The immoral offer

Orginal “Das unmoralische Angebot
Translated to english by Horsepower

My husband and my two boys were sitting in front of the TV and waiting for the international match to start. I remember how just now the national anthems were played.
“Hello darling I’m going to get some fresh air on the Rhine river, I don’t care so much about the game anyway.

I’m not interested in the game anyway,”I said to my husband. “Yes, just do it and don’t stay that long.”

I gave him another big kiss and then I went on my way. The Rhine was just about 5 minutes walk away and since most of the soccer spectators were sitting at home in front of the TV to watch the international game it was also very quiet. Quiet? The streets were swept empty. e streets were swept empty.

I walked down to the pedestrian subway and there was a big luxury car for me, one like this one is rarely seen here. He had parked so stupidly that he had delivered the subway almost completely which annoyed me a little bit. “What a pleb he is that can’t park his car better”.

On the rear wind shield of the car there is a sticker of a German shepherd dog.
Well, I guess his dog is on the way here with me. When I see him I’ll tell him my opinion that’s not possible ” I thought,. I had made my sweatpants a little dirty while walking by the car.

Really wonderful this fresh evening air which I soaked up in my lungs when I continued walking. The sun was still standing in the evening sky as a big ball that was already slightly turning red and the sunlight played on the waves of the water. Ships passed by and the waves produced by the ships hit the beach which was quite sandy in this section.

So I continued to walk along the small path that led along the shore, often dotted with large and small pastures that blocked the view of the water and passing ships. On my right side the railway embankment which was almost vertically high bricked about 6 meters high blocked the view in the direction of the place.
I followed the path for a long time until a shepherd dog ran towards me. A wonderful animal as you know it from photos. At some distance his master followed him who immediately shouted loudly when he saw me:”Rex come on heel”.

Well there he is. I’ll tell him something. Good that he meets me.”

We went to each other. My eyes didn’t let go of the beautiful dog who was also called Rex and looked exactly like the one from the TV series.

I was about to open my mouth when the guy already spoke to me. “Hello young lady, you don’t have to be afraid, Rex is a very good guy who doesn’t do anything. He just wants to play.”

He took him on a leash and I wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t park like that. Somehow I forgot about that and simply occupied myself with the dog. I flipped his fur a little bit which he also obviously liked.

“A handsome guy like a picture book boy and so sweet,” I said.
“Yeah, he’s four years old now. I’ve never had a better one”.
“It’s very nice here, aren’t we supposed to sit there on the stones?”, asked the man.
“Yes, we can.”

We went together to the shore and sat down on the two surf stones that were close together on the shore. Normally I am not so open-minded towards strangers but the man and his dog were somehow trusting. You can tell when you change a few words.

Rex lay down in the middle between the two of us so that I could continue to crawl his fur.

“He likes that. He likes them, shouldn’t we say you?”I’m Hans”.
“Okay, I’m Sabine.”
“What are you doing here on your own,” he asked me looking at my fingers.
“I’m a little out in the fresh air. My husband and my children are watching the international match, as I don’t like football, I’d rather enjoy a little bit of the fresh air.”
“Yeah, I’ve seen the ring on your finger that you’re married. Are you happily married?”
“Why do you ask? Of course, for 19 years and I’ve never regretted it “.
“Fine I think it’s great. Never cheated before? Sorry for asking so directly.”
“Never before but the question is pretty intense.”

Yeah, I can say I’m happily married. Well we’ve already had one or two minor quarrels as it is likely to happen in any marriage. Yes, and so in the middle of the month it always got a little tight with the money. But we, my husband and I always keep together and somehow we also made ends meet.

“Yeah, I know the question was intense, let’s play a game and see where it goes.”
“What kind of game?”

“Surprise yourself.”

He grabbed his pants and took out a fifty Euro bill and handed it to me.

“Here, take this and hold him.”
“Yeah, and what’s this now?”
“Don’t be frightened or anything. I’m not doing anything you don’t want to do.”

Somehow he seemed a bit strange to me. But well he was nice and let’s see what he means by the game.

He then grabbed his pocket again and rummaged briefly, got another fifty bill out and pressed it into my hand.

“That’s a hundred euros and what now? I don’t understand the whole thing yet.”I had to laugh a little bit now.

“I want to fuck you!”

I was scared but now he offered me hundred euros just so he could fuck me?

“What makes you think I’d do that?”

Somewhere every human being has a border where he jumps over his shadow,”he said, pulling out another fifty and pushing it into my hand.

“Look, that’s a hundred and fifty euros, think about what you could buy, but don’t think about it too long, I can take it away.”

He had actually managed to get me to start thinking. I was very quiet and somehow my head cinema started to run. Should I or should I not. He felt that I was thinking. “What if my husband found out if I did?” shot through my head. He already had an answer, as if he knew.
“No one will know. Only this one time, it stays between us, after that I’m gone and we’ll never see each other again “.
“I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this before. I can’t go home either, my husband is expecting me to be back home soon “.
“I’ve been a bit further back there, there’s a little corner surrounded by willows and bushes, not visible from either side, and nobody comes.”

“I don’t know.”

He noticed that I was indecisive but in my head somehow a certain lechery spread. Should I do it? My belly was tingling and my pussy was already really wet. Like she’s already adjusted to it.

“I just want to fuck you in the back of your pussy from behind. Only point you have to strip naked and at first I want to touch you everywhere.”
He also gave me another fifty euros.

I was now at a point where I was – you can hardly believe it – just horny.

“Yeah, okay, just once but nobody knows about it. Let’s do it. Why don’t you go to a prostitute, it’s certainly cheaper and simpler.”

“There’s a simple reason for that. Prostitutes do it professionally. One client after another and I don’t want to catch any illness,. With you I know that you are faithful to your husband and I think he is to you. I heard that from our conversation. Well, shall we go there?”
I got up and followed him. Rex walked between us with a good foot. When we arrived at the spot – we had to goa little bit through the foliage – I stood there in the middle and looked around. Yeah, nobody could look in here. A feeling of excitement and uncertainty accompanied me. What have I gotten myself into? But I also thought that my two sons will soon go on a school trip and that I could use the money for it. I won’t tell my husband where I got the money from, I’ll think of something.

I started undressing, first my shirt then my bra. I looked at him and saw him tie Rex to a tree with the leash. Then I grazed my sweatpants and took off my panties and my shoes. I held my arms a little bit over my belly entangled because I was a little ashamed, decorated in stripes and wrinkles from my pregnancies.
“Are you still afraid or are you embarrassed? Everyone has a little bit of fat and wrinkles, stretch your arms up into the sky so I can see you all over.”

I did it as he told me, I felt his eyes on my skin. Until he came closer and I felt this moment when he touched me with his hands for the first time. I couldn’t say anything for a long time, my whole body was tense and boiling. My heart pounded loudly, I felt every pulse in my head. What a feeling. I have never thought of how it can really be when a stranger touches my skin, – my body.

His hands stroked over my buttocks my breasts until they found my inner thighs along the way to my pussy. A wild shower poured through me when one of his fingers was inside me.

“Lean forward and lean on your hands.”
I worked like an automat, walking on the floor supported me with my hands in the still warm sand and stretched my butt towards him. I could hardly wait until he penetrated me and started to fuck me. With his two hands he pulled my buttocks apart and then I felt his cock fluttering from my pole hole past my pussy to my clit which excited me even more and I answered with a quiet moaning.

“Come on, come on,” I said quietly.

Then he pushed by again and I took a hand to touch the tip of the tail briefly to feel how long it was. I came with my back of my hand at the height of my bellybutton to him and was already a little enthusiastic that it was so long. The next time he opened then with his tail my gate and pushed then deeper and deeper then very slowly into my pussy, until he hit my cervix, got him out again slowly a little bit, so that but the glans was still inside me and then began to fuck me with circling movements. As if he wanted to massage with his cock even the smallest corner of my pussy.
My belly shook stronger and stronger now and I could hardly wait until he would fuck me really hard. I pushed my hole with jerky movements against him again and again. He fucked me then so hard and deep that his eggs again and again completely firmly against my pussy and I began to moan.

“Yeah, gimme a little harder, fuck me as hard as you can.”

Now I was ready. He could have fucked me for hours but after a few violent blows he came along. His glans swelled again violently and I took up the juice in me.

Not for a moment did I think that I was married, had a husband and children at home – only the horniness counted now and yes I was now a little disappointed that he was already finished.

“Come on again, I want to get laid again,” I breathed on him.
“You can have that but not from me.”

I was frightened. Was there anyone else I hadn’t noticed?

“No one is there?”
“Yes, Rex is here.”
“Rex, yes, I know that, but I thought there was another man I didn’t hear.”
“No, Rex is here if you need more.”
“Like this, I don’t get it now. Rex is a dog, isn’t he?”
“Yes, and do you think he doesn’t feel like it?”
“Oh, what now? You mean he can’t do that.”
“Yes and sure. He can, – and better than me.”

“Uh, I don’t believe that now. What do you think? You want me to let Rex fucking me?”
“Yeah, that’s what I mean. You’re still horny, aren’t you?”
“Yes, but from a dog? What are you thinking?”

I had pictures in my head that I’d never thought of before. I just imagined how the Rex was on me and fucked me. “No, you mustn’t think that, no,” I kept telling myself.

“Yeah, there’s nothing to it, nobody knows but us, no one sees it, so why not? Look, I’ll give you a little help.”

At that moment a bundle of fifty euro notes flew before my eyes on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Do you mean…?”

“Yeah, that’s another five hundred, you’re horny, you can use the money and like I said, no one can see it, just the two of us.”

He took his fingers and started to pet my wet, sperm smeared pussy, which really turned me on again. I thought about it for a moment he said there was nothing to it and no one would ever know. But with a dog? I’ve seen it before, when they’re working on a leg or something, and that’s hard work, but it’s really fast and they stop quickly. Then the five hundred Euro extra, – which I could keep as a reserve when things get tight. Then the thought of it just made me even hotter. I got so weird, I meant my legs and arms sacked away.

“Well, what did you make up your mind?”
On the one hand I did not want to but on the other hand it made me horny. I was all mixed up.

“Go on, then do it, but do it fast,” I said to him.

I stayed in my position and just turned my head a little bit and watched him get the Rex with the leash. He led him to my cunt which was still a little open from the fuck with him. For the first time I felt a dog’s tongue licking through my clit. That’s insane, a really insane feeling. Already at the licking I came to an orgasm.

“It’s awesome, I never thought I’d do Rex.”
“Didn’t I think you’d like it if he jumped up?”
“Yes, he should hurry up, I have to go home soon.”

“Wait, I’ll do it,” said Hans. He hit my butt cheeks a little bit and Rex wouldn’t let himself get away with jumping on my back. The first time I felt the dog fur on my skin. I felt like I was in another world now. Firmly his forelegs clasped my pelvis and he began with his fuck movements.

“Wait, I want him to hit the right hole,” said Hans and led the cock from Rex to my entrance which he entered immediately.

He went deeper and deeper into me. Somehow it was different than a man’s cock. Slippery, – well that could also come from the sperm of Hans. But the cock was much warmer. Yes I would like to describe it as really hot. The hottest thing was how it got bigger and bigger in my hole, filled my hole step by step correctly.

Now Rex really kicked off there was no stopping. He simply used me as his bitch, ever harder, ever harder. Willingly horny with orgasms pervaded I squatted there under the animal and felt as though I myself would be one. My whole body trembled and flinched wildly.

My pussy filled to bursting point filled with a dog’s cock that suddenly held still and began to pound and fill his very hot juice into me. My whole belly got warm inside. From time to time, when it was too much, a little sperm between my pussy walls and the dog’s tail tried to go outside to drip down on my stomach. I really enjoyed it now every splash that Rex injected into me, inseminated me, in his own animal way.

I completely forgot the time until Rex tried to come down from me and he stood with his butt to me, but his cock was still stuck in my pussy.

When he then fluttered out of my cunt, it first squirted out of me, until then a small trickle of sperm ran out of my cunt and dripped to the ground.

At this point I would have liked to drop down on the stomach side of the floor before wanting to exhaustion, but I couldn’t do that. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get the sand off of me. So I got up, took the bundle of money that was still lying on the floor in front of me and got up.

“Well, did I promise too much? Was it cool with the dog, right?”

“Whew, yeah, and stuff like that, I never thought. I’m really done right now I have to get together first.”
“Well, what did you get for it? You had as much fun as I did, didn’t you?”
“Don’t know if you had fun, but I did? You’ve never been so horny.”

When I was still talking to Hans like that, I put on my clothes.

“Yeah, that’s the unexpected, the new thing about getting involved in something else.”

“Oh, I’ll tell you something else. Never park so stupid again. I almost didn’t come here because your car was in the way.”
“Ah, you come here too, so we can go back together.”
“Yeah, wait a minute, I’m almost done.” I was just getting my shirt on.
On the way back we talked a little bit, I noticed how my panties and my jogging pants got wet at the bottom of my crotch, which was probably due to the excess sperm running out of my pussy.

When I arrived at the car I just wanted to say goodbye and Hans said:”Wait a moment I’ll give you my card, if you want to call me.”
“Yes, I don’t know yet, but I think I will call you if I can set it up again”.
“Your harm shall not be yours, always get something for it,” Hans said.

We shook hands and said goodbye.

Only now I thought:”Well, nobody saw us when he drove away with his car, I went home with wet sweatpants. It’s just a good thing it’s already been so dim. If I met one of them, he probably couldn’t see the stain.

Arriving home, the game was still not finished. I shouted briefly:”Hello my sweetheart, I’m back, I’m still in the shower”, then hid the money underneath my clothes, then took a look at Hans’ business card, wanted to throw it away first, but then I decided to keep it and put it to the money. I took fresh laundry from the closet and went to the shower. Here I still had a little time to think about what had happened.

What had I done? Selling me for money! Was it really that bad? I’ve always had such fantasies about having sex with a stranger, not with a dog, but sometimes so easy to use, so much in demand. Someone who’s just horny with me, just wants to fuck me without a relationship. It was rather the horny thoughts that made me somehow happy. I also had a little secret, – I’ve never had anything like that before. I knew that I would keep it to myself and if it got over me once again, I could call Hans, yes and I will certainly do it again.
The next nights I had these pictures in front of me again and again until I finally fell asleep and when I slept with my husband I often thought about the encounter with Hans, which made me then in bed really horny so that my husband hardly recognized me during sex.

When I took the last fifty-five-euro ticket out of the stash, I held Hans’ business card in my hand and thought about calling him.

Should I or should I not?

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