Dodie’s Descent Into Depravity


Part 1

Bzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzzz!! Bzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

“Damn!” I shouted out loud, reached for the clock and shut off the alarm buzzer. It was 6:30am and I felt as if I hadn’t had a wink of sleep. Then a familiar face came into view of my tired and hardly opened eyes, a big lick across my nose and down onto my neck. A tug on my only bed blanket exposing my breasts and his tongue was at my nipples.

“You can’t want me again?” I asked him He had taken me FIVE times during the night. I was sore as twice he had entered my ass and the bed was still soaked with his cum. he pulled the whole blanket off and now he attacked my pussy. My legs involuntarily opened to give him more access. His toungue lapped and entered my pussy and my resistance was over. I marveled at how my body was ready to accept him again.

I started to turn over and adopt his favorite position. On my knees. I pushed my face down onto the pillow, my knees together. He was upon me in a flash. I felt his cock probing to find my entrance but I was too tired to help guide him in. He didn’t need it anyway. He hit the mark and my lover’s cock grew inside me as he pounded it to me. This was how I liked it. Fast and furious. Pre-cum lubricating the passage and I was thankful he had found the right hole. I was his. A total slut for cock. Not just his. Anyones. And not just male lovers. I loved the more gentle touch of a woman. Her breasts against mine. Her open pussy squashing against mine. Her fingers finding me there, pushing into me, a hand molding into a fist, into my pussy, into my ass and even both at once.

Yesterday I had it confirmed I was pregnant. Six weeks. It was not the lover who was thrusting his cock into me as my thoughts raced through my mind. It was the 21 year old son of Alice, the woman who had changed my life. From a respectable, normal 39 (almost 40) year old widow, mother of two nineteen year old boys, twins, to this wanton depraved female who craved more and more sex. I was a slave to Alice’s commands, her demands and I did it willingly. When I had let her son fuck me that fateful afternoon, six weeks ago, beside her pool I was hers. I couldn’t get enough of him and it was so thrilling to do it with his mother watching with an approving smile on her face. Urging him on and giving him instructions on how to please me.

My thoughts were interrupted as my lover’s wonderful knot at the end of his cock shot into my cunt. It had expanded once again to tie me to him and his semen spunked into me again and again. I shouted out as I orgasmed with my lover’s hot cum spraying my inner walls and shooting into my womb. His front paws wrapped themselves even tighter around my waist giving even more scratches as he tried to pull even more of his cock into my body. I loved it. It was so thrilling. It was so naughty. My lover was a dog. A four year old black labrador. He was a pedigree stud dog I kept for breeding. Not for humans but other pet owners would bring their bitch labs, when in heat, to be bred by Norman. At a price, of course, because that is how I made my living.

I had six males, two of three breeds, black and chocolate labradors and two german shepherds. When John, my hubby who had died in a terrible car crash when rushing home to me from work, was alive we had three bitches of the same breeds but I had sold them to make way for people to leave their pets when going on vacation. It brought in more money. I also worked part time at the local library due to the head librarian, Mary, a woman I had known for a long time and ten years my senior, creating the position for me. She wanted to be near me. Yes, we have been lovers for over ten years, both our respective husbands never finding out although Mary had hinted her husband suspected. We met every Thursday afternoon and sometimes on a Sunday in the autumn and winter months when the Miami Dolphins were at home. Both our husbands were or had been big supporters.

Now Alice had taken her place. I had dare not let Mary see the scratches because she would have guessed what I was now up to. A human bitch for dogs. Yes, Alice had made me mate with all my dogs. Not at the same time, one after the other. She had made a rotor system. One would sleep with me and another would have me in the morning and in the afternoon after work. When I was not working and at weekends I would bring two with me and visit Alice at her luxurious home in Coral Gables.

Norman stirred, his knot suddenly pulling out of me. I felt his semen drip onto my ass and more flowed out from my open pussy. His tongue lapped at my cunt lips cleaning up his spend. He was in a hurry, though. He needed to do his business and I had to do water and feed the others. Joseph, my big shepherd who weighed 90lbs would be waiting for me. It was his turn.

I followed Norman down the stairs grabbing my robe. How was I going to explain this to my sons. They were due home here tomorrow for my birthday. Both were at college studying to be vets. We were going to build a veterinary clinic on the property when they qualified, the plans already drawn up and approved. I was awaiting the approval of the loan. I also had to tell them I was pregnant.

The dogs were all waiting for me. All expectant. I marveled how quickly they had accepted me, their mistress, as their bitch. Alice had taught them. Alice not only controlled me – she controlled me, too. I took Joseph out and he cried with excitement as we went into the breeding cage. Once more I was on my knees and I waited. My stomach churned with the excitement and the awful depravity of it. It was so very exciting.


Part 2

Joseph took his time. He was in no hurry. He walked around me. The other dogs watched behind the fence. Their mouths were open, smiling. Some were even drooling. Thank goodness they couldn’t get to me. I had a fleeting thought of being in the center of a pack of dogs. Their bitch. The thought actually made me wet. How very, very naughty. It made me fearful, too. My lustful depravity was making me not think normally. The primal urge and the primal fear all rolled into one. Was I losing my very soul?

The big german shepherd wakened my thoughts when his tongue licked at my pussy. He found my nectar mixed with Norman’s. It must have been to his liking as he licked harder and delved into my vagina even more. Slurp. Slurp. The noise coupled with the most delightful feeling made me involuntarily push myself against his tongue to get more of that wicked organ further into me. Even after all the sex I had just received from the labrador I came. I heard myself groan and my body shook.

Still, Norman didn’t attempt a mount. He stopped his licking and plonked himself down on the ground in front of my face and decided to lick his balls! I turned and presented my ass to him. I wiggled it and slapped my buttocks as Alice had instructed me. He stopped playing with his testicles and gave me a look. He then decided to lick his fur and lifted up one of his back legs.


My patience ran thin. I had to get ready for work. I had to feed the rest of the dogs. I had to clean up the mess on my bed. I got up. So did Norman. I made for the gate. So did Norman. He got there first and blocked my path. He jumped up at me, raising right up on his back legs with his front paws grabbing me, his claws hard against the material of my robe. There was a ripping sound. Damn. Now my favorite robe was torn.

“Alright. Alright.” I said to him trying vainly to push him down, but it was me who dropped the the knees first.

At least it spurred him to action as he immediately landed onto my back and started to hump but the end of my robe was in the way. I couldn’t do anything about that as the material was caught between my back and his belly. Finally, after much thrusting and humping which got him nowhere he jumped down. I quickly pulled my robe up and waited. And waited. Waited more.

“Come on you stupid dog. I’m ready for you. Come and get it. Pussy. Pussy.”

Oh, wrong choice of words. He will now think I’m a cat and chase me. He didn’t. Thankfully he tried again. His weight landed onto my back almost forcing my stomach onto the ground as my arms were now getting tired. He kept missing and I reached under and managed to grab his cock. I directed it against the entrance to my puss and it went in. It came out and he got off me again.

He licked at his cock. He licked at my vagina. He jumped back on and bulls eye. He got me! Bang, bang, bang. Thrust, thrust, thrust. His humping didn’t cease. His paws wrapped themselves like two giant mitts around me forcing me further onto his ever growing, ever thickening cock. He panted. I moaned. I feel his heart. I could hear mine. Both going faster as if racing against one another. Pre-cum shooting into my passage. I could even hear it squelching. So disgusting. So superbly lovely. I came again. Bigger this time. I wanted more of it. More. Much more. I was a greedy cow – no a bitch! Dodie the bitch. Dodie the dog fucker. I didn’t care what people would think. This was raw fucking at its very best. I had been missing this all these years. I would make up for it. I loved it.

I could now feel Norman’s knot. So big. Pushing against me. Pushing to get inside my poor little body. I wanted it inside me. Oh, yes please. Please. Please. It finally did. I yelled so loud. It even alarmed Norman who suddenly stopped thrusting. But only for a second. Then he gave it to me. His knot hurt as it pushed in. Oh how it hurt. But the pain was good. And then the dog came! Oh my! How he came. It was so hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Like the Caribbean weather. Like that silly calypso song. Semen scalded my insides. My womb. Lots and lots of it pored into my cunt. Filling it up. I almost passed out as a huge orgasm shot through my body. My toes curled and my ears tingled. It was so good!!


Part 3

It was over twenty minutes before Norman released me and then he had another few minutes cleaning me there with his tongue. When I led him back into the pen he walked almost cockily and the other dogs barked excitedly and tried to push there way through the gate to me. I must have smelt like a bitch in heat.

I spent the next half hour watering and feeding all the dogs before going back into the house to shower and clean myself up to get ready for work. My part time helper Rick would come by, let the dogs out in the yard to play, and clean up. Rick had become a good friend to me as well especially since hubby’s death.

I drove into the library parking lot, struggled to park my big red SUV in the one empty small space reserved for staff. As I got out the car I noticed a small wet patch on my seat. I was still leaking dog cum. Retrieving a tissue from a box in the shelf under the dash I cleaned it up and made straight for the bathroom.

The library building was reasonably modern as it was extensively renovated in 1994 after Hurricane Andrew vented his wrath on us here. I never liked the older building much and this was no improvement. The stereotype and clinical bathroom felt cold and unwelcome as I shot into a cubicle, pulled up my skirt and took off my sopping wet panties. I shoved them down into my bag, stuck a tissue up into my twat and pulled down my skirt. Washing my hands, staring at myself in the mirror, applying some more lipstick and smoothing down my hair I thought I didn’t look nearly 40. Just 30 I thought. Nah. Older. But not THAT old!!!!

I was the last in even though it was only just 8:30am and another half an hour before we let in the public. I was scheduled to be on the front desk today but before I could settle myself down there, Trevor the Lecher, leered at me. He was 29 and thought he was Brad Pitt but to me he could be Christopher Lee!!

“Mary wants to see you as soon as you get in,” he said. “She seems to be in a very bad mood. Have fun.”

I grimaced and then smiled sweetly. As I walked to her office I thought I could feel all eyes on me. What did they know? Nothing I hoped. Couldn’t be the dog thingie. Maybe they suspected Mary and my relationship? It had been going on for a long time even though we had been very careful.

Her secretary, Barbara the body guard, glowered at me as I walked up.

“She’s waiting for you. She must have got out the wrong side of the bed this morning. Go on in.”

“Oh, God.” I thought. I know I have been avoiding her and now it was the day of reckoning. I knocked and walked in.

She glanced up from her reading as I entered her office. It was as dull and gloomy as her apparent mood. Bare wooden floor, shelves filled with books, papers and more books strewn on the floor and two dark green filing cabinets that had seen better days. I stood in front of her, reminding myself of the number of times I had stood before a similar forbidding desk complete with head teacher.

She got up and made for the door and opened it.

“We are not to be disturbed under any circumstances !” she yelled at Barbara. She came back but not before locking the door.

Her long brown skirt swished against her legs. She was plump and her hair was already gray, tied back into a bun by a long plastic grip. She had two small diamond studs in her ear lobes and a “regulation” white blouse that showed clearly the white bra holding up her ample bosom. Her face was heavy with makeup and as she came behind me I could smell the Chanel perfume she had dabbed on her person. When her lips nuzzled against the back of my neck and her hands cupped themselves around my 38D breasts I gave an intake of breath. It was unexpected. I stayed still and let her fingers fondle them before they plucked at the buttons on my blouse, pushed up my bra and freed them from their constraints. They burst out, my nipples grew hard and that familiar tingle ran down to my pussy and my knees felt weak. She kneaded my breasts as if they were bread dough, her lips and her teeth now at my neck. She pulled me around and her lips were on mine. My mouth opened in time with hers and our tongues searched inside and pushed and probed. A hand crept up under my skirt and there was an approving sigh as she found there were no panties barring the way. Then a finger found the tissue.

She pulled the tissue down and out. It dropped onto the floor. The finger pushed hard into my sex.

“My goodness!” She exclaimed. “You’re sopping wet.”

He pulled out her finger and let me go. She examined it, wet and glistening with doggie sperm. She smelt it and then licked it with suspicion. She sat down and indicated for me to take the other vacant seat. As I did I started to pull my bra down but she stopped me.

“No. I like looking at them. Now, what the hell have you been doing?”


Part 4

I felt my face grow red. I swallowed twice and tried to say something but nothing came. Mary stared at me. I finally lowered my head and stared at my hands in my lap. I felt more embarrassment as I felt some more dog cum trickle from my pussy now it was free from the tissue. I prayed silently it wouldn’t stain the material on the seat of the chair.

“Let me make it easier for you.”

Her words made me sit bolt upright. She must know about the dogs. But how?

She opened the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a white invitation envelope and took out the contents. Two cards. She examined them, fingered them, finally dropped one on the desk and looked at the other.

“This is an invitation to your 40th birthday. On Saturday. For both Fred and I. Thank you. We, of course, will be delighted to attend. However, I was surprised to see that the venue is at ‘Alice Cornwall’s Residence, Faolan, Lakeside Drive, Coral Gables.’ Who is Alice Cornwall?”

“A f-f-friend.” I stuttered.

“A very fancy friend if she lives there. Is she the reason you have been avoiding me and missing our Thursday date?”

I said nothing but gave an almost imperceptible nod. She saw it.

“I see. And I suppose tomorrows tete a tete is also out because of this woman?”


For a moment she looked pleased.

“I can’t see you tomorrow but not because of Alice. My boys are arriving . They are down for a few days from college. To attend my birthday. I have to meet them.” I explained hurriedly.

“Ah. The twins. I am looking forward to meeting them again. They are very handsome. I expect they break many hearts.” She looked down at the invitation again. “And what are they going to wear?”

She could see I looked puzzled.

“It says hear that it is to be a fancy dress party. Mandatory. Costumes will be supplied. The theme is animals.”

I was flustered.

“I didn’t know.” I finally muttered.

“You never read your own invitation card?”

“No. I left it all up to Alice.”

“I am dying to meet this Alice who has such a hold on you. How and when did you meet her?”

I sat back in the chair. How much should I tell her? My thoughts went back to that fateful morning six weeks ago when she walked into the library. I had been putting books onto the shelves when that beautiful sensual voice stopped me.

“Hallo, Dodie. It is you, isn’t it?”

I turned around and I dropped the books in my hand. It was her!!!

When I was fourteen, at school, M/s Cornwall was my English teacher and I loved her. I adored her. I had, along with others, a school girl crush on her. I would find myself staring at her and hardly paying attention to the lessons. Sometimes I would find her gaze fixing itself on me and my heart would stop and I would break out in a sweat. I would fantasize about her. Not sexually. That would come later. I would dream I was in her company and she was teaching me. just me. I wanted to be hers and hers alone. She was in her late twenties, tall, slim, with long almost black hair. Hardly a bosom, and she wore dresses and tops with almost plunging necklines that showed just a trace of a cleavage. But it was her voice, her face and her eyes. her eyes. They were green, like a cat, and they seemed to mesmerize and penetrate me as if she could read every thought in my mind and peer into my very soul. For two years I sat in her class and she hardly ever spoke to me for which I was grateful. I would have stuttered and acted like a half wit but I worked hard on the homework she gave us hoping for an ‘A’ but the most I got was a ‘B’. Always a ‘B’. The hurtful thing was I knew my work was better than the ones whom she gave an ‘A’. I strove even harder. It was only on that last day. The last day at college when I thought I would never see her again she rewarded me with the ‘A’. It wasn’t just an ‘A’. There was a plus to it. She handed me my paper with the magic letter, bending over me. I smelt her perfume. It had a musk smell but with something else I couldn’t discern. I noticed she was wearing a collar, almost like a dogs but finer and there was a black charm attached to it in the shape of a wolf. She placed her hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear.

“Well done, Dodie.”

Then she was gone and I never saw her again until just before my marriage when I was nineteen. I was with John and we had been to the theater. I was waiting outside for him to collect the car as we had to park it quite a few blocks away. I had wandered a little on the sidewalk to the corner when I heard a woman’s laugh. I froze and ducked into the doorway of a nearby restaurant. It was Alice. I had recognized that laugh. She was with another woman and they were holding hands. I also noticed she was pregnant. The big lump showing prominently on her belly. The other woman actually touched it. She stroked it with both her hands. Then she draw Alice to her and they kissed. Openly in the street. A kiss, very passionate. Their mouths locked together for ages. Some passing cars actually hooted but they took no notice. They continued their kiss. Finally they stopped and locked hands again and walked towards me. I shrank even closer into the doorway trying to make myself invisible. I did not venture out until they had walked past. I saw John’s car approaching and I flagged him down just as they turned around. Alice looked directly at me. I felt I had become a stone statue as I gazed back at her. Her hand moved up to her face, her fingers touched her lips and she blew me a kiss. Then she turned away and the pair walked away up the street.

“Jump in. What’s keeping you? I can’t hold the traffic up.”

John’s voice draw me back from my trance and I got into the car. We didn’t speak and that night as I lay in my bed beside him I imagined it was Alice kissing me – not him. When he lay atop me I imagined it was her. When he penetrated me I imagined it was her pussy grinding itself and pushing into me. It was her hands on my breasts not John’s. As John orgasmed I did too. My biggest. I clung to him but it was Alice I was clinging too. John commented it was the best sex we had ever had together and promised it would be even better after we were married. It wasn’t.

Now Alice was here. In the library and she had remembered my name.


Part 5

“M/s Cornwall!” I blurted out.

The noise of the books dropping and my exclamation resulted in a number of lloks for the public and staff alike. There was even a couple of “Shush!”

“Call me Alice.”

She lead me to a quite corner of the library behind one of the tall bookshelves, leaving the dropped books lying on the floor.

“When and where can we meet?” She inquired.

“I’m free from 2 o’clock. Half day. The coffee shop next door.”

She nodded and was gone. I returned to my work. Trevor had retrieved the books, holding them out to me whilst his head watched Alice’s receding back.

“Now, that woman has class. A little too old for my taste, but I’d give her one if she asked me nice.” His voice smirked. “Who is she?”

I snatched the books from him, walked away and didn’t bother to answer.

The rest of the morning and lunch time passed so slowly. I was almost in a dream and was pleased I had only menial tasks. Even so, I messed those up. Thankfully 2pm came and I shot out of the library building like a bat out of hell with my heart bumping and pulse racing. She was already there. Sitting by the window in the coffee shop and talking to the young, pretty waitress. She smiled and waved me to the adjacent seat. I ordered coffee and an almond biscotti. She had ordered the same.

“How are you coping?” she surprisingly asked me. “It is two years since John’s death.”

“I’m OK.” I replied. “How did you know?”

“I was there. At the funeral. I saw and felt your pain. I cried with you.”

“You were there? I never saw you. Why?”

She looked hard at me. Her eyes were unblinking. She took my hand in hers. Her touch was like an electric shock.

“You didn’t see me because I didn’t want you to. It was not the time nor place to intrude. As to why.” She shrugged and left my question unanswered. It didn’t matter.

“You have two fine boys. They have their father’s looks and your sexuality. You are very sexual, Dodie. You just don’t realize it. You have kept it hidden. Especially from your late husband. Even from your female lovers, like Mary, your boss.”

“How do you know about that? Who told you? Have you been spying on me?”

I released my hand and looked out of the window. There were lots of people. Some peered at me as they passed the window. I looked quickly back at Alice who was smiling.

“Spying?” She mused. “Perhaps one might call it spying. You interest me. You have always interested me, even when I first taught you at school. I apologize if it has upset you. Perhaps I should leave?”

“No. Please stay. It’s alright. I didn’t know I interested you. I should be flattered. I am flattered.”

It was my turn to hold her hand. I held it tightly in case she did decide to leave although she had given no physical indication that she would carry out the threat.

“I’m in love with you, Dodie. I have been searching for you. I found you when you were just fourteen. I couldn’t have you then but I have waited. All these years. I know my words don’t shock you. Do they excite you?”

My goodness. She could read my mind. I felt my cheeks flush red. At that moment the waitress brought our coffee and biscuits. She left with a smile putting the bill down on the table. I poured a little milk into the coffee and stirred in some sugar. Alice sipped at hers as it came. I drank a gulp of mine, almost choking. I hastily nibbled on one of the biscuits.

“I am waiting for an answer, Dodie. It is important to me.”

I put the biscuit down and returned her gaze.

“Yes, Alice. You excite me. I have never forgotten you. You penetrate my dreams. You also frighten me. When I saw you that night near The Playhouse, with a woman. You were pregnant. You kissed her. You knew I was watching. I wished and dreamed I was that other woman.”

“Good. When we leave here you can follow me to where I live. I will point out my car. I know yours. I will make sure you don’t lose me. If you don’t follow me you will never see me again. However, if you do choose to, you and I will be inseparable. You will do everything I tell you to do and I will show you a world you will never have dreamt existed. It must remain secret to just a chosen and trusted few. Others will think you depraved. You must not think of others. Think of yourself. Your feelings and how wonderful life now is. If it feels good. It is.”

An hour later I was inside her home. Palatial was hardly an adequate word and my life of depravity had begun.


Part 6

I stopped my tale as a buzzer sounded. It was to let us know the public was to be let in.

“I have to go to my desk.” I said.

“Wait a moment. Trevor will cover for you. I already advised him that my interview with you might take a long time. I told him I was very angry and might have to fire you. You haven’t been performing as you should.”

“That’s not fair!” My voice was raised. “I’ve done my job well. There have been no complaints only commendations.”

“Your library work has been very satisfactory. I have wanted you to be full time. It’s your extra work concerning me I am talking about. Now come and sit on my lap. I want to suck on your delectable tits.”

I did as she said and I even held my right breast out as her lips pressed down on the nipple. I loved my breasts being sucked and many years after I had given up breast feeding my sons hubby had taken over, right up until his death. It was the only thing we did that some people might think kinky. Mary wished I had kept my milk up for her. Alice had said the same. Now I was pregnant I would soon be able to oblige all of them! The thought actually excited me and I squirmed on her lap.

She gave me a sharp bite on my breast and went for the other one. My thoughts went back to the first time Alice’s son had fucked me.

He was so handsome. If only I could be twenty-one like him again. Him. His name was Cern short for Cernunnos. Alice told me it meant antlered god of animals and fertility. He lived up to his name with the last meaning. I’m sure he impregnated me that very first time. As for animal, well he had plenty of animal passion. He did it hard and often. But the thing about his beautiful features that had shocked me most was this. He could have been mistaken for my own sons. There were differences, of course. His hair and his eyes were identical to his mother but the rest of his face, his forehead, his nose, his mouth and his chin looked the same as David’s and Harry’s. I had asked Alice who Cern’s father was. Had she been married? The answer to marriage was an emphatic “no!” Cern’s father?

“Nobody of consequence. A one night stand.” She said. “I wanted a baby and I found the best looking stud I could find. I watched him like a wolf watches her prey. I seduced him. We made love six times that night and three times more during the next morning. Then I kicked him out. Oh, he wanted more and I said he could but secretly it would only have been if he had not impregnated me. But he did so it never happened.”

“Did you ever see him again?” I asked.

“Yes, but he understood that we could never be intimate again. He understood. I found him a partner and he married her. They lived happily ever after.”

We made love by the pool that first meeting at her house. Cern watched us. I was uncomfortable about it at first but then it excited me. A son watching his mother make love to another woman. Seeing his mother naked. The kinkiness of it got to me. He just stared intently, his face expressionless, watching every move. Listening to our gasps as out bodies intertwined with each other. Our fingers and tongues touching and entering out secret parts.

When we had finished we had jumped into the pool still naked and he had joined us. On the second meeting he had jumped into the pool after our love making with us and naked, too.

Alice had been the first to get out. She perched on the edge of the pool watching us as we swam. It was then that he first touched me. His hand linked with mine and he pulled me to the shallow part and standing up he pulled me to him and we kissed. His hands and arms wrapped themselves around me pulling our bodies together and I felt his cock harden against my sex. It seemed so natural for me to hold it and guide against my opening and he thrust forward driving it into me. Oh, dear readers, it felt so good. It was my first cock since John had died. Oh, Mary had fucked me often with her rubber imitation. That had felt good, too, but not like this.

He lifted me almost out of the water with me still impaled. He walked with me across the pool and then laid me beside his smiling mother. His cock had pulled out of me and my body yearned for him to put it back into me again. I lay there waiting for it. He climbed out of the pool and for the first time I saw it. Standing proudly before him. It was at least eight inches long. Bigger than John’s. Longer and fatter. It was dripping with the water from the pool as was his muscular body. Black hair sprouted from his chest reminding me of my hubby’s. My eyes went back to that cock. That was nothing like hubby’s!

Alice saw me looking at it.

“It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” She said. Then to my amazement she took it in both hands. She was holding her own son’s cock and then her head went down and she kissed it. She took it in her mouth and turned her head staring at me. i could see clearly how the cock head pushed against he cheek and when she turned her head back she gobbled it all up. Her son’s cock disappeared into her mouth, his balls pushing up against her lips. She moved and the cock slowly appeared again. She sucked on it and Ceth groaned and thrust forward again and I knew it must be in her throat. She pushed him away, scolding him.

“Naughty boy. Save your sperm for Dodie. See how she is trembling for you. Turn over, Dodie. On your knees. Let him fuck you as the bitch you are. Imagine him as the animal he is. A horned beast. A goat. You are his doe. You will become his dam.”

I rolled over onto my hands and knees. I presented my ass to him. I even wriggled it inviting him. He was upon me. He entered me again. His hands grasped and squeezed my breasts and we rutted like animals. As he thrust I pushed. As he sped up I did, too. We were like the moving parts of the same machine. I could hear someone moaning. crying. Shouting. I realized it was me. I was having one long orgasm. It had started at my toes and ended inside my head. After his cock erupted inside me we still lay tied together. I didn’t move until he did, his cock softening as it fell out of me. I rolled over onto my back and Alice was there. At my sex, cleaning up the spilt milk with her tongue and kissing the lips of my pussy with hers.

It wasn’t too long before we did it again. And again. And again. Every time they turned me onto my hands and knees. Mother and son. using me to their pleasure. And pleasuring me, too.


Part 7

“Right. Tidy yourself up and get to work.”

Mary’s voice snapped me back to the present. I slid off her lap and pushed my breasts back inside the cups and buttoned up my blouse, smoothing it down. I made for the door.

“One last thing. What is this ‘Lascivity Show?’

I stopped and turned around. She was holding the second of the invitation cards.

“Lascivity?” I was puzzled. It’s not a word I was familiar with. “Is it like lascivious?”

“It’s your darn invitation.” She stopped and reconsidered. “No, of course it’s from Alice ‘fuckin” Cornwall! Look at it and tell me what you think it means.”

I took the card from her and read it out loud.

“After the birthday celebrations and most of the guests have lived you have been selected by Dodie to attend her Lascivity Show. See Dodie perform. It will shock and excite you. Join in. You are welCUM to stay the night. Warning: Because of the very adult nature of Dodie’s performance no cameras will be allowed. Anybody not obeying this rule will be ejected immediately and their camera and contents confiscated. Strict security will be in place. Lascivity is Dodie’s middle name. Enjoy.” I gave her back the card. “I know nothing about this.”

“Really? But you can guess. I can see it in your face. Your cheeks are glowing red. Tell her we accept. Joe and I will be pleased to watch and join in.”

I made for the door.

“Will your boys be present?”

As I slammed the door I shouted back.

“No they wont!”

Barbara looked up surprised as she heard my outburst.

“She didn’t fire you, did she?” Did she looked hopeful?

“No, she didn’t!” I strode past her.

“I’m looking forward to the party.”

“And how many invitations did you get?!” I yelled at her

“Just one.” Barbara acted puzzled.

“Good. And everybody else here had better only got one!”

Trevor took one look at my angry face and moved away letting me sit down in his place. Thankfully there wasn’t too many people milling around and it gave me time to collect my thoughts. What was Alice trying to do to me? Ruin my reputation? What did she expect me to do? Surely not with the dogs? That would be imaginable letting people I knew see me do that! See m acting as a bitch to dogs. My own dogs. All six of them. No. No! No!! I had to draw a line at that. As soon as my library shift finished I was driving straight round to see Alice. Well, I was going to anyway. Darn her. She couldn’t make me do that. She couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Not in front of people. And my sons. No. No! No!! Why, then, was my pussy so indecently wet?


Part 8

It seemed to take forever before my shift was over. Even though there were a lot of people and I was busy on the desk answering questions, leaving my position and showing members of the public where they could find the book they wanted. I smiled sweetly at everyone whilst my insides were twirling and my brain was only half concentrating on my work. Then 2pm arrived. I didn’t even bother to go to the cafeteria I almost ran to my SVU and took off with tires squealing noisily against the bitumen paving.

The tall and imposing iron gates of Alice’s house swung open as I drove up. I had been given a sensor as my visits had become so frequent and I was welcome. This time, I assured myself, she was going to see another side of me.

I slammed the car door, strode up the drive onto the walkway and passed Cern swimming lazily in the pool. He yelled out a greeting which I ignored.

“Get yourself a job. Don’t you do anything except fuck?!!” I yelled at him before disappearing into the house. That made me feel a little better.

I found Alice in the sitting room but she wasn’t alone. There was a very tall woman and a slightly smaller man with her and a dog. A beautiful golden dog. Big and I estimated at around 75lbs. A golden retriever. He or she was lying beside the couple on the floor and they arose from their seats at my entry. The dog didn’t move but his jaws opened in a smile as he eyed me.

Alice was beside me and made the introductions.

“Simon and Media Horne. This is Dodie. We were just talking about you. Simon and Media are old friends.”

As we shook hands I recognized Media. She was the lady that was with Alice that evening outside the theatre. Media was slim, full bosom, dressed in black that matched her sleek hair that was so long it hung down to her bottom. Her eye brows had been plucked and replaced with black pencil from an eyeliner. Her skin was almost white and her cheeks had been rouged. Her eyes were almost copper and slit like a Siamese cat. Around her throat was a cat pendant necklace with diamond eyes that glittered in the light. My first thought was that all she needed was a witch’s hat to complete the picture. However, she was not ugly by any means, the opposite. The hand was cold to my touch and every finger was bejeweled by rings of mother of pearl, carnelian, jade and moonstone. Plus other stones I did not quickly recognize. I placed her age at around fifty but it was difficult to be sure.

Simon looked older attributed mainly to his white hair that was thick and curly. He wore a short mustache that suited his countenance, rugged, pleasant and blue eyes that twinkled. He seemed to have a permanent smile on his face and I liked him immediately. His handshake was firm and warm.

“I have longed to meet you, Dodie, and so looking forward to your party. It would seem to be an interesting evening especially as the night wears on.” Media’s voice was light with a touch of an accent I thought was french. I felt myself blush. My facial cheeks had to be reddening.

“You are embarrassing Dodie, my dear” said Simon. His voice was heavily accented.

“Nonsense.” She retorted. “We know everything about Dodie. Probably more than she knows about herself.”

“Later. She needs to meet Daniel first. She will be here this evening. Marietta, too.” Alice interrupted quickly.

Daniel? Who was Daniel? And Marietta. As if reading my thoughts Alice continued.

“Daniel shares the same birthday as you, Dodie. I hope you don’t mind? That’s why I have invited her friends. Marietta is her partner. They are legally married.”

“And is she going to be part of this Lascivity party? And her partner? Presumably they are lesbians? Will they too be dressed up as animals? And will my sons be party to all of this as well? And what will I be?”

No one said anything. They just looked at me smiling.

“I see. Well I’m not doing anything sexual in front of my sons. That’s final. No discussion even.” I turned to leave but found Cern blocking the doorway.

“I think I love you more when you’re angry,” he said.

Love? Did he mean he really loved me? This handsome boy. Young enough to be my own son. He was my lover and I was baring his child. When he said the word ‘love’ my heart had fluttered. I had swept that word from my head. Oh, I loved him. I loved him nearly as much as Alice. Nearly. If I couldn’t have her I would gladly accept him. Accept him as what? My husband? Again my heart skipped a beat. But it was Alice I wanted as my partner. I hated being away from her. Didn’t she say this Daniel (or was it Danielle?) and Marietta were married? Maybe Alice and I could…..? But I feared to ask her. If the answer was ‘No’ I would be destroyed.

The dog gave a sudden bark and got to his feet. Immediately Media patted him.

“I’m so sorry, we haven’t introduced you to Llyr. He’s my golden boy. “ Media said. “Say hullo to Dodie. Come to him dear, he’s trained not to approach strangers unless instructed.”

I went to him and bent down to stroke him. Without warning his head ducked down beneath my skirt and his snout was at my sex. He licked at it causing me to stumble backwards. If Cern hadn’t been there I would surely have fallen.

“Merde! You naughty boy,” admonished Media. “How strange. He’s never done that before unless told it was permitted. He must smell doggie semen on you. That drives him wild. But I can see you are enjoying his attentions.”

It wasn’t only the Golden Retriever’s. Cern had undone my blouse exposing my breasts and holding out one to his mother. She obligingly came to me and sucked lovingly onto the nipple. My legs widened to give Llyr easier access to my pussy and he set to work with a vengeance. I groaned and through almost closing eyes I saw Media nodding approvingly and Simon grinning.

“Lift up her skirt, my dear. I want to see.”

“Of course and you’ll want to fuck her after Llyr has finished with her.”

“Yes. A lovely woman being royally fucked by a beast always excites me.”

Media pulled my skirt up tucking the bottom into the elasticated waist and she placed her lips onto my other nipple whilst Cern kneaded both breasts. When I looked again at Simon he had unzipped his trousers and was gently stroking a rapidly growing pink cock. It got to an impressive length and thickness.

Llyr finished with his licking and decided he wanted the main course. He jumped up onto his back legs, pushing himself against my front and wrapping his paws around my waist trying to push the humans away. They obligingly released me.

“On your knees bitch.” Alice commanded me and without any hesitation I obeyed. I even hoiked my skirt up at the back to make it easier for Llyr. My heart beat with excitement. This was a strange dog. My first. The other dogs I had mated with before were all mine.

The dog again attacked my pussy as I knelt down on hands and knees before him. When he finally mounted me my head dove down and touched the floor. I felt his pouch and then the tip of his boney cock banging against my bottom. Then below my pussy. Then above, just missing my anus. I almost groaned with disappointment when he got down. His tongue attacked me again and once more he was upon me. He missed the mark again. And again. Down he jumped. Another lick. Media tut tutted and the dog stopped and walked round to her. She clapped her hand and said something in french I did not understand. The dog licked my face. he licked my lips. I opened my mouth and we french kissed. I actually french kissed a dog. He almost jumped up onto me then from the wrong end. He realized his mistake in time and he was at my rear.

I felt his weight upon my back and this time with his very first lunge he was in. I heard myself yell but it with pleasure. His cock pounded into me. Growing bigger and bigger at each almost maniacal thrust. Pre-cum spurted inside my vagina. It felt so delicious. His front paws grabbed me pulling me back onto his wonderful cock so hard with bone. I came. I came again, and again and again. To be taken like this in front of strangers. By an animal. So humiliating and so deliciously sensual. He was thrusting and pounding into me as if his life depended on it. My passage would have been rubbed raw but for his oily spendings. It felt so good. Dear readers if you haven’t experienced such a mating you have missed much. There is nothing on earth I had experienced then or since to compare with a dog fucking you. Fucking your cunt. Those naughty words. I would never dare speak out loud unless forced to do so. But it was so exciting to hear me say them now, silently but I could hear them in my head.

Now the familiar hitting of that ball. His knot against my pussy lips. Growing bigger and I knew the climax of our mating was nearly complete. I could feel the dog himself tense up and then I cried out loud as I was knotted. At the same time he came. His semen shot into me, coating my vagina with hot almost scalding liquid. Essence of fire. My climax almost shook Llyr off but he hadn’t finished with me. His paws locked themselves even more securely around my person. His cock trembled inside me, still spurting. Shooting. His heart banging and I could hear him panting. I felt something against my lips. Simon couldn’t wait any longer. His cock pushed against my face and my lips opened and I swallowed it up to his balls.

I was in heaven.


Part 9

I lay there on the floor on my hands and knees sucking on a man’s cock – a stranger I had only met moments before. His wife was watching me and their dog, a beautiful golden retriever was lying atop me his cock and knot buried in my body after just humping me almost stupid. Now his cock and knot – a huge ball of pulsating flesh pressing hard against the walls of my pussy – were twitching and I could still feel more little darts of his oh so hot spunk filling me up. My 21 year old lover and his mother were making approving noises and I felt the dog’s tail being moved out of the way to give the watchers a better view I presumed.

“Mother. Just look at how her cunt has gobbled up his cock. You can just see the knot. It’s so big. And look at the sperm seeping out. I must get my camera.” Cern’s voice was excited and I heard his feet disappearing.

“What a bitch.” Said Media. her voice was approving. “I always loved seeing you in this position, Alice, but I have to admit this naughty slut is even better.”

“She likes it even more than me. A mating with a dog is good for at least two to three weeks but my deliciously naughty lover can’t get enough of it. If we had another doggie she’d do that immediately wouldn’t you Dodie?” Alice patted Llyr’s head as she spoke.

“Answer her,” commanded Media. “Allow her to speak, Simon. A lady never speaks with her mouth full.”

Laughter ensued at this but Simon pulled his cock free.

“Wow. I almost came in the bitch’s mouth. She’s a great cock sucker.” He hit my face with his cock, slick with my spittle. It was a very nice size.

“Alice asked you a question. Answer her!” Media commanded me.

“Yes.” I murmured.


“Yes! Yes!” I shouted.

“That’s better.” Media answered. “And your wish is granted. Simon go and bring in Percy. And don’t walk around exposing yourself. Behave like a gentleman. Alice, you’ve never sampled Percy, have you?”

“No, dear. He’s only given me a licking. I fear he is much too big for me.” Alice was almost apologetic.

“Nonsense. Tonight I will open you up and you will accommodate him. Perhaps sucking on Llyr’s cock at the same time. Would you like to see that, Dodie? Alice being bred just like you?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Then you shall and you will meet Daniel and Marietta, too. They will also have some playmates. They’ve brought them specially for you. I was thinking of perhaps waiting for the party but as I see you are a real doggie bitch and to have both of you mounted at the same time. Well that would be enchanting.”

My mind raced at what she said. I really would love to see Alice being bred. I had only witnessed it that very first time at my kennels. The start of all this. It seemed so long ago now but it really wasn’t. I replayed the event in my mind as Llyr moved on top of me pushing his cock even deeper into my vagina and spurting even more cum inside.


Part 10

That first time changed my life. Oh yes, I always have had fantasies. I acted some out with John but none of the extreme ones. Being gang-banged by lots of horny men. Being tied up and ‘forced’ to lick strange women’s pussies and ass. And the grossest of all – being peed on and forced to swallow it! The latter I had done with Mary. She had initiated it and we had both done it to each other. It had now become a regular part of our love making. The doggie sex, though, had never entered my head.

I marvel now why it hadn’t because having breeding kennels the dogs were often horny. They had humped my leg, I had scolded them and they had stopped. All except one – Joseph’s brother, Mycroft. He was very, very excited when a bitch arrived in heat to be bred. All the other dogs were, too, but Mycroft was ‘over the top’. If he wasn’t going to perform he had to be tied up and even muzzled – something I hated doing. Even when there was no bitch around he would be trying to hump the other males and if I was ever silly enough to bend down near him he would take that as invitation and he was upon me. Usually John would come running to help me when I yelled out. Since his death I was very careful not to do that. At no time did John ever suggest bestiality and it never even crossed my mind. Oh dear. All those years wasted.

I had told Alice and Cern I had to leave early. Cern and I had finished our love making with Alice watching as usual. She had “cleaned me up” and even used her mouth upon her son’s penis. I had been so shocked the first time she had done that in my presence and wondered if this intimacy had gone even further. I was afraid to ask as I wondered if the answer was ‘yes’ at my reaction. Would I be jealous or would it turn me on. Incest. I gulped. Another forbidden practice, even with consenting adults. I had to admit I did like seeing Alice on her knees and lovingly suck on her son’s big cock. And, yes, I now did have thoughts of doing that to my own sons. Thoughts I repressed as soon as they flashed through my mind. How horrified they would be if I attempted to suggest or even worse, horrors of all, initiate such an act. They would report me to the authorities and I would be locked up. Oh, the scandal. I would lose their love. So, how was I going to explain the mating I was doing with all six of my dogs? Could I not be tempted to submit to them when my sons in the house? I would have to try. I must not do it.

And now I was on my knees, so content, sucking happily on a stranger’s cock whilst a strange dog was laying on top of me, his cock and knot embedded inside my vagina, twitching and shooting lovely hot, watery, cum into me and sending wave after orgasmic wave.

I had to get back home that fateful afternoon. A man was bringing over his black labrador that was in heat. A show dog with a long pedigree and he had selected Prince to father her pups. The stud fee was eight hundred dollars and the dogs would be together for 24 hours. I had to be there to meet with the bitch’s owner and to be on hand. I slept in the breeding hut alongside the cage, away from the rest of the dogs but they would still be excited because of the smell. Their barking was almost non stop.

I could see Alice’s mounting interest when I told her this and she wanted to come back with me and watch. Cern also asked me if he could be there too, and I readily agreed. I guessed he would be sleeping with me next to the mating dogs and the thought of us doing it as well made my stomach knot. It seemed sexy and naughty. Would Alice want to be there, too? The bed was only single and not much room for one let alone three!

It was the first time Alice and Cern had visited my home. So small and bare compared to their mansion. But the grounds were big, over an acre and secluded. Just as well as the barking from the dogs would have driven a neighbor wild with anger. As it was, I still got complaints and the nearest house was a quarter of a mile away.

They followed me to the kennels and immediately Alice and Cern visited the dogs. They were all in a very large fenced area but I let them all out except for Prince. I took him along to the breeding cage in the kennel building and rushed into the house to tidy up.

When I had finished I came back to find Alice talking to my dogs. Yes, she was actually, talking, Well, more like whispering to them. They were all quiet, even Mycroft, and they surrounded her wagging their tails. Attentive. Cern came over to me, held my hand, kissed me whilst cupping one of my breasts and squeezing it. When his other hand dipped down to disappear up my skirt I slapped it, pushing him away.

“Later,” I said. “You’re insatiable.”

“You are too. I bet when those two dogs go at it, it will drive you mad.”

I laughed and then I heard a car driving up the track to the kennels.

“Here he is. I have to get the dogs fenced up.”

I strode away and ran over to Alice telling her the same thing. She nodded and strode over to the fence gate, opened it and the dogs followed her, going inside the fenced area with no trouble at all. I was astounded as it was always a game they played with me to see how annoyed I got with them before they allowed me to fence them in.

Even when the bitch and owner got out of the car they didn’t bark. They were excited. All hoping they would be able to get at her but they made no noise. They watched Alice intently and she crouched down inside the compound with them, stroking and kissing them.

I took the owner and bitch down to the breeding kennel and Prince went mad. He barked and ran around in circles. He even tried to clamber up the cage and I had to hold the bitch back. Then Prince stopped and I found Alice at my side. She spoke softly in a language I didn’t understand and it was to prince who listened to her! Both the bitch owner and I looked at each other in surprise. I let the bitch into the cage. She walked around almost with her nose in the air but Prince didn’t do anything except stand still, his jaws open, smiling, his tail wagging with excitement and staring at Alice. She suddenly clapped her hands, pointed at the bitch and Prince ran to her, mounted and rutted her like a wild beast he was.

The bitch owner nodded his approval. He paid me, left telling me he would be back the same time tomorrow. As soon as he had gone, Alice threw her arms around me. Her lips sought mine. W kissed passionately. She broke away and whispered to Cern.

“Which one?” He asked.

“You choose.” She answered. He left, smiling. “Watching those two dogs have got me so horny. I have to do it.”

“Do what?” I asked, mystified.

She didn’t answer. She pulled down and off her panties. I watched in amazement as she pushed two, then three fingers into her pussy. She masturbated furiously. She walked over to the bed and kneeling down draped her self over it. She hoiked up her skirt giving me a full view of her ass and pussy now glistening with her juices, her fingers again pushing into herself. She started to moan.

“Hurry up. I can hardly wait.”

“Wait? Do you want me.” I asked again.

“No, darling, not you. Later. I want one of your dogs.”

As she said that Cern walked in with Mycroft!


Part 11

I was still puzzled for a second before full comprehension registered in my feeble brain.

“No.” I cried, momentarily horrified. “You don’t mean…?”

“Of course. Mother can’t wait to be fucked by one of your dogs.” Cern said this at the same time releasing Mycroft. The german shepherd didn’t even glance at Prince and his bitch who were now tied butt to butt. He went straight to Alice and went to work on her bare ass and pussy. His tongue delving into the crack and sending her wild with lust. She moaned. She cried.

“Yes. Yes.”

“I love watching mother do this. It happens so rarely. What are you thinking?”

Cern had unzipped his trousers and was fondling his penis, already erect. He grabbed my left hand forcing my palm and fingers around it. But my attention was focused on the terrible sight in front of me. My friend. My lover. Giving herself so wantonly to an animal. One of my animals. And he seemed to know what to do. An dog to mate with a human. It was shocking and I had to stop it. I let go of his cock and as I made to move forward he stopped me, his hands grabbing me around the waist.

“No. Watch. Learn. Enjoy.” Cern’s voice was authorative.

When Mycroft finally got tired of his licking and mounted Alice I was shaking. My stomach was turning over but, and dearest readers, I am ashamed to say, I was getting aroused. Yes, and when Cern pulled my top up and his hand squeezed a breast I groaned. I was beginning to climax!

When Mycroft kept missing his mark and his cock stabbed all over the place as it started to grow I was willing it to enter his bitch. His human mate. Alice even tried to guide him in but he was not used to a human hand touching him there and he stopped humping and dropped down. He attacked her pussy with his tongue before mounting again and this time he hit the bulls-eye. He was inside. His paws grabbed her, pulling her even further onto his cock and he went to town. He pumped it faster and faster. I could hear it as it sluiced juices into her love canal, even with Alice’s ever increasing cries of passion. Cries I had never heard her make before. It sounded like her very soul was being tormented, tamed, released. And what was I thinking?


Cern’s hand was now at my nest. His fingers entering me and I ground my mound against it.

“You are so wet, Dodie.” He marveled. “You want it, too, don’t you?”

I didn’t reply. I couldn’t say ‘Yes.’ I couldn’t, could I? It was so wrong. Taboo. Illegal. But that all made it even more exciting.

I could see Mycroft’s knot swelling. Growing. So red. The veins seemed to be standing out and then it disappeared into Alice’s cunt. She screamed and I her body shook as she came. Mycroft now lay still on her. His back legs stopped their attempt at climbing atop of her, too. The dog’s ass hole twitched and moved, opening and closing. He was cumming. Sending his sperm into her. I wondered what it must feel like. How different would it be to a human’s The fucking was definitely more extreme. Frantic. The rutting at times between two dogs I had witnessed many times was more frantic. And now I had seen for the first time the same thing between a dog and a human. No difference. Except this was more erotic. I even felt sick. But with lust. Never had I felt such desire – such lasciviousness, such longing.

“Do me.” I said to Cern. “Do me. Like that. I’ll get on my knees.”

“No.” He said. “Later. Patience. Wait. You will have all the cock you want. But first I have to fuck, mother. You’d like to see that, too. Wouldn’t you? A son fucking his own mother?”

yes.” My shameful reply was like a stranger’s voice to my ears. I gripped my legs together pushing my cunt lips against one another as Cern’s hand moved from me and he walked over to the couple, tied together and Mycroft’s head turned. His eyes met mine and his mouth opened in a smile. We both knew soon he would be mating with me.


Part 12

A flash! Then another flash! My reminiscing was rudely interrupted and I was back in the present. Cern was taking pictures.

“Smile, please.” He ordered.

Without thinking I did. Flash.

“Great.” He enthused. “Llyr is smiling, too.”

I was not surprised. I could still feel the golden retriever pumping more sperm into me. He was really enjoying our coupling.

“Mother. Lift his tail up. I want to get a good shot of his knot in her cunt.”

I felt his wish being complied with. I sank my head down with my body resting it onto the floor as my arms and hands were getting tired. When I looked up again Simon was standing in front of me with a smug look on his face. Beside him was a huge black great dane. This must be Percy. No wonder Alice had said he was too big. If his cock was in the same proportion as his body size I would find it difficult to accommodate him. I even shivered with some apprehension at the thought, knowing that soon I would find out.

Media was stroking Llyr’s head and murmuring to him in a voice so low I couldn’t catch what she was saying. Then she addressed me.

“Are you enjoying, Llyr?”

“Yes.” I said.

“I think you should repay me. He’s my dog. Percy is Simon’s. Simon advertises Percy’s preference for mating with human bitches on the internet. Unfortunately there are few genuine people out there. Percy hasn’t had a good rutting for a long time but over the next few days he is going to have a lovely time. Aren’t you big boy?” Media was now bending down to stroke the great dane. He was a monster and he looked mean as he stared without blinking into my eyes. I was the first to break contact and he took that as my compliance. He was my master. He walked up to Llyr and growled.

Llyr was quick to remove himself from his bitch. He pulled out of me, and his knot made me gasp with the sudden and unexpected painful withdrawal. Cum splashed over my ass as more pored forth from my pussy, running down my thighs.

Alice tut tutted at the pool of cum on the floor. Llyr licked quickly at my cunt causing more liquid to exit and then ran quickly away as Percy made a beeline to the same place.

“Good boy, Percy. Alice murmured as I heard his big tongue slapping onto the floor cleaning up the liquid mess. Then it delved into my crack with such force I sprawled forward.

“Get an armchair, Simon. Dodie can’t possibly take his weight.” Media commanded her husband. “Percy weighs 235lbs and is nearly three and half feet heigh. “He has won many prizes. His cock is ten inches long but it is his knot that is just awesome. It is 5 and a half inches across!”

“I won’t be able to take that.” I shrieked.

“Of course you will.” She scoffed. “Alice is going to take it tonight. I am judging her pussy is smaller than yours. However, let me check. Hold Percy for me, Alice.”

The tongue at my vagina ceased to be replaced by fingers pushing into me. Three, four and then a hand folded into a fist. I groaned with the pain but it shoved further and further into me. The breathe was taken from me when I felt her whole hand inside me.

“There. I’m up to my wrist. Now clamp your cuntal muscles down onto my hand.”

I did. This was something I was particularly good at.

“Oh, yes.” She said this approvingly. “You must stay the night. Simon and I will have much fun with you.”

“What’s that, dear?” Simon asked as he appeared with an armchair from the sitting room.

“Dodie is going to share our bed tonight.”

“Very good.” He said. “Now my dear, stand up and drape your body over the chair. Brace yourself.”

I looked around as Media removed her hand and put it in front of Percy who licked at it with gusto.

I got myself into position with a little help from Simon. Cern started taking pictures again. Percy must have been used to this as he took no notice of the flashes. I saw him approach me and I braced myself. Even then I was not expecting the crashing weight that landed on my back and the armchair moved with me and Simon grabbed it for surely we would have been across the room.

“I’ll guide him in.” Media was enjoying this but I was grateful for her help there. I dreaded what that cock would do to my anus if it was to enter me there.

There was no more time for conjecture. The great beast wrapped his long, strong paws around my waist pulling me back onto his rapidly expanding sheath. I felt a hand against my ass and then a grunt of satisfaction as the boney tip of Percy’s penis entered me. I was about to be fucked by my very first great dane!


Part 13

I actually screamed at the sudden penetration. The Dane’s cock was huge and it grew so fast as he humped me I was not as prepared as I should have been. I actually felt the tip of Percy’s penis enter my womb and expand almost filling my pussy. I shuddered at the thought of his knot going into me. Five and a half inches! I know that Media had just pushed her whole hand into me but that hadn’t spread to that size. Dear readers, take a moment and measure five and a half inches against a ruler. This was wider than a normal baby’s head. For a second I pitied poor Alice. Her pussy was smaller than mine and no amount of pushing into her with my hand had been successful in gaining entry. She had pushed my hand away because of the pain. Then my thoughts were replaced by an orgasm that started to build, and I swear it had started at my toes. Perhaps it was the image of darling Alice being placed in the same position as me and hearing her moans and yells. Was their a little bit of masochism in me after all?

I actually heard myself yell as I came and this seemed to spur on Percy a little. His technique was much slower than any of the other dogs I had submitted to. Almost to compare to my late husband or even Cern. The indecent revelation came to me that I had experienced only three human cocks against eight canine ones. Instead of being horrified it actually made me smile. However, the similarity in technique ended there. The dane was much more powerful with his thrusts and his cock was like a piece of steel, penetrating my depths and investigating places no man has been before. Sounds like the opening of an episode of “Star Trek.”

I was very thankful of the pre-cum that Percy was injecting very forcefully into my vagina, oiling the tightly filled passage, making it easy for his shaft to shunt to and fro, and I was now really beginning to enjoy the bestial fucking.

Unfortunately it didn’t last long enough before I felt that enormous ball of muscle hitting against my pussy lips. I prayed he wouldn’t attempt to get it into me.

“No! Please no!” I cried out aloud. “Don’t let him knot me! Please!!”

When I looked up there was Media looking down on me. Her face was lit up with a beaming smile and a cruel sparkle in her eyes. One of her hands was busy under her skirt and Cern was busy again with his camera. Flashes were going on behind me and I even heard Alice say “Get it in her. I want to see it in her!”

She got her wish. Percy wrapped his paws even more forcefully around my waist, actually lifting me up from the armchair and pulling me backwards as he lunged forward. I felt my cunt open up and with a terrible pain that made me yell so loud half of Miami must have heard me that massive ball shot into me like a bolt fired from a gun. I was knotted and gush after gush of Percy’s scalding cum flooded my womb. Amazingly I came to. I had a wonderfully long, at the time it seemed everlasting orgasm. The pain had disappeared and I was enjoying the experience.

My darling readers it is so difficult to describe it to you. I must have passed out with the enjoyment. The rapture. The great bliss. There is certainly pleasure from pain and the exquisite feeling of being taken so forcefully by a great beast. He didn’t care for my pleasure. Not once did he attempt to lick the back of my head or my face. He just stood over me, his belly bearing down onto my back forcing me down onto the armchair, his mouth open as I heard his pants and felt drops of his spittle wetting my neck and head. We were joined together with his cock filling my passage and his knot jammed inside me, pulsating in time with his cock still spurting cum. He was enjoying it. O, how he was enjoying it, but I am ashamed to tell you my darling ones I was enjoying it even more.


Part 14

It was forty minutes later when I was able to find myself released from Percy’s massive cock. During that time the Great Dane had climbed down off of me and actually pulled me from the armchair that was supporting me. He had managed to turn his cock inside me so that we were ass to ass and we really were tied together. With the human vagina’s anatomy different to a canine I thought it was impossible to be tied like two dogs. I was wrong. Percy’s knot was bigger than a baseball and lodged inside my cunt. Until it went down it was going nowhere. The beast even managed to pull me a foot across the floor that would have been more but for Alice and Cern holding Percy in place. Looking at Media’s cruel smile I’m sure she would have let the Dane pull me all over the room! I was really beginning to dislike this woman.

At least Media’s husband, Simon, helped me to my feet and into a chair when I was finally released. My poor pussy felt as if I had delivered a ten pound baby – no make that two! Looking down at myself there, my cunt gaped open wide and Percy’s cum trickled out splashing onto the floor.

Now the show was over everyone disappeared leaving me alone to recover. It was another thirty minutes before I struggled to a bathroom and cleaned myself up tendering carefully to my swollen pussy lips. When I went outside they were all by the pool with the two dogs lying contentedly close by. No one even paid me any mind except for Llyr, the golden retriever, who did at least wag his tail with eyes looking at me inquiringly as if to ask if he could do me again. I didn’t give him even the benefit of half a smile.

As I was about to drive off there was a knock on the driver’s side window and Alice was there looking anxious. I wound the window down.

“Yes!” I snapped.

“I’m sorry. Media can be a bitch and she is jealous of you.”

“Tell her she can have you. I don’t care. And as for my party it’s off.”

With that I drove off crying.

I was angry at Alice but even more at myself. I had gone there to find out exactly what was going to be expected of me and the unknown role I was to play at my birthday party and in front of two strangers had performed two depraved acts. And enjoyed it! What was worse I still didn’t know what was this Lascivity Show was about. With animal costumes being animals my mind was reeling with the possibilities but me performing in front of people I knew and worked with involving live canines was a definite ‘No!’ Plus my boys were going to be there. My boys. They were going to be with me tomorrow. But the party was now off. I had just told Alice that. Well, if it was held I wasn’t going to be there. I’d take the twins out for a nice meal and celebrate my fortieth with just them. By the time I got to my house I felt a little better. The dogs barked at my return but I was in no mood for sex with them or anyone else. At this moment I didn’t care if I had sex ever again.

I showered and was lying on the bed when the house telephone rang. I had just closed my eyes and I jumped at the unexpected noise. I picked up the receiver and was met with a strange female voice.

“Is that Mrs. Taans?”

“Yes.” I answered cautiously wondering if this was one of those unsolicited retail callers.

“Mrs. Dodie Taans, friend of Alice Taans?”

“I am Dodie Taans and I know a woman called Alice but her surname is Cornwall not Taans. We are not related.”

“No. You are not directly but Alice Cornwall and Alice Taans are the same person. Your late husband John Taans was Alice’s brother.”

“What?! No! That isn’t true.” I was incredulous. “I would know that. I would.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know, Dodie. I can call you that, can I?”

“I suppose so.” I replied with my mind working overtime with the implications of this woman’s information. “How do you know all this and how can I believe you? Why are you telling me all this? What is your motive?”

My questions tumbled out.

“We have never met but that is about to change. I am your friend. I really want to be your friend. I knew your late husband very well.”

I immediately didn’t like her word ‘very’. There were a lot of meanings to that.

“He was murdered, you know.”

“What?! I’m hanging up. This is nonsense.”

“Please, don’t. What I am telling you is true. John’s death was made to look like a car accident. He was trying to protect you and he disobeyed the coven. I will be marked for death if they find out I have spoken to you of this. Do not tell Alice we have spoken.”

“I can hardly do that. I don’t know your name.” I retorted.

“They will know it is me if you mention any of this. Be especially careful of Media. She wants you dead.”

Now that was something I could believe but why? I had only just met the woman. My thoughts were interrupted by what the woman said next.

“You have had had intimate relations with Alice’s son.” She said as if it was a fact and not a question. “You have committed incest.”

Before I could say anything to that she hurriedly went on.

“Are you pregnant by him?”

“You seem to know a lot you tell me.”

“If you are you are safe for the time being. Alice has done her best to encourage the relationship. She wants her son to —”

“To fuck me up!” I shouted. “Go to Hell!”

I slammed the phone down. A few seconds later it rang again and I yanked the cord out. The ringing stopped.

As I lay back on the bed I thought over what had been said. Alice being John’s sister. Alice Taans – not Cornwall. And she had mentioned a coven. Witches? then it dawned on me. T A A N S. It spelt Satan!!


Part 15 – Conclusion

My mind was a whirl. John’s death was murder? Alice was John’s brother. Incest. That could only mean one thing. John had impregnated his sister! Why should I find this so disgusting? So awful to contemplate? I had seen her have sex with her own son! Wasn’t that worse? I searched, found the end of the phone cord and re-plugged it into the receptacle. I dialed Alice’s number and waited. It rang a long time before the answering machine came on.

“Damn!” I threw the phone down on the bed. I could hear the dogs barking and looked at my watch. It was there meal time and they were telling me they were hungry. With six big dogs to feed it took a time to prepare and it was half an hour later I brought it out and placed it in their feed troughs. They fed greedily as if they had not seen food for days. At least it had taken their thought off having sex with me. I watched for a few moments before a female voice startled me.

“You shouldn’t have put the phone down on me, Dodie. I now have had to compromise myself and come to you in person.”

I swung around. The woman was looked middle aged. Smartly dressed in a black shirt and trousers. At the top of the shirt it was clasped together with a large green jeweled brooch. Her ears were pierced by matching studs and her eyes were green, almost catlike. She held out her hand and when I grasped it with mine her fingers curled around with a steel like cold firm grip.

“My name is Marietta.” She introduced herself.

Marietta. I had that name today. I remembered. She was coming to the party with another woman called Danielle although Alice and Media had called her Daniel. She had the same birth date as mine I recalled.

“Ah.” I said, pulling my hand away. “And where is your friend, Danielle?”

“I am here.” The new voice came from behind me. I turned and nearly dropped in amazement. Standing before me was a woman identical to me. It was like looking into a mirror. I gapped. I was lost for words.

“I am your twin sister.” Danielle said. As she said that a hand grabbed me from behind and a rag was pushed over my face. I smelt chloroform before passing out.

How long I was unconscious I don’t know. When I came too I found myself in the breeding stall of my own dog pen. I was trussed up, tied and bent over a small water butt. In my mouth was inserted a ball gag. Around my neck was a leather dog collar. Looking down on me was Danielle. She was smiling.

“Good. At last you are awake. Get used to this position darling. For the rest of your life you will spend most of your time in this position. We are identical twins except for one thing.” She pulled up her skirt to her waist. She was wearing no panties and revealed a pair of balls and a cock that even flaccid looked, dear I say, awesome. “You were the first born, Dodie and whisked away to begin your new life here in the USA. Me, I remained in Scotland before moving to France and being brought up by Alice’s parents. You see, your real mother died giving birth to us. Our father never even saw his babies nor recognized us as such. However, when he died he left a will giving everything of his immense fortune to his first born. You. Me? Nothing. I was a hemaphrodite with a non functioning vagina. I knew nothing of a twin sister but his lawyer’s did and the fact that his second child was a freak. Then, Alice became a teacher and a naturalized American citizen. Her eyes popped out of her head, when in her class, she saw you. So to get the fortune Alice’s brother married you and I posed as you to get the fortune. Now I am going to become you. And you are to become our pet. Enjoy your new life, bitch. And your, no our birthday party. One last thing. Chad is my son. I impregnated Alice.”

I could say nothing. So this is what John was protecting me from. No wonder he had been killed. And I would have ended up with the same fate except I was bearing Alice’s child. They had also found another use for me, too. Their toy for their amusement.

Just then my dogs were let into the pen. All of them. I shut my eyes and waited for the inevitable. Depravity for the rest of my life. And how long was that to me?


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