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A big Dog for us
A Day at the Zoo
Adventure in the Barn

Aegean Holiday
Amy’s First Time
An Arabian Adventure
Andrea and Taneesha’s Adventure
An Impressive Outing
A Story for Savara
A Talk with Bethi
A Walk In The Country

Badlands Indian Gang Rape
Bail Bond Training
Berlin Introduction to K9
Beth’s First Horse Experience
Beth’s Second Horse Experience
Beth, the third time – Part 1
Beth, the third time – Part 2
Beth, Spot and the Trainer
Bigboy and His Bitches – Part 1
Bigboy and His Bitches – Part 2
Bigboy and His Bitches – Part 3
Bitch, Interrupted
Black Stud
Boar(n) to be Wild
Bob and Trisha
Brown Beauty
Bulgarian Holiday
Bung Popping
But He Dared Me

Cadbury in Service
Caroline Pleases Commander
Cary and the Dogs
Cassy, Buck and Henry
Cindy and the Wolf
Crazy Night in A Crazy Foster Home
Crystal’s Maze
Curiosity Excited the Pussy!

Dale, David und Dallas
Daughter and the Dogs
Deanne’s Zoo Ordeal
Doggy Style Island: Survival
Dog Sitter
Dog Sitting Boner
Donkey Sex Show

Entering Siber’s Space
Eva the Dog Bitch [New]

Farm Fresh Protein Shakes
Fiance’s Encounter With A Pony
First time with a dog – crossing the line

Gina Learns to Farm
Guest Ranch Weekend

Home Alone

I am my doggies Pussy
If Wishes Where Horses
I’m in Love with Roger
Indian Savage Lesbian Rape
In The Beginning

Jeannie’s Horny Pets
Jenny and the Wild Boar

Just a Horse Story

Kellie Gets Tied
Knotty Niki’s Dog House
Kryssy’s New Playmate

Lady Virginia’s Night to Remember
LA lovin
Last Time
Liar’s Lair
Life as a Bitch
Life Has Accidental Surprises

Mending A Broken Heart
Mexico Vacation
Mistery Gift – The gift that keeps on giving
My Birthday 2012
My Dane Thor
My Daughter’s New Friend Loves Horses Too!
My First Dog [New]
My Friend Brutus
My Gay Dog
My Name is Breeze and My Love is Prince
My Prince

New Neighbor

Old enough for Max
Out Back

Picnic in the Forest
Pig in a Poke
Pigging Out
Police Dogs
Princess Bitch

Raped by a Horse
Red and Butch
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Excerpt by DonLuzifer
Rich Bitch
Robin Hood

Samantha and Thunder
Sara’s birthday
Sherri’s Canine College
Sherri’s High School Graduation Party
Stacey’s First Lession

Tera’s Horse Ride!
The Arabian Stallion
The Base Stables
The Berkeley Coeds Assault
The Bestiality Cop
The Day I Lost My True Virginity
The Farm
The Farm’s Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) – Part 1
The Farm’s Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) – Part 2
The Fucking Belt
The Group
The House Of The River
The immoral offer
The River
The Virgin Hunters of Bremen Excerpt by DonLuzifer
The Wife’s Dare
Tiffany’s Tale
Time To Tell My Story
Toby and Julia
Trisha’s Story

Violett: The Show

White Girl’s Indian Terror

X Y Z 

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