Bitch, Interrupted


(c) 2008 by Circ

This story is based off of a real event. Its embellished of course. But the basics are true. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Sharon was on her bed, on her knees, with her naked ass in the air and her face pushed into the bed. Ropes were tied around her knees, and tied on the other end to the bed posts at the top of the bed, locking her knees in place. More ropes were tied around her wrists and tied to the bed posts at the bottom of the bed, locking her arms in place next to her knees. She was also gagged and blind-folded. She was completely exposed, and completely vulnerable.

Her boyfriend, Andrew, was on the bed behind her, had her ass cheeks spread, and was licking and sucking on her ass as she moaned into the gag with pleasure. He began working his fingers into her ass, adding fingers one after another. When he had three fingers in her ass, he began fucking them in and out of her. With his other hand, he started to pour lube onto his fingers as he fucked them into her ass. Soon her ass was thoroughly lubricated and his fingers were probing every part of her ass that they could reach.

Andrew’s cell-phone started to ring. He wiped off the lube on his left hand and answered it.

“Whats up?” Andrew said.

He starts making a circular motion with one finger in her ass hole.

“I’m kind of busy, man.”

He pulls his fingers out of her ass, moves around on the bed and starts pressing the head of his cock into her ass.

“I’m kind of really busy, man.”

The head of his cock slips into her ass, and her ass muscles constrict around the shaft. Gripping his cock with his hand, he starts making a circular motion with the head of his cock inside her ass.

“Hmm, damn that’s a lot. This guy is for real?”

He slides his cock in to her ass further.

“Now? Fuck. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

He hangs up the phone as his balls come to rest against her pussy.

“Sorry babe, big deal. I have to go out. Now.”

She tries to protest but the only sounds she produces are moans and grunts. Andrew reluctantly slides his cock out of her ass, watching it pucker out as it pulls on his cock.

He pats her ass and sighs, “No time to untie you, I’ll be back soon. Try not to get in trouble.”

Sharon wiggles her body on the bed, and pulls at her bindings as he gets dressed, but she is firmly restrained.

She hears Andrew getting dressed, and then hears him leave the house and close the front door.

Lube is still leaking out her ass fifteen minutes later when the doorbell rings. Andrew’s dog, Zorro, starts going crazy and barking his head off in the backyard. The person at the door begins pounding on the door, causing Zorro to bark even more. A minute later, suddenly Zorro stops barking.

Sharon thinks to herself, “Oh my god, they went around to the backyard, I hope the back door is locked!”

Sharon hears the dog running through the house, the sound of his claws on the floor getting louder as he gets closer to the bedroom. She feels him jump on the bed and then feels him start licking her face.

Under her blindfold, her face is red. “Oh god, if Zorro is in the house, whoever was at the front door has gone around and opened the back door!”

Zorro stops licking her face and she hears him start sniffing the air. She feels his weight shifting the bed as he steps behind her. She feels his hot breath sniffing at her pussy and ass. Her ass twitches with each sniff of air breathed onto it.

Suddenly, she feels his tongue touch her ass cheek and lick from bottom to top. A shiver goes from her ass, up her spine, to her nipples, and on to flush her face and ears even further.

Zorro takes a moment to decipher the taste in his mouth, decides that he likes it, and starts licking her ass all over. Sharon is shaking her ass, and shouting into her gag, but Zorro moves his head with the wagging of her ass and does not relent with his tongue as he takes long licks from bottom to top. Zorro discovers her ass hole, and begins greedily taking short quick licks, running his rough yet soft tongue over her extremely sensitive ass-hole each time.

When his tongue discovered her ass-hole, Sharon gasped and her face flushed with embarrassment and ecstasy. She loved what Zorro was doing to her, but she was still not sure if whoever had let him in the backdoor had come in the house or not. They were either watching her get violated by a dog, or had decided no one was home and left. She had no way of knowing.

Zorro began sniffing at her wet pussy, and gave it a few small licks. Again, after a moment, he decided that he liked the taste. He must have liked pussy more than ass, because he began licking her pussy furiously. He craned his head and turned it sideways so he could get a better angle at her pussy. He began licking her pussy and clit from side to side. Sharon was shaking with pleasure. Her pussy was responding to Zorro by becoming more and more wet, and he excitedly licked it out faster and faster.

Zorro began slipping his long tongue into her pussy in search of more of her pussy juice. The first time his tongue slipped into her pussy sideways and she felt the roughness of it on one side and the silky smoothness of it on the other side, she started to cum on his relentless tongue. She tried to suppress it because she didn’t know who might be in the house watching her. She moaned into her gag as Zorro went crazy with his tongue, lapping at her pussy as fast as he could.

Suddenly Zorro jumped up so his chest was on her lower back and wrapped his front legs and paws around her waste and began humping at her.

Sharon’s face felt like it was on fire. She wanted to let go of herself, and give in to what was happening, but she was so embarrassed thinking that someone might be watching her and the dog.

She could feel the soft tip of Zorro’s cock poking at her ass cheeks and her thighs, looking for its mark. She tried to buck him off, but the dog had a firm grip around her waste. His cock began poking at her ass hole. Once Zorro felt the heat of her ass hole, he managed to get the tip of his cock in and then slammed his hips against her ass and started pounding into her ass as his cock quickly inflated to full erection while he was fucking her. There was still lube in her ass and the dog’s cock slipped in easily.

With his cock fully inside her ass, he began cumming and fucking into her wildly. Sharon gasped, and clamped her ass muscles down on his cock as she came.

Sharon’s face was getting pushed into the mattress with each thrust of the dog’s cock into her ass. She moaned and grunted into her gag over and over.

Sharon could feel the dog’s hot cum filling her ass. Zorro’s thrusts became shorter as his cock-knot grew. Sharon could feel the dog’s cock-knot growing inside her ass. It was getting so big she was scared it would rip her apart. It finally reached its full size and the dog was firmly planted inside her, plugging her ass so his cum couldn’t escape. Sharon could feel his furry chest on her back as he began panting heavily, drooling on her back.

Sharon heard the front door of the house open and close.

“Honey, I’m home!” Andrew shouted from the living room, “You better have dinner ready!”

She heard his voice getting louder as he approached the bedroom.

Suddenly his voice stopped.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Andrew walked up to the bed and got a good look at the action between Sharon and the dog.

“God damn! That is so fucking hot,” he said. “Wheres my camera?”

Sharon started grunting through her gag, trying to say something.

“Don’t worry baby, these’ll be artistic photos. You know, ‘woman in all her glory’ type shit,” he said, “I’ll be right back.”

Andrew left the room and came back a minute later.

She could hear him taking pictures, and see the flash of the camera through her blindfold.

“I’m going to loosen these ropes a little,” Andrew said.

He loosened the ropes securing her wrists and gave them enough slack that she could get her elbows underneath her. Sharon got up on her elbows, her tits swaying beneath her. She moved her head around trying to hear what she could in the room.

She felt Andrew crawl onto the bed between her and the headboard.

“Baby, you are so beautiful right now,” Andrew said as he raised her chin with his hand so that he would be looking into her eyes if she weren’t blindfolded, “Hows that doggy cock feel up your ass?”

“Mmoombf,” Sharon said.

“Oh, here, let me take that gag off so I can understand you,” he said as he untied the gag and took it out of her mouth.

She worked some saliva over her dry lips. “I… mmarggh,” Sharon said as Andrew shoved his cock into her mouth.

“Thats a good girl,” he said as he patted her head, “If you’re extra good, maybe I’ll let you fuck the dog again tomorrow.”

Andrew grabbed a hand-full of hair on each side of her head and started fucking Sharon’s face while Zorro, with his cock still embedded in her ass, watched with curiosity, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and sometimes touching her back as he panted.

Andrew reached below her chin and grasped her throat with his right hand and started to fuck his cock into her throat with each thrust. Squishy sucking noises started to come out of her throat, around his cock.

Zorro’s cock suddenly got soft enough that it popped out of her ass and dog cum flowed out of her ass, over her pussy, and down her thighs. He then laid down at the foot of the bed and started licking his cock clean.

“Oh shit baby! Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuck!” Andrew yelled as he pulled his cock out of her throat until just the head was still in her mouth and started cumming in her mouth. “Don’t, unh, don’t swallow it yet.”

Andrew pulled his cum & drool covered cock out of her mouth and went to the foot of the bed.

“C’mere boy!” Andrew said and snapped his fingers. Interrupted mid-lick, Zorro looked up at Andrew with his tongue still on his cock, then stood up on the bed, wagging his tail. The dog came to the side of the bed and Andrew grabbed his collar and walked him up to the front of the bed.

“Say ‘aww’ baby,” Andrew said and started snapping his fingers in front of her face to get Zorro’s attention. The dog went toward the sound of Andrew’s fingers and started sniffing at Sharon’s face. The dog then started licking the cum off her chin, and stuck his tongue into her mouth, his tongue coming back to his mouth white with Andrew’s cum. The dog’s tail was wagging back and forth quickly as he began greedily lapping the cum out of her mouth, turning his head from side to side to get better angles at what was left, eventually putting his teeth against hers so that he could get his tongue down her throat in search of more cum.

Sharon heard the camera go off and saw the flash through the blindfold.

“God I love you,” Andrew said, then climbed behind her on the bed, used his cock to play with the dog cum on her ass and thighs, and then sank his cock into her dog cum filled ass as fast and as deep as he could, causing some of the cum still inside her ass to squish out around his cock and onto his balls.

Sharon gasped and started to cum again, Zorro used the opportunity to get his tongue all the way down her throat. She gagged on his tongue and coughed a couple times. She clamped her teeth shut, but the dog kept licking her lips. He managed to slip his tongue between her lips and slide it between her teeth and her cheek, licking her teeth for any trace of Andrew’s cum that might be left while he pounded her ass.

Sharon was already cumming hard as Andrew pulled back on her hair and continued slamming his cock into her ass. Sharon moaned into the dog’s mouth as her tits flopped back and forth from the force of Andrew’s pounding cock.

“Ohhh shit! Fuuuuuuuck!” Andrew said as he started cumming in her ass. Sharon was shaking as he slowly fucked his cock in and out of her ass until he was done cumming then pulled his softening cock out of her ass.

Andrew went to the head of the bed where Sharon was trying to hide her face from Zorro’s tongue. He whistled and the dog looked up at him. He snapped his fingers and the dog came over to him and started licking his cum covered cock. Zorro’s rough tongue on his over-sensitive cock almost made Andrew’s knees buckle. He took hold of Zorro’s collar and pulled him down off the bed then sat down in front of Sharon.

“God damn baby, you are such a fucking slut.” Andrew said, shaking his head.

“Bu… mmrghf!” Sharon said as Andrew replaced the gag in her mouth and secured it behind her head.

“That’s a good girl,” Andrew said and scratched her behind her ears while she struggled against her restraints and cum drooled out of her ass, “I’ll stop by the pet store tomorrow and get you a collar.”

Andrew grabbed one of her shirts, wiped his cock clean and tossed it onto her head, then he put on some pants and a shirt. “Come on boy,” he said to Zorro.

Sharon was making a lot of noises as Andrew and Zorro went into the living room together.

Andrew sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, he snapped his fingers and Zorro jumped up next to him, laid down, and rested his head on Andrew’s lap. Andrew scratched him behind the ears and started flipping through the channels.


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