Toby and Julia


(c) March 10, 2009 by AlphaEd

My name is Julia and I am 65 years old. My Husband died when I was sixty and up till then we were sexually active. We both were very athletic and stayed in very good shape. One of the reasons was that we owned spa and gym. After he died I sold everything and kept a lifetime membership in the gym and spa as part of the deal. Even though I worked out regularly I felt very lonely and felt something missing in my life. At age sixty two I had a better body than most younger women who came to spa. One day a friend told me to get a dog and that it was good company for when I went to the park to run. I had no idea where to begin so I checked the net and found some dogs I liked but not any one dog that I would want to take care of. By accident I saw a dog at the park that I really liked. The owner told me it was a Pharaoh Hound. She told me that the dog was a pure bred and that the place where she got hers had some available were not pure bred. They were crossed with a Vizsla. Well, got his number and called him and he told me that it was true about the crossbreed but he said that the reason was he was trying to breed a larger dog. That the Vizsla and the Pharaoh were really almost the same dog. So I gt his address and went to see him. The dogs he showed me were beautiful and like he said they were larger than the one I had seen at the park. So, long story short, I came home with one of the dogs. The one who picked me was a male. I say pick me because he came to me and licked my hand and ran a couple of circles around me and his owner then said, “I guess he likes you, what do you say?” So I took him home. He was nine months old. Well nine months turned into eighteen years old pretty quick. By this time were buddies; we ran It around the park together every day and I would take him to the mall and other places where dogs were allowed. Around the time he turned eighteen he began to come into the bathroom with me and he would smell me when I was nude. I got a little concerned at first, but it kinda turned into a game so everything was well. By this time I was very happy and almost my old self. One night I had a few glasses of wine and decided to bring out my old vibrator. Before I knew it I was into my old self having multiple orgasms. I forgot that my dog Toby was in the room. As I was having a great orgasm, I felt a tongue lick my clit and it pushed me over the edge. I had a mega orgasm. When I came down from it all I could feel were the after shock mini orgasms as the tongue continued lick my clit. Then felt the tongue enter my vagina and it shocked me to consciousness. I opened my eyes and there was Toby between my legs licking me. I yelled at him Toby no! It startled him and he jumped of the bed and his face was pink showing a trait of both the Viszla and the Pharaoh dog. They display this when they are embarrassed or you scold them. I reached down and hugged him and told him it was okay. I told him I loved him and that he was a good dog. When he settled down he ventured another lick and I was going to scold him again but by then I figured why not, hell he was just showing how much he loved me. My legs were askew planted on the floor as he sat between them and continued licking me and I lay back on the bed and let him bring me to several orgasms. I reached down and said, “Okay sweetie, okay, let me rest.” He stopped licking me and then he jumped up on top of me and licked my face and then he stuck his tongue in my mouth. My opened my mouth willingly and accepted his kiss. Then I felt his paws grab me tight around the hips and kinda pulled me against him. As I lay there I felt, a wet flesh assault my crotch and find the entrance to my vagina as it lodged between my pussy lips. He thrust with his hips and he was fucking me. Once inside me each thrust took him deeper and deeper into my cunt as I felt his bony cock hit my cervix and continued deeper into my cunt until I grunted when he hit my back wall. “Oh baby, no, no baby,” I heard myself saying but my body was reacting to his thrusts as I used to with my husband. Toby continued fucking me for about ten minutes, then he jumped off as my arms reached for him but he licked me several times making me orgasm and then he jumped up again and in two strokes he was in me again and I felt a large ball (knot) slipped into me and I came like a whore, a bitch and I heard myself babbling as I came one again. Then I felt him shove real hard as he stretch my vaginal canal and he held me tight. I felt him cumin in short staccato spurts. His sperm was so hot inside of me and I came one orgasm after another. I was full with his cock. It had grown longer and thicker as he fucked me. His dog sperm squirted out of my cunt as he held me tight breeding me.
I held him to me as I kissed him and said sweet things to him much like I had to some of the men that had fucked me before. But I can tell you this for a fact no man has ever fucked me as hard, as sweet and as deep as Toby. That was the first night. After that I fucked Toby in the morning as soon as I woke up; Then once again in mid morning. In the afternoon we didn’t go to the park but stayed in and fucked two more times. We rested for two hours and we fucked again twice that night. It was as if he couldn’t get enough of each other. I learned that if I was going to be at home I would wear one of my husband’s white shirts and walk around nude. When Toby wants he licks my ass or cunt and circles around me. I just pull up my shirt and drop down on all fours and let him fuck me when he wants. He also knows that if I kneel in front of him and kiss him that I want him to fuck me or to suck his cock. If I reach for his cock he lays down and gives me access to his cock. He also knows that we do this at home and no where else. So now at sixty five every one tells me I have the glow of woman thirty years younger and want to know my secret. I just tell them I stay sexually active and in shape. The other secret is I am going back to the dog breeder and get another dog like Toby but this time I want a six week old pup. I want to start him you and between Toby and I we can teach him a few tricks.

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