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stallion, dirty!

Warning-This is a story involving sex with horses and horse manure. If you don’t like this sort of story, please leave.

It was a beautiful sunny day outside and I was home for the summer…and I couldn’t be happier. Being home from college allowed me to watch the horse I secretly loved with all my heart on our farm. My parents were away during the summer and it allowed me to spend time on the farm, taking pride in the things I do most…taking care of the farm, feeding the horses, esspecially the draft horses we keep. Oh, those wonderful draft horses…how I’ve admired them. Everything about them has made me happy…but more than their wonderful rumps. Their rear ends, and the stuff that comes out of their rear ends…their manure. It’s my ultimate dream to be owned by the draft horses, love them the way they want me to love them….

We lived on a pretty secluded area, so doing what I wanted to do with our drafts would be a piece of cake with no one around to watch. I called out to the biggest draft and he came to me happily, anxiously as he hasn’t seen me since Christmas. I hugged the horse around the neck and he lifted me up in the air a bit with his strong muscular neck. I dropped to the ground, and looked into those big, blue horse eyes of his. He knew what I wanted and brought his lips up to my face, nibbling at my face.

“Ahh…”I said as Mac opened his mouth slightly nibbling me with his yellow teeth and he tongued me slightly.

I quickly unzipped my pants and threw my shirt off, bowing before my new master. Mac looked down at me, his new servant. I looked down on the ground and saw an old piece of manure, which I picked up and sniffed…ahh, still fresh. I kissed and licked it, enjoying its taste. Mac dropped his head down to me sniffing at my neck, nibbling and licking it. I gasped in pleasure as that tongue creeped over my neck, was incredible!

Mac whinnied and I got up as he had trained me how to do. He swayed his neck and pointed over to his butt with his head, and my mouth watered when I saw that I finally was going to accomplish my dream. My draft horse master was making me a slave of his butt! I walked over to his enormous ass and shivering it front of it, watching the tail twitch from side to side slapping the occasional fly. Mac looked over and whinnied, as if saying don’t be shy.

I walked towards those butt cheeks of his and Mac backed up right into me, making me embrace that rump right away! I lay my down at the base of his tail and I could hear gas spew out of his hole already, sending a fresh aroma of horse manure into my nostrils. Ahhh, I thought to myself. Mac shaked his ass around a bit, as if I were dancing with his butt embracing it the way I did.

Do you know what it feels like to hug such a wonderfully furry ass…esspecially a horse’s? It’s a dream come true for me…in my twenty years of life on earth, this is the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. All I’ve wanted was to smell like a horse…through and through. I worked up the courage and backed away a little from that warm ass and let Mac lift his tail. I breathed in and out nervously, and put my face into my master’s tight butt cheeks putting my mouth to his butthole, kissing it. I gulped and licked it, making it twitch a little. Slowly but sure Mac let his tail down and my head was completely in that ass, as it should be.

Mac grunted and his hole expanded in front of my very eyes and I prepared myself as I had done for months for this and opened wide, and let the log come into my mouth. The steaming and sloppy amount of horse manure began to pour into my mouth and I immediately tasted the incredible rough but sweet taste of horse manure going down my throat. I breathed in the horse’s gas through my nostrils, taking in the spicy smell. Mac pulled away unloading the rest of shit on the ground, a fresh pile of lumps ready for me.

“Mmm…”I licked my brown stained lips, licking the horse manure off my self.

Mac walked over to me, sniffing at my face with his nostrils and then opened his mouth guiding the entire length of his tongue over my face, cleaning me with his saliva. I stood stock still and he continued, nibbling on my ears and licking my hair sometimes. I watched in wonder as he did this but then stopped suddenly and opened his mouth up revealing his yellow stained teeth to me, saliva dripping from them. I sighed and knew what he wanted…

I licked at his dirty teeth, cleaning the food left on them. I licked my lips and licked the back of his molars, cleaning out the plague and then proceeded to lick his tongue, tasting his saliva…nice, warm and gooey in my mouth. My draft master forced his tongue into my own mouth, and felt inside tasting me as well. He musta thought I was good because he constantly licked all around my mouth!

“uhhh…”I moaned, feeling that horse’s tongue partially inside me.

Mac took his tongue out of my mouth and turned around showing his ass to me. I got up and lifted his tail, sniffing at it like a dog would and licked it. His hole puckered up and spewed out a fart in my direction sending a wave of gas in my face which I appreciated. Mac whinnied and gently bumped me with his rump onto the ground with the poop and mud. My arm and head landed in a fresh pile of his manure and I couldn’t have been luckier!

I picked up one of the pieces and popped it personally into my mouth, tasting the ever fresh taste of dung in my mouth…how delightful….mmmm. The next instant I knew, Mac walked over me with his urine-dripping dick in front of me. I squirmed and the flow of urine began flowing all over my body, hitting my face and going down my throat, in all its acidity taste. I gasped at the taste and opened my mouth further letting the urine flow down into my throat.

The piss continued to spurt out of my master’s monster black cock and all over my body, making me wet and stinky with horse urine and marking me as territory…his of course. I languished in the wet wonderland, never wanting this flow of glorious golden liquid to end! Unfortunately, his piss contracted and it stopped, his dick shrinking back into the sheath from whinch it came.

Mac whinnied and I got up, drenching in horse urine. Mac sniffed me all over and whinnied his approval, slobbering my face with his moist tongue. He lifted his tail and nodded at me. I nodded back and put my face in his butt and he lowered his tail down. Mac walked towards the barn and I walked with him, as he led me back to my stable…

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