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A big Dog for us
A Boarding House with Extras
A Boy and His Dog
A Boy’s Awakening
A Bully is Taught a Lesson
Ace in the Hole – A Batgirl & Batman Story
A Coming Together 
A Day at the Zoo
A day in the country!
A Divorcee becomes her dog’s bitch 
Adventure in the Barn

Aegean Holiday
A First of Firsts
African Jungle Lust
A Horse for Sara
A Horse Named Grant
Air Conditioning
Alanna’s Story
Alicia in Dog-sex Land
A Little Bondage
Alpha Male
All Over Red Rover
Alone for the Weekend with the Dog
Always Pull Your Curtains
Amy and Her Special Horsey Life
Amy did it
Amy’s First Time
Anal Desires
An Anniversary To Remember
An Arabian Adventure
Andrea and Taneesha’s Adventure
Angelica and her lovers
Angie’s 18th Birthday Gift (Part one of series)
Angie’s Search for Pet-Lovers (Part two of series)
A Housecall for Angie (Part three of series)
Angie in Heat (Part four of series)
An Impressive Outing
Annie’s Secret Lover
Another Circus Tale
A pet store tale
Artistic Animalistics
Asian Whore in Live Sex Show with Animals
A Story for Savara
At 19 My Dog Took My Virginity
A Talk with Bethi
A Threeway – with Hubby and … the Dog!
A Walk In The Country
A Walk in the Park
A walk on the moors
A Wolf And A Lady

Badlands Indian Gang Rape
Backyard Backdoor
Bail Bond Training
Bandits knot for me too
Barnyard Orgy
Barnyard Whore
Beast Circus
Beast Show
Be careful what you watch
Becoming a bitch
Berlin Introduction to K9
Beth’s First Horse Experience
Beth’s Second Horse Experience
Beth, the third time – Part 1
Beth, the third time – Part 2
Beth, Spot and the Trainer
Big Bad Bruno
Bigboy and His Bitches – Part 1
Bigboy and His Bitches – Part 2
Bigboy and His Bitches – Part 3
Bitch in Heat
Bitch, Interrupted
Black Stud
Boar(n) to be Wild
Bob and Trisha
Bob The Builder
Breed and Break the Bitch
Bring Out The Animal In Teresa
Brown Beauty
Bulgarian Holiday
Bung Popping
Busted By the Lawnman
Busted By The Lawnman: Mom gets her pleasure
Buster’s Bitch
But He Dared Me

Cadbury in Service
California Girls 
Caroline Pleases Commander
Cary and the Dogs
Cassy, Buck and Henry
Cindy and the Wolf
Colleen And The Devil
Confessions of a profile
Connie’s first
Crazy Night in A Crazy Foster Home
Crystal’s Maze
Curiosity Excited the Pussy!

Dale, David und Dallas
Dare I do a Horse ???
Dark Horse Farms
Daughter and the Dogs
Daughter Enter Her Dog in Show Competition
Daughter Teaches Her Dog A New Trick!
Deanne’s Zoo Ordeal
Deb and I – First sex with a Dog
Dog Adventures
Doggy Fun with Doug’s Dog
Doggy Style Island: Survival
Dog Sitter
Dog Sitting Boner
Donkey Sex Show

Entering Siber’s Space
Eva the Dog Bitch

Farm Call
Farm Fest
Farm Fresh Protein Shakes
Fiance’s Encounter With A Pony
Finally a new Doggy Story
Finding Comfort
First time for anything
First time with a dog – crossing the line
Foreign Slave Bitch
From Dogs To Donkeys
From Dogs to Hogs

Fun with My Brother-in-Law’s Dog

Getting Her Goat
Gina and her horsies…
Gina Learns to Farm
Going Hunting with Dad
Got my sister to fuck our dog
Guard Dogs
Guest Ranch Weekend

Heather’s Horny Pets
He just had to have her
Hercules the Wonder Dog
Her First Time With the Dog
Her Well Trained Horses
Holly’s Horse
Home Alone
Horse Loving Neighbor Girl
Horse Rape
Horsewoman Claire
Hot For The Ram
How a Dog Forced Me into Submission
How i got started…
How I Started To Having Sex With My Dog
Hunting Party

How-to: General Informations About Sex With Female Dogs
How to guide for beginner ladies

I am my doggies Pussy
I Felt So Guilty
If Wishes Where Horses
I Had To After Getting Caught
I’m in Love with Roger
Indian Savage Lesbian Rape
In relationship with her dog
Interspecies Sex – or could it be Love
In The Beginning
In the Doghouse
Is it Bestiality?
Is it cuckolding?
I Took a Licking
I wonder if

Jack and Jessie
Jane’s Story – Mom’s Black Lab Toby
Jeannie’s Horny Pets
Jenny and the Wild Boar
Jill’s Day Out

Joli’s Becoming
Joli’s Becoming – a girl learns her purpose
Joy on the Farm
Joy, Sonya and Maverick as told to me by my wife Joy
Judy’s Summer Lovers
Just a Horse Story
Just what a woman needs after a long day of horse riding

K9 Sex Club Confessions
Kane is Able
Kate Gets Blitzed
Katie gets invited to a farm
Kellie Gets Tied
Kelly and Max
Kitty likes the water – A Avengers Story
Knot At Home
Knot Ready – Male dogs special gift for pleasure & pain
Knotty Niki’s Dog House
Kryssy’s New Playmate

Lady Goldie
Lady Virginia’s Night to Remember
LA lovin
Last Time
Lester’s intro to a freaky cheerleader
Lexi und Sasha – Sorority Daze
Liar’s Lair
Lidia’s Humiliation
Life as a Bitch
Life Has Accidental Surprises
Little Rod Riding Hard
Lost in the Country, A His and Hers Tale
Loving Horses
Lucy the Zookeeper
Lust is Lust

Mama’s Pussy
Mas, my First
Mating with Curley
Mating with a Man and His Dog
Me, a Dane and a Guy
Me and my Neigbor’s Dog
Mending A Broken Heart
Mexico Vacation
Mia’s First Doggy
Midnight Orgy
Mistery Gift – The gift that keeps on giving
Molly’s First Time
Mom’s Best Friend
Mom’s Horse Hunger
Mother’s Friends
Mrs Kennedy and My Mum
My Birthday 2012
My Boyfriend, Two Dogs And Me
My Dane Thor
My Daughter’s New Friend Loves Horses Too!
My First Dog
My first dog cock
My First K9 Experience
My first Puppy Loving
My Friend at Home
My Friend Brutus
My Gay Dog
My Gentle Dog
My Girlfriend and I Share Two Dogs
My Girlfriend’s Goldy
My Great Dane’s Boy Bitch
My life as a veterinarian
My Name is Breeze and My Love is Prince
My new friend
My New Guard Dogs
My Prince
My sister-in-laws dog
My Sisters New Lover, my Dog!
My Stallion, My Mate
My Virginity Taken by my Dog
My Wife and the Dog
My Wife’s First K-9

Nancy & Rick & Dog
New Call
New Member to the Pack
New Neighbor
Nia finally gets what she’s after
Nite of the pigs

Oh what a night
Old enough for Max
One Day Of Paradise
One Never Knows, Do They?
One of life’s defining moments
Our Dog
Our Dogs having intercourse with me
Our K9 Fun
On Top of Old Smokey (or vise-versa)
Out Back

Parker’s Eqine Transport
Peg The Farm Girl
Percheron Slut!
Picnic in the Forest
Pig in a Poke
Pigging Out
Playing A Hunch
Police Dogs
Pony Rides
Port – Pizza – Puppy and Pussy
Princess Bitch
Prison Guard’s Dog Slut

Race Track Slut
Rajah’s Ranee
Rammed By The Stallion
Randy and Sara the Great Danes – Part 1
Randy and Sara the Great Danes – Part 2
Raped by a Horse
Red and Butch
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Excerpt by DonLuzifer
Rich Bitch
Rise of the planet of the Apes: 20 years later – The Sexfight Dome!
Robin Hood

Samantha and Thunder
Sara’s birthday
Satisfied by a dog
Screwing the Pooch
Sex in the Jungle
Sharon’s Discovery: Her First Experience
Sharon’s Discovery Of Pleasure Continues
Sherri’s Canine College
Sherri’s High School Graduation Party
Sherry Hill riding club
Smarter than the Average Bear
Snow White Excerpt by DonLuzifer
Snow White – Part 2 Excerpt by DonLuzifer
Some Girls Just Need Sex
Stacey’s First Lession
Stephanie – Just When Things Turned Around
Stress Release
Stuck in the Vets Office
Susan’s Morning Fuck

Tara’s Christmas week
Teaching my Wife
Teen Bitch
Tera’s Horse Ride!
The Agreement
The Arabian Stallion
The Base Stables
The Beach Bitch
The Berkeley Coeds Assault
The Bestiality Cop
The Breeding Room
The Chair Did It
The Chico-Tales
The Day I Became a Dogslut
The Day I Lost My True Virginity
The Day Our Family’s Rottweiler Took Me
The DF Club
The Dog Day of Summer
The Evil With In
The Farm
The Farm’s Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) – Part 1
The Farm’s Bitch (An Animal Gangbang Story) – Part 2
The Fucking Belt
The Group
The Hog Wives 
The House Of The River
The immoral offer
The Julie Journals
The Kidnapping
The Lone Ranger Rides Again
The making of a slut
The Neighbor’s Dog
The Neighborhood Bitch
The New Guest
The Preacher’s Daughter
The Raid on Kadhir Pets
The River
The Robsons
The Seminar
The Spark – Alive and Well…
The Stray
The Virgin Hunters of Bremen Excerpt by DonLuzifer
The Wife’s Dare
The Zookeeper’s Friend
Tiffany’s Tale
Time To Tell My Story
Toby and Julia
Traveling Circus
Trisha’s Encounter
Trisha’s Story

Valerie and Rusty
Violett: The Show

Watched a girl fuck her dog once (true story)
Watching two dogs “play”
Whatched Dog Porn
When a pet obsession takes over
White Girl’s Indian Terror
Wife’s Other Side
Wild Animals
Wonder Woman: The Beastmistress

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Yum! Yum! How I Love Puppy Cum!
Zoe Daniels Dog Lover
Zoo worker gets a holiday fuck