Teen Bitch


(c) 2007 by Narrator123

Jenny feverously rubbed her clit and she was getting very frustrated. She had been masturbating for nearly an hour and still could not get over the edge. Her usual fantasy about Mike the school football captain was just not doing it today. Three times she had creamed and then a stray thought intruded and the feeling was lost. She was getting sore now and her juices were drying up again. “Shit’, she said out loud to Max, her four year old German shepherd, “I am so horny I will go mad if I can’t get off. Max looked back and panted.

Max had been a surprise present for her 13th birthday, the cutest little puppy Jenny had ever seen. She had been begging for one for years, and as they had just moved out in the country her parents decided to grant her wish. Four years later they were inseparable, Max followed her everywhere. He even shared her room, with his own basket at the end of her bed.

It was only a few months ago that Jenny had discovered masturbation; right about the time she’d had her first period. Her extremely knowledgeable friend Amy had told her about it and gave her directions to finding her button, along with some graphic tips at the best methods of stimulation. It didn’t take Jenny long to become an expert, inventing some of her own techniques along the way. When Jenny found time alone to explore her new interest Max usually watched disinterested or lay snoozing in the floor.

Finding time alone was not easy for Jenny as her mum and dad were very energetic and insisted she join them in their various activities. She had to snatch quick wanks in the bathroom, or on the toilet. But today was going to be the big day. She had persuaded them she was not feeling well enough to join them on their hill walk and insisted on being happy to spend the day alone. Mum decided she was getting old enough to be allowed some independence and persuaded dad to agree. Now they were off until late tonight and she had planned to really indulge her new pastime to the full. That was the main cause of her frustration.

She sat up on the bed and walked to the bathroom, maybe if she had a pee it might be better. She wiped her cute little pussy and then paused to look in the full-length bathroom mirror. She critically scrutinized the slim body of the naked little girl that looked back at her. Her little breast mounds which already filled a 32A bra, stuck out firmly with her thickening nipples standing like little watchtowers atop. At all of 5ft in height she was a delightful little package. She rubbed her pussy assessing whether the quantity of pubic hair had increased since her last inspection. She guessed not, as it was still nearly bald. With a sigh she turned away and walked back to her bedroom. She rubbed Max’s head as she passed him and he lifted up from gnawing his toy bone to acknowledge her.

Thirty minutes later with a scream of frustration she sat up on the bed. “Shit! Shit! Shit! What’s wrong with me? Jesus Max what if I’m frigid?” the dog on hearing his name got up and went to his naked mistress. “It’s a good job I have a friend like you to listen to my troubles Max,” she said as she stroked the dog’s head and gently pulled his ears. She put her legs on the floor and then bent over and hugged him fiercely. Sitting back she let Max’s head sit in her lap as she had done, clothed, many times before and caressed his silky fur with long luxurious strokes. Max had never had such a close up of this part of Jenny’s anatomy before and stuck his nose in her snatch to investigate. The cold wet feel of it snapped Jenny out of her reverie, as it sent a shock wave through her body. She was surprised at how good it felt and opened her legs a bit to give Max better access. The smell of the virgins cum juice was strong on her and Max pushed his nose in further getting excited by the aroma. Jenny opened her legs wide now and Max licked her pussy with his long tongue. This was new to both of them and Jenny was a bit disgusted and excited at the same time.

She put her hand down and pulled back her Labia exposing her erect clit to the dogs tongue. Max never stopped licking and hit her on the button first time. Jenny gasped, “God Max that is brilliant, I am creaming like a whore”, she laughed, feeling one of Amy’s crude sayings was appropriate here. She lay back on the bed and let Max get on with it. Each long caress of the dogs velvet tongue on her excited pussy brought her nearer and nearer to the orgasm she had craved all day. She bucked her ass pushing herself deeper onto Max as her brain finally exploded. The strength of her orgasm was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Her whole body seemed to contract and her mind floated in whole different erotic dimension. Coming down from her incredible high she looked at her doggy friend with a new respect. “Max you and I are going to be even closer from now on”, she laughed roughly tugging and rolling his ears. Max looked up and panted.

She got up and went down to the kitchen to get some juice, all that sweating and coming had made her thirsty. She thrilled at the feeling of walking naked in the public areas of the house, if only her folks could see her now. She sat on a wooden stool near the worktop loving the cold hard feel of the timber against her bare privates. She sipped her drink and thought about what had just transpired. What she had just done was totally disgusting and her parents would be horrified if they ever found out. She decided that she wouldn’t even tell her best friend Amy, she may not understand. In spite of how great it had been she rationalized that she must never do it again and try to forget what happened.

Having decided, she felt a bit better about herself. Max came in and Jenny realized it was his diner time and filled his food and water dishes. While Max made quick work of the contents Jenny helped herself to one of the sandwiches mum had left for her in the fridge.

She went to the living room and crashed out on the sofa, picking up the remote and surfing the channels. It wasn’t long before she got bored and began to wish she had gone with her parents. Her hand drifted down to her pussy again and subconsciously her finger gently parted her lips and slowly teased her sensitive clit. Her mind drifted back to her previous fun with Max and she found herself quickly becoming soggy as she got really turned on again. She moaned sexily and Max came over to check her out. Observing his mistress’s condition he went straight to her pussy and recommenced his earlier actions. Jenny just opened her legs and let him perform his amazing tongue trick again. When she was aroused she just went straight into slut mode and her brain switched off.

Max instinctively became aware that what he was doing had a sexual nature and began to get aroused himself. The tip of his cock began to emerge from its sheath and he began moving his body from side to side not knowing what to do next. Jenny opened her eyes and looked at her dog to see what was going on. Her eyes caught sight of the red tip of his dick as it protruded about an inch below his belly. “Oh Max darling I am making you horny” she laughed as she sat up and rubbed his head.

Last week Amy had described what it felt like to be fucked by a real cock, she had given it up to Joe the lead singer of the school band. Jenny creamed her panties as Amy went into incredible detail for her young innocent friend. In her heightened state of arousal Jenny had fantasized about Mikes cock doing exactly the same things to her.

Now looking at the dog’s little member an idea took shape. Max’s cock was not very big and wouldn’t go in far enough to do any damage or even pop her cherry, but it could still reach her pleasure throbbing clit. She could at least get some idea what it would feel like to have a cock in her pussy. She quickly dismissed the idea, it would be too disgusting, suppose someone caught her. But now she’d had it the thought just kept nagging at her and after about five more minutes stimulation from Max’s incredible tongue it consumed her whole consciousness.

In a daze, she pushed his head away and stood up. A quick mental calculation decided her that the best way was to get on all fours like a bitch and let him shove it in from behind. Still not believing she was really doing this she got down and called the dog over. She rubbed her fingers over her pussy again and her unknowing lover resumed his attention from this new angle. A wave of pleasure washed over Jenny as she waited for him to mount her. Nothing Happened!

She realized that Max would need some guidance and reached back to grab his front legs. The dog struggled a bit as she lifted him over her and wriggled her beautiful tight ass until he was all the way up on her. Max was nervous and tried to pull off, he could not understand what his mistress wanted. Jenny held him tight and wriggled her butt some more until she could feel the sharp hard tip hit against her buttock. She was getting hyper excited now. Holding Max in place she maneuvered her ass until her pussy lips were positioned directly over Max’s twitching cock. She rubbed on it allowing it to gently enter her until she felt it contact her button. She gasped; this was the first foreign flesh to ever get this far in her sacred places. She began to rub her clit furiously against it, the sensations coursing through her young body send her to highs she had never known existed. “Oh God!” she moaned over and over.

It suddenly dawned on Max that this was a mating occasion and that his mistress was presenting herself as his bitch. Even though confused, his instincts took over and he suddenly grabbed Jenny strongly in his forelegs as his cock grew to its full seven-inch dimensions inside her. It blasted through her hymen and exploded her tight little virgin love tunnel outwards in one easy motion as the hardness of it rocketed to her depths. He began humping his new bitch with the relentless strength and speed of his breed.

Jenny screamed as the pain intruded on her pleasure trip. She felt her cherry disintegrate and her pussy muscles cramped as the monster dog pole opened her to incredible proportions. “Max down good boy, Max Get off!” She shouted as the shepherd pounded her mercilessly. She cried and tried to wriggle free but Max was amazingly strong and kept her rooted in position. Jenny was terrified. “Oh Jesus, what have I done?” she wailed fighting against him. “Max. Please good boy, get off, there’s a good doggy,” she sobbed, but her lover took no notice.

The pain started to subside and Jenny felt her orgasm begin to build as the hot red rod punishing her clit with long powerful strokes began to register in her confused mind. She began to enjoy the feeling of having her love tunnel completely filled and abused in this way. Forgetting the furry anatomy of the owner on the other end of this enormous cock she gave herself up to the incredible intensity of the sensations as she came with wild abandon. Max tensed and shot his load deep in her womb. It had been four years in the making and Jenny was the now surprised recipient of the hot powerful flow. She thrilled anew as it coated every crevice of her exvirgin fuck hole, and came again as she realized the erotic enormity of situation.

That was why she failed to notice the sudden expansion of the knot at the base of the dogs cock. It swelled to impressive proportions inside the cunt of the little girl and locked itself inside her swollen pussy lips. Jenny suddenly felt the pressure, her athletic legs pushed further apart as her body struggled to accommodate this new development. The intense pain as her pussy was opened to its limits a frightening new experience for her. She took a deep breath and tried to work trough it as Max stopped shooting and leant his head gently over her shoulders. Her whole tiny body now virtually cloaked in the furry skin of German shepherd who in this position dwarfed her.

Both sated now, she and Max tried to separate. The pain was excruciating but the enormous dog knot would not budge. Max getting nervous, tried even harder and Jenny screamed as she nearly blacked out with the pain. She caught Max’s front legs and spoke to him softly trying to calm him. She was as scared as he was, but she needed time to think. Her ardor cooled now, her pussy tightened even more, locking them solid.

“Holy shit!’ She said aloud. “What am I going to do now?” Her mind feverishly worked through the options. What was she to do? Was this normal? Would they be stuck like this until her parents got home? Would she have to go to hospital to get them separated? Oh my God the embarrassment of it. Would they send her jail? She began to cry as the reality of the situation came home to her. She could not figure out what to do.

Max slipped off to the side, and she was grateful as his great weight was causing her arm muscles to cramp. Then he pulled his back leg across her back turning so they were now facing opposite ways. They both looked round and eyed each other. Max moved again to try and slip off but only succeeded in making Jenny yelp in pain.

They remained like that for about half an hour when Jenny noticed that the knot was beginning to soften and get smaller. Max noticed too and after a little pulled hard and suddenly it popped out with a squelchy sound, draining an incredible quantity of puppy juice after it. It ran down jenny’s legs and went all over the floor soaking into the carpet. She sighed with relief as she sat up and inspected her poor abused pussy. Her lips were all bruised and she could see the blood stains on her legs, evidence of her lost cherry. She glanced over at Max who was cleaning his tackle as if nothing had happened. She caught her breath as she saw for the first time the now decreasing size of the pussy basher that had sent her to such highs of ecstasy and terror. She wondered how she could have taken it all and still be alive!

Her cum filled pussy began to feel uncomfortable and she decided to take a shower while she sorted out her feelings about what had just transpired. The shame and self-disgust having given her cherry to her pet was uppermost in her mind, but just below the surface was the unmistakable erotic delight at having tasted forbidden pleasures. She promised herself this had been a one off but she knew deep in her heart she and Max would be mating again, when she worked up the courage and the memory of the pain had faded.

Stepping from the shower she quickly dried herself and donned a t-shirt and shorts, then went down stairs to see what she could do about cleaning the mess from the carpet before her parents returned. Thirty minutes later she was satisfied with the result then she opened the French doors wide allowing the fresh air to disperse the after smells of her deflowering. A quick spray of air freshener completed the job to her satisfaction. Then she settled back on the sofa and flicked to MTV to await her parents. Max sat by her side, back to his normal self.

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