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Last week I was in a Midwestern town, it actually reminded me of a town you see in the western movies, one long street, bars on both sides, a couple of hotels that only go up 3 stories. A nice town and one I felt comfortable walking around. After-all I am a single fairly attractive woman in my mid twenties.

I had gotten done with work and figured it was a great warm early evening to go for a run. I went back to my hotel room and put on a lose pair of running shorts and a colored sports bar and took off for a few mile run.

I have this problem sometimes when I am running all alone, and that is that my mind wonders and usually think about sex. The more oxygen deprived I get during a long run, the wilder my fantasies become. I can’t tell you how many times I get done with a run and eventhough I am exhausted I wind up in the shower fingering the hell out of myself.

Anyway, here I am running out of the down town area of this little town and then into the country side lined with cornfields and barns. My mind was into this fantasy of being in bed with this other woman I saw in the bar and I am picturing us naked and in a 69 position and I am feeling really horny.

Suddenly I looked over and I saw 4 dogs running around in a grassy field. As I got closer to where they are I see that 3 of them are chasing one and every so often one of them catches the other and tries to mount it. I quickly realize that one of these dogs must be a female in heat and the other 3 want a piece of ass. I smile as I get closer and want to yell- “run baby don’t let them get you” and start to laugh to myself.

I was even with the dogs, them on in the field, me on the road, when I see two of the males reach the female at the same time, one starts to mount her and the other starts to growl and snap at the female. I didn’t like what I am seeing so I yelled to the dogs “leave her alone.” But of course they don’t stop.

I diverted over to the field, still trying to protect my fellow female. The dogs darted off into the nearby corn field and I heard the female whimpering like she was hurt. I followed them into the field and I saw the row the female was in and I am probably 50 ft behind her, now calling to her as I want to make sure she is alright.

The female finally stops and turns toward me. I squatted down in the typical position someone does when they want to pet a dog. The female came to me and I started to stroke her head. I was looking for the bite that obviously hurt her and see a little blood on her back leg. I moved towards her behind, I am now on my knees as I couldn’t squat that long. I am checking out her cut and even I can smell that she is in heat, that and probably sweaty from the running.

After stroking her for a little while to calm her down I brought my hands to my face and sniffed and realized I now stink just like the dog. “Oh well” I think, I need to shower when I get back anyway, and wiped my hands off on my shorts.

I am playing around with my new friend when I look up and see two of the males walking towards down between the row of corn. I yell out “go away, leave her alone.” But the two keep walking towards us, almost like they are going to double team her.

Without notice I feel a heavy push on my shoulder and I fall forward, now on all fours. “What the fuck” I thought to myself. The female starts barking looking at my back. I realize that it was the other dog that knocked me down and a second later he jumped onto my back. At the same time the other two dogs go after the bitch. I am being held down by the one on my back and 5 feet in front of me I watch as one of the males mounts the female. I had stopped struggling with the one on my back as I am now intrigued as I see the cock of the male extending and trying to find its mark in the back of the female. I am actually about to watch two dogs start to fuck.

The male finds his mark and starts pumping fast and hard holding the bitch in place. I guess I wasn’t the only one watching as suddenly I feel the dog on my back start moving his hind quarters. “Yeah right fella” I say out loud to the one on my back. But I started to feel something wet on my leg, right below where my shorts end. I am thinking “no way” but I feel it again and it is obvious to me what it is. I try to stand but I hear this growl about 6” from my ear. I froze. I start thinking, there is no way a dog is going to fuck a human.

The probing behind me continues and somehow the damn dogs cock has slid under my shorts and is now hitting my ass and sliding. I don’t know if was my sweat or his wet dick, but he was sliding all over back there and very close to my pussy. Again I can’t figure why he would try this on me, and then remember that I probably smell from sex from my fantasy on the road, and then I remember that I might actually smell from the female dog. I am trying to rationalize all this when I feel the head of dick hit my pussy lips and it sent a pleasurable sensation through my body, but no I couldn’t do this.

I tried to move again and this time, I felt a snap near the back of my head. Again I froze and this was all it took . I felt the dogs cock enter my pussy. A little the first time and then a lunge inside me. I gasped out loud and at the same time, the dog leaps forward a little and his paws were now wrapped around me right across my tits. He was pulling them in so tight it hurt. Meanwhile his cock went deep inside me and he started pumping like the other dog was doing to the bitch. The two of us were being fucked against our wishes and neither of us seemed to be able to get away.

I just took in what was happening to me. I tried to think positively and that I needed a good fucking as it had been a while, but I was being fucked by a fuckin dog. I was feeling betrayed by my body that couldn’t help but reacting to the pounding from the rapid thrusting from the dog. I was breathing heavily and couldn’t believe how good the big dick felt inside me.

I heard a cry or something from the dogs next to me and a moment later the male was stepping over the female and they seemed to be stuck together. I had no idea what was about, but the male started walking and the female was backing up with him.

I couldn’t care much about them as I started to climax. Damn I felt awful that I was enjoying this, but couldn’t help it and started to cum. The dog was fucking me faster than any guy ever did. I am a squirter and felt myself squirt hard and long. I don’t know what that did to the dog but a moment later I felt this dick had grown or maybe he was in up to his ball but I started to get banged from the outside and my clit was taking each thrust. I started screaming in an even more intense climax and more squirting, when BANG, I got an awful pain in my pussy, he had thrust something inside me (I had no idea what a knot was). The pain was so intense that I started to scream out, till I remembered someone might hear me.

I started to say my apologies to God, I knew I should not have been enjoying being fucked by a dog, and now I was being punished by this pain. I tried to move by the pain stopped me. A couple of minutes later the dog made a wild noise and then I felt my insides warm up…”was that blood or cum” I thought to myself. Then my brain kicked in and thought “he must have swelled or something before coming to lock in his cum.” The dog stopped pumping me and the pain went down a little, but I still felt like I had a baby in my cunt.

Just like I had seen the other male dog do, my fucker left my back and we were now butt to butt, still connected. It felt great not having the weight on my back, but then the pain was intense again, the dog was trying to pull out of me. Like I had seen the bitch do, I just started backing up to stay close with the dog. Luckily the other dogs weren’t far away and he stopped when we got near. I looked over my shoulder and saw all three dogs there, apart. The female and the male that had been going at it were lying down and the bigger dog was standing there licking the bitch.

My fucker finally stopped walking and we just stood there. It took about 5 more minutes till the swelling went down it felt better by the minute. Finally it shrunk and he fell out. I tried to move but my knees were almost locked. I suddenly felt licking on my pussy and turned to see my fucker licking me. I guess cleaning me up or something. Actually it felt good so I let him sooth my burning hole.

He left and I straighten one leg behind me, brought it back and straitened the other. I was about to stand up when the bigger dog jumped on my back. “”No fuckin way” I yelled back at him. I felt the poking already, but he was outside my shorts. He had his paws wrapped around me and was pulling me back. I felt the poking even more against my shorts, then a growl. I didn’t care I couldn’t do this again. But then the dog grabbed the back of my hair in his teeth and started to pull. It hurt like hell and I thought he was going to rip it out. I yelled back, “OK OK.” He seemed to know what I was saying. He stopped. I reached back with one hand and balanced myself with the other. I pulled my shorts down so they were on my thighs. I was going to reach back again and bring them lower, when he poked me twice and the third time found my hole and I was being fucked again. Even though I had been stretched before this dog had a longer cock and I could feel ever y inch of every thrust.

I was just trying to block it out of my mind but again my body betrayed me and I came three more times. I guess because of his big thick cock, his knot was bigger as he never entered me, but I felt it banging my clit. I came hard again and squirted again, and then I felt him cum. He squirted inside me and as he pulled out he was still squirting and it got all over my shorts. I now had my own quart of cum and the dog’s cum on my shorts.

After all three dogs had fucked their bitches (two on me on one on the other dog that I knew about) they took off. It took me about 10 minutes to get up and be able to walk straight. Besides my knees being sore, but pussy was a mess.

With all the corn around I felt there had to be some kind of irrigation somewhere. I found a huge hose and followed it back and saw a normal one by the faucet. I washed off my shorts and my body, I actually put the cold water almost inside my hole- the cold felt great.

I sat in the sun for about 30 minutes and then headed back into to town. I tried to figure out how I would every put this day down in my diary.

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