(c) November 10, 2008 by Madison

I like to run every morning around 7am in Massacheussets. One morning I was running with my friend, we were talking about how cold it was and how hard our nipples were. I told her mine were ripping holes in my sports bra. She said her nipples were longer than her tits were. She ran up ahead of me and went behind a bush. When I caught up to her I thought she was smoking, I thought I saw smoke coming up from the bush. I went around the bush and was facing her. „What are you doing?“, I said. She was pissing, right through her tight spandex shorts. She had cut a slit to allow herself to stop and pee. The steam on the cold November morning looked like smoke. She told me she always has to piss halfway through her run and is about a mile from home. She said she pissed herself once and wasn’t going to let that happen again. She showed me the slit and when she was standing straight up you couldn’t even tell.

When I got home I cut a slit in my shorts too. I’m always so horny when I get done running. I stuck a vibrator right through my shorts to make sure everything lined up Ok. Also I fucked myself tell I came. The next day it was really cold and I was running through a wooded area. I was running past a driveway where the house sat back from the road so far that you couldn’t see it. I stopped to try to take a piss through my shorts. No cars were coming, It was sooo cold but I wanted to try pissing through my shorts like my friend did. I pissed for 3 minutes straight. A brown gorden setter came running down the driveway and barking at me. I barely stood up before he came over to me. He was smelling my pee spot on the ground then shoved his nose in my crotch and started licking my pussy. He licked my bare clit (because I had cut my shorts) I shuddered for a second, not really shore if I came or was just startled. I was pushing his head away but he kept licking me. His owner came running down the driveway calling the dog but he just wouldn’t listen. The man came over and had to pull the dog away from me. He appologized and said the dog gets out sometimes. My nipples were sooo Hard, I could see him looking at my nipples. I folded my arms in front of my chest. I told him it was OK and that the dog seamed friendly enough, I wasn’t frightened. I continued on my run. My wet pussy was dripping cum and freezing as I ran the last mile home. When I got home I immediately stood in front of a mirror. My whole pussy was exposed. My entire bush area. The dog must have ripped my shorts when he was licking me. Stupid Spandex pants.

I went out and bought another pair of spandex. I liked the feeling of having my pussy exposed to the cold air. I always get soo horny when I run. I wonder if its because my pussy lips are rubbing together accross my clit.

The next morning I took the same route. This time I stopped at the same place wondering if the dog would come out again. I think I wanted him to. I liked how he licked me. I also liked that I had unknowingly exposed my pussy to his handsome owner. I had to pee sooo badly again on this cold morning. I jogged in place by my pee spot from the previous day. Finally the urge became strong enough that I could squat and pee in this secluded area. Here comes the stupid dog again. As soon as I squated down he started barking and coming down the driveway. I really had to pee and I didn’t care if the dog watched me. He came over to me as I squated there trying to pee. I pet his head with my left hand and spread my lips with my right. I pissed hard onto the frost covered ground. The steam was coming up right out of my pussy. The stupid dog started licking my piss straight from my pussy. GROSS. I couldn’t stop pissing though and couldn’t push the dog away. He was determined. If I pushed too hard I probably would fall on the cold ground. While I was still pissing really hard the dumb dog stuck his nose under me further and lifted his head up. I must have pissed in his nose, he snorted. He knocked me off balance and started nipping at my cold ears. I had fallen face first on the ground into my pee. I had to cover my head with my arms to keep the dog from nipping my ears. Now the dog had taken advantage of the possition I was in, he started licking my pussy from behind. I could feel the cold air on my belly because the wind started blowing and my shirt was hanging down.

I came twice while the dog licked my pussy. It felt so good, his tongue was warm and he was going nuts as he tasted my cum. After my second orgasm I began to get up, but the dog jumped on my back and nipped at my right ear. He tried to hump me. His red thing came out of its sheath and was poking my cold belly. It must have been pretty long to do that. I swear it poked my tits too. I yelled at him to get off because I realized he might actually fuck me. Too late. His warm cock poked my belly once, then my spandex covered asshole then the little guy slipped right in my cunt. Now he was going nuts, bamm, bamm, bamm faster and faster his Hot cum spurted inside me, damn it was burning hot. I screamed out my orgasm. He wouldn’t stop bamm, bamm faster and more pressure at my pussy lips. SOmething was stretching me, the all of a sudden relief, but more pressure. He stopped pounding me. I tried to push him off me but he wouldn’t get up.

Now the owner started calling him, it was then I realized I was stuck. I never knew what a knot was, until now. The owner came over and told him to get off me. „Did he knock you over? Are you the same lady from yesterday?“ I couldn’t talk. I was embarrassed. I was on all fours on the ground with his dogs cock still inside me. The guy tried to pull his dog off me, not realizing his dog was fucking me. „Stop!“ The pressure was building in my pussy as the dog was still spurting inside me. „oh my!“ the man said when he realized the predicament I was in. „Are you OK? How did this happen?“ I didn’t know what to say. I was holding back another orgasm. My tits had come out of my bra…but still under my shirt. My right nipple was soo HARD. „AAAAAAUUUGGHHHH“ I screamed in orgasm. A car pulled up. It was a police car, of course. A young dumb cop got out of his car and started stuttering. „W-w-what going on?“ the man explained his dog must have attacked me. „I’m OK I said“ just get him off me. The man grabbed his dog and pulled him but they were stretching me. All of sudden there was relief, there was a messy sound and the knot came out. The cock was still in me. Next the dog cock dropped out limp and tons of cum gushed out of me. The cop threw up. The man helped me to my feet. My tits were crocked and I adjusted myself. Cum was running down both legs it was soooo warm on the cold morning.

That was last week. I’ll let you know what happens this week…