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Chapter One

She sauntered her way across the living room, her naked feet gently padding across the soft carpet. As Sherri moved closer to the German Shepherd lying on the floor, she lightly caressed her naked body, raising her level of excitement. Since she was home alone and her live-in boyfriend was not due to be home for several hours, Sherri decided to let Jasper help her relieve the sexual tension she woke up to. She had managed to bring herself off twice already this morning using her fingers and a vibrating dildo, but it was just not enough. Sherri needed to feel the heat of a body pressed against her as she was pounded by a hard cock. Climbing out of bed, Sherri went searching for her German Shepherd, Jasper.
Seeing Sherri approach, Jasper raised his head from where he was laying at to watch Sherri come closer. Kneeling next to Jasper’s head, Sherri lovingly caresses and strokes his head and whispers soothingly to him. Jasper licks her face and Sherri opens her mouth letting his tongue explore. Each time he slips his tongue in her mouth, Sherri gently sucks on it as it retreats. Jasper moves to lick down her body, stopping to lap at the hard, sensitive nipples protruding from Sherri’s breasts. At the feel of this, Sherri lets out a low, deep groan.
Continuing farther down, Jasper starts to lick at the spot where Sherri’s legs and body meet at. Still kneeling, Sherri shifts to open her legs up, spreading her knees apart. Jasper’s tongue begins sliding across her partially open pussy, drinking up the delicious moisture that can only come from a woman. Sherri leans back, supporting herself with her arms, to give her canine lover more access. Jasper takes advantage of this new position to begin probing deeper into that moist canal, all the while swiping Sherri’s erect clit with each stroke.
Sherri’s breath start to come in gasps as Jasper’s actions sends shudders through her body with each motion. She soon feels the clutches of her impending orgasm gripping her insides as she moves ever closer. Sherri reaches down, grabbing Jasper’s collar, pulling his muzzle harder against her pussy. A low, continuous wail begins emitting from Sherri’s open mouth. It continues building in volume and pitch as, with her back arching, Sherri experiences a huge orgasm. Jasper begins licking even more furiously as more juices pour forth from Sherri’s exposed cunt.
Shortly it becomes too much for Sherri to take, so she pushes Jasper’s head away from her clenching pussy. But she has not had enough. She just needs a few minutes to settle down. Sherri begins caressing and moving her way down Jasper’s body. As she reaches his belly, he rolls over on his back, enjoying Sherri rubbing his belly. As Jasper relaxes on his back, his back legs splay open exposing himself to Sherri. Now exposed to her, Sherri eyes the object of her desire. Partially sticking out from his sheath is the pointed tip of Jasper’s red cock. Sherri leans over to plant small kisses on that tip. Meanwhile her right hand moves down to massage and play with his heavy balls. As the shaft begins protruding more and more, Sherri makes sure to lick each new section of exposed flesh. Soon, Jasper’s entire cock is fully extended and Sherri proceeds to engulf the entire length. As she bobs up and down, her tongue swirls over the heated organ in her mouth. Sherri’s free hand creeps down in between her own legs where she begins to play with her clit. Her own juices are soon running in rivulets down her thighs as the German Shepherd starts to squirt his pre-cum into Sherri’s mouth. Pulling the hard cock from her mouth with a loud pop, Sherri swings her leg over Jasper, straddling him. She positions his cock and sinks onto its entire length with a loud groan. Reaching up to play with her nipples, Sherri begins grinding her pussy along the length of Jasper’s rod.
Soon enough, Sherri could feel Jasper’s know growing in size. With every down stroke, she would grate her clit across its surface, sending thrills jolting through her body. Sherri wasn’t trying to get that tennis ball sized mass of flesh into her but she was pushing down like she was.
Screaming her release breathlessly, Sherri’s orgasm rages through her body which leaves her shaking in its wake. Leaning over and breathing deeply, Sherri wants more but just can’t will her body into riding that cock. Slowly she pulls her body from off of Jasper’s penis and moved off of him. Then, positioning herself on her knees with her head on her arms, she calls to him. Jasper gets to his feet and proceeds to circle Sherri, sniffing at her. Stopping behind her, he sniffs her pussy and licks at it a few times, eliciting a whimper from Sherri.
Leaping on her back, Sherri and Jasper both adjusts their positions to allow his cock to enter her dripping pussy. As soon as the tip finds the entrance, Jasper drives his hips forward, embedding the entire length into Sherri. Sherri’s head snaps back as a silent scream escapes her lips. With back legs dancing into a better position, Jasper’s front legs grip Sherri tightly around the waist, pulling her to him. Once satisfied everything is ready, Jasper pulls his cock back and begins repeatedly driving himself deep into Sherri’s cunt. Grunting with each thrust, Sherri can feel his knot slamming against her pussy. Each stroke drives Jasper’s knot a little deeper, stretching her pussy more and more. Finally Jasper manages to shove is cock and knot into Sherri, causing her to howl in pleasure. Immediately Sherri’s pussy clamps around it, locking them together. Jasper’s strokes become shorter but the intensity and speed remain. Small ohs can be heard from Sherri accompanying each thrust. Soon, Sherri begins taking ragged breaths as her impending orgasm approaches. With a final thrust, Jasper shoves as deep as possible and empties his heavy balls into her, sending Sherri over the edge into the throes of her own orgasm. With toes curling, Sherri’s orgasm unleashes through her, ripping a scream out of her throat. For several seconds, Sherri can feel Jasper’s cock continue to shoot jet after jet into her, coating her insides and prolonging her spasms. Feeling the spurts subside, Sherri begins to work her pussy, squeezing and milking every last drop out. Without realizing it, she begins to pant as she works herself towards another orgasm. Erupting, Sherri’s orgasm leaves her breathless as her pussy clenches the cock still in her.
They stay tied together for a few more minutes. As Sherri relaxes, Jasper’s cock and knot slip from her with a moan. Jasper then moves behind Sherri and licks her clean. Sherri whimpers from the sensitivity as one more mini orgasm ripples across her insides. Moving to the side of the room, Jasper lays down to clean himself up, leaving Sherri still kneeling in the middle. Slowly standing on wobbly legs, Sherri makes her way to her bedroom where she crawls under the blankets. Curling up, she slips into a slumber with her needs fully satisfied…for now.


Chapter Two

Her mind wandered. Her hand wandered. Her mind wandered back to the pleasantness she had experienced just a short time ago. This in turned caused her hand to wander down between her legs to relive that pleasantry, if even just slightly.
Michele drove down the road heading home from the barn where Rambo was boarded at. As she drove, Michele replayed the afternoon’s events that put the smile now on her face. The ride through the forest on Rambo got the blood pumping through her body. The closer she got to the old bar, the more she could feel her juices start flowing in her pussy. Juices were still flowing out of her even now. But it was not only her juices staining her jeans as she drove. Shuddering, Michele could remember the feel of Rambo’s cock buried deep with her and filling her full of his cum. Michele pressed at her clit through the jeans, moaning at the thought.
Just then, Michele’s cell phone rings, jarring her from her revelry. “Hello,” she answers it.
“Hey Michele, its Sherri,” Sherri responds on the phone. “How you been doing? It has been a while since we last talked.”
“Yes it has,” agreed Michele. “And I am doing good.”
“That is great. Hey I got an idea. Why don’t you stop by and we can catch up?”
Michele thought for a second. She didn’t have anything going on the rest of the day. Why not? Anything was better than sitting at home by herself.
“On my way. See you in a few,” Michele said and hung up.
Fifteen minutes later, Michele pulls into Sherri’s driveway. Before she can even walk up to the door and know, Sherri flings the door open and rushes out to great Michele. They embrace each other tightly.
Back inside, the settle down in the living room. They spend the next hour talking about everything and catching up on what they have missed. Having been friends since grade school, their talks eventually turn toward sex. Growing up, Michele and Sherri would share their desires and wants with each other. They would also share details about the men they were with. Or they would simply share a man together. And even on a few occasions, even shared a bed with each other. Needless to say, they were very comfortable with each other and very few topics were off-limits between each other.
“So is there anyone special in your life?” Sherri asks Michele.
“No there isn’t. Work hasn’t left me anytime to get out and meet anyone,” Michele answers.
“How is it you haven’t lost your mind from lack of sex?”
“You remember my horse Rambo?”
“Yeah,” replies Sherri.
“I have been riding him every Sunday. He has been helping me relieve my tensions,” Michele explains with a small smile on her face. “How about you? How is…Andy is it?”
“Andy? Oh he treats me good. He does satisfy me to a point,” Sherri answers.
“What do you mean?”
“Well sometimes I want something more. Something different. Something that Andy can’t satisfy.”
“Are you cheating on Andy and seeing someone else?” Michele gasps.
“I don’t know if you would call it cheating,” replies Sherri. “But there is someone else.”
“Would you like to meet him?”
“He is here.”
Sherri gives a quick whistle. Several seconds later, Jasper comes walking into the living room. Michele’s mouth opens in astonishment. She never knew this side of Sherri before. She had no clue that Sherri was into dogs.
“Jasper’s tongue and cock just satisfies me in ways that Andy can’t,” Sherri says as she pets and hugs Jasper.
“How?” Michele asks.
“Would you like to find out?” Sherri asks with a twinkle in her eyes.
Michele finds herself thinking about earlier and Rambo. Unconsciously, her hand travels down to between her legs to press against her sex.
Sherri watches Michele’s hand move. She comes over and sits next to her. “His cock is so long and hard. His tongue reaches deeper than any man could. The heat from his cock will set you on fire. And his knot,” Sherri whispers in Michele’s ear as she reaches up to rub one of Michele’s breasts.
“Mmmm,” Michele replies, biting her bottom lip.
“I know how much you like big cocks,” Sherri coos as she pinches a nipple causing Michele to gasp. “And Jasper is bigger than most men,” twisting the nipple slightly as she says this.
Michele take a ragged breath as Sherri latches her teeth onto Michele’s earlobe. Michele spreads her legs some, rubbing her jean covered pussy.
Sherri notices Michele rubbing harder. “I would say it is time for those jeans to come off,” Sherri says while reaching down to undo them.
Michele lifts her hips up to allow Sherri to tug her jeans and underwear over her hips and off her legs. Sherri presses Michele’s legs further apart and lightly trails her fingers across Michele’s open pussy.
“Oh my, you just soaked already,” Sherri says huskily.
“If you only knew half the truth,” Michele thinks to herself.
Sherri takes a moment to trace a few circles around Michele’s clit and to nibble on her neck. Michele’s hips shift some, trying to get Sherri’s fingers to make contact with her clit. Sherri keeps her fingers away but keeps them tantalizingly close to the hard button. She moves her fingers down to the opening of Michele’s pussy, rubbing the moisture seeping out of Michele. Spreading Michele’s pussy juice up her labia, Sherri continues to avoid Michele’s clit. Michele works her hips furiously trying to make contact with those wonderful fingers.
Without warning, Sherri catches that little nubbin between her thumb and forefinger. Gently squeezing it brings a squeal of pleasure as the first rumbles of an orgasm ripple Michele’s stomach. Michele’s hips buck as Sherri continues to manipulate her clit by gently squeezing, pulling, and twisting it. Thrashing around as an orgasm hits her, Michele groans and pants as she grips the cushions of the couch.
Sherri releases Michele’s clit to give her a chance to calm down some. Meanwhile, Sherri spreads Michele’s legs farther apart as she kneels on the floor between them. She then pulls her forward till Michele’s ass is right at the edge of the couch. Michele groans as Sherri leans forward, blowing air across her splayed pussy.
“Does that feel good baby,” Sherri coos.
“Mmm hmm,” Michele moans.
Sherri leans closer, inhaling deeply. “Mmm you smell delicious. Makes me just want to eat you all night long.”
Michele bites her lip and whimpers at that thought as she watches Sherri hover over her pussy. Sherri looks up at Michele and smiles as she extends her tongue towards the protruding clit. Michele groans loudly as Sherri swipes her tongue across Michele’s clitoris. Sherri continues to lap at that little bud as she slides her hands Michele’s inner thighs. Reaching the top, Sherri uses her thumbs to spread Michele’s pussy open some more. Sherri shifts her attention, wiggling her tongue into that opening to seek out all of Michele’s delicious cream. Michele rocks her hips to meet Sherri’s busy tongue. Sherri moves back to sucking on the clit under her nose but slips a finger into Michele, searching for her g-spot. Michele’s pussy spasms around the finger intruding her as it presses in just the right spot. Sherri smiles around the clit in her mouth as she feels this. During this, Sherri’s thumb on her other hand has been spreading the fluids pouring from Michele across Michele’s anus. Getting the area and her thumb sufficiently coated, Sherri proceeds to slowly insert her thumb up Michele’s asshole. Michele’s eye fly open wide at first but become half-closed and groans as she pushes onto Sherri’s thumb.
Settling her thumb deeply in Michele’s ass, Sherri gives her a couple moments to adjust and relax. Once ready, Sherri starts to slide her finger and thumb in and out of Michele. As one slides out, the other slides in. Sherri slowly continues this motion all the while she is flicking her tongue across Michele’s clit.
Michele reaches up to play with her own breasts while Sherri plays in her pussy and ass. She alternates massaging and squeezing her breasts with pinching and pulling on the nipples. Michele’s breathing becomes faster and louder as she can feel her body tightening up, straining for release. Michele moans loudly as her orgasm washes over her.
Sherri latches her mouth to Michele’s pussy, sucking and licking the cum as it pours forth from her. Soon the flow begins to ebb as Michele settles down from her orgasm. Sherri makes sure to not miss any of the delicious juice coming out of Michele.
Finally Michele goes limp on the couch. Sherri kisses her way up Michele’s body till she reaches Michele’s mouth. Sherri kisses her deeply, slipping her tongue between Michele’s lips and bringing her from her stupor.
Breaking the kiss, Michele draws in a deep breath. “You haven’t lost your touch,” she says huskily.
“I hope you haven’t lost yours either, my dear,” Sherri challenges.
With that, Michele slides off the couch and moves in front of Sherri. She reaches up to undo Sherri’s pants and to slide them off of her. Spreading Sherri’s knees wide, Michele dives at Sherri’s open pussy, latching onto it. Michele works furiously at Sherri, but soon slows down to a less frenzied but still hungry pace. Sherri reaches down, running her fingers through Michele’s hair and across her back and shoulders.
The smells of sex begin to heavily saturate the air in the room, peaking the interest of the other occupant in the room. Sniffing the air, Jasper begins following the scent emanating from the two ladies on the couch. Through half closed eyes, Sherri watches Jasper progress closer. As he nears Michele’s waving ass, Sherri grips Michele’s shoulders a little tighter. Thinking that this is encouragement, Michele quickens her pace lapping up Sherri’s cum.
Reaching Michele’s back side, Jasper sniffs at her wet pussy and then swipes at it with his tongue. Surprised, Michele lunges forward trying to jump up but is held in place by Sherri. After a few more swipes, Michele starts to relax and goes back to licking and sucking Sherri’s clit. Starting to enjoy Jasper’s tongue, Michele rotates her hips to allow him better access to her pussy. Jasper obliges by slipping his tongue in Michele’s vagina. Feeling this, Michele squirms some and pushes back trying to get more into her. Sherri smiles as she can tell Michele is starting to enjoy Jasper’s ministrations more and more by moans coming from Michele, vibrating Sherri’s clit.
For several minutes, Michele rocks back and forth between Jasper’s muzzle and Sherri’s cunt. Finally having enough, Jasper stops licking Michele’s cunt. Michele lets a groan loose not wanting Jasper to stop but then squeals in surprise when he hops up onto her back. Sherri massages Michele’s shoulder as she watches Jasper position to enter Michele’s pussy. Michele feels the point of Jasper’s cock poke at her ass and legs as he zeroes in on her open pussy. Finding the right spot, Jasper buries his cock in one motion, deep into Michele. She gives a scream, that is muffled my Sherri’s pussy, as she feels Jasper enter her. Jasper begins to stroke his cock in and out of Michele, who begins to match his strokes. Michele reaches up, slipping two fingers all the way into Sherri. Groaning, Sherri pushes down against Michele’s tongue and fingers. Michele starts pumping her fingers into Sherri’s twat at the same pace Jasper’s cock is sliding into her.
After a few more minutes, Jasper’s pace quickens and Michele speeds her fingers up to match as they stroke Sherri’s G-spot. Both girls’ pussies are wildly spasming around the appendages inserted into them. Jasper continues pounding into Michele, pushing to get all of him into her. Just as Jasper shoves his cock into her, Michele’s pussy relaxes as part of is spasm and allows Jasper’s knot to pop into her. Michele lets out a wail in response to her pussy being so suddenly stretched open.
Knowing what just happened to Michele and what is to come shortly sends Sherri over the edge. Moaning loud and deep, Sherri entwines her fingers in Michele’s hair, holding Michele’s head against her pussy. Not objecting, Michele presses her fingers hard against the wall of Sherri’s pussy as she strokes in and out. Feeling her friend’s vagina clamp down around her fingers, Michele finds herself closing in on an explosive orgasm of her own.
Michele’s pussy clenching and unclenching behind Jasper’s knot triggers his orgasm. Curling his body around Michele, Jasper’s cock begins spraying her insides with hot cum. As soon as the first spurts hit Michele, she screams as her orgasm over takes her. Vibrations from Michele’s scream into Sherri’s pussy causes Sherri to orgasm again. The three of them become lost in orgasmic bliss for several minutes. Jasper filled Michele’s cunt with so much cum, she can feel it oozing down her thighs as the pressure inside forces it through the seal created by Jasper’s knot.
All three relax as their heavy panting returns to normal breathing. Michele lays her head to the side, onto Sherri’s leg and looks up at her with a smile on her face. Sherri looks down, smiling back at Michele and pushes some strands of hair from Michele’s face. After a few more minutes, Jasper starts to fidget and tries to pull his cock out of Michele. His movements cause Michele’s insides to flutter and make her moan at the feeling. After a few unsuccessful tries, Jasper manages to get free with a sloppy popping sound and a groan from Michele. A deluge of cum follows Jasper’s cock out, pouring down Michele’s legs and onto the floor. Jasper takes a couple minutes to lick Michele clean, sending shudders through her body.
“I think we should go clean up some,” suggests Sherri.
Helping each other up onto wobbly legs, the two women make their way into the bathroom for a shower together. Michele and Sherri finally come out of the shower once the water start to turn cold. They did manage to get themselves cleaned up as well as bring each other to orgasm a few more times with their fingers.


Chapter Three

Settling back down in the living room after their shower, Michele and Sherri sit quietly replaying the events from earlier. Both women smile at each other.
“How do you know what Jasper’s cock is like,” ask Michele, breaking the silence.
“Hmm,” responds Sherri coming out of her thoughts.
“Jasper, how long did you know about his lovely cock?”
“Oh, for a while now.”
“And you never told me?”
“I wasn’t sure how you would react since it is considered taboo,” Sherri answers sheepishly.
“Well you know taboo has never stopped us before,” states Michele. “Besides, I have a confession to make.” Sherri looks at Michele, raising her eyebrows. “You know how I said I have been riding Rambo to relieve my stress,” Michele asks.
“Yeah,” Sherri responds with some suspicion.
“Well it is not only in a saddle I have been riding him.”
“His cock fills me like no other,” Michele confesses.
“Oh my,” gasps Sherri.
“Also, you know how you commented on how wet I was before?”
“No way!”
“Yes that was Rambo’s cum you enjoyed besides mine,” explains Michele.
“That would explain why I thought you tasted different. I figured that it had been so long since we last, that I had just forgotten some,” muses Sherri.
“Yeah, I was just on my way home from the stable when you called,” said Michele.
“So when are you going back out to see Rambo,” Sherri curiously asks.
“Why,” laughs Michele
“Now that I have tried a sample, I want to taste his cum straight from the source,” states Sherri.
“Well I go out every Sunday…”
“Call me when you leave. I am coming with you,” interrupts Sherri.
Michele just smiles at her friend, thinking about how much fun the two of them will have next Sunday. Meanwhile, Sherri’s mind is thinking about a surprise or two she has planned for Michele.


Chapter Four

The following Sunday started out bright and sunny. Getting ready to walk out the door, Michele calls Sherri up to let her know she is on her way. Sherri comes bounding out of the house carrying a backpack when Michele pulls up.
“What is in the bag,” Michele asks as Sherri climbs in.
“Oh you will see,” Sherri answers as she leans over giving Michele a kiss on the lips.
Michele returns the kiss. Breaking the kiss, they settle into their seats for the ride out to the barn.
Once at the stable, Sherri helps Michele brush and saddle Rambo up. Michele had grabbed an extra saddle blanket to give Sherri a little more padding to sit on while they rode. Cinching the saddle tight, Michele climbs up. Unable to resist, Sherri reached up to let her hand slide across Michele’s ass as it rose up in front of her. This brought a smile to Michele’s lips as well as a bit of a pink tinge on her cheeks. Settled in the saddle, Michele then helps Sherri to climb up behind the saddle. Sherri places her hands on Michele’s waist to steady herself as she gets comfortable on the blanket. Michele smiles at Sherri over her shoulder as she nudges Rambo into a walk and steers him towards the woods and trails.
As soon as they are out of sight of the barn, Sherri slides her hands up to caress Michele’s breasts. A low moan escapes from Michele’s lips as her nipples start to harden from Sherri’s touches.
“Does that feel good,” Sherri coos.
“Mmhmm,” answers Michele.
At this, Sherri moves her hands down to bring them under Michele’s shirt. Sherri then pushes Michele’s bra up off of her breasts. With no clothing between her hands and Michele’s breasts, Sherri tweaks the hard nipples between her fingers. Groaning, Michele pushes her chest against Sherri’s hands. Sherri then nuzzles and kisses the back of Michele’s neck. Michele shivers at this and nearly drops the reins in her hands.
“You keep this up and I will pull you off this horse and ravage you on the ground,” Michele warns with a smile.
“Well we can’t let he fun start too early, now can we,” replies Sherri.
Sherri backs off her ministrations on Michele’s body but occasionally will pinch a nipple or nibble on Michele’s neck.
Finally arriving at the old barn, both flustered as evident by the red flush on their cheeks. The motion created from riding and the thoughts of what is to come has Michele and Sherri in a highly aroused state. Once dismounted, Michele leads Rambo inside and ties him in his usual spot. Next she unsaddles him as well as a quick brush down. While she was doing this, Michele notices Sherri take her backpack and steps into one of the old rooms, out of sight.
“Sherri,” Michele calls out.
“Yes dear,” answers Michele.
“You alright?”
“Of course. Was just getting ready.”
“Ready? What do you mean,” questions Michele as she moves towards the room Sherri had entered.
At that moment, Sherri walks out completely naked. Well almost naked. Strapped around her waist is a large dildo. Sherri stands there with her hands on her hips as she watches Michele’s reaction.
“Oh my,” breathes Michele.
“Do you like?”
Michele can only nod her head while biting her lower lip, not once taking her eyes from Sherri’s cock. Sherri walks over to Michele and wraps her arms around Michele’s waist, trapping the dildo between them. Sherri grinds her hips against Michele, rubbing the dildo against Michele’s pussy. She then kisses Michele hard and deep. Breaking the kiss, Sherri moves back slightly as Michele stands there breathlessly.
“Let’s get you out of these clothes,” Sherri says as she starts to undress Michele.
“Now time for some fun,” say Sherri once Michele is completely naked. “Well how shall we begin?”
“With this,” Michele says wrapping her hand around the dildo and dropping to her knees in front of Sherri. She the proceeds to slurp and lick the fake cock, getting it wet with saliva. While sucking on the dildo, Michele reaches between Sherri’s legs and starts to finger her while rubbing her clit. Michele slides another finger into Sherri. Sherri starts thrusting against the fingers in her pussy, which in turns makes the cock move in an out of Michele’s mouth.
Shortly Michele has four fingers stroking Sherri’s g-spot while her thumb flicks across Sherri’s clit. Michele stands up and kisses Sherri deeply.
“Time for you to meet Rambo,” Michele tells Sherri.
Michele leads Sherri over to where Rambo is tied up at. Rambo’s cock is already hanging limply below him. As Sherri pets Rambo’s flank, Michele moves behind her friend. Reaching around Sherri, Michele starts to thumb Sherri’s nipples and nibbles at her neck.
“What do you think of his cock,” murmurs Michele into Sherri’s ear.
“Wonderful,” breathes Sherri. “Big.”
“Wait till you see it hard. Would you like to see it hard?”
“Mmmhmm,” answers Sherri.
“Go ahead and touch it, caress it, make it hard,” Michele coos.
Sherri squats down so she can see and touch Rambo’s cock. Michele kneels behind Michele so she can watch her friend’s hands and to continue playing with Sherri’s breasts.
“So soft and silky,” Sherri gasps as she feels along the cock in front of her.
“If feels even better sliding in your pussy, just like heaven,” Michele breathes.
Sherri looks over her shoulder at Michele who just gives Sherri a mischievous grin. Turning back to Rambo, Sherri can feel his cock starting to thicken and harden. She can see it start to lengthen even more.
“Want to know what really gets him going,” ask Michele.
“What is that,” replies Sherri.
“A blowjob.”
“Really,” gasps Sherri.
“Yes. He enjoys them immensely and it makes him extremely hard.”
Sherri continues stroking as she considers. “I give Jasper blowjobs all the time,” Sherri thinks to herself. “And he enjoys them, so why wouldn’t Rambo.”
Sherri shuffles close to the dick before her. Slowly and gently she brings the head of it towards her. At first she kisses Rambo’s cock tentatively. As she feels Rambo respond, Sherri becomes more assured and start to lick and suck at the surface of his hardening cock.
Meanwhile, Michele moves herself so her head is positioned underneath Sherri’s squatting form. Taking hold of Sherri, Michele begins licking Sherri’s wet pussy. Michele flicks her tongue over Sherri’s clit before latching onto it with her lips and sucking. This causes Sherri to buck against Michele’s mouth. Michele smiles as she continues sucking and flicking her tongue as Sherri grinds against Michele’s face.
Shortly, Sherri shudders as her first orgasm rolls through her body. She gasps and moans a Michele continues eating her as it passes. Looking down between her spread legs, Sherri sees Michele grinning back up at her.
“I think you are ready,” Michele purrs.
“Yes,” Sherri replies huskily.
Standing up, Sherri begins to remove the strap-on.
“Wait,” Michele says, stopping Sherri. “Leave it on.”
Sherri gives a smile thinking of the possibilities. Seeing Sherri’s smile, Michele steps up to Sherri kissing her deeply and backing her up against Rambo. Sherri lets out a moan as her backside come in contact with Rambo.
Breaking the kiss, Michele says “Now that you have been properly introduced, let the fun begin.”
Michele moves next to Sherri, putt on hand on Sherri’s shoulder. Gently pressing, Michele has Sherri bend over till she is able to move underneath Rambo. Kneeling, Michele reaches behind Sherri, grasping Rambo’s cock. She brings the head of the cock up to Sherri’s dripping pussy where she then proceeds to rub it up and down Sherri’s slit.
Groaning at the feel of it, Sherri pushes back against the cock as it slides across her. Seeing this, Michele holds Rambo’s cock still at the opening to Sherri’s vagina. Sherri continues to rock back and forth trying to slide her pussy onto that enormous cock. With a hard push and a grunt, Sherri impales herself with a gasp. Sherri holds still and shudders as a mini orgasm ripples across her belly from the penetration. Finally catching her breath, Sherri starts rocking again, trying to get more cock inside her.
Settling as far down on Rambo’s cock as she can get, Sherri stops moving to enjoy being filled so full and to let her pussy adjust as well. Feeling her pussy relax and loosen some, Sherri is able to easily slide her cunt over the engorged piece of flesh inside her. But before she can get a good pace started, Michele stops Sherri.
“Do you think you get to have all the fun while I stand her and watch,” Michele asks. Before Sherri can answer, Michele continues, “Why do you think I had you leave the dildo on, I am joining in.”
With that, Michele crawls underneath Sherri. Getting into position, Michele reaches between her legs to grab the rubber dildo as she lifts her ass up. Moving the head of the fake cock into position just inside her pussy, Michele lets go of it and fiercely impales herself on to it. As Michele drives herself fully onto one cock, Rambo’s cock is forced deeper into Sherri from Michele’s motion. Sherri cries out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as her cervix is opened up to receive the head of Rambo’s cock.
Sherri grabs Michele’s waist to hold her still while she adjusts to this new sensation, but Michele grows impatient. Soon Michele starts rocking back and forth along the phallus in her pussy. Sherri tries to hold still against Michele’s movements. Unable to completely hold still, Sherri begins to enjoy the motions and starts moving more on the cock buried in her womb.
The women’s moans and gasps of pleasure soon intermingle as they establish a steady rhythm. Sherri’s and Michele’s motions have them moving in opposite ways. When Michele rocks back, Sherri is moving forward, driving the dildo into Michele. As she pulls back, Sherri grinds her clit along Rambo’s cock as it plunges back into her.
After about five minutes, both girls let out a low moan as they both orgasm. Both pussies contract and tighten around the cocks in them. While Michele cums on the fake one, Sherri’s contractions are enough to set Rambo into motion. Rambo begins hunching his hips, driving himself into Sherri. As his forceful thrusts hit Sherri, she is driven forward, embedding the rubber phallus into Michele. Soon both girls are moaning continuously as orgasms rumble through them nearly non-stop.
Rambo’s humping soon reaches a frantic pace. With one mighty thrust, he bottoms himself out and empties his sperm within Sherri’s womb. Feeling the horse cock spasm inside her, Sherri experiences a mind-numbing orgasm herself.
“OH MY GOD, HE IS CUMMINGGGG,” Sherri howls.
Hearing her friend’s pleasure, Michele cums again, although not nearly as hard as Sherri.
As Rambo continues pumping cum into Sherri, it starts to ooze out from around the seal created by Sherri’s pussy around his cock. Michele can feel cum land on her ass as it drips from Sherri. As Rambo’s cock pops from Sherri’s pussy, Sherri collapses onto Michele. Michele collapses onto the blanket from Sherri’s weight, landing in the puddle of cum that poured out of Sherri after Rambo’s cock left.
Untangling themselves, Sherri and Michele rise up on their knees, embracing each other and kissing deeply.
“I want to ride your cock,” Michele says breaking the kiss.
“Okay,” answers Sherri, lying back down.
Michele swings her leg over top of Sherri. Reaching underneath her, Michele grabs the dildo, positioning it at the opening to her vagina. With a groan, Michele impales herself fully onto the cock. Michele slides her hands up Sherri’s body to play with Sherri’s nipples as she grinds against the fake penis.
Gasping, Michele brings herself to a quick orgasm. Lifting herself up, she lets the phallus slip from her body.
“Had enough already,” Sherri asks, eyeing Michele.
“Not even close.”
Once again, Michele reaches underneath her, grabbing the cock. With a slight shift of her hips, the dildo is positioned at Michele’s anus. Slowly, Michele starts bobbing up and down, working the cock deeper into her rectum. Every so often, Michele slips it into her pussy, riding it for a few seconds, getting it wet again. Then she would go back to pushing it up her ass.
Finally, Michele lets out a sigh as she is fully seated onto the large dildo in her ass. Taking a minute to let her body relax and adjust, Michele begins slowly rocking her hips as she rides the rubber phallus.
Soon, Michele is lifting herself up and driving back down on the cock. A tremor rumbles through Michele as a small orgasm grips her.
Stopping and holding still, Michele looks down at Sherri. “Now I want Rambo in me as well.”
“Is that so,” remarks Sherri. “Guess I better go get something else.”
Michele climbs off of Sherri. Getting up, Sherri goes to her bag, retrieving an item out of it. Meanwhile, Michele positions a bench underneath Rambo. Turning around, Michele sees Sherri standing there holding a bottle of lube.
“I had already planned on fucking your ass baby, but you beat me to it,” says Sherri. “And I guess since I won’t be able to use your pussy for lube, it is a good thing I brought some.”
“Then get over here and get me ready,” Michele says, turning around and bending over.
Coming up to Michele’s ass, Sherri opens the bottle and pours some lube into Michele’s asshole. Nest she dribbles some onto the fake cock, smearing the length with it.
Stepping up to Michele, Sherri uses one hand to grab her waist and the other to guide the dildo towards Michele’s rectum.
“Got to spread it and make sure you are nice and slick,” explains Sherri as she drives the strap-on home.
With an expulsion of air, Michele grunts as her ass is invaded by Sherri’s cock. Taking a grip on Michele’s waist, Sherri begins thrusting as she reams Michele.
Breathing heavily, Sherri finally stops.
“I think you are ready now,” Sherri says while pulling out and giving Michele’s ass a sharp slap.
“Oh,” Michele squeals jumping forward some.
Michele directs Sherri over to the bench where Sherri lays on her back. Michele then climbs over top Sherri so she is kind of laying on her. Taking the cock, Michele slips the head of it back into ass. Reaching for Rambo’s fleshy cock, she brings it to her pussy. Michele wiggles the head against her till it pops in causing a gasp to come from Michele as it sinks in. Starting to ride both cocks, Michele pushes herself farther on with each down stroke.
Moaning, Michele says, “I have never felt so full. This is wonderful,” as she takes as much of both cocks as she can handle.
Underneath Michele, Sherri starts to slowly gyrate her hips, slipping her strap-on small amounts in and out of Michele.
“More,” Michele groans.
Rocking her hips, Sherri pistons half of the rubber phallus in and out of Michele’s ass.
“Yes,” hisses Michele.
Michele starts meeting Sherri’s stroke as well as riding Rambo’s cock with her pussy.
“Fuck me faster baby,” Michele pants.
Unable to meet Sherri’s increase, Michele remains still as Sherri pounds her ass. Not knowing why Michele had stopped moving on his cock, Rambo shifts some want to feel her pussy massage his dick. When Michele doesn’t respond, Rambo starts hunching his hips at Michele. With both cock now moving at different speeds and reaching different depths, Michele is overcome by an orgasm that leads her gasping for breath. Before she can fully catch her breath, Michele feels another orgasm building up. Moaning and thrashing on the cocks driving into her, Michele nears the peak of ecstasy. Groaning and breathing fast, Michele sits on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life. All she needs is something to push her over.
Suddenly, Rambo’s cock expands even more as he unleashes a torrent of cum within Michele. The second the cum splashes against her vaginal walls, Michele’s pussy and ass clamp down dash she screams her release. Sherri stops moving and supports her friend as Michele convulses in orgasmic bliss.
Slowly, Michele comes to her senses as her body relaxes from the massive orgasm. She can feel Sherri’s hands gently caressing her body and softly speaking soothing words in her ear. Michele shudders as Rambo’s cock eases out of her stretched pussy. Cum pours out of Michele, coating her and Sherri and forms a puddle on the bench. Gingerly, Michele lifts herself on shaky arms and legs as the strap-on slides from her rectum. She whimpers as it exits her, partly from the wonderful feeling, partly from feeling so empty, and partly from the soreness she feels between her legs. Climbing off the bench and Sherri, Michele is only able to take a step before her legs give out and she collapses. Sherri quickly gets up and removes the strap-on before moving to Michele’s side.
“Are you alright,” Sherri asks as she wraps a blanket around Michele.
“Just wonderful,” answers Michele, smiling at Sherri. “I am just worn out though. I have never cum so hard before.”
“I thought you were going to pass out right on top of me,” says Sherri while holding Michele close.
The girls sit like that for a few minutes. They are brought from their daze by Rambo shuffling next to them.
“Come on, let’s move to a different spot,” suggests Sherri as she helps Michele up.
Michele leans against Sherri as they move across the barn. Sherri takes moment to spread another blanket out on the ground before they settle onto it. Holding each other close, the pair drift into a light slumber.


Chapter Five

Waking some time later, Michele and Sherri lay there gently caressing one another. Gently kissing each other, the kiss soon deepens with passion. Softly and without hurry, their hands explore each other’s body. Breaking the kiss, Sherri starts using her lips and tongue to explore as well.
Kneeling next to Michele, Sherri moves her way down, stopping to spend some time arousing Michele’s nipples even more. Not wanting Sherri to feel left out, Michele reaches out to rub and tweak Sherri’s nipples.
Once more moving down Michele’s body, Sherri makes a brief stop at Michele’s belly button, swirling her tongue around it and wiggling her tongue in it as well before moving on. Reaching the top of Michele’s pussy, Sherri opens her legs to reveal a very wet slit. Sherri can still see remnants of Rambo’s cum in and around Michele’s pussy. Leaning in, Sherri runs her tongue along the length of it, tasting the mixture of Michele’s and Rambo’s cum while eliciting a moan from Michele. Sherri begins licking and sucking at Michele’s pussy to clean her up and to coax more cum from Michele.
Feeling the need to return the gesture, Michele shuffles around till she is able to wiggle underneath Sherri. Reaching up, Michele pulls Sherri’s hips down until she is able to latch her mouth on the wet pussy above her. With hips bucking and moans coming from both, the two women continue licking and sucking each other feverishly. Both working to make the other cum first and both holding out to not be the first one, the both orgasm explosively simultaneously. The vibrations from muffled screams resonate through the girls causing their orgasms to continue longer.
Sherri collapses next to Michele and both lay there catching their breathes. Finally rousing herself, Michele sits up and looks down at Sherri.
“Guess we better start heading back before someone comes looking for us,” Michele sighs.
Getting up, Michele and Sherri start gathering their belongings. Sherri picks up the strap-on and retrieves her bag and clothes from the other room. Once they are both dressed, Sherri helps Michele to tack Rambo back up. Leading Rambo outside, Michele hops up into the saddle and then helps Michele up to her seat behind the saddle. Sherri wraps her arms around Michele, pressing her body tight to Michele.
“I think next time we go riding, we should bring along Jasper,” Michele says.
“I am sure he would enjoy it as well,” agrees Sherri. “And one of these times you get to wear the strap-on.”
“We will see.”