Zoe Daniels Dog Lover


(c) December 28, 2009 by AlphaEd

My name is Zoe Daniels. I am thirty three years old and I am divorced. My husband ran off with his secretary, an eighteen year blonde. If I don’t sound broken up about it, it’s because what he didn’t know was I really didn’t love him. He had a huge cock but a short fuse. It took him exactly sixty seconds of fucking and he was done. When he left me it was a relief rather than a low point in my life. My lawyer took him to the cleaners and I ended getting a four bedroom condo, a million dollar settlement and a large percentage of stock in his company. Needless to say I am independently wealthy. The other secret I kept from my ex husband is that I am a dog fucker. One of the reasons I married him was because he had two beautiful pure-bred blood hounds. You see, I have been fucking my pet dogs for ten years. A female friend of mine introduced me to the lifestyle. At first I thought it was disgusting but after watching her fuck her boxer, I decided to give it a try. I was hooked to say the least. I got my first dog when I was twenty four. His name was Buddy; a beautiful red lab. I have had three of my own dogs and at least five other dogs, different breeds which belonged to my friends and one stray. The stray was a medium size Hines 57. But that dog could fuck. He was ready anytime I dropped my panties and he could fuck for an hour at a time. He had a seven inch cock and he fucked like a steam engine for at least twenty five, thirty minutes and he would cum buckets full. Fucking dog always had a smile on his face.
Why you wonder, would a girl my age and able to attract any man or woman would fuck a dog? When you think of it, it is really not surprising or unusual. Having sex with a dog is no more than a step up from what most “normal” dog owners do. They dress up their dogs, they put them in beauty contests, spend billions of dollars on food, veterinary bills, medicines, grooming and they have special cemeteries for them and in some cases leave millions of dollars in inheritance money to them. A “real pet lover” goes a step further and treats their pets “like” humans and engage in sex with them. I take care of my dogs better than some people take care of their kids and I spend very good money for grooming, vet visits, foods, medicine, vitamins and supplements for my dogs..

My dogs have never been with a female of their won species but they don’t miss anything because they get everything they need from me. A dog will not cheat on me unless I bring someone over for him. He doesn’t play mind games and he doesn’t care if I gain a few pounds, or if I am ugly, dress badly; All he knows is that I love him and take of him and will fuck him any time he wants. Best of all he will never leave me and he will not brag about me to anyone. He is always there for me and me alone. When my husband left me for that Bimbo, I insisted on keeping the dogs, Buck and Henry. Usually my dogs began by licking my ass and pussy. I experience utter pleasure. I become more active and push against their tongues and I moan and groan. I began a series of orgasms as one of the dogs, usually Henry, comes around and kisses me and stands still so I can suck his cock.
Henry will mouth fuck me for a while, kiss me again and goes back to licking my ass and pussy along with Buck. By this time I have already gone through three or four orgasms. It is then that I reach back pat ass and say, “Okay Boy, Okay”. Buck will jump up on back and his front paws slide alongside my rib cage and lock on my hipbones. He adjusted his position and in no more than two strokes he finds my pussy, and slides his dick into me. Usually I grunt when Buck is fully seated. A dog’s dick is not extremely long when it goes in, however, dog’s dick gets bigger and longer once it is in. Buck is a well-trained dog and his “sliding in” is a result of many days of repeated training.
He was an amazing dog that knew exactly what Kyla expected from him. As he lay on her back, he drooled and quickly lapped at her back and wiped it up. I could tell that Kyla’s pleasure was enhanced by this action from Monty. Also, I noticed that he had grabbed her with the side of his paws so as not to scratch her, although his paws were well trimmed.

Once he was seated, I sat up and continued pulling on Kyla’s nipples, which she seemed to like, and I watched the action as Monty proceeded to do what he did best. Kyla told me later that once the dog inserts his dick, his dick continues to grow and get bigger.

Buck fucks me hard with deep thrusts. I usually grunt every time Buck shoves it in because he bottoms out. This goes on for about five or six minutes. At this point my body starts shaking from the orgasms which come one after the other; and my toes curl and cramp as my eyes roll back into my head. Buck adjusts his position and then he presses hard against my body. Buck will began humping at a rapid pace and I continue to have one orgasm after the other. My nails dig into the carpet and my head is thrown back. Buck lays down on my back and I can feel his hot dog cum wash my womb as cock throbs and spurts one shot of cum after the other. His cock shakes up and down and rubs my clit from the inside and his pointy cock head presses against the back of my cunt tube.
Buck stops and shakes for several minutes. I reach back and hold his hind legs and say to him “Good dog, good dog. Lay down boy, on my back” Buck knows what is required and he leans over my body and licks my neck and ears.

I keep cumin and cumin. After about 20-30 minutes, Buck drops down off my back and Henry mounts me. Henry is heavier than Buck. He assumes the position on my back and I feel his cock seeking the entrance to my pussy. He finds the entrance on the second stroke and I grunt as I feel his nine inch cock grown inside of me and his cock girth stretches my cunt. I feel his pointy cock head stretch my cuntal tube as he makes room for his well seated cock. Henry is slower when he fucks than Buck is but he fucks with hard long strokes, I start cumin immediately. I gag and my eyes roll back into my head; my toes curl and my nails dig into the carpet. My body begins to shake; something explodes in side my stomach and I pass out. I feel Henry’s trunk of a cock dig into me and his huge cock rubs all my nerve endings. I feel his cum wash my womb and rub my cervix and I cum hard as a blinding light explodes in my head. I pass out again. When I wake up I covered with dog cum and feel totally wasted. I crawl over to Buck and suck his cock until he cums in my mouth and then I grab Henry and pull him towards me and suck him until he cums in my mouth.

Buck, Henry and I go through this two or three times a day and usually once a night. We do it in the missionary position at night with me laying partially on my back on my bed or a camel saddle I bought especially for fucking. Sometimes Henry licks me to orgasm as Buck kisses me. Oh, the joy of dog fucking.

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