Vanessa – Chapter 2: Meeting the boy’s!


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Mike led the girls into the garage; the girls had their cloths and blanket in their hands, feeling rather vulnerable, with anxiety shown on their faces (what was Mike up to). As Vanessa closed the door behind her, the two dogs scampered to Mike; he knelt down
“How are my boy’s?”
Vanessa looked at Ann, her face said it all. We have found out who his boys are; Vanessa was more excited than ever seeing the shocked look on Ann’s face (GOD! She though! She has not had a dog).
The dogs were beautiful German shepherd’s; Vanessa had made acquaintance with one in the van (unknown to Mike).
Mike asked them to come across and meet his boys; the two walked over and the dogs were very friendly and started licking the girls, as the girls stroked and played with them.
Vanessa looked at Ann “Don’t worry I will look after you”
Ann had a lovely nervous smile on her face (she nodded to Vanessa in agreement). Mike laid the blanket on the floor and told the girls “to get over here”

“I am your master”
Vanessa liked this she loved being made to be naughty; she could feel her nipple’s aching and her stomach muscles tighten up (fucking hell this felt lusty and good). Mike told Vanessa to get on all fours; this she did without a thought
Mike got the dog to lie down in front of her
“I want to see you”
“Give him the best blow job, ever”
Vanessa started to work on the dogs pouch, Ann could see the little pink cock coming out of the socket
“What are you looking at! ”
“Lick the whore’s ass”
Mike shouted at Ann; Ann jumped and buried her face into Vanessa’s ass, her tongue lapping (she pulled Vanessa cheeks wide and licked the brown meat).
Mike said you know what they say brown meat is the sweetest; Ann pushed two fingers into Vanessa pussy (she heard Vanessa sigh) she was very excited at the sound and pushed her thumb in to Vanessa’ ass at the same time. She went crazy pushing in and out hard; this gave her the chance to see what Vanessa was doing to the dog
She looked up to see Vanessa with the doggy fully in her mouth (WOW! What a dirty bitch).
Ann could not believe what she was watching as Vanessa slowly lifted her head up and the dogs cock started to show (Ann could hardly catch her breath, the size, it had grew from a little pink thing into this proud, shiny, red purple monster), Vanessa was really into the dog
“Good bitch” ”love my boy” Mike said
Vanessa was in heaven; being told to be naughty, People watching her, A girl loving her cunt and ass and topping it all, she was the centre of attention (she felt like shouting out me, me, me, and if there is anything left do it to ME). Ann watched as Vanessa licked the tip of the beautiful doggy cock.
Vanessa was in her own world now; she licked the dog then swallowed the entire cock right to the hilt, as she pulled it out of her mouth the dog gave a squirt of cum
“Good doggy give me more” (Vanessa loved the idea she could satisfy, anything she was given)
She then engulfed the dogs cock again and again. Mike looked at Ann watching, and walked to see what she was up to. He saw an oil can on the bench; he picked it up on the way.
Mike got to Ann “This will help”
He squirted the oil on to Vanessa’s ass (Vanessa felt the cold wet thick oil running slowly all over her ass and pussy). That helped, Ann’s thumb slide easy in and out of Vanessa’s ass hole
“Now you will be able to get more fingers in that ass-hole”
Ann did not need to be told twice; she started to push all her fingers into Vanessa’s ass; her hand was slipping in easy (she could hear Vanessa groaning as her hand went further up her ass). Vanessa could feel the ache in her ass, but it was a nice ache and nothing was going to stop her drinking the dogs cum he was squirting all the time in quick short spirts, all over her face and in to her mouth, lovely.
She was just moaning mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm,
This was so erotic; a fist ups her ass hole and a dog shown all his pleasure in the form of lots of doggy cum.
Vanessa could not hold back any more; she was climaxing, shaking with pleasure wave after wave, Ann and the dog was not given up; Vanessa’s arms and legs were buckling under her. Both Mike and Ann were shouting at her
“Go you whore”
“You dirty COW, BITCH”
This made Vanessa shout back
“YES! I am”
“I am a fucking whore, a bitch”
“Give the COW more come on”. Vanessa slumped to the floor, looking like she was having a fit.
Ann was cumming watching her. Mike shouted she is not finished yet get her up on all fours again, I have another boy needs seeing to.
Vanessa shouted let Ann fuck him (she did not mean it).
Mike said no this is all yours! He brought the dog across to Ann; he is all yours make him mount Vanessa
“Mount her” Ann looked lost,
“Fuck her”
“You dumb bitch”.
Ann got the dog behind Vanessa, and started to pat her back
“come on boy”
“Your bitch is waiting”.
The dog started to lick Vanessa’s pussy and ass, Ann was playing with the dogs pouch; the dog started to fuck her hand and its wet pink tip started to come out, it wet her hand. The dog put his front legs round Vanessa’s waist; Ann tried her hardest to control the dog, but he was all over Vanessa’s cheeks.
He was given little squirts of doggy cum over Vanessa’s ass cheeks, and legs; Vanessa could feel the dog cum tickling between her bum cheeks and running down her legs.
The dog’s cock was full and rock hard in Ann’s hand; Ann found Vanessa’s love socket, at last the dog took over; the dog was so fast Ann just managed to get her hand away. Ann thought the dog looked beautiful in full flow fucking the hell out of Vanessa; Vanessa was grunting with pleasure, this was making Ann very excited (she had not seen this before). Vanessa’s bum was shaking like jelly as the dog pounded her from behind.
Ann could not just watch she was too horny; she pulled the other dog over to her (he was still showing his big red purple cock off, it was swinging between his legs.) Ann grabbed the dogs cock, she stuck the tip of her tongue on to the dogs cock; She was trying to taste the dogs cock; she could not taste anything so she give the doggy cock a long hard lick.
WOW the dog tasted like her hands, when she had cleaned them at the end of a day’s work (after working on cars all day ‘metallic taste’), Ann was used to that taste: she could see Vanessa so she engulfed the dogs cock right up to the hilt; she could see the lustful look in Vanessa’s eyes, this made her go wild slurping and moaning as she licked, lapped, sucked and swallowed in front of Vanessa and Mike.
Vanessa loved being fucked by that big fucking randy dog and watching Ann; suddenly Vanessa felt the dog’s front paws on her shoulder blades, pressing very hard (the dog was still pounding her), Vanessa had to give into the weight; she found herself pined to the floor, her left cheek being pressed hard on to the floor, the dog had her pinned down with her pussy and ass sticking up.
Vanessa was having a climax, wave after wave of pleasure (she was his bitch and in her own little heaven), her love socket full of that red purple monster spurting hot cum.
Mike knelt down beside Vanessa rubbing his cock; he exploded all over Vanessa’s face, hair and turned to Ann
“Suck this one as well”
Ann was going from one cock to another swallowing and sucking; the dog was licking Mike’s cum off Vanessa ; she was French kissing the dog and getting Mike’s cum off the dog’s tongue. Vanessa gave off one big shout; the dog had forced his knot into her cunt, the dog tried to get off, he ended up facing the opposite way to Vanessa. She was now stuck and could not move. She was having one god almighty orgasm.
Ann was climaxing on her back, with the dog cumming in her mouth: she was curled up in a ball shaking like a leaf.
Mike loved what he was watching; his boys were satisfying the two whores. The dog came out of Vanessa. Her cunt was dripping with doggy cum.
Mike shouted come on you two bitches don’t waste that cum
“Ann drink from Vanessa’s cunt, you dirty cow”
“Vanessa! he is still cumming for you”
Vanessa lay under the other dog with her legs wide open for Ann to drink from her glory hole, while allowing the dog to squirt all his cum into her mouth.
The dogs were drained of every drop of their doggy cum, and the girls lay in each other’s arms MMMMMMM.
Mike took the dogs away and put them in the office, when he came back he told them “we have to leave”. The girls agreed: Mike asked if they would be interested in some more of the same, as he was a member of a very special swingers group

They both said yes and all left for home

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