the underside of the dog’s cockshaft, where the fat vein was pounding violently away, then she slid up, as if she were playing a hairy flute. Coming to his pricktip, she tilted her head and mouthed his knob.

Rex humped, fucking into her mouth.

Now Mandy was envious. She slid down and lapped at the dog’s ball-sac, like Linda had. Then, getting really carried away, she moved behind him, lifted his tail, and began to rim the animal’s asshole out with her hot tongue.

Rex yelped at this new sensation and plunged his prick all the way into Linda’s eager mouth, his slippery, dripping cockhead plowing right down her throat.

Jism trickled down her throat.

She sucked so hard that she seemed to be trying to inhale his prick right down into her lungs. She blew down his fuckrod, causing it to swell, then inhaled again.

Mandy tongued out the animal’s asshole for a while, then moved back up for another turn on his cockhead. Linda reluctantly let it slide from her lips. His meaty prick knob popped out like a cork from a bottle. But that cork was a bottle, itself, a bottle that was just about ready to be poured from.

Mandy mouthed his cock knob, nursing on his succulent prickmeat. Linda didn’t want to get her mouth too far away. She wanted to be there when the doggy blew his wad. She placed her cheek alongside the redhead’s and pushed her tongue out, lapping at his cock as it slid in and out of Mandy’s compressed lips.

They passed his prick back and forth between them, sharing the delicious mouthful equally and graciously. Linda took a long slurp, then Mandy enjoyed a suck. His cock came back to Linda. She folded her tongue into an arch and let the dog’s cockhead and hairy fuckrod run over it as he plunged back into her throat.

Rex howled.

“Oh, shit! He’s gonna shoot!” Mandy cried.

The Great Dane blew his first lump of jizz out as he was withdrawing from Linda’s mouth, so that the thick, hot load skimmed over her bridged tongue as it slid back into her throat. The blonde went wild as that savory jizz hit her tastebuds. She swallowed it down with a cry of pure joy.

Mandy was ready, her mouth wide open. Rex humped and shot his second creamy wad out as he fucked into Mandy’s mouth. It hosed her throat and whitewashed her tonsils. She gulped it down.

His throbbing, spurting cockhead pulled out from the redhead’s hps, angling toward Linda again, but his third dose shot out before his prick was in her mouth, the slimy cum shooting all over her face and lips and fluttering tongue.

Back and forth they passed his prick, each horny cum-lover getting a tasty mouthful in turn. It seemed as if the massive brute was never going to stop coming. His balls seemed to be a bottomless fountain of the precious prickjuice. The girls didn’t have to do anything now. The doggy had fallen into the pattern of it, fucking each of them in the mouth in turn.

Yelping and whimpering, he plunged on, his energy and vitality just starting to ebb. His last spurt shot into Linda’s greedy mouth, hitting the roof and cascading down her throat. He fucked into Mandy’s mouth then, but only a trickle came out, seeping into her cheeks. At long last the dog’s cock and balls were drained.

Whining, he drew away.

The girls seemed stunned by it. Both of their mouths were full of jism. They had swallowed and gulped for all they were worth, but there had simply been too much of the precious stuff to drink all of it, even though they had shared the load between them. Cum had overflowed the lips and run down onto their chins.

Now the horny teenagers turned to each other, grinning with cream-soaked lips, their eyes glowing with passion. They began to lick the dog cum from each other’s lips and chin. They shared cum-drenched tongues back and forth. Saliva and doggy jizz ran back and forth between their mouths as they shared the animal’s sweet cockjuice still, even though his cock was no longer spurting the stuff out.

Between them, they lapped up and swallowed every drop.

Then, both with the same thought, the girls turned to see if the dog still had a stiff prick.

And he did…



The Great Dane was running back and forth across the room, half crazed by the wonderful thing that had happened to him. He didn’t understand it at all. Why had it felt like he was fucking a bitch when his cock had only been in the girls’ mouths? The dumb animal could not fathom the fact that a human mouth could be a willing substitute for a fuckhole.

As he ran back and forth, he worried over his prick. His balls had shrunk as they were emptied, but his prick was still almost as hard as it had been before he’d gotten his rocks off. If he had spilled his jizz up a bitch’s cunt, the two of them would have been locked together now, waiting for someone to throw a bucket of cold water over them. But that was not the case, and his stiff cock was not stuck up anything… and was therefore still available.

His fuckrod bobbed up and down like a horizontal pendulum, his bright-red cockhead rising and falling, cum dripping from his pisshole and trailing down to the floor like the gossamer strands of a delicate spider web.

He yelped and whined in confusion, his doggy brain unable to cope with the situation… but his doggy cock and balls more than able to deal with things.

Both girls grinned when they saw that the dog’s prick was still rigid. It was almost as hard as it had been to begin with, and just as long and thick.

“Here, Rex,” Mandy called.

The Great Dane came over, his head lowered and his haunches squirming, panting with his tongue hanging out. Linda sat back, her knees lifted and her thighs apart. The dog’s head turned back and forth between the two girls. Mandy was on her knees so he thrust his muzzle into the blonde’s groin and began to slap his long, wet tongue up the girl’s creamy cuntslot.

“Ohhhhh, that’s nice,” she sighed. Her hips jolted as she pumped her cunt against his tongue.

“What’ll we do with this fucker?” Mandy asked, reaching under the dog to feel his rippling prick. A wicked gleam came into her tilted green eyes.

Linda noticed that look and said, “What you got in mind?”

“Wanna fuck him?” Mandy asked.

“Oooooh! I’m not sure. I mean, I’m cherry and all. Maybe I shouldn’t let him fuck my cunt.”

“Shit, dogs don’t count,” Mandy said… although, in truth, she had no idea if they counted or not. “You’re still a virgin until a guy comes in your pussy.”

“I… I don’t know… ” Linda said hesitantly.

Mandy shrugged. “Well, I’ll let the bastard fuck me,” she said. “I ain’t no fucking virgin!” She fondled and stroked his cock, getting it fully erect again. His prick throbbed in her hand and she knew it would feel great to have his big, hairy cockshaft throbbing away when it was jammed up her cunt.

“You wanna hold his balls while he fucks my cunt, Linda?” she asked. “Or shall I suck your pussy while he fucks me?”

“Shit, I don’t know!” Linda wailed, driven by her lust, wishing now that she had not declined the offer, that she had agreed to getting fucked by the doggy. “After he fills your cunt with dog cum, can I suck it out of you?”

“Sure, honey,” Mandy said. “I’ll bet his cum is even tastier when it’s mixed with pussy-juice.” She gave a little moan. “Shit, I’m so fucking hot! I want everything!” And then, as she said that, her eyes widened with a sudden inspiration.

“I know what I want!” she cried.

“Ain’t you gonna fuck him?” Linda asked.

“Shit, he’s my doggy, I can fuck him whenever I like. But right now I want his prick up my asshole!”

Linda squealed at the thought.

The dutiful doggy was still slurping happily away at Linda’s creamy pussy and now the naughty girl’s mind was as horny as her cunt as she considered Mandy’s new suggestion.

“I ain’t never been fucked up the shit chute,” Mandy explained. “I been wondering what it would feel like, and wanting it. But no guy ever tried it, and it ain’t the sort of thing a girl wants to come right out and ask for, you know? It’s kind of dirty, right? But the fucking dog don’t care and he can’t fucking tell anyone, anyhow. And I don’t mind you knowing about it, since you’re as fucking dirty as I am. So since you’re here, you can help the fucking doggy get his big prick stuck up my ass, okay?”

Linda nodded wordlessly.

“He’ll probably aim for my cunt, so you make sure his cock goes up the right fucking hole,” Mandy said. She giggled. “Or the wrong one, depends how you see it.”

The lusty redhead turned over onto her hands and knees. Rex raised his head out of Linda’s juicy pussy, his jaws dripping with frothy cunt cream as he saw the girl positioned just the way, to a doggy, a female ought to be positioned.

His soulful eyes seemed questioning and he rumbled deeply in his throat. Mandy looked back over her shoulder, grinning. Her head was down and her taut little ass was thrust up at the highest point of her kneeling body.

Rex sniffed at her ass and crotch, pricking his ears up, his hot breath wafting over her haunches. She wriggled her ass around in his face, as if she were wagging a tail. His own tail was wagging back and forth energetically.

Linda crawled over, her tits bobbing up and down.

“Gee, your asshole looks awful small,” she remarked. “You think his big prick will fit up there?”

“I fucking hope so!” Mandy rasped.

“Maybe… maybe I ought to sort of get your shit chute nice and wet, huh?” Linda suggested. “With my tongue?”

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Tongue my asshole out!”

Linda placed her palms on the cheeks of the redhead’s ass and she spread the smooth globes wide apart. Ducking down, she ran her tongue up the girl’s asscrack, then began to stab it up the girl’s asshole. Her tight brown shitter rippled and parted. Linda slobbered into Mandy’s asshole, getting it well lubricated with her saliva.

When she drew back, the Great Dane thrust his big head out and he began lapping at Mandy’s ass, himself.

Linda figured that it would be a good idea to get the doggy’s cock wet, too. She slipped her lips over his prickhead and gave it a good sucking. The remaining jism of his last ejaculation tingled on her tastebuds as the congealed cum melted and reheated in her mouth. His prickmeat was as succulent as ever and, gazing down his long, hairy fuckrod, as she nursed on his cock knob, she saw that the dumb brute’s balls were starting to swell up with a new cum load. It thrilled her to know that that new load of hot, foaming prickjuice was going to soon be squirting right up into Mandy’s bowels!

“Don’t you dare suck him off!” Mandy cried, looking back and seeing that her friend had a mouthful of doggy cock.

“Sorry-just getting his ball-sac filled up for you, Mandy, nice and full for your fucking asshole!” Linda explained.

Mandy shifted her ass about. As she lowered her loins, her asscheeks spread out and her brown shitter hole was revealed, wet with Linda’s saliva and fluttering open in expectation. Her asshole looked so tasty that Linda simply had to give it another tongue-fucking. The horny blonde switched back and forth, her head turning, taking a slurp of prick and then a lick of shit chute. She was already drooling as she thought of how she would suck the doggy’s cum out of the redhead’s asshole after he had filled her bowels with his hot, thick jism. Linda was as hot as she could get, so damned horny that she half expected her pussy to suddenly burst into flames. The cuntjuice that was pouring down the insides of her thighs felt like molten lava. The smell of pussy drifted up from the gaping crater of her volcanic cunt.

She would have been happy to carry on, taking a suck off of the doggy’s prick, and then a snack of Mandy’s asshole, but Mandy was starting to squirm with impatience.

“Get the fucker up me, for chrissake!” she cried, switching her ass from side to side. Her cherry asshole was quivering in anticipation of its first-ever fucking.

Linda got her head out of the way. She patted the redhead on the ass, urging the dog to hop up. Rex whined and his haunches sank down as he prepared to spring. His tail switched across the floor. He ran his tongue up the kneeling girl’s crotch, lapping her from her hairy cuntmound all the way up to her asshole. Then he gave a little yelp and jumped up, mounting her haunches in the classic doggy fuck position. His forelegs wrapped around her hips, clinging to her.

The dog humped. His prick slid off the back of her thigh. He humped again and his cockhead rebounded from the lower slope of her quivering ass.

“Help the motherfucker!” Mandy gasped. “Put his prick in me!”

Linda grasped the Great Dane’s thick fucktool by the hilt. He was still humping frantically, driving his hairy cock through her fist, his swollen prick knob bouncing off his mistress’ ass. His haunches corkscrewed and his backbone twisted into an S shape as he tucked his loins in against the kneeling girl’s loins.

Linda guided the tip of his cock into Mandy’s asshole.

She spread the girl’s tight brown shitter open with her left hand and pushed the doggy’s cockhead in with her right hand. His pricktip fitted up Mandy’s asshole, then stuck fast. Mandy moaned and jerked, desperate to get her shit chute full of prick. The dog cocked his head. Perhaps he had just realized that his prick was fitted into the girl’s asshole, instead of up her cunt. But he had already learned that a human mouth can be used like a cunt, and a hole was a hole to the horny dog. He knew nothing of human perversion, but he knew damned well that he had to get his cock and balls emptied again.

He began to hump into her ass.

Inch by inch, his cockmeat fucked into her, going just a little bit deeper with every savage lunge.

Mandy’s asshole fluttered and loosened. For a terrible moment she thought that his cock was too big to fit in her shit chute, but his fat slab of naked prickmeat was levering in. Then his cock knob was buried and her asshole was gripping his hairy fuckrod, and she sighed happily, knowing that his cockhead was the fattest part of his long, thick prick and that where his big prickknob could fit, the rest was sure to follow. She pushed her ass back to meet his thrusts as the desperate doggy fucked his cockmeat in with resolute strokes.

Linda, panting, watched the Great Dane’s fat, hairy cockshaft push up Mandy’s asshole, vanishing deeper with every stroke. Mandy shuddered. Her bowels opened up and her asshole relaxed and the next time the doggy fucked his prick into her, he buried his boner to the balls. Every inch of his hairy fuckrod was up her ass.

“Oh!” she cried as she felt his flaming cockhead probe into her bowels and his throbbing prickshaft thunder up her shit chute. The dog was delving into virgin territory, and Mandy found out that the exploration of those unknown regions was a joy. She lowered her head to the floor, hiking her ass up. The dog withdrew, every inch of his bristly prick grating and rasping as it pulled out of her tight asshole. Her tight shitter mouth clamped shut around his cockshaft, just behind his prickhead, holding his naked fuckmeat inside her.

Rex fucked it up her pussy again, going in to the roots. His swollen balls swung in like the clapper of a hairy bell, whacking against her cunt as his cock plowed her asshole. “Fucking hell!” Mandy wailed. “Oh, shit! It’s wonderful, Linda! The fucker is buggering me!”

“He sure as shit is,” Linda whimpered as she watched the Great Dane’s cockmeat disappear, then come sliding back out, his hairy prickshaft matted with ass juice.

Oh, how the horny blonde envied the redhead this pleasure. Her own asshole was trembling with jealousy and her cunt was creaming and her clit felt like it was going to erupt. She began to finger her pussy with one hand. Her other hand slid down behind her and she gently poked her middle finger up her asshole, wishing that it was a dog’s cock instead of a finger. As she fingerfucked her ass and cunt, the girl leaned in and lapped hungrily at the dog’s balls. They swung in and out like a kitten on a sheer curtain. Her tongue danced on his hairy ball-sac. Then she began to lick his cock as it pulled out, soiled with the juices of the redhead’s bowels. She moved behind the fucking doggy and gave his asshole a few tongue strokes. His tail was swirling around like a propeller as his haunches slammed in.

Mandy and the doggy were in rhythm together. She shoved her ass back as he fucked into her bowels, and as he withdrew, she rotated her hips, winding her asshole around his prick like a juicy nut around a white-hot bolt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Mandy gasped, voicing her desire and her actions each time she felt her asshole fill up with cockmeat. The Great Dane’s long, thick prick was filling her to the brim, stuffing her to the womb.

Linda pushed three fingers up Mandy’s vacant cunt.

Through the slender dividing wall of flesh, she could feel the doggy’s cock slide in and out of the girl’s other fuck tunnel.

She began to fingerfuck the redhead with the same rhythm that the doggy was buggering her, so that both of Mandy’s fuckholes were getting filled at the same time. Her thumb worked against Mandy’s throbbing fuck button and her tongue flitted here and there, taking a taste of balls, a lick of cockrod, a lap at Mandy’s cuntlips, a slurp on her fluttering clit. Then she began to shove her tongue up Mandy’s asshole, alongside the dog’s cock.

Mandy was going wild with the joy of it. Her asshole clutched and dragged on the dog’s prick and her cunt sucked and pulled on Linda’s probing fingers.

She felt as if her bowels were a vacuum, sucking the dog’s prick in to fill the void.

Rex fucked his prickmeat into her, faster and faster, yelping and howling as the thrill built up in his loins and his big balls began to expand toward the bursting point. Mandy was already climaxing, her cuntjuice pouring over Linda’s hand and down her crotch. Ribbons of pearly juice ran down her thighs. The dog’s swinging balls were soaking with cunt cream, and Linda tongued them hungrily. Linda loved to drink cuntjuice and the tasty stuff was even more delicious when it was lapped up from a dog’s ball-sac.

Rex hauled her ass back with his paws as he plunged in. He was mounted on her curved, upthrust ass like a tree-frog on a branch, stuck fast up her shit chute and burying every fuck- ing inch of his long hairy cock each time he plowed in.

Linda turned onto the back and she pushed her head in under them, so that the thick drops of cuntjuice that were oozing out splashed into her face and into her open mouth. She was still fingerfucking herself in both of her horny fuckholes, her whole nubile body jerking and twitching with the thrill of it.

Oh, how she hoped that the Great Dane would still have a hard-on after he climaxed in Mandy’s asshole!

Linda just had to have some of that doggy cock! Her virgin cunt was creaming for it, yearning to be full of prick.

Whimpering and panting like a dog, herself, she watched the big brute plunder her friend’s asshole with furious strokes.

“Oh! Oh! Ahhhhh!” wailed Mandy as she jerked and squirmed under the pounding prick of the frantic Great Dane. He drove his hairy cockshaft into her tight asshole like a rivet, fucking so fast now that his haunches were a mere blur. Linda raised her head, mouth wide open. She began to suck the redhead’s cunt while the dog serviced her friend’s shit chute. Mandy wailed and gasped with the joy of it. The dog’s bloated ball-sac swung in and slap- ped Linda on the cheek as she nursed hungrily away on Mandy’s creamy cunt, grazing happily in the girl’s juicy pussy. She lapped at his balls, and then mouthed Mandy’s pussy again.

Mandy’s head went up and down. Her slender back dipped into a deep arch, ass and head raised. She could feel the dog’s huge prick all the way up her digestive track. His throbbing cockhead was stuffing her so deeply that she half expected his pricktip to come sliding into her mouth from out of her throat. Her cunt muscles throbbed as Linda’s tongue stabbed into her hot fuckhole and her ass muscles were grinding and pulling on the Great Dane’s prick, sucking his cockmeat in and tightening in a series of rings when his fuckrod was buried, as if the horny redhead was trying to digest the dog’s prickshaft.

His hard cock hissed up her asshole, his fat prick knob fucking into her bowels like a flaming comet.

Mandy was creaming. She gasped and wailed as her cuntjuice poured out into the blonde girl’s hungry mouth.

Rex howled as he heaved his cockmeat into her ass.

Suddenly his balls erupted and the hot jizz rushed up his hairy prickshaft and squirted from his cockhead in a creamy cascade, soaking the girl’s hot bowels. He shot into her ass a second time, then a third, his thick jism hosing her each time he rammed his prickmeat into her. His thick fucker was filling her to the brim and the doggy’s jism was being pumped out of her asshole as fast as he shot it into her, overflowing from her taut brown shitter and running down into her hairy crotch, where Linda was greedily sucking it up, blended with pussy cream.

“Ah!” Mandy gasped, jamming her pert little ass back to meet the big brute’s plunging prick. Then, “Ummmmm,” as the doggy drew his cockmeat back out, ready to thrust again.

His cock slammed into her ass. Mandy wailed. Linda sucked up cum and cuntjuice ravenously. The Great Dane was emptying his cock and balls steadily, slowly squirting that vast load of frothy fuck juice into the nubile redhead’s bowels. He yelped and growled. Then he began to slow down, still fucking into her shit chute but faltering as the last drops of his cum slipped into her.

“Fucking hell!” Mandy gasped as her pussy went off like a sky rocket and more cuntjuice poured into Linda’s mouth.

Getting fucked up the ass was wonderful!

The horny teenager was awfully glad that she had gotten the idea of taking doggy cock up her shit chute. She was already looking forward to the next time she got a chance to enjoy an assful of prick, human or otherwise. The species didn’t matter at all, as long as the prick was big and hard and fitted out at the hilt with a set of cum-filled balls that could squirt into her. She switched her head from side to side, then up and down. Her whole body was trembling. So much cuntjuice was pouring out of her hot pussy that she felt as if her whole body was dissolving, turning into cunt cream.

Then the dog stopped fucking and clung solidly to her haunches, panting and drooling.

Linda opened her mouth wide and clamped her lips over the redhead’s cunt, sucking hungrily.

The doggy whined.

“Is the fucker emptied?” Mandy gasped.

“I… I think so.” Linda whimpered, the words echoing right up in Mandy’s fuck tunnel.

Mandy sighed. She would have liked a few more spurts out of his hairy fuck stick. Her cunt was still spasming. She ground her ass around on the dog’s prick, working out the last of her climax on Linda’s mouth as she squirmed about.

The Great Dane began to withdraw his cock.

It was still fat and swollen and he had as much of a job hauling his prickshaft out of her tight asshole as he had getting it up there. His cock came out inch by inch, the thick, coarse hair matted with cuntjuice. His bright-red prick knob pulled from her shit chute and a deluge of doggy cum gushed out from her vacated asshole. Juice ran down into the girl’s crotch, where Linda ravenously lapped it up. Then Linda raised her head, following the river of jism that was pouring out like it was never going to stop. She lapped up the crack of Mandy’s ass, and then began to suck and rim her cum-soaked shit chute.

Rex hopped down and stood, head down, tongue hanging out, flanks heaving as he panted. Linda slid under him and took his cock into her mouth, sucking cuntjuice from his prickmeat and nursing a few last drops of delicious doggy jism from his balls.

The horny virgin switched back and forth, not knowing what she wanted to suck most. She lapped at Mandy’s asshole, slurped on her pussy and nursed with joy on soaked dog cock.

The Great Dane’s balls had collapsed again… but his big prick was as stiff as ever.

Mouthing it, Linda whimpered. Her lips pulled and dragged on his naked cockhead, then bobbed down and mouthed his hairy fuckrod, taking him back into her throat.

That mouthful was inspirational. The girl adored doggy cock and cum. Her last doubts departed.

Linda’s cunt had been cherry long enough.



Mandy turned around, resting on her hip and watching her blonde friend suck the dog’s cock. Mandy’s cunt was cooled down now but she still felt randy. Her asshole was glowing. But she didn’t want to be selfish. Linda had helped her come while the doggy assfucked her shit hole and she figured she owed the girl a climax.

“Want your cunt sucked?” she offered. “Um-ummm,” Linda whispered, without taking her mouth off the dog’s delicious cock. Then she pulled her lips down to his pricktip, gave it a last slurp and turned toward Mandy, smiling. Cum and cuntjuice foamed on her lips.

“I want to get fucked!” she said.

Mandy grinned. The dog’s balls were empty again but his cock was hard as a rock.

“Yeah! I’ll help the big fucker get his cock in you!” cried Mandy, enthusiastically.

Rex eyed them, sensing that there was more of this unusual activity in store for him and, being a dumb animal, not realizing that only naughty doggies fucked girls.

Mandy began to rub his cock and balls.

Linda hesitated, wondering how to position herself, if she should get fucked doggy fashion or face to face? She decided that it would be appropriate to get the dog prick in the canine style… the first time, at least. Linda figured she would be getting plenty of prick from Mandy’s doggy from now on.

The horny blonde got onto her hands and knees.

Rex slapped his tongue up the crack of her ass. Then he slobbered up her cunt as she hiked her ass up. Mandy patted Linda’s upthrust ass and the Great Dane responded, hopping up and clamping himself on Linda’s waist. She whimpered when she felt the canine power mounted on her ass. Mandy was holding the dog’s cock by the root. She gave his prick knob a lick, then sucked on it, tasting her own ass juices off his hot cockmeat. He fucked into her mouth. She purred, tempted to keep right on sucking. But Linda was wailing for it. Mandy gave the doggy’s cock a last slurp, then drew her mouth away and placed the swollen red tip of his cockhead into the blonde’s cunt.

Rex began to inch into her cherry fuckhole.

“Oh, fuck!” Linda wailed, as she felt cockmeat slide into her cunt. Nothing but her own fingers had ever been up her cherry cuntslot before and the girl sobbed with the thrill of it. She was going to get fucked! Dog prick was going to slide in and out of her pussy, and the animal was going to squirt his jism into her!

His fat cockhead slithered deeper. Her cunt rippled, sucking on his prick knob like a mouth. His hairy fuckrod inched in. Her pussy jerked and throbbed and her clit sparked.

“Is he up me?” she gasped.

“Only half of it, honey,” Mandy said. The other half was still unburied, a great hairy fuckrod bolting his balls to the blonde teenager’s pink cunt. “Ohhhh, he’s shoving more of his prick up your pussy! He’s gonna bury the fucking thing!”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Linda panted.

She pushed her ass back as Rex fucked in.

“Fuck! He’s up your cunt!” Mandy gasped as every last inch of his thick doggy cock vanished.

“Oh! Sweet fucking hell!” Linda wailed. Her cherry fuck tunnel was stuffed so full of dog prick that she felt as if she was transfixed, as if her hipbones were going to jump out of their sockets. Having a full cunt was wonderful. The horny girl thought that getting fucked in the cunt was going to be even better than getting fucked in the mouth! Her ass squirmed and her pussy pulled on his prickmeat. Rex was holding the full penetration, savoring the pleasure of having every inch of his stiff cock bedded in hot human pussy and letting the girl thrill to the joy of having her cunt stuffed to the brim.

Then the massive brute began to fuck her.

His hairy prick pulled out until only his cocktip was lodged in her cunt, then drove in balls-deep again.

Linda met him with counter strokes, jam- ming her cunt back as he fucked in and rolling her hips around as he withdrew, adding torque to the in and out action.

Her cuntlips were being dragged almost inside-out as his gigantic cock pulled out, then getting stuffed up inside her cuntslot as he fucked back in.

They were fucking slowly and steadily to begin with. Linda knew it was going to last a long time, since the dog’s ball-sac had already been emptied twice in mouth and asshole. The longer, the better, she was thinking. How could she ever bear to have an empty cunt again, now that she knew what a thrill it was to have her hot fuckhole gorged full of dog prick?

“He’s fucking your cunt!” Mandy gasped, her own cunt smoldering as she watched his fat hairy cock vanish, then pull back out, dripping with cuntjuice.

Mandy envied Linda’s cunt that fat load of fuck stick, and she envied the dog’s cock that sweet pussy. Her tongue tingled and she was drooling. She licked lightly at the doggy’s balls. As his fat prick pulled out, she tongued cuntjuice from his hairy cockshaft. She ran her nimble tongue up and down on Linda’s cuntlips and lapped at her smoldering fuck button.

Then she slid up, her face jamming in between the dog’s belly and the girl’s ass, lapping at her shit chute. Mandy was wild, her mouth as hot as her cunt. She rimmed out Linda’s tight little asshole, then shifted behind the doggy and gave his asshole a few deft tongue-strokes, as well, her face buried under his tail. Back and forth she moved, licking at the edges, stabbing here and there, her saliva running onto cock and cunt and asshole. Rex was fucking faster. He dragged the girl v back with his paws as he fucked his prick into her cunt.

His balls were slowly filling up again.

He yelped and howled as he fucked up into her pussy, his hairy cock hissing into her steaming-hot cunt tunnel. Stuffing her fuckhole full, he pumped cuntjuice out of her. Mandy sucked it up hungrily. He pulled out and his cockhead came slithering into her cuntslot, and Mandy gave it a loving slurp before it vanished again. Plowing up her pussy to the root, his balls slapped onto her cunt. Mandy lapped them, gurgling with the joy of it, feeling his swelling ball-sac expand as the doggy built up another load of precious cock juice.

“Oh! Ahhhhh! Ummmm!” Linda gasped as she jammed her ass back and felt her cunt fill with dog cock.

Her virgin cunt muscles were rippling, tightening around the dog’s cock as he slammed into her, sucking and dragging on his prickmeat as it went in and out.

The Great Dane shoveled his cock into her, his fat cockhead running all the way up to her womb.

Her ass was lifted as he fucked in. Her head went down to the floor, and her ass elevated. His hairy fuckrod was rubbing across her clit as it slammed in. Linda reached back between her thighs and she cupped his balls in her hand, squeezing tenderly, feeling his ball-sac get bigger as his balls spun out more jism.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she wailed, gasping the word out each time the dog stuffed her cunt.

She heaved her ass wildly about, panting and moaning with the pure pleasure of getting fucked by the big dog’s prick. Mandy’s nimble tongue continued to lap at her cuntlips and clit and darted up into her taut asshole now and then.

“Grind it to her, boy!” Mandy wailed.

Snorting and panting, Rex jammed his cock in. Linda squirmed and writhed under him. Cuntjuice sprayed out into Mandy’s eager, flushed face. Mandy’s tongue danced and darted. The Great Dane was scrambling as he heaved his haunches in and out, finding out that human cunt was even better than human mouth and asshole. Mandy parted her lips and let the dog fuck through her mouth, en route to Linda’s cunt. His balls slid up to her lips as his cockhead buried itself deeply up the blonde girl’s pussy.

“I’m getting fucked by a dog!” Linda squealed, hardly able to believe the reality of it.

Would her pony be jealous of the dog, if he knew? she wondered.

Mandy was certainly jealous, envious of that fucking, wishing that her own hot pussy was full of dog cock, too. She sure hoped that the dog would be good for one more fuck after he had drained his ball-sac into Linda’s cunt. She knew that Linda would be glad to suck her off, if the dog was not capable, but she had already enjoyed plenty of cuntlapping and now she wanted cock.

She sucked cock and cunt with the same passionate slurps, panting up Linda’s pussy, slobbering on the dog’s hairy fuckrod.

“Unghhh!” Linda gasped as the dog’s huge prick stuffed her cunt to the brim, tilting her pelvis up and down.

Rex was shoveling it to her as if he was stoking a furnace with fuck fuel and the girl met him with equal energy, abandoned to her passion. She whimpered and whined and grunted as the dog’s cock fucked her cunt, hissing up her hot fuckhole like a heated crowbar, levering and wedging and prying a passage into the depths of her loins.

He fucked faster and his balls continued to expand, slowly filling up like balloons as more cum poured into them.

“I’m creaming!” Linda wailed. “I’m fucking creaming!”

Mandy gurgled with joy and sucked up the hot, thick pussyjuice as it poured out.

Linda wailed and jerked as she came to the crest. The thrill ebbed for a moment, then began to build up again as the doggy fucked steadily on, faster with every wild lunge.

Mandy swallowed cuntjuice and her own nectar flooded out from her creamy pussy. She was so hot that she was numb; she didn’t know if she was coming or not. But she knew damned well that Linda was, because she was lapping the sweet stuff up as it gushed out around the dog’s hairy fucker.

“Coming! Fucking coming!” wailed Linda as another peak of passion darted through her belly and rushed up her straining thighs and her pussy spasmed again, turning to cream around his prickshaft. His flaring cockhead throbbed inside her and his fat prickshaft spread her cunt walls out wide and cuntjuice flowed out into Mandy’s greedy mouth.

Rex howled. His balls were huge now, big as melons, and he fucked savagely as the thrill built up and he became desperate to get his ball-sac emptied once more.

Linda was every bit as eager to feel the doggy shoot his jizz into her cunt as the doggy was to squirt his hot, thick prickjuice into her soaking fuckhole.

“Come, you fucking brute,” she sobbed.

“Oh, fuck-he’s gonna blow it up you!” Mandy gasped, feeling the dog’s hairy cockshaft expand and ripple in her lips and seeing his balls surge with his load.

Hauling her ass back, Rex plunged in frantically, going balls-deep up her cunt, his cock running through the redhead’s parted lips and it slid into the blonde’s pussy.

He jabbed in furiously and Linda bucked her ass back, meeting him, adoring his cock and yearning for his cum.

“Here it comes, Linda!” cried Mandy.

“Oh, sweet fucking shit! Here his jism comes, baby!”

Linda cried out with joyful expectation.

Then Rex howled with explosive sensation and his cum-filled balls erupted. The thick lather of his lust came rushing up his hairy prick and splashed out of his throbbing red cockhead. Linda wailed as she felt her cunt fill up with the first-ever load of precious jism. The thick cum spurted out in a creamy rope and her pussy spasmed again, cuntjuice mingling with his cum and overflowing from her fuckhole as his prick plugged her full. Hot prickmeat drove through hot jizz.

Linda gasped as she came again, and Rex kept pouring the precious jism into her smoldering pussy, hosing her womb, soaking her fuckhole. His loins jerked as he fucked in. His balls swung in and out as they kept pouring the cum up his cock and into her cunt. Her tight pussy was working like a wringer on his prickmeat, milking his cum out while she melted like a wax candle around his stiff, surging wick.

“He’s coming up my cunt!” she gasped. “Oh, fucking shit! I’m getting creamed by a fucking dog! The fucker is flooding my pussy with doggy fucking jism!”

“Feed it to her cunt, boy!” cried Mandy, watching the doggy’s hairy cock go in and out. He withdrew and his bright-red cockhead appeared in the blonde’s pink cuntlips. Mandy saw another load of jism rush out from his pisshole and shoot up Linda’s squeezing fuckhole. Her tongue slapped in, lapping some of the delicious dog cum up. She sucked at Linda’s cuntlips and clit. Linda screamed with joy. Rex drew out again. His scarlet cockhead was slippery and slimy. Another thick, foaming dose of joyjuice spurted out.

“He’s still fucking shoot in you!” Mandy wailed.

“I fucking know! Shit, I can feel his hot, thick jism splashing up my cunt!”

The Great Dane danced and pranced on his hind legs as he continued to whip his cock into her flooded cunt. Linda heaved and bucked under him as he poured the jizz up her hot fuckhole. Mandy had turned suck crazy now, as she slurped up the delicious blend of spicy dog scum and savory cuntjuice.

His prick slipped out and he shot a wad of jism into Mandy’s face. Then he was up Linda’s fuckhole again, and his cock and balls were pouring more cum into her.

At last he was empty.

He slowed, panting and whining and drooling.

Linda kept on squirming under him as she worked off the final spasms of her own orgasm and milked out the last drops of her steaming cuntjuice on his stiff cockmeat.

Getting fucked by a dog was wonderful!

Her ass and hips jerked and twitched and the last tingle of her satiation rippled through her cunt.

The Great Dane slowly pulled his prick out of her. It came out inch by inch, dripping. His fat red cockknob slipped out and cum and cuntjuice ran from her empty fuckhole in a cascade of cream.

“He’s still fucking hard!” Mandy cried.

The horny, hungry redhead took his cockmeat into her mouth and she nursed on his delicious dripping fuckrod, slobbering down his hairy prickshaft as she milked his tasty meat.

But then, to her dismay, his cock began to shrink and soften. She sucked desperately but to no avail. The dog’s cock was softening in her mouth, try as she would to suck it up hard again. She bobbed up and down, taking him balls-deep in her mouth, working with all her skill to stiffen his prickmeat.

But Rex was finished. “Oh, shit!” she sighed, letting his diminished cockshaft slip out of her mouth. Rex looked sheepish.

He walked away, staggering slightly, his loins so drained that he felt hollow and numb.

“I want to get fucked!” Mandy wailed.

“Shall I suck you off?” Linda offered.

“I want cock! I need prick!” Mandy sobbed. Then she sighed. “Yeah… eat my cunt out for me, honey. I got to come!”

Linda went down on the redhead’s cunt.

“Just lick my clit nice and easy,” Mandy urged.

“Ummmmm,” purred Linda, lapping at that tingling button of taut cuntflesh. She nibbled and sucked and licked. Mandy was so hot that she started to climax right away.

“Shit! Suck me off!” she wailed.

Linda opened her mouth wide and she began to suck with gusto. Cuntjuice bubbled past her lips. Her tongue was floating in a swamp of the frothy stuff.

Mandy jerked and twitched as she creamed.

Then she twisted around and buried her own face against the blonde’s soaking cunt, sucking doggy jism from her. The two horny teenagers rolled from side to side, sixty-nining with joy, sucking cuntjuice up and pouring cuntjuice out at the same time.

They both creamed again, sharing the thrill as it raced like an electric current back and forth between their interlocked bodies. Their mouths salivated as their cunts spasmed.

Gasping and panting, they stretched out.

“That was nice-but I still need some fucking prick!” Mandy sighed. “Where the hell can we get some stiff cock, Linda?”

“I don’t fucking know,” Linda said. “Shit, Mandy, I was a fucking innocent virgin until this morning! How the fuck would I know were we can get another prick?”

“I wonder how long that fucking dog is gonna take before he gets another hard-on?” Mandy speculated, looking at the exhausted Great Dane as he panted in the corner. His balls were collapsed and his cock had drawn back into his loins. The hairy foreskin was covering his red cockhead now. The dumb brute had done the girls a service, but now he was spent and useless.

Then Linda looked excited.

“I got a fucking idea,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“It’s been a couple hours since I milked my pony’s prick, Mandy. I bet he’s ready to come again!”

Mandy blinked, then she grinned happily.

“Fucking hell!” she said. “You gonna let your fucking pony give me a screwing, Linda?”

“Sure, Mandy… if his cock will fit up you.”

“I’ll get the fucker up me if I have to use a shoehorn!” said Mandy. The horny redhead was thrilled.

The pony was going to be pretty happy about it, too.



Mandy and Linda got dressed quickly, eager to get on with the prospect of pony fucking. Mandy didn’t bother to put any panties on under her mini skirt. The knowledge that her redheaded friend was naked under that scanty garment was a turn on for Linda. She knelt down in front of Mandy, flipped the hem of her skirt up and gave her juicy cunt a few slurps with her tongue. That turned Mandy on, in turn. Linda had already had her shorts on and Mandy got down on the floor in turn and began to kiss and lick the blonde’s groin through the material, then tugged the leg hole to the side and sent her tongue slithering up Linda’s fuckhole inside the tight shorts. The scent of hot pussy drifted out from Linda’s crotch and creamy cuntjuice ran down her smooth thighs. Mandy used her tongue to gather that tasty juice up, slurping it from the blonde’s thighs and letting it soak into her tastebuds for a moment before she swallowed it.

“Fucking hell! Cuntjuice tastes so good!” she exclaimed.

But Linda was well aware of that. As soon as the redhead had lapped all of the overflow up from her thighs, Linda raised her mini skirt again and she took a few more tongue-strokes at Mandy’s juicy pussy. Then she took her by the hips and turned her around and spent a few happy minutes licking out her asshole.

Naturally, that inspired Mandy and she unfastened Linda’s shorts, then tugged them down. Linda bent over, placing her hands on the floor. Her long blonde hair swept across the carpet and her plump tits bobbled up and down. She stood with her feet spread wide apart on the floor and Mandy knelt behind her. The redhead ran her tongue up and down the crack of the blonde’s ass, then stabbed it up into her shit chute. She slurped back down into Linda’s crotch and nursed on her cunt for awhile. Linda swayed, her ass grinding in Mandy’s face.

Both horny teenagers were eager to get to the pony’s prick, and yet they loved cuntsuck-ing so much that it was hard to stop. No sooner did their cunts get satisfied then they found their mouths were hot and hungry. It was a non-vicious circle. Linda’s clit flared and her cunt creamed and as soon as her pussy was satisfied she found that she was ravenous for a mouthful. She buried her face under Mandy’s mini skirt again. Her tongue slid up the redhead’s fuckslit and her lips sucked the cuntjuice out and as soon as she had drunk her fill of that delicious nectar, her pussy was smoldering again. It was the same for Mandy. The girls felt as if they had cunts at both ends.

There was only one solution. They had to get both ends taken care of at the same time.

Side by side, reversed, they began to sixty-nine on the floor. The Great Dane watched them, bemused, wondering what the fuck they were doing and, in his dim doggy fashion, marveling at what two human females could accomplish when they were in heat.

He wished that his prick was hard again and that his balls were swollen with another load of cum.

Mandy and Linda gobbled each other with passion. They timed it right and they climaxed at the same time, drinking hot cuntjuice as their eager cunts spasmed. They licked each other through a shared climax and sucked the cream out.

Then they got dressed again.

This time they managed to get out of the house… and to head for the barn, where the sturdy restless pony was stabled.

The pony raised his handsome head and nickered softly when the girls came into the barn. He was only a horse and his span of attention was limited but even the pony could not easily forget it once he had enjoyed a blow-job from a sexy girl. His nostrils flared as he scented hot pussy-not one, but two hot cunts! Mandy closed the barn door behind them.

The girls looked at the pony, then looked at each other, grinning with anticipation, sharing a sense of charming depravity. The pony gazed at them, tossing his head, his silken mane flowing. He snorted and pawed at the floor with one hind hoof.

“Christ! Look at that fucker’s cock!” Mandy gasped.

The pony’s prick was starting to get hard.

The dark meat of his naked cock knob came sliding slowly out from its leathery sheath. His long prickshaft extended under his belly, and between his hind legs his balls swelled up.

“It’s longer than my whole fucking body,” Mandy whimpered. “He’s gonna fill me up!”

The redhead was starting to wonder if it was possible to take such a massive cockshaft up her cunt… but she was sure as shit going to try, for she was lusting for the pony’s big cock. Her cunt rippled. Hot pussyjuice poured down her legs.

The two teenagers approached the pony’s stall.

“Wanna lick his prick a little first?” Linda asked.

“Fuck yes! Mandy wailed. “Let’s both of us tongue him and suck him for a while!”

They went into the stall and knelt down beside the excited animal. His cock was not completely stiff yet, but it was getting bigger and harder with every passing moment. He arched his neck, looking back at the girls.

Linda reached under the beast with both hands, her palms turned up. She began to stroke his fuckrod. Mandy touched his cockhead, then drew her hand back as if she had touched a hot stove. She grinned and touched his dark prickmeat again, fondling it affectionately. She slid under the pony, sitting on her ass with her knees raised and her thighs apart. The aroma of lust came out of her cunt and cuntjuice soaked into the straw on the floor of the stall.

The redhead held his cockhead between her hands. The blonde began to jack the pony’s cock up and down, causing the fat wedge of his cockhead to flare in Mandy’s hands.

The pony’s pisshole gaped open, and Mandy gave a little wail of lust as she saw the first glob jism bubbling inside his big knob. She pushed her face closer and her tongue slid out. She kissed the hot dark meat of his prickhead, and then pushed her tongue right up inside his pisshole, wriggling it about inside his cockhead. Pony cum soaked into her tastebuds and she sighed with pleasure.

She lapped all over his knob.

“It’s fucking delicious,” she moaned.

“Don’t I fucking know it!” Linda said.

“Fuck-pony prick tastes better than dog cock, even!” Mandy wailed, as her hot tongue slurped lavishly on his dark prickmeat. Still tonguing his cockhead, the horny redhead opened her blouse. She took his prick knob between her hands again and tugged it lower down, rubbing his hot cockmeat against her thrusting tits. Her nipples stiffened and flared against the dark flesh of his cock crown. She lifted it, licked it, lowered it onto her tits again.

The pony humped, pushing his fat cock out through Linda’s hands and onto Mandy’s tits.

Frothy cum ran into her cleavage. Blobs of hot jizz dripped from her nipples.

Linda slid up and slurped Mandy’s fat tit tip into her lips, sucking pony jism off of her taut nugget of tit meat. Then she ran her tongue up the deep cleavage, lapping more of the delicious jizz up, while Mandy tongued the horse’s knob some more.

Linda fitted her flattened tongue against the underside of the pony’s cockhead, fluttering it at the sensitive spot where the fat vein spread out into the wedge of his knob. Then she slid down, running her nimble tongue along the underside of his veined stalk, lapping all the way down from his knob to his balls. She kissed and licked and sucked on the animal’s bloated sac of cum.

A spurt of jism hit Mandy’s in the face.

She gasped and opened her mouth and sucked adoringly on the animal’s dripping pisshole.

Jism ran into her mouth. Her tongue was floating in the swamp of the pony’s creamy pre-cum flow. Like any fine appetizer, that taste made the horny redhead hungry for more. She wanted the pony’s prick stuck up her cunt, and yet as she mouthed his cockmeat, she wanted to drink his cum, as well-wanted to have her cock and eat it, too. She pushed her tongue up inside his pisshole and her lips nursed on his prickmeat. She was holding his giant cockhead between her hands as she mouthed it, and Linda was lapping the animal’s balls and jacking his prickshaft up and down with slow, steady strokes.

“You wanna drink his jism?” Linda whispered, her voice husky and rasping with lust.

“Shit yes!” Mandy groaned. “Fuck! I’m hungry for his cum, Linda! I’m fucking starving!”

“Want me to jerk him off in your face?” Linda whimpered, as she pulled back with both hands on the animal’s fat cockshaft and caused his prick knob to flare and swell.

“Jerk the fucker off in my cocksucking mouth!” Mandy wailed, her lips working hungrily on pony meat.

Linda sat down under the pony, facing the redhead. She leaned back and tongued the animal’s balls from underneath while she pushed and pulled on his prick with both hands. She could barely span the massive breadth of his cockshaft between her hands. She hauled back and his cockhead ballooned in front of Mandy’s eager face. Then she pushed up his fuckrod, folding the leathery sheath up against his prick knob. She slid one foot out and slipped it under Mandy’s mini skirt, using her toes to caress the redhead’s clit and push up her fuckhole.

“Frig him faster,” Mandy moaned.

The pony snorted, shifting his weight from foot to foot and humping through Linda’s hands, into Mandy’s face. Linda felt his balls expand as she sucked on them.

His fat fuckrod throbbed as she pumped it and his cockhead was pounding between Mandy’s lips. Jism kept running out from his pisshole, heralding the abundant load that was to come.

Ribbons of cum ran down the slope of his prick knob, milky and frothy on his dark cockmeat. Mandy tilted her head and sucked the cum off his knob, then returned to his cocktip and sucked on his gaping pisshole again, milking more of the savory jizz out. Her cheeks were full of cum and it was trickling down her throat, whetting her appetite. She gulped and gurgled. She felt dizzy with lust, her head spinning as she swallowed the beast’s precious juice.

Her cunt was creaming on Linda’s foot, but her mouth was so hot and hungry that she hardly noticed that she was coming. Linda was coming, too, creaming her panties without even having to touch her pussy. A dark patch spread out in her crotch as her cuntjuice came soaking out from her pussy.

Pearly streams of cunt cream trickled out from the legholes of her shorts and glistened on her thighs.

The pony stamped and snorted as the thrill built up in his bestial loins and his balls began to tingle, ready to explode. Linda tongued his ball meat with gusto and her hands moved faster, pumping up and down on his cockshaft, beating his prickmeat steadily.

“Yeah-yeah-yeah!” Mandy wailed. “Pump the fucker off, Linda, milk his prick in my fucking mouth!”

Her head tilted back as the pony humped his cockhead between her parted lips. Her tongue was dancing wildly against the underside of that massive wedge of cockhead as her lips sucked on his pisshole. A steady stream of cum kept running into her mouth, filling her cheeks and soaking her tonsils. The hot jism sloshed about and seeped down her throat as if she were gargling with jism.

Linda’s hands dragged back to the pony’s balls.

She felt his bloated ball-sac swell mightily.

“Shit-he’s gonna come, Mandy!” she gasped. “The fucking pony is gonna cream in your mouth!”

Mandy wailed and opened her mouth as wide as she could, her jaw dropping. She took the tip of the animal’s cockhead right into her mouth, ready to take his cum. Her lips pulled lovingly on his dark, throbbing prickmeat.

“Here it fucking comes!” cried Linda, as she felt the pony’s cum load explode over her lips.

The hot, thick jism shot up his cockshaft and spurted out into Mandy’s throat.

She gagged and gasped as her mouth filled up with thick jism. She swallowed and sucked. Another heavy dose hosed her tonsils, then a third skimmed over her flashing tongue. The stream was so powerful that her throat was filled and clogged, and her lips slipped off his cockhead. She wailed and jammed her mouth back against his prickmeat, fighting against the urge to gag as she did so.

“Drink his fucking jism!” Linda cried as she pumped merrily away on the animal’s cockshaft, milking jism out in spurt after spurt. The foaming stuff was overflowing from Mandy’s mouth. She was gulping it down as fast as she could, but there was just too much of it to drink it all. Ribbons of horse cum ran down her chin and blobs of the hot stuff splashed onto her heaving tits.

Cum dripped from the roof of her mouth like slippery stalactites and poured down her throat like hot quicksilver.

“I’m fucking swallowing pony cum!” she wailed. Her throat worked as she drank. More of the jizz poured out, bubbling, from her pursed, sucking lips.

The last spurt hit her throat. A trickle seeped onto her tongue. The pony bellowed and stopped humping. Mandy kept on sucking and tonguing, making sure that she had milked out every succulent drop. Then she fell back on the stall floor, her knees raised. The pony’s prick bobbed up and down over her belly.

Linda moved up and lifted the redhead’s mini skirt so that the cum that was dripping from the animal’s cockhead, splashed into the girl’s hot crotch. Then she ducked down and sucked the jism into her mouth. . Mandy was smiling dreamily, her hunger sated and her pussy enjoying the lavish attention of Linda’s tongue.

Linda lapped pony cum and cuntjuice up hungrily. She moved higher and tongued jism off Mandy’s tits. Then she leaned over and kissed her on the lips, sucking some of the animal jism back out of the girl’s mouth, into her own.

“That was fucking beautiful,” Mandy purred.

“Pony cum tasted great, doesn’t it, Mandy?” Linda sighed as she licked at the redhead’s creamy lips.

Her ass was thrusting up in the air as she leaned over the reclining redhead, kissing and licking at her face. The pony lowered his head and his long, wet tongue came out. He slurped up Linda’s creamy pussyslit. She gasped and wailed. The pony lapped her cunt, his long tongue sliding all the way up into the crack of her ass as it slid up, so that he was rimming her asshole and lapping her cunt at the same time.

Linda wriggled her ass in his face. She moved back, kneeling, her asscheeks thrusting up and her head on Mandy’s belly. Then she slid her face in between the redhead’s parted thighs and began to suck her cunt while she enjoyed the attention of her pony’s tongue.

Cuntjuice ran into her mouth and her own cuntjuice poured onto the pony’s tongue, inspiring the dumb brute.

His prick had softened slightly following his coming now, as he lapped at Linda’s tasty pussy, his big hunk of pony cock began to get hard as a rock again. His drained balls were already starting to recharge themselves with jism. He snorted and stamped as his head wallowed away in Linda’s groin and up her asscrack.

Linda wailed and her pussy creamed.

The willing pony tongued her cuntjuice up, his handsome head bobbing up and down.

Spasm after spasm shook the horny blonde.

Then, drained and satisfied for the moment, she slid down onto the floor beside the smiling redhead. The pony was standing over them, softly nickering. Both girls looked up and grinned when they saw that his cock was still hard.

Sucking a pony off was wonderful. Fucking him would be even better!



“You wanna fuck him now?” Linda asked.

Linda felt like having the pony fuck her, in fact, but she wasn’t sure that her cunt was big enough to contain his massive cockshaft and she figured it was a good idea to let Mandy have a go at it first. If the pony’s prick could fit up Mandy’s pussy, Linda would give it a try, herself. There was no hurry. It was her pony and she could fuck him whenever she wanted… which would be most of the time, unless she felt like sucking him off, instead. And if fucking him proved impossible, there was always Mandy’s Great Dane and Mandy’s sweet pussy and nimble tongue. Linda had learned a whole lot about life on this memorable and exciting day of discovery. “Yeah! Let’s get his prick stuck up my cunt!” Mandy said enthusiastically, gazing up at the pony’s cock with happy expectations. Some of her saliva still glistened on his cockhead but all of the animal’s jism was in her mouth and belly.

Mandy arched her body into a bridge. Her head and shoulders were on the floor and she placed her feet down, legs parted, and hiked her hips and belly up. Her hands cupped herself under the ass, supporting her pelvis.

Her foaming cunt was at fuck level.

The pony’s prick throbbed as he gazed down at the redhead’s steaming pussy and began to realize that he was in for a lot more fun with these two horny humans.

His head bobbed down and he ran his long, rough tongue up Mandy’s fuckhole. She squirmed and squealed.

“Put his cock into me, Linda,” she rasped.

Linda curled onto her flank beside Mandy’s upthrust pelvis. She hooked one hand over the pony’s cockshaft and pulled it down so that his prick knob was level with Mandy’s crotch. She used her other hand to spread the redhead’s cuntlips wide open, and then guided the animal’s massive slab of cockhead into Mandy’s pussy.

Mandy’s ass pumped and churned.

“Get the fucker up me!” she wailed, desperate with the dark urge to feel her pussy stuffed brimful and throbbing with his enormous hunk of prickmeat.

Linda began to wedge the pony’s cockhead into her friend’s soaking, steaming cunt.

Mandy pushed down, jabbing her crotch against the bloated head of the animal’s prick, as Linda wedged the tip of the knob slowly into the redhead’s fuckhole.

Mandy’s cuntlips spread and stretched. Her hairy pink pussylips sucked on the dark meat of the pony’s cockhead. Her fuck button throbbed as it massaged itself against his cockhead. Pussyjuice pulsed out, milky and frothy, running over the pony’s prick knob. She jerked her belly up and down and her hips switched from side to side. Her ass churned. The horny teenager was trying her best to get her cunt around the jittery animal’s cock, to envelop his pony prick with her pussy. Linda kept pushing his fat prick knob up her friend’s cunt, stuffing it in inch by throbbing inch. The blonde figured that it might be a good idea to lubricate them a little more.

She leaned down and began to tongue the pony’s cockhead, lapping up Mandy’s cuntjuice from his prickmeat. Then she ran her tongue up and down the redhead’s cuntlips and slid it up inside her fuckhole alongside the animal’s cockmeat.

She slurped Mandy’s fuck button between her lips, then sucked on the taut bud, letting her slobber run into the girl’s cunt.

The pony’s prick was so stiff that it seemed to be humming. He humped, trying to get it buried. Mandy was pushed back by his cock, but she tensed and shoved her crotch down again, and was rewarded by having another inch of horse prick run up her tunnel of fuck-lust.

Then the animal’s cockhead pumped into her, and her cuntlips snapped shut, gripping his leathery prickshaft just behind the knob as her pussy sucked and dragged on his slippery cockmeat.

“He’s in you!” Linda gasped as she saw the dark meat of the pony’s cockhead disappear. His long prickshaft stood out between them, linking his bloated balls to the redhead’s cunt.

Mandy bobbed her ass up and down, riding on the end of the animal’s cock, bouncing and grinding away on that massive cuntful of throbbing pony prick.

“Fucking hell!” she wailed, as she felt his gigantic wedge of cockhead ripple inside her fuckhole.

Linda was tonguing up and down the pony’s long, fat fuckrod, licking him down to his swollen balls, then lapping back up his cock until she found her mouth fixed to the redhead’s well-filled pussyslot. She licked up Mandy’s cuntlips and lapped at her clit.

“Yeah, use your fucking tongue on me!” Mandy wailed, loving the double sensation of cock and mouth.

Linda licked back down to the animal’s balls, and back up to her friend’s pussy. Her saliva glistened all up the length of the pony’s stiff prick. Cuntjuice pumped out of Mandy’s stuffed fuckhole and ran down into the crack of her ass. Linda went down after it, using her hot tongue to lap the sweet nectar up from the redhead’s asscrack and, while she was there, rimming her asshole out.

Mandy shook her ass on Linda’s face as she fucked her pussy on the pony’s cockhead.

“I want more of the fucker in me!” she cried. “Stuff the son-of-a-bitch into me, Linda!”

Linda held Mandy’s ass in one hand and pushed the pony’s cock in with the other, her fingers hooked over his fat prickshaft. Mandy shoved her crotch down hard, gasping. The pony snorted, tossing his head up and down, fucking into her.

His huge cockhead spread her fuckhole open as it slid up her cunt tunnel and his long prickshaft began to follow. Mandy wailed with joy as she felt her cunt start to fill up with pony cock. His massive prick knob was going deeper and deeper. Her cunt caressed it, pulling and pulsating, as he fed more fuckrod up her.

“More! More! More!” she gasped. “I want my pussy full of the fucking thing!” She pushed down as the pony fucked in and gasped as she took at least half of his cock into her loins. Then the dumb brute’s prick was buried as deep as it could go, his cockhead lodged at the very bottom of her cunt tunnel. Mandy had a good two feet of prick up her pussy and the rest of his fat fuckrod stuck out between them. Linda lapped up and down that available cockshaft.

They couldn’t fuck, at first.

The pony’s cock was stuffing the redhead’s cunt so full that when he tried to hump in and out, he merely dragged her loins along with him. It felt wonderful to be stuffed so full, but the horny girl was desperate to get fucked, to feel that horse’s hot, hard prickmeat slide in and out of her fuckhole.

“Help me-help him!” she wailed.

Linda grasped Mandy by the hipbones, holding the girl’s pelvis steady. The horse pulled back and Mandy’s pussy rippled adjusting and spreading out to accommodate the huge load of cock that was lodged so deeply up her cunt.

The pony’s cock pulled out of her pussy.

Slathered with creamy cuntjuice, his prick slid out until only the dark knob was inside her. Then he plunged it back in, feeding her two feet of cockhead and prickshaft.

Her whole body vibrated on his cock.

The animal fucked into her steadily. As his cock pulled out, Linda sucked cuntjuice from it, and as he plowed back up Mandy’s fuck hole, Linda tongued the redhead’s cuntlips and clit. She was wild with lust. She slid down and licked out Mandy’s asshole, and then she turned and gave the pony’s balls some head.

She was fascinated at the sight of that gigantic cock going into her friend’s hairy fuckhole. She could hear the moist squishing sound that Mandy’s cunt was making and she heard the pony’s prick hiss up the girl’s hot fuckhole. She moved behind the horse and lifted his tail, sucking on his asshole for awhile, as he humped in and out. Her head slid back between his legs, onto his balls, then back up his cockshaft until she was sucking at Mandy’s cunt again. Cuntjuice flooded out and the blonde gobbled up the delicious overflow, tonguing it up, sucking merrily away.

“I’m full of pony prick!” Mandy gasped. She looked down over the arched curve of her body, watching the pony’s cock fuck in and out of her cunt.

Linda took his cock between her hands, holding him at the root, and began to frig up and down over the portion of his fuckrod that was unable to go up Mandy’s cunthole, wanting to help make the animal come, to help him squirt Mandy’s pussy full of jism. She pumped up and down between his balls and Mandy’s crotch.

Mandy threw her legs up, hooking her knees against the pony’s cockshaft, so that she was supporting her weight on her shoulders. Her thighs tightened, relaxed, then tightened again, rubbing the animal’s cockmeat as she ground her cunt on it. She turned her hips from side to side, winding her fuckhole around on his plunging prickmeat. Her cunt was melting on his cockshaft.

“I want his fucking jism!” she wailed.

“Yeah, yeah, the bastard is gonna fill your cunt with his fucking jizz!” Linda whimpered.

She jacked him faster, tonguing up and down his prickshaft, slurping on his balls at the root.

The pony was snorting and blowing, going frantic as his lust neared the crest. Mandy’s talented pussy was sucking on his sliding cockmeat, pulling and dragging and rippling. Her cunt muscles clamped over his prick in a series of concentric rings, running up his cockshaft with a rippling motion and then sucking on his cockhead.

He plunged in, tilting her ass up.

Her thighs clamped around him, milking him with her legs as her cunt worked on his prick knob. Linda was sucking on his balls again and she felt them explode in her mouth.

“Here it fucking comes!” she wailed.

“Oh shit!” Mandy cried, jamming her crotch down, feeling the animal’s cock expand as the thick jism rushed up it.

Then the pony was hosing her cunt with a tremendous dose of creamy cum.

“He’s creaming in me!” she shouted, jolting her pelvis up and down wildly on the pony’s prick.

Mandy had never felt such a load of jism pour up her fuckhole. Even when she had been gangbanged by ten guys one wonderful night, their combined cum had not equaled the dose that the pony was pouring into her.

Her pussy spasmed as she met his fuck juice with a deluge of her own steaming cream.

Jism and pussyjuice flooded out from her stuffed cuntslot. Linda was lapping it up by the mouthful, swallowing the spicy nectar down as fast as she could, and tonguing up more. She was drinking it out of Mandy’s cunt and lapping it from the pony’s prick and the more she swallowed the hungrier she became.

The pony fucked in, squirting another load into the redhead’s soaking cuntslot.

Another spasm hit Mandy as her cunt climaxed.

Then the pony was drained. His last cum drops slid out and he stopped humping. His cock was still stiff and Mandy was still hanging on the end of it.

She twisted her hips, working off the last wonderful waves of her creamy climax. Linda was still jacking away on his cock root, making sure he was milked dry.

His cock bobbed down, still stiff but pointing lower, and Mandy slowly slid off the huge thing. Her cuntlips clamped just behind his cockhead, sucking hard, holding her suspended on the tip of his fuckrod.

Then she slid off. Her ass bounced on the floor and the animal’s cock snapped back up.

Mandy smiled with utter contentment.

Linda wasn’t contented, yet.

But the pony’s prick was still hard and the blonde teenager knew there was plenty of contentment left in his big cockshaft.



Mandy lay under the horse, on her back with her knees raised and her thighs parted. Pony cum bubbled out from her pink pussy-slot, the frothy juice mixed with her own juices. Her cunt was still gaping in a wide oval, her pussylips unfurled like the petals of a flower, and her clit stood erect amidst the foamy jism that was pooled up in her pussy.

She was watching while her blonde friend tongued the pony’s stiff prick, lapping up jizz and cuntjuice with passion. The animal’s cockmeat throbbed against her tongue and lips as she made it completely erect once more.

She sat back on her heels, watching his fuck-tool pulsate. Her saliva glistened on his pale-colored prickshaft and ran over the darker meat of his cockhead.

The pony craned his neck around, gazing down at the girl who had so often ridden him. And now she had begun a practice far more pleasurable-sucking him off, saddling his prick with her lips.

Linda began to tug her shorts down.

“You gonna let him fuck you, too?” Mandy asked.

“Shit, yes!” Linda chirped. “It looked so fucking wonderful to see his big prick go in and out of your cunt that I’ve just fucking got to have it, too.”

“Wanna lick my cunt a little, first?” Mandy suggested. “I’m all full of animal jism. Wanna suck it out of me?”

Linda grinned with enthusiasm. That was an offer that the horny little cuntlapper could not turn down. Now that she had discovered the joy of eating pussy, Linda was determined to eat as much of the tasty treat as she could get. Mandy was probably her best friend, now, but Linda had decided to give head to any girl who wanted it… every fucking girl she knew, hopefully. She was going to go down on boys, too. She giggled as she realized that although she had become a confirmed cocksucker now, she had not yet had a human prick in her mouth! She figured it must be pretty rare for a girl to suck off dogs and horses before she had mouthed a single human cock.

She leaned over Mandy, kneeling, and began to kiss and lick at the girl’s belly, running her tongue through the thick coils of her red cuntmound.

So much jism had been pumped into her cunt that some of the stuff had sprayed up onto her lower belly. Linda lapped the frothy juice up happily.

Then she tongued ribbons of cum up from the glistening insides of Mandy’s thighs.

Mandy squirmed on the floor. She was making a soft, purring sound of pleasure, appreciating her blonde friend’s slow approach. Reaching down she dipped both hands into her crotch, spreading her pink cuntlips wide open.

“Get your mouth on that, honey,” she whispered. “Get your fucking tongue up my cunthole.”

Linda licked her creamy lips in anticipation, then bobbed her face down and clamped her mouth over Mandy’s cuntslot. She shoved her tongue right up inside the redhead’s flooded fuckhole and her lips began to suck hungrily.

Pony cum and cuntjuice filled her mouth.

“Ummm,” she purred. “Your fucking pussy is drenched, Mandy! It’s soaking wet… and fucking delicious.”

“Ummm, eat the fucker up!” Mandy enthused.

She was enjoying this gentle oral love, following the ferocity of fucking the pony.

Linda sucked and licked and nibbled. Cum ran down her chin. She rubbed her whole face around in Mandy’s swampy groin, coating herself with creamy lather from chin to brow, wallowing around happily as she feasted on a pussy full of pony cum.

Mandy closed her slippery thighs around Linda’s buried face, then opened them up again. She stroked her friend’s blonde hair, murmuring and sighing.

Linda’s head was down at the lowest part of her kneeling body and her ass was thrusting up in the air, under the horse. Her thighs tensed, hiking her ass up a bit higher, and the pony gave a little snort as he found that there was a hot cunt right on a level with the head of his throbbing prick.

His haunches rippled and he gently inserted the tip of his cock into Linda’s crotch.

“Oh!” she cried, surprised at the unexpected contact. Then she gasped with the thrill of it.

The pony pushed his prick into her slowly. Linda jammed her ass and hips back to meet his thrusting penetration, while her mouth still sucked on Mandy’s cunt.

Mandy watched, fascinated, looking past the blonde’s bobbing head and jerking ass.

“Is he up your cunt?” she rasped.

“He’s getting there,” Linda whimpered into the hairy pussylips she was mouthing.

She twisted her hips from side to side, pushing back, feeling the pony’s huge cock spread her pussy walls out as it delved into her. Linda squealed and squirmed, adoring that massive cuntful. She had doubted that her recently-maybe still-virgin cunt could contain anything as big as her pony’s prick. But after she had seen the fucking thing go into Mandy, she had determined to give it a try. Now she was discovering that her pussy was pliable and elastic and that it was slowly stretching out to accommodate the horse cock.

She raised her ass still higher and the animal fed her a jolt that sent a foot of cock up her fuckhole.

“Unghh,” she grunted.

The animal pulled back, his fat prick pulling out from her tight, clutching cunt. She gurgled with joy, waiting for him to pump it back into her. He snorted, holding steady, his cockhead buried and his long fuckrod exposed. Then he plowed into her again, going deeper, his prick entering the blonde as deeply as it had the redhead.

He began to fuck her steadily, less frantically now than he had fucked his prick into Mandy. Since he had already gotten his rocks off twice, his urgency was diminished… although his ardor was not, and her sweet pussy was renewing his lust.

Riding a pony was fun.

Getting ridden by a pony was seventh heaven!

He fucked into her, stuffing her to the core. His cock felt so long that she thought the knob must be shifting her internal organs around, shoving them aside to make room. Her ass bobbed and swayed as she fucked back to meet the pony’s cock, taking his prick as far up her cunt tunnel as she possibly could.

“He’s fucking my ass off!” she wailed.

“Holy cow! He’s right up my cunt, Mandy. His prick is fucking huge!”

“Don’t I fucking know it!” Mandy cried. Her own cunt still tingled with the memory of that load, as well as with the gentle attention of the blonde’s mouth and tongue.

“Ummm, keep sucking,” she moaned. “I want to cream in your mouth when the fucking pony shoots in your cunt!”

“Yeah! Yeah, I want it!” Linda gasped.

She sucked hard and swallowed. Pony cum ran down her throat, flooding out from Mandy’s pussy, and the horny teenager yearned for the other load of pony cum, the thick dose he was soon going to blow up her pussy.

“Ummmm, and I’ll suck his jism out of you, after,” Mandy promised, getting really turned on again, her mouth salivating and her cunt beginning to pound.

The pony was fucking his cock into her harder and faster now. His balls were expanding as they filled up again. His flanks heaved, his haunches were dabbled with lather, and he snorted and bellowed as he plunged in and out. Cunt foam poured down his cockshaft as he pumped it from her. His head went up and down. Mandy arched her back and, stretching over Linda’s shoulder, the pony began to lap at the redhead’s up-thrust tits.

She snatched his muzzle and sucked his wet tongue into her mouth, nursing on the fat wad. The pony’s tongue meat was soaked with cuntjuice and slobber.

Then he began to buck violently and savagely.

Linda was buffeted, tossed up and down in a wild ride as the sturdy pony began to fuck her at a gallop.

His fat cock hissed into her, filling her, spreading her pussy out as it fucked in to the depths. Her cunt sucked on his prick and she ground her ass around, twisting and contorting.

“I’m gonna come!” she cried. “Oh, fucking shit! My pussy is gonna cream!”

Mandy whimpered and rubbed her hair cunt around in the blonde’s face. She was creaming, too.

“Drink my fuck juice!” she wailed.

Linda gulped the hot foam down and her own cunt spasmed. She was drinking the stuff at one end and spilling it out at the other. The horse seemed to sense that the girl on his prick was coming and he fucked in even faster.

His haunches were a tan-colored blur as he humped. His silken tail flashed about behind his heaving ass and his heavy balls swung in, slapping against Linda’s ass as he buried nearly all of his cock into her cunt.

His balls erupted violently.

Hot jism sprayed into the blonde’s pussy and she wailed with the joy of it.

“He’s squirting me full of cum!” she cried. “That fucking pony is shooting up my cunt, Mandy!”

Load after steaming load rushed into her and her pussy creamed time and again. If his cum had been lighter than air, she would have floated right up to the ceiling.

She milked Mandy’s cunt dry and her own cunt shook and rippled with a final spasm as the pony fucked on, pouring the fuck juice into her in a steady stream.

At last, his balls were empty.

He stepped back, snorting and tossing his head about. His long, thick prick pulled slowly out of Linda’s fuckhole. Her cunt was sucking on it, reluctant to be vacated, Her pussylips clamped shut on his cockshaft just behind the huge wedge of his cockhead so that he was dragging her ass back with his prick.

Then it slid free, bobbing up and down.

Linda gave Mandy’s cunt a last loving slurp, then raised her head. Cream dripped from her jaws.

Both girls looked at the pony’s prick, and they both emitted wistful sighs when they saw that his big fuckrod was retracting and the knob was sliding back inside its sheath. His balls were in a state of total collapse.

“I guess that’s all the pony prick that we’re gonna get out of him today, huh?” Mandy said.

“I guess so,” said Linda.

But there was still plenty of pony cum around, even though it was no longer in his cock and balls, and Mandy grinned and twisted around, clamping her mouth on Linda’s flooded cunt and sucking the jism out of her.

Naturally, sucking cunt made Mandy horny again.

Naturally, getting sucked made Linda hungry.

The two insatiable teenaged animal-fuckers took turns sucking each other’s pussy, then they linked up in a sixty-nining position and milked each other off at the same time. But although they both enjoyed cuntlapping and getting lapped, it wasn’t an end in itself. It made both of the girls hot for more prick.

“Maybe the fucking dog is ready again!” Mandy suggested.

“Yeah! Let’s go see!” said Linda.

So the two girls went back to Mandy’s house, with their cunts squishing between their thighs.

Sure enough, when the Great Dane got a whiff of their steaming cunts, he got a hard-on.

Lapping their pussies, before they let him fuck them, the dog looked slightly puzzled. They tasted different.

But the dog didn’t know what pony jism tasted like and, being only a dog, wouldn’t have cared, anyhow.

The End

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