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Tanja, die Tierfreundin

Autor unbekannt, wiedergefunden von Don Luzifer Es war noch gar nicht so lange her, dass Tanja ihre Vorliebe für ihren Hund, vor allem in sexueller Hinsicht, entdeckt hatte. Doch schon jetzt, kaum 4 Wochen nach dem ersten heißen Erlebnis mit ihrem süßen und sehr leicht erregbaren Schäferhund-Rüden, war sie kaum noch zu bremsen vor Neugier …

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The Robsons

(c) 2007 by Narrator123 Bob was happy; the party was going really well. He couldn’t believe his luck that his latest move had put him opposite the perfect family. He hadn’t done the usual meticulous research, as he had to leave his last home in a hurry. He introduced himself to them the day after …

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My new friend

(c) 2008 by tbrown It was a warm summer night last week, up at the cabin. I had traveled up with some friends of mine for the weekend and they had left to go to a concert the next town over. Not being a fan of the band I declined the trip and stayed at our rented cabin …

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