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Beast Circus

(c) 2013 by beautysnuffed In town for the week on business, I go out for a drink, and strike up a conversation with a middle aged man, Mr. Anders, who seem friendly and harmless, “easy mark” I think to myself “aught to be good for a few free drinks, “ I introduced myself, “I’m Greta” …

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Dark Horse Farms

(c) 2014 by beautysnuffed As you walk through the stables at Dark Horse Farms looking at the different merchandise for rent or sale you may or may not wonder who we once were. If you pause to look into the stall where I am kept, chained to the wall, you would see a curvy redhead …

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Nite of the pigs

(c) 2012 by mandawg A story of jungle tradition: A story about a missionary family who arrive at a jungle tribes village and the females become the tribes offerings to the god of the pigs. Now Louis43, and his wife Ellen40, and 2 daughters,Sara19,and Marie18, arrived at the tribes village after several days of solid trecking through …

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